So, it's been four days, and i think i got enough votes and general data (viewson the blog post about it, view on the post that followed it Which was about a game update too, comparison to the rest of the blog posts, etc..) And i can officially say that yeah that idea was not taken too too too well. Which is normal, i ONCE AGAIN, went too fast.

Mama always said i was going fast, and today well i know why.

So here is the final decision, i answered on the 3rd dev update, on the first part of it. Second part being about my drawing skills and how i see my evolution.

For those lazy to read through the entire explanation :

I am NOT going to open a Patreon untill i am able to do the following/did the following :

- Finished entirely MGQ : SML (chapter 1) game. (V 1.0.5)

- Reached a decent level of digital drawing, (This is a decent level to me)

- Have released the first images of the next game / have released a playable ALPHA of the next game.

- Is liked on it's final form by both the MGQ community and the gamejolt community.

- That i am able to draw myself the banner and the icons of my Patreon page.

ONLY THEN, will i open a Patreon.

But if you want more info on all of that, well 'ere is the blog post .

With that, have fun. And game release is comming tomorrow for the reasons said in the dev update.

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