So, i wanna do a survey for MGQ4 Cgs, i was thinking of this, if someone is able to put a survey on the wiki then i think it will be great to know what people think

Do you want to have animated CGs in MGQ4?

1- yes


3-both animated CGs and static CGs (maybe with a switch button on the option)

So i just want to know what people think and (maybe dreaming) then send the result to torotoro if a lot of people want to see animated CGs on MGQ4.Like this he could (maybe) update his game and add animated CGs, and maybe the switch.

Of course it will have to be translated but, i wanna know if you guys want to try, or, don't care about it.

And yes, i care more for the story than the CGs but having animated CGs and static CGs will be better i think.

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