Hi guys, i was thinking of doing a new full patch side story, in it the story would be exactly the same but, the thing that will change is that you are the one who is raping them if you win and if you lose, you just have a vore scene.

to justify the fact that you rape them, we could say that ilias give at luka (at the beginning of the story the power to do at the monster girls what they do to human and because of that, the cum of a monster girl provide a lot of energy (depending of the level of the monster) and if you cum inside them, it's just like a paralyzing and because of it they can't attack you. And finaly, for the 5 rules of ilias, well if she provide you this power the rule don't aply. and for alice, you could make that she tempt him and that at each time she tempt luka, you have the two choice give in and don't give in" and like this you could justify the rape by the fact that she wanted to see him doing this and the fact that she was angry (like always ^^) and that she is so powerfull that she can eat the sperm without doing anything to her, and when we fight her at the end, because of the fact that you became very powerfull, your sexual technic can do something to her. Of course for the rape scene you could do things like "forced blowjob" or "forced titi fucking" and you could write or show that she is forced to masturbate or luka masturbate her.

The only thing that stop me from doing it is the fact that i have no idea to how to draw the CG because of course this mod will need new CG and i never do anything before (never created side story for exemple) and i suck at drawing.

so her is my idea, what do you think guys? we could earn a new full side story with that but if you want to see this idea come out in a new full side story, we will need a developer and a drawer for the new CG because like i said, i only have the idea. Well tell me in the comment what you think about it and if your going to creat the new full story.

P.S: i'm sorry if i have made some error because i am french, if there is something you didn't understand say it.

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