I've got problems with the images, of course, i got two artist, which is good, very good, but They have precise arts and are good in it:

Raet (from the MGU forum) : good for drawing Character and all sort of things, but drawing CGs bother him (i mean sex scene by CGs)

Albert art : Good for drawing chibi-loli character scene and character, maybe more things, but not able to draw CGs.

And like you see, with them, i have everything i need for the image, from characters to skills animation, BUT both of them can't draw CGs, and that mean that, for the SML full-patch, the art is set at 99% we could say, but if i don't have any CGs artists, i will be stuck with the normal CGs of monster girl quest, i also thinked at things to upgrade the CGs, but for that i need an artist, able to draw hentai scene (CGs).

So if you know one artist who can draw them for free, or are yourself an arist who can do it, then please say it in the comments, like i said many times, this full patch can't be done at 100% if i am not helped at all, and i plan on making it at 100% free, which is a reason of why i can't pay artist, the second and main one is that i can't allow myself to pay something like 300€ the CG, so please, PLEASE, help me find a free and good CG drawer, i am not doing this full patch for myself guys, i am doing it for you, to play at it. remember that.

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