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August 21, 2013
  • Zepekinio25

    After going to check the MGQ NG+ full patch blog, i have understood several thing :

    One, i should update what i am doing more often in order to have people KNOW the patch does evolve, and in order to get feedback while i work as well. This is by far better than going silent for 6 months and then releasing an update. That's one error i made, and i do plan on changing that. The only question is if it would be better to update directly on the MGQ wiki, or on a dedicated to MGQ : SML blog.

    Two, i need to know if you guys prefer to keep going with the current system, which have me work on one BIG part for several months (after the previous three releases, i can say that it normaly takes between two to six months


    to have faster releases, i would simply cre…

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  • Zepekinio25

    MGQ animated?

    October 3, 2014 by Zepekinio25

    The blog i created before on that same question were deleted because of the fact that it's said in the policy that i cannot post Hentai images, or link to some.

    For the guys who saw it, well, you have an example now, for the others, you can only imagine what it would do.

    So, I fell on a picture , an animated version of the mantis girl scene, which were pretty nicely done, and i thought at what it would do on the others scenes, turned to animated scenes.

    I am so thinking at sending to toro toro a message, as a fan base, in order to have animated scenes in the MGQ paradox.

    Of course, i am not talking about replacing the static scenes, but adding a switch, or something like it, in order to add animated pictures in the game, for that, we of course…

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  • Zepekinio25

    Monster Girl Quest: Servant of the Monster Lord is a stand alone mod created by Zepekinio25, which follow the story of Nolwen and the creature that lives within him. The scene takes place in Eltusa, which is inspired and expanded from the MGQ universe.

    The story follows Nolwen Louenning in his evolution through his travel to the world of Eltusa, where monsters and humans lives next to one another, but not as good neighboors... Humanity sends heroes weeks after weeks to assasinate the ruler of the monsters, and the monsters themselves feed on the humans accross the world in retaliation. With for only eyes to watch over them those of Ilias, the light goddess, creator of humanity and angels, the monsters lives on the perpetual threat of a human…

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  • Zepekinio25

    Since it's more easy to do update from MGU i am posting the link here, of course all the comment can be done here and are more than appreciated.

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  • Zepekinio25

    Like all of you know, the final patch, the one that complete the MGQ trylogy, is finaly out...BUT rogue said that there will be only two more week were he will correct the errors he made in it, and then, he will be gone...

    So i am asking myself...Who will help us? MGQ4 will be in japanese, and rogue will not be here to save us this time...

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