It occured to me that by specializing the Next Dolls to the degree that she did, Promestein created substantial weaknesses in them that could be taken advantage of.

My thought here is that if one of the Next Dolls was to encounter a Heavenly Knight they are designed to counter, I think that they are guaranteed to lose. While settling of a rivalry or facing the opposite seems to be a tried and true trope in media, it's rare to see the opponents be shifted around. Let me explain.

Arc-En-Ciel: By far the most "brute force" Next Doll that Promestein made. She is essentially a chimeric version of Granberia in terms of personality; but by giving the chimera "Ultra-fast synapses" and "metabolic over-limit", Promestein created a chimera that can be easily countered by Alma Elma. Considering a swordsman needs to be able to feel, it is unlikely that she carries the same resistance to pleasure that Hainuwele does. With Alma Elma's speed and sexual ability it is unlikely that Arc-En-Ciel would win against her.

Amphisbaena: As Erubetie herrself discovered; this chimera has far too much sensitive, energy intensive equipment on her. If faced with Tamamo, whose ability use the power of Earth is tremendously high, even in her sealed form, it is unlikely her vibration blades would be able to cause any damage. Furthermore, with the fragility of said equipment, getting hit by any of Tamamo's physical attacks would probably finish the threat of this chimera very quickly.

Hainuwele: Her abilities are simply her speed and inability to feel. When faced with an opponent like Erubetie, who can fill an entire room with her slime her speed probabl would mean very little. Furthermore, the fact she is unable to feel, would likely mean she would never notice if Erubetie were to get some slime on her surreptitiously.

Tsukuyomi: She was simply intended to be an enhanced clone of Tamamo. She is noted to lack speed, and rely mostly on Earth and Kitsune Magic. Granberia's mastery of Serene Mind likely means she would have very little to worry about with regards to Kitsune Magic, and she trained to be able to cut through Earth defences. Coupled to the fact that Granberia is quite fast in her own right and capable of using Wind, her victory over this particular chimera is fairly certain.

I am ignoring Rapunzel specifically because she is "unspecialized" and not intended as a counter to anyone. However, I digress. My point in this blog is simply a commentary on how important it was, from a strategic standpoint, for the chimeras to attack only their designated targets. What are your thoughts guys? Let me know!

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