• Zaiku K

    It occured to me that by specializing the Next Dolls to the degree that she did, Promestein created substantial weaknesses in them that could be taken advantage of.

    My thought here is that if one of the Next Dolls was to encounter a Heavenly Knight they are designed to counter, I think that they are guaranteed to lose. While settling of a rivalry or facing the opposite seems to be a tried and true trope in media, it's rare to see the opponents be shifted around. Let me explain.

    Arc-En-Ciel: By far the most "brute force" Next Doll that Promestein made. She is essentially a chimeric version of Granberia in terms of personality; but by giving the chimera "Ultra-fast synapses" and "metabolic over-limit", Promestein created a chimera that can be …

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  • Zaiku K

    To everyone in the community who chooses to read this;

    I have been active in this wiki for a few months, but unfortunately the scope of my ability are not sufficient to truly contribute other than correcting spelling, grammar, word choice, etc in articles. I wish I could contribute more, but with my lack of time and... well ability that probably won't change anytime soon.

    The one thing I felt I could do is point community members in the direction of writers who I have found that have written Fanfictions outside of this site that they may or may not be aware of.

    1. Monster Girl Saga by GenocideHeart: You can find this work on in the Games category under Monster Girl Quest, or on deviantart. The story is an AU with Luka being …

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