• Yoush


    July 22, 2014 by Yoush

    Were they move in the right direction to leave this perverted forest?

    Alice used Frost ozma again to clear a section of the forest of the dangers it contained.Luka had now be stronger than her,it could not match her in areas attacks Alice had decided to use ice attacks instead of fire because the smoke had attracted monsters from this world...Anyway, using as much high-level power,Alice was beginning to exhaust.

    Seeing a cave near,Luka proposed to take a break in security and Alice hapilly accept.However once through the entrance,Luka felt trapped in a giant spider web and a spider girl rushed at him .Alice used her powers to burn the monster to ashes.Then they see the husband of the spider girl pounce on them.This husband look similar to an…

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  • Yoush


    June 18, 2014 by Yoush

    Luka looked at Alice while she sleep ...The state of her daughter was not deteriorated during the last few days but she suffered horribly and all the power of her mother cannot help her...Without her son and her husband,she would lost the desire to continue living...All days she use hers healing powers for her dauther hoping to relieve a little pain and end up exausted.This is the first time she fall assleep...

    Her daughter,Alipheese Fateburn XVII,was born to their first night of love.Alice said this is a tradition of her familly,the first girl born have the name of Alipheese but he found it too formal and begin to call her Lice and after some time,even her mother begin to call her by this name...She was a cheerful girl and well educated.But…

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  • Yoush


    June 14, 2014 by Yoush

    The grangold magic engineers said to Heavenly Knights they need something from the other world.The four friends then returned to the succubus village in order to find one one of these monsters who attack the childrens of Alice and Luka.Once in the village, however, they saw that the villager had changed.The succubus seemed more beautiful and certainly more aggressive.They were no longer satisfied to feed themselves of the volunteers but also attacked passers and others monsters too...The Heavenly Knights had to even repel some who tried to attack them...Tamano thought it was the black fog that caused this and they has started to evacuate all the villagers so that they can regain their senses once outside the fog.They then noticed a woman m…

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  • Yoush


    June 13, 2014 by Yoush

    I apologize in advance for all grammar mistake,i'm not good in english and i use google translate for correct my text.This text will appear here,in the MGE wiki and in a MGQ forum in my native language.

    How mutch time she have sex with her husbant ?Months ? Years ? Centurys ?Who care...The more they have sex the more they become stronger after all...And the demon lord need more power to overwrite the laws...But after all this time she are less sensitive and can even let her mind wander during this intercourse...This help her for create new lustful mamono,the tentacle are one example...

    Suddenly, she felt something was both close and far...a sensation somewhat similar to when she discover the faerie kingdom...A new world ?

    She use her power to…

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