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    September 19, 2014 by YMunesanzun

    It has been many years since I...No, "many" is a great understatement. It has been a long time since I had vanished to find what I wanted from my life, to learn more about myself, and to see the world for what it was; both the beautiful and the ugly...the ugliness more often-than-not rather brazen, but the beauty more persistent.

    I have assumed several names and identities over the years; some of my own design, others given to me. As for now, I go by "Richt".

    Visiting an Old Home

    I arrived at the outskirts of Yamatai Village by early afternoon. It was the onset of winter, the river was already frozen over, and the only greenery supplied by the surrounding pine trees. 

    "Hm...I wonder how long it has been since I have seen snow...". Muttering th…

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  • YMunesanzun

    A New Start

    September 12, 2014 by YMunesanzun

    Days came and went, seasons arose then gave way to the next, friendships grew and blossomed.

    Joining this peculiar grouping of humans and monsters, the boy eventually settled down in a newly founded village that would come to be known as "Yamatai". During the weeks preceding their arrival, his fellow humans revealed to him that these monsters had came to their rescue from a raid not too dissimilar from the one his caravan suffered. 

    As fate would have it, these rescued merchants were in fact waiting for the very caravan he was originally travelling with. As luck would have it, this particular group of monsters were en route to this "Yamatai" when the first raid took place.

    As the days passed, Yao assumed the role of an affectionate and protecti…

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    September 9, 2014 by YMunesanzun

    Name: ???/Currently goes by and responds to "Richt"

    Age: Born during the 2nd Monster Lord's reign. 

    Race/Species: Human/Collective (Save for a few); Self-described Lich

    Appearance (because I can't be arsed to find a picture): Appears to be in late 20's body-wise (facial, build, etc); Hair length varies from buzz-cut short to below shoulder-length. Hair color is an almost-black brown that gradually makes a transition to white the longer the hair gets (think black-to-white gradient). Physical build is surprisingly athletic. Eye color is a hazel-brown; has faint-yet-noticable dark lines under his eyes. Skin tone is surprisingly plain despite him making his home near (relatively speaking; in reality, about 20 miles NorthWest) the site of the Safa…

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