Chapter One: Lionheart

He is standing in the small port village Telke, south of Taboo Spring in Grand Noah, waiting for a ship to sail him to the Ilias continent. The man had sighed aloud. He has a mess of blonde hair and red eyes. He has a complexion of someone in his middle 20's. His attire seemed to be focused more on maneuverability then protection or fashion. He dons a white shirt, which looked to be made of a light material. He also dons a pair of loose, dark leather jeans. His armor was also based on maneuverability; he wears a pair of leather gauntlets, although his right gauntlet was slightly bigger than his left. His greaves go up to just below his knees, and were made of a light looking metal. On a more serious note was his weapons, attached to his left leg was three, small, oddly curved blades, no calling them curved implies they had smooth qualities, bent, that sounded much better. Attached to his right was a simple, but thick, saber, the blade, a little longer than the man's arm, complete with a simple, but sturdy metal hand guard. He also has a satchel attached to his back, with what one can assume to be his supplies.

"Hey old man, are we leaving anytime soon?" The blonde man says. Not remembering my appearance I forgot to answer. "Oi, old timer, have you lost your hearing or what?" the blonde man had said again, albeit with more annoyance.

Realizing the he was talking to me, I reply, "Oh don fret laddie we'll get ya' to Ilias."

"You better, I paid good money because you said you could get me there without going through the storm in Port Natalia."

"Don worry le' me crew finish em' repairs on me ship and we'll get ya' over in Ilias right quick. Why don ya mess about in the village while ya wait." The young blonde broods off, clearly annoyed that he was landlocked for the time being.


"Why does the boat even need repairs, it's not like they go out in any turbulent conditions, it's just a fishing boat." I stormed off after I heard that. "This place would be so much better if the entire village wasn't so, I don't know, muddy looking." Looking around the quaint village, I see just how little here is here. The homes, no the huts, where made of sticks and some mud. The roads around the village are just dirt, now mud due to yesterday's rain, much to me and my boots chagrin. Most the paths lead to the town square, so that's where I decide to go. The first thing that hit me is the scent of fish. Why anyone eats the foul-smelling beasts I will never know. I notice an alchemist's shop, a few stalls selling the accursed scaled beasts, and a blacksmith. I am not eating fish, ever; I also don't trust these fishermen to make any steel better than what I have, so I check out the alchemist shop.

I enter the shop and with the ring of the bell I hear crashing from the behind the counter and some girlish yelps. Nonchalantly, I peer over the counter and see a shaken looking human woman with large, opaque glasses. The young lady brushes herself off and greets me. "Ello' my name is Ellie nice to meet ya'."

"I don't recall asking your name, make yourself useful and tell me what you have in stock." I respond curtly. In the few seconds between her next response, I drink in the interior of the shop. The counter was a big log, put I the center of the hut. She had a few reagents strung up on the ceiling. Also to my rapidly increasing disdain, is the fact that the shop had no floor, just more mud. I turn my attention back towards her as she continues with her idiotic accent.

"Rude, well it's not like you can buy anything, me mom told me that we aren't selling today." Before she even finishes her sentence, the familiar chime of the entrance bell rings, signals my departure. As I leave I hear. "Nd' besides we only sell one potion …." She rambles on, apparently not noticing that I had already left. Her voice continued, stopped only by the closing of the door. As her idiotic accent fades away, another equally annoying voice enters my ears.

"Ah, laddie dere' ya' are, the ships ready any time you want to go" No time is wasted as I walk over to the harbor. "Eh, where ya' goin' laddie."

"The boat, we leave now."

"But." The man is cut off, by me.

"Any time you want to go" I quote the man; I even do the idiotic accent.

The man looks like he's about to say something, but swallows his tongue. He separates from me to gather his crew, as I proceed to board the small fishing vessel. "Fuck, this is going to be a long trip. The ship was a small fishing vessel. You could barely walk a stride with being on the other side of the boat. I look for an out of the way spot, prop my head on my satchel, and rest my eyes while I wait for my departure.


"Fucking bastard, the prick is making me leave in the middle of the night." I mutter

"Yes, that man was very rude, normally I feel bad for sacrificing people, but this time I can't say that I do. Here are the potions Vincent." Ellie says. She looked so cute now that she didn't have to keep up her scared mouse facade. Her emerald green eyes looked extra beautiful without those tacky glasses.

"Thanks Ellie. Yeah let's see how the bastard looks when he's being sucked dry."

"Just be careful, and don't let the potions effect run out or else she'll target you."

"I know, I know, you act like this is my first time."

"Still be careful, I have a bad feeling."

"Don't worry." I kiss Ellie after I say this. "We'll take him to her lair, chuck him out, and leave. Just like usual."


"You're still worried!?" She still looks at me with her sad eyes. I was thinking of a way to cheer her up, when a thought bursts into my head. "You know what after I get back let's go ahead and get married."

"Vincent!?" She sounded shocked.

"Yeah, when I get back we'll go the whole nine yards, flowers, cake, birds. You know like those fairy-tale stories."

"Now you have to come back." She said excitedly.

"Yeah, I guess I have to come back now. Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn." Dropping those words of wisdom I leave and go to my ship, ready for what I have to do.


"Smooth sailing men. Keep the sails to the wind." I wake up to the captain yelling orders. I stand up, albeit a bit stiffly. Brushing the sleep out of my eyes I take in my environment.

"How long was I out?"

"Ah, laddie yer' awake." The owner of the ship, and captain greeted me and added. "After sleepin' that long we didn' tink you were gonna get up."

"You've done slept an entire day, my friend." Another of the fisherman added.

"Boy, when was th' last tim ya' slept?" A bigger, but still old man added.

"About a few seconds ago, but you wanted before that, so about two days ago." I replied

"Tha' explain' why ya' were so pissy yesterday." The captain says.

"Sorry about that. So how many days to Ilias?"

"About another full day if the weather, and if the sea treats us right." The fisherman without a ridiculous accent answers.

"So does anyone want to tell me why this route works?"

"Ah, good question my friend. You may want to sit down it's a long story." I follow the man's instructions. "Alright, so the reason why this route to Ilias works is because of the coral reefs connecting Telke and southern Ilias, and a monster called Charybdis. So Charybdis is a coral monster, and they only lived in coral reefs. There was a small amount of coral reefs on the ocean route, so the Charybdises came here. They expanded the coral reefs; more Charybdis came, and over and over the reef expanded. The coral reef became so massive that even storms were scared of it. The coral reefs also made the water flow faster here, so trips to Ilias are faster going from here than going from Port Natalia. If you look out now you can actually see the coral reefs."

Listening to man's instruction I look off the side of and see a sprawling coral reef. Looking out further I see a clear distinction between the reef and ocean. The ocean is deep, dark blue, while the reef is a brighter, almost crystal clear blue. I also notice some bone white islands.

"So you see the coral islands. It built up some much over time that it juts out of the water."

"Alright I have two very important questions. One, how are you sailing over a coral reef? Two, are the anymore Charybdises left?"

"Why do you think we are in this small boat? And no, the Charybdis were exterminated by a previous monster lord. Oh by the way, the port we're going to is a small beach on the southern side of Ilias, but the reef there is too high up to sail across. So you're gonna have to walk across the reef."

"Aight' we're in da' current." The big fisherman says.

"Alright smooth sailing from here on in." The non-accented fisherman says. He turns to me and says "The current we just got on will carry us straight to Ilias without us having to do anything. So the rest of us are gonna take us our naps." The fishermen all find a place and to go to sleep. After a hour or so, I deicide that they are all well enough asleep for me to begin preparations.

While they are in dreamland, I set my plan I motion. I find the storage hatch. I quietly open said hatch and notice three potions. "One aging tonic for big and ugly." I chuck the bottle into the water. "One for ." I repeat my previous action. "And one for our murderous captain." Finishing my task, I wait for the ship to get to the Ilias continent.


"Shit man where are the potions!" one of the formerly, elder fishermen started screaming.

"I don't know!" another of the now young men says

"Turn the boat around, I don't want to die!"

"We can't, the current flows one way!" One of the men audibly begins to cry.

Then, the moment all of the fishermen were dreading came.

"Wow, four young men, today must be a good day." A girl's sickly sweet voice rings out.

One of the men gets sucked off the boat by a vortex. "Well that's my cue to leave." I jump off the side of the boat and run along the shallow coral, trying to get to land before she gets bored of her new toys. Another scream signals that she's done with the first one. It is still a half mile to land. Another scream, I realize that I'm not getting away without a fight and with this I stop and draw my sword.

"Oh, so this cutie is going to fight? That's okay; I like my men young and energetic."

I turn around "So you're a Charybdis?"

"Oh so you know me, but I don't know you. How about you introduce yourself before I drain you."

"Me?, I'm just the Lionheart Mercenary, Sinha."


Author's note- Well that was a big chapter; I apologize If I have some grammar mistakes. This will be simultaneous release on Fanfiction and MGQ wiki. I hope you enjoyed this chapter (I didn't). This is the chapter of everything that I'm bad at intros, descriptions, plot, Etc. I promise the next chapter will be better because it's a fight scene. Also sorry if I skipped over a lot of characters descriptions, but they were minor. Also sorry if Sinha comes off as a straight douche bag. (He gets better later, probably, maybe.) Also sorry if my writing is straight up atrocious, writing isn't my strong suit. But you know what, if you like Monster girl quest, and you like talking about it with cool people, come check out The MGQ Fanfiction forum. I'll link to it on my blog post page thing on the wiki, and my profile on Fanfiction. Please we need peoples. Well I hope you enjoyed this chapter enough to read the next one, Chapter Two: Sinha versus Charybdis. Coming next Thursday, see you then!

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