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    Lionheart Chapter 3

    November 27, 2014 by XXxDarkkxXx

    I'm not dead! Sorry I really should have had this chapter out way sooner, but I was busy on the MGQ forum. So I got my first review, yay! Obligatory flashback chapter BTW. Sorry if this is a bit heavy handed of a way to shove Sinha's backstory down you throat, but I couldn't think of another way. Also this chapter definitely isn't as good as the first two. So with your expectations lowered here's chapter three.

    Lionheart: Chapter 3: Memories.

    I wake up my room. The familiar warmth of the desert sun rushed in from the window as I look down on the kingdom of Sabasa. It's too early in the afternoon to get up. I try to find a reason to stay in bed, but I had things today. I get up, and shower. I get ready for today's sword training, I don my pra…

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    Lionheart Chapter 2

    October 5, 2014 by XXxDarkkxXx

    Chapter 2: Sinha versus Charybdis

    Sorry if the me updating is taking up all of the blog space. If it becomes a problem I'll slow the updates. Also if the length is too long or short tell me and i'll fix it. In fact if you have any problem with this story tell and i'll do my best to fix it.

    I hear a rushing sound behind me, and quickly roll to my left. The coral digs into me, and the water soaks my clothes and slows my roll, but at least I dodge the vortex of air that appeared to my right. I quickly take a moment to survey the battlefield, but there is a problem. The Charybdis isn’t there.

    “Shocked? I can’t come out of the water, so if you’re going to fight me you have to come in.” She states and giggles with a voice that sounds like it is rig…

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    Chapter One: Lionheart

    He is standing in the small port village Telke, south of Taboo Spring in Grand Noah, waiting for a ship to sail him to the Ilias continent. The man had sighed aloud. He has a mess of blonde hair and red eyes. He has a complexion of someone in his middle 20's. His attire seemed to be focused more on maneuverability then protection or fashion. He dons a white shirt, which looked to be made of a light material. He also dons a pair of loose, dark leather jeans. His armor was also based on maneuverability; he wears a pair of leather gauntlets, although his right gauntlet was slightly bigger than his left. His greaves go up to just below his knees, and were made of a light looking metal. On a more serious note was his weapo…

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