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  • I live in a house, just like you.
  • My occupation is God-Emperor, or Jester
  • Vostan

    Here I am, writing word after word, constructing sentences, in the hope that something good will come from it. And it will, I guess. I will keep it short.

    Voiced Luka and english heavenly knights, anyone? Maybe an idea, I don't know.

    Well that is it for brain damage idea number one. On to number 2.

    Amira once said that she was the secret heroine, didn't she? What if there really was a secret heroine, who would you like it to be? Just answer. I'm intrigued.

    Love you all, The man without name.

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  • Vostan

    MGQ's saga has been finished, many know that. The fact that this chapter was called the last chapter is enough proof. Of course, they can make a prequel or a spin-off, but it set me thinking.

    MGQ was, and still is, about a boy named Luka, who went to the Monster Lord's Castle to make sure that monsters and humans could co-exist. Along the road, he fought many monster girls, was raped a couple of times and made new friends. He battled a goddess and her psycho-angels and saved the world from total annihilation. Plot-wise, it was a very interesting experience, but I can't help but think that it should be possible to make the protagonist a little bit less... altruistic. And the antagonists a little less classic Yandere. And the deuteragonist a …

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  • Vostan

    Hello, Vostan greets you.

    He is here to talk about artists and artworks. What does he think about it? Let's see. Third person finished. Let's begin with the artists.

    Arekishi: The god of titfucking. Done. I always liked that kind of having sex, to be honest. But I can't stand Imp. I can't. She makes me feel totally insulted. Just the fact that one hit can mean the end, it makes me angry. That, however, is not a problem with the artwork. His artwork can easily be recognized. Tiny bodies, big tits and an internal view of a titfuck. This authenticity surely makes his artwork better. You know that he is making the CG's when you seen them. Yet, I have a huge problem with the internal view of the titfuck. It just looks like rubbish. Other artists …

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  • Vostan

    Just completed the whole monsterpedia. Give me a shout if you need help making those pages. 

    Oh, Toro, if you just knew how happy you made me. 

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