Howdy, folks!  Just checkin' in with a (kinda) new side story.  It's a remastered blooper reel 2 with additional bloopers! Why bother you may ask?  Well, I just finally figured out the 'move' command.  And now that I have, I took it upon myself to give the second blooper reel the ending I always wanted.  But in order to make it worth anyone's while, I tacked on six additional bloopers for yer viewin' pleasure.  Works out nicely, since they gave me a grand opportunity to tinker with moving sprites in new and unusual ways.  You can download the whole package again.  But if you rather, you can just download the patch, copy all its contents, and dump it in your old Bloopers2 folder.  Go ahead and overwrite any old files when it asks you.

I'll tell ya, trying to get the sprites to move across a screen ain't easy as it sounds.  If anything, it's hands down, the most complicated thing I ever tried in a sidestory.  There were a couple of times, I nearly gave up.  No small wonder there aren't many sidestories or tutorials that try it (or at least, none I found).  But now that I've bent it to my will, I can have all sorts of fun with it as I work my magic on Erubetie.

And one more thing, if you run into any hiccups, please, please, PLEASE try each of the following before posting here:

1. Did you remember to integrate Chapters 1 and 2?  If you haven't now's a good time.  I'll let Rogue walk ya through it:

"To combine Part 1 with Part 2, copy the "arc.nsa" file from your MGQ Part 1 folder. Paste this arc.nsa file into Part 2's folder, choosing "Yes" to overwrite the current file.

Once copied over, launch MGQ Part 2 and go to the "Extra" Menu. In there, choose "Part 1 Converstion". If you copied over the arc.nsa file, it will complete successfully. Once combined, monsters from part 1 are available to view in the encyclopedia. "New Game" will also now start  from Part 1, at the very start."

2. Are you running the latest patch (vers 1.05)?  Go get it if you haven't already.

3. Are ya running the nscript file from Cecil's Adventure?  Dump that turd and use the nscript I attached. The nscript I attached is the nscript I used to write this thing.  You shouldn't need it.  It's just there in case you do.

And every time you run a sidestory using Cecil's crashtastic nscript, God kills one of the Four Bandits.  Please.  Think of the Four Bandits.

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