Well folks, it's been fun dangling y'all on a string.  But today's the day Love by the Blade aka Granberia's sidestory finally hits the shelves!  So call off the Canaan Sister hit squad and let's dig in!  It was lots of hard work, make no mistake.  But it was all a labor of love.  It's hands down my most expansive sidestory yet.  There ended up being SEVEN H-scenes to my count.  I hope it lives up to y'all's expectations!

If there any bugs or hiccups, give me a buzz and I'll jump on it.  I looked it over pretty extensively before posting it.  But I've been known to find bugs in my sidestories even after reading them fifty or sixty times.

If anyon needs me in the meantime, I'll be passed out on the couch.

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