Viper 121

aka Swiss cheese connoisseur extraordinaire

  • I live in Yo mama
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is About half of Europe, give or take Lithuania. It's how I honor my German heritage.
  • I am Batman
  • Viper 121

    Well, it ended up taking the better part of a year.  But after a year's worth of stalling, and whatnot, I've finally written the Ilias mod I've always wanted to write: Unwanted!  Taking place after Ilias After by Losenis (hope you don't mind me using your mod as a jumping off point, buddy), Ilias is released from the confines of Luka's mind, so she can find an escape of her loneliness, and for one brief shining moment, finally accomplish something in her life.  

    It took a long time for me to write since I'm always struggling to write anything that's not blooper-related.  Not that I ever do a half-assed job with my mods, but this one I really didn't want to screw up since I'm trying to give Ilias the satisfying conclusion I feel she direly n…

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  • Viper 121

    Remember that pie-in-the-sky Third Gag Reel I've been promisng for so long?  Well, it's finally come to fruition!  It may've taken me over half a year to complete, but better late or never, I say.  It focuses mostly on Part 3, but I also worked in one or two side strories here and there.  Including Servant of the Monster Lord by request.  As always, I hope it lives up to the legacy of its predecessors.  But given the amount of work I put into it, I think y'all are in for a real treat.  So what are ya waiting for?  Go check it out!  You know you want to!

    Let me know if there are any problems with the link, which wouldn't surprise me anymore.

    I am Viper 121, and I do it all for the …

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  • Viper 121

    Well, now that Christmas has come and gone, and New Year is around the corner, the Horaday season is winding down.  And I can't think of a better way to wrap it up than to make good on a promise I made almost a year ago.  The final installment to my Erubetie sidestory!  Boasting three new rape scenes starring your favorite moody Slime Queen and mine, I hope it was worth the (painfully prolonged wait).  Two of the scenes I stitched together myself armed with the magic of Photoshop/GiMP.  And I'm not ashamed to say that they're both high octane kinky interspecies lesbian monster sex.  Check that, kinky interspecies, Heavenly Knight lesbian sex.  I put a lot of effort into each of them, so I hope they shine like a light.  Don't be shy!  Go ah…

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  • Viper 121

    Viper, the RP Character!

    September 24, 2013 by Viper 121

    Well, since all the cool kids are doing it, I figured I'd chip in with my own RP character.  I oughta warn ya now that he has chosen Ilias as his waifu.  But I worked my ass off to make him into something more than just a cookie-cutter bigotted zealot that she loves to attract.  I also tried to give him his own unique skills.  Here's hoping I didn't make 'em too unbalanced after all the fuss I made about having balanced characters.  

    So go ahead and give it a look!  Don't be shy, now!

    Name: Viper

    Age: 29
    Date of Birth:
    Max HP:

    Weapons: Venom: A firearm that was presented to Viper as soon as he became sheriff of a small mining town.  Rumor has it that it was originally a prototype weapon designd fr…

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  • Viper 121

    Well, I said I'd have a demo for Erubetie's mod by either tonight or yesterday night.  And I'm proud to say that I am not emptyhanded.  Tonight, a demo for the Erubetie mod I've been touting for half a year now hits the presses!  I guess you can call it an unofficial Part 1 to the story arc I plan to write.  But I may go back and make some revisions to it some time later.  Since it's still in the prototype phase, I apologize if there's a few goofs here and there.

    So far, this has been the toughest mod for me to write.  I've gone through revisions by the barrelful for this mod.  It's amazing what sounded good to me one day looks like a steamy pile of crap the next.  So I hope it lives up to the high standards I've set with my past few mods. …

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