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  • I live in Europe
  • I was born on June 26
  • I am Male
  • Venithil

    I've already made a blog-post about the story itself, so this time only adding another note about the next chapter. I should be able to slowly improve the pace at which I post; in fact I hope to have another one finished during the Easter break soon, or a small break I get at the start of May soon after.

    Enjoy. . Please leave comments here or if you're also a fan of Corruption of Champions, in their forum!

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  • Venithil

    As I have noted in my Introduction page, other than being a fan, I've also developed my own variant of a pre-existing universe of monstergirls; Specifically, Kenkou Cross' Monster Girl Encyclopedia.

    The story is called Wicked Deity and, while I am currently considering whether to add it to an existing fanfiction page or publish it in a simple blog format, it is currently published on the forums of an adult game - Fenoxo's "Corruption of Champions" here. it is completely free to read given that, while significantly modified, it remains essentially a Monster Girl Encyclopedia fanfic, being too strongly based on Kenkou Cross' work to be called truly original.

    Given that MGE's monsters are considerably more pacifistic and less of an actual dangeā€¦

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