Hi guys, as you may have noticed some of our images have come under fire.

For now I have engaged Wikia in talks in resolving the situation, but I do ask that we hold fire on reuploading images, remember that us admins have the ability to rescue any deleted images from the database anyway so reuploading images just makes things more complicated.

The case I have put forward is that we went through this situation before, we edited our images to their exact specifications and for a period of over a year we seemed to be working within their specs, to be forced into this poition again with those images is a little jarring and a bit of an inconvenience. Especially as we now have the adult content warning on the site.

I know that some of you will be thinking "This strips down our rights, we should stick up for ourselves" and all that kind of stuff, if you want us to be on a dedicated server, by all means buy one or set one up. To be straight, I'm not purely catering to Wikia's tastes, but I would rather meet in the middle through negotiations.

Anyways, to be put things out there, the rules allocated to us before is to hide any nipples either by covering them removing them altogether, along with censorship being along that line. From what I can make out our images make this criteria, and such censorship does not effect us overly negatively, remember that a wiki is primarily a resource of collated written information with images to aid the text.

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