Hello again MGQers,

So the deal is Paradox, it's on it's way and we need to be prepared a little bit. When part 3 came out we editors were on a bit more regularly and we managed to come up with a way of dealing with the new information, and trust me, there is always a huge amount of information to deal with and a serious wave of uploads. As the admins are a bit more quiet now, help from you all would be appreciated, as is your feedback.

This time, however we have a dirrerent situation for a few reasons:

-For one this isn't an extension of the same universe, so information in this new game won't pertain to the original games, that's including monsters and locations.

-Secondly, there are multiple instances of the same "type" of monster and will not necessarily be the same individuals in Chapters 1-3 apart from special cases. Also there may be certain individuals in the new game who belong to certain races.

The second problem is dealing with the pace of the information, we found that two main problems were the accuracy of information and also the possibility of spoilers. Last time we gave ourselves a requirement of waiting for Rogue to upload the individual patches so our information was accurate to his translations, plus we gave ourselves a grace period so people could play the game and not have something in game spoiled for them on the wiki.

In addition we used a forum on our wiki to discuss the spoiler elements of the game, both which have been translated and which the more "japanese literate" members could make out.

What are your views, how do we tackle this? How do we display the info and do we deal with spoliers? Your feedback is incredibly important here as coming up with a way of dealing with what could be a massive amount of updates that are hard to fix up if they ruin the game for people or are inaccurate.

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