After being a bit of a Negative Nancy as of late and not being massively active, I feel I should try to put a positive spin on things, it's easy to get ratty and even easier to forget taking a step back and seeing what everyone put together.

Once upon a time the wiki was a baren land with only Juni as it's guardian, but slowly we gathered, we started to get an idea how to make the pages look, how to word them and welcoming the new members who found this gem of an h-game and wanted to help document it. When I signed up we just had the bare bones of a few monster pages and now we have over 350 articles on the side stories, books, locations, items, programming know-how and of course those lovely (for the most part) ladies.

Back then we had no idea how the side-story community would build, that we would get a good understanding of the programming or that we would get some sort of community developing. And trust me, the wiki has been through a lot, spam attacks, design overhauls, Wikia staff getting involved (Hats off to those of you who remember the great nipple massacre where we had to "clean up"  two games' worth of Monster Girls images, also those who took on the stupidly countless breasts in Chapter 3) and dealing with spoilers when part 3 came out.

But you've stuck through it, persevered and down the line and there's still a healthy level of development, not just with the upcoming Paradox game but with both the technical aspects such as programming side-stories to the more artistic sides with your own fan-works. We're also at a comfortable level, we aren't a massive wiki, but we also haven't gone down the road of, say the Soul Calibur wiki, where the lines between canon and fanon have been blurred and made a massive mess, it's only on a few occasions that we have to admin stuff and while we get thrown a curve-ball every now and then, the general concensus is pretty damn positive.

So thanks all of you for your contributions, be they minor or major, because like any wiki it's a collective effort and you guys are what keeps the wiki going forward, no doubt your input will be a massive help once Paradox rears it's head (which will raise questions on how we approach the additions to the wiki regarding the game, but that's for another blog). The wiki has come quite a way thanks to you all and will hopefully keep growing for some time to come.

High-fives all around!


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