If you haven't been keeping up on the talk page for front page, it's been asked if we can update and make the front of the site look a bit more organised. I've taken up the challenge of giving it a go and am currently developing a template that we can use in the future.

You can find this at Template:Test box

I am currently after feedback so we can get this as best as we possibly can, I've already taken on board thoughts of some preliminary work being too round on the edges so with the current example I have taken it down to a minimal setting so we just get that little bit of a sheen. 

Also bear in mind that this work is unfinished, I also have to start work on the right-hand column will also have the external links and the poll along with anything else (like the corner image we have now).

So, here's the thoughts behind some development choices;

-Yes, there's a little bit of pink, but seeing that our logo is pink too this fits in with the site's livery.

-It was a hard tossup between a slideshow and a slider, but the slideshow's lack of width/height control and the fact that it tells people to add images to the gallery made it a not overly secure.

-On the same note, we have space for our three main characters and one other page which I'm not too sure what to choose yet. Possibly the game as a series or something that leads to pages on the different chapters.

-We're also looking at changing the "Monsters: Chapter" pages to "Monsterpedia: Chapter" pages and also include the angels fought, which is why some of the entries are not links yet. This move allows the Monsterpedia to be viewed and the existing "Monster" and "Angel" categories to have more of a role.

-I'll be adding the dA and other such links to the external links box, they seem more at home there.

That covers the dev. stuff for now, there's a lot to be ironed out on the new template so if you have any thoughts feel free to share them.

Unfortunate Mermaid (talk) 00:13, April 14, 2013 (UTC)

ps- apologies for grammar/spelling. It's 1.20am over here and I've been coding for 4 hours straight.

pps- here is a mostly finished example, I just need to make some touch ups on the spacing on the right side column.


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