Gawd, we seem to be talking about ourselves on the wiki a tad, so I may as well join in as this summer is a big one to concentrate on.

As some of you know, I'm a fashion photography student. Essentially I'm entering my second year in university, but as we have placements coming up I also need a fashion portfolio to cater for the establishments I'm trying to work with.

This means that a lot of this summer is dedicated to organising shoots which takes up a fair bit of time as I have to organise make-up artists, models and booking studio time or locations which means less time on developing stuff on the wiki.

That said, the ball is already rolling, I'm running some photography workshops for young people for a few weeks, I've also just been posted some details about a bridal shop that needs some shots doing which we'll be doing some nice location work and studio work. The favourite for me is hooking with a thrift shop who take in clothes and customise them, we'll be putting together some ensembles and shooting around on site which should be pretty amazing.

I'm also experimenting with some customising of my own too, so basic things such as dye and bleach-based customs are also on my to-do list, so my eye is on ebay for cheap old stuff I can mess around with. The more unique stuff I can shoot, the more the images stand out.

There may also be some nekomatas in the future too, seeing the latest Cats tour was pretty inspiring and it happens that one of my old flatmates likes to do stuff with costumes and character creation, in fact I believe one of her projects for next year is creating a character design that is a certain mix of animal and human, so I'm keeping fingers crossed we can do something inspired by the Cats costumes which should be really fun to do.

Mermaid out.

Unfortunate Mermaid (talk) 20:28, July 8, 2013 (UTC)

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