Hello Everyone, I'm writing a side story about the ultimate choice that has to be made, here's the basic senario that I got so far, You a 18 year old boy is heading back to the town when you hear the noise, upon discovering the noise, you found a man, aged 45, is about to be raped by a monster (Mainly a Slug Girl), You could fight the monster...but you have no combat experience what so ever (The lazy version: I don't know how to work in the combat) You could run and get help, but by the time you get there, the rape would be over, and upon returning, you find then gone. So that leaves you two choices, either head back to town and at lease try to get help, or offer the man's place to be raped by the monster, leaving him spared from the monster's raped.

Now I am open for options, and I have six endings for now, and I am wondering how will the choice seem hard yet fair for both sides, in the mean time I will try and write the story, so please let me know what your opinions you have.

Edit: Right now I am writing a story for the game, but I still need to test it out to see if it works.

Edit2: I have finish the story, once I complete the testing, I will release the link for the beta for you all to enjoy.

Edit3: The testing is done, here is the link to the beta:

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