I just saw the newest video for Hero/MGQ 3D. I'm sorry, but (with respect for the developers) I think it looks awful. Simply put, I don't think this series can translate well to 3D, not many series can; Zelda was one of the lucky ones because the action has always been dynamic. Going from eroge to 3D Fable-esque adventure just doesn't seem to work; the intro shown reminds me of Fable, which is a series that has always been sub-par due to counter-intuitive game design (that may not be fair to say though, I'm just saying it looks and sounds like Fable, it would be wrong for me to assume it plays like it).

That's not to say I'm against 3D graphics. If it were up to me, I would design this game to look and play like Chrono Trigger (which I have admittedly not played) or Bastion (which I have also not played). With art styles like those, there's less pressure for extra detailed character models, which I feel is part of the problem. Less can be more; I'm thinking of Guilty Gear Xrd as I write this sentence.

Since I'd like to be a game designer someday, this has strengthened my resolve. I'll learn how to draw, animate, and code; and I'll make my own rerelease. Code name: The Second Quest.

Seriously though, Ntelliware, I may not agree with your design decisions, but I respect that you're following through with the project

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