• Taiketsu58

    My next "Side Story" Is an all original, unlike my extension of the pre-existing "Alice and Luka" by Safin117.

    As the name suggests, this is what you may call a "Gang-Rape-A-Thon"! Featuring all of the main characters, such as Luka, Alice, the 4 Heavenly Knights, and more! Even Micaela will join the fun. Using a custom CG by editing the pre-existing "Ilias Titjob" CG, she is one of my personal favorites in this side story. I will also be attempting to include the "adult" forms of the Four Bandits. And while I'm at that, I'll even throw in a few more surprises! Like, say... Lucifina! Yeah, that sounds good. Ilias is practically Luka's grandmother, so a handjob from Lucifina isn't too bad if you look at it that way.  Look forward to this Side…

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