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Tyrant Demon as it appears in the manga.

The Tyrant Demon (Bōkun oni / 暴君鬼 / Sloth Demon) is a demon featured only in the: "Mon Musu Quest: Demon Burst!" Manga. It is a denzien of Inferno and boasts an extreme amount of power. However, it is completely immobile and relies on other demons to get around. While it comes from the Cirle of Greed, it is reffered to as a Sloth demon.


The Tyrant Demon is a very large demon easily trumping many monsters from the "Earthen" realm in size. It is described as having reddish-black skin with pink glowing eyes and yellow scar-like stripes criss-crossing it's body. The wings on it's back are useless and serve only to flap uselessly should the demon fall forward or onto it's side. It has a large spiked tail which is constantly in motion, either swaying or smashing into the ground. It also features three horn-like bulges on the front of it's head, along with two odd appendages coming out of the back of it's head. It is incredibly fat and is completely incapable of movement, and relies on smaller demons (Commonly Burden Beasts) to move from place to place. As such, it belongs to the Circle of Gluttony from the Inferno, and is considered a demon of Sloth. It gains power from devouring monsters, humans and Angels, and grows bigger with each victim. Being in it's very vacinity has the odd effect of making those unable to resist it's influence sluggish and sleepy. When consumed, victims are viciously torn at by parasites inside it's stomach. However, should the person have a lot of energy, the demon will hold onto them and very slowly digest them as painfully as possible, to absorb all of the anguish from it's prey.


  • Tyrant Sludge: The Tyrant Demon opens it's mouth and fires a vile liquid from it's body. This sludge is incredibly foul and the smell alone is capable of rendering people and monsters unconscious. The bile itself is not damaging however, though it does attract other demons in the vacinity... Much like a feeding frenzy.
  • Gobble: The Tyrant Demon seizes an opponent an devours it, gaining energy depending on what was eaten. In the manga, this attack is used to devour an unfortunate farmer who had wandered into the vicinity of the creature.

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