Monster metatron observer by thelonecourier-d69rpyd

An Overseer, a special variant of the Evil Eye Species.

Evil Eyes are a class of demons that spawn naturally on the surface world once the Inferno has broken through into the realm of the living. Evil eyes are described by Ten-tails as "Balloons that hold the resentment and hatred of men consumed and raped by monsters over the years." 


Normal Evil Eyes are fleshy masses of grey skin surrounding a very large and bolbous eye. Their age and power is given away by their size and their exterior, as mold and fungus naturally begin to grow on the exterior of the skin, with appendages hanging down from their sides, varying from tentacles to actual clawed arms.

Some Evil Eyes are captured and specially modified by the forces of the Inferno, becoming more dangerous and powerful as well as serving a deeper purpouse for the forces of hell.

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