Chaser Demon

A Chaser Demon

Chaser Demons 
are a species of demon originating in the Inferno. They are large, bipedal demons that are meant as scouts and intimidation weapons, smashing into an area to weak havoc and then leave as quickly as they left. 


Chaser Demons are large, bipedal demons that share a lot of traits with those found on a dinosaur. Their legs are attached to the base of their tails and machinery has been grafted to their neck, back and arms, as well as their legs being cut off and replaced with technological enhancements. They have a fin on their back to allow them to keep their balance and move speedily as they run close to the ground. Their head consits of a fungus-like dome with a bony crest portruding from the back, their bottom jaw being removed and replaced with a shovel-like appendage that they can use to destroy buildings and flipd rubble out of their way with. They are completely brainless and require the guidance of a "Tumor Mind Network" in order to get anything done. They often attack smaller foes by simply charging them and stomping them into the ground, trampling them to death. For larger foes, they use raptor tactics and swarm the enemy, using thir claws and powerful jaws to bite and tear away at the flesh. If one falls over, it can easily get back up as they are very agile and flexible, having many joints installed into their nimble bodies. At one point they may have answered to Black Alice and been controlled entirely by her, however, Jadix has them completely under his control.

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