First of all hello everyone im new in this wikia (also the first wikia I join) so please dont give me a "bad end" if I commit a mistake.

Im a big fan of mythologies and monsters (one of the main reasons I played this game) and im still waiting for paradox part 2 with this question "what kind of new monsters would appear in part 2?"

Since probably the game would have the noah and grandgoll region and also hellgondo and the island of the world tree I have some ideas of new monsters that could appear for example

Related to noah region I guess a lot of new yokai type monsters Just to mention a few ones, it could appear monsters like kappa, kamaitachi or noppera-bo (faceless ghost)

Also the plantsect forest can possibly give us new bugs and plant types (orchid and stag girl maybe?).

for Grandgold I can expect some new spiders like a black widow or that brazilian one that can cause someone a perpetual erection with its poison (im surprised they havent use that idea in the game yet) and yes I know that poison causes erectile disfunction but in this game they can literally fuck logic. Maybe a combat automata too.

The island with the world tree also sounds very interesting. Because probably will have norse mythology monsters like giants, dwarfts and the most important related to the world tree Hresvelgr (an eagle that lives in the world tree branches) and nidhogg (a dragon that dwells in the roots of the tree) also there is a squirrel named ratatosk that send messages between them.

Im so curious how would they look like in a mamono version

So what do you think guys any ideas?

Now that I remember the four bandits mentioned that teeny vanilla and papi were born in grandgold region and gob in yamatai. maybe the paralel world in 1 tartarus would have them in the grown up form it would be awesome.

with the recent patch of dargoth I read some dialogs with certain monsters who made me guess of few new ones.

With that info, i can guess some monsters that will possible come in part 2 could be Skanda Shoki and Fenrir (even with Fenrir it is said that she has a white fur)

And with only little mentions I think an adult phoenix girl is possible I was really hyped waiting for a hot chick mature phoenix girl in part 1 with the phoenix girl incident but I literally got a "hot chick" that crushed my expectations... (I dont hate mini, actually she is my best harpy but still.)

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