• Shaamat

    Hello everyone I know im probably the less productive but I wanna make a meeting online between everyone to talk about how to improve the wikia, have some fun, etc. How about the saturday 14 at 5pm Mexico city time zone (we can discuss the time)

    Now to make this blog entry more interesting, lets talk about, wich are your top 10 favorite game overs?

    In my case, I rarely lose to monsters in the first trillogy, most of the times I lose to horrible monsters like cassandra or eggiel. But I got some game overs that were kinda good.


    9.-Black alice


    7.-La Croix


    5.-Mermaid general

    4.-Succubus witch


    3.-Alma Elma


    1,- Queen Harpy

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  • Shaamat

    I'm trying to defeat the special bosses in the chaos dungeon, but my team still cant defeat any of them. However it can defeat any other monster in game easily, that's why I'm going to share my best teams and I want to see yours in the comments of course to learn new strategies.

    Btw I preffer to use the cute monsters on my team over the nightmare fuel ones, so If you know of a monster with better stats and is not on the team, that's why.

    So lets begin.

    My first team is based on a classic RPG party using melee magic supports and healers in the traditional way

    Role: Melee

    Class: Battle master

    Race: Oni

    She has a double gaia hammer and her attack is over 500. In a single turn she can deal 45K dmg per enemy with a critical.

    She has abilities that boost h…

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  • Shaamat

    First of all hello everyone im new in this wikia (also the first wikia I join) so please dont give me a "bad end" if I commit a mistake.

    Im a big fan of mythologies and monsters (one of the main reasons I played this game) and im still waiting for paradox part 2 with this question "what kind of new monsters would appear in part 2?"

    Since probably the game would have the noah and grandgoll region and also hellgondo and the island of the world tree I have some ideas of new monsters that could appear for example

    Related to noah region I guess a lot of new yokai type monsters Just to mention a few ones, it could appear monsters like kappa, kamaitachi or noppera-bo (faceless ghost)

    Also the plantsect forest can possibly give us new bugs and plant t…

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