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  • Saikou The Lewd King

    Just a blog to help me (And maybe others) keep track of all the Alternate Universes present in MGQ: Paradox. Note that most of those are unconfirmed and simple theories, that aren't all mine. This is also based on assumptions from a mostly untranslated game and is thus subject to change.

    Description: Simply, the original universe of the Original Trilogy. The setting has no great disaster, but for most of the time monsters and humans have been fightning eachothers, so peace isn't existent until the end.

    Entities from this universe: 

    • Neris (Daughter of Alipheese)
    • Nero (Son of Alipheese)
    • Loli Ilias (She mentions remembering things exactly as how they happened in the original trilogy)
    • Adult Alipheese (Literal copy paste from the original VN)
    • Black Al…

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