Not to bash the original music used in MGQ, they're awesome withouth a doubt, but I wanted to ask, what kind of theme songs would best fit certain characters?

I got this idea after rewatching the bloopers reel (thanks again Viper 121) where Erubetie changes the music used for Queen Harpy's fight. It got me thinking: What kind of music would fit the characters better? This was in a serious manner of course.

I've already given my idea for the fight against Ilias: With Me by All Ends

So what songs other than those used in MGQ do you guys think would fit other characters? Not to say that all characters should get them, but I think many boss characters and other important people could have other theme songs.

Luka, for example, could have quite a few:

Hero by Skillet (it could also work for the MGQ world as a whole, as it does need a true hero).

At the end of chapter 2, It Doesn't Matter by Tony Harnell (original version) would fit well too.

Alice also has a few that would be good, depending on situation:

After her defeat in chapter 2 God and Man-vocal version by Donna Burke is a bit iffy, but could still work. Think of it as her subconciousness talking.

When she saves you from Cassandra and the Beelzebub: Great Revival ~Franziska version~ by Naoto Tanaka (alias: Akemi Kimura)

One more person with a theme song (well, actually two people) that I think would work.

Marcellus and Lazarus: No Way Back ~Out of My Way~ by Ben Franklin a duality of sorts concerning their initial and eventual ideals.

Anyway, that's all I could think of for now. What do you guys think? Do any other songs come to mind when thinking about a particualr MGQ character?

Frederika's fight theme: Yasuharu. Ake Ni Somaru by Yasuharu Takanashi alternatively, it could work for the haunted mansion as a whole.

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