I'm posting this here, because I've seen that the people frequenting this wiki are the most mature ones that I know. If you've nothing nice to say, I ask that you at least prove me right and say nothing at all.

So, recently, I received news that my grandfather just died. Looking back, I can't really say that I showed much respect to him. Before me and my mother went to Bangladesh to live here with my father, I spent everyday of my life living under the same roof as my grandfather.

He was a tough and strong guy for someone his age, and was a local Philippines Boxing Champion in his youth. When we didn't have the space in our home, or enough money to buy an extra bed, my grandfather spent his nights sleeping on a simple mat on the floor, with nothing but a few pillows and a blanket, all so the rest of us would be comfortable. He was always ready to put himself into danger if it meant helping his family.

Yet, looking back, I gave him nothing but disrespect and grief while I was child, and barely spent time with him on our vacations. Whenever I try to recall anything about him, it's always him being angry at me for doing something I shouldn't have done.

I never really paid those past misdeeds any mind until we got news of his death. Now I can't even go five minutes without thinking about him. My grandfather was a great man, without doubt, and I never gave him the respect he properly deserved.

My sole wish at this point is to have been able to say sorry to him for everything that I did. To apologize for every second of his life that I cut short because he was angry at me.

R.I.P Angel Rostata Calubiran. A loving husband, a wonderful father, a former champion, and a grandfather who deserved more than what he got.

Though it's too late to say it, I am sorry.

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