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    Theme songs

    July 14, 2013 by Sagitarius Knight

    Not to bash the original music used in MGQ, they're awesome withouth a doubt, but I wanted to ask, what kind of theme songs would best fit certain characters?

    I got this idea after rewatching the bloopers reel (thanks again Viper 121) where Erubetie changes the music used for Queen Harpy's fight. It got me thinking: What kind of music would fit the characters better? This was in a serious manner of course.

    I've already given my idea for the fight against Ilias: With Me by All Ends

    So what songs other than those used in MGQ do you guys think would fit other characters? Not to say that all characters should get them, but I think many boss characters and other important people could have other theme songs.

    Luka, for example, could have quite a fe…

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  • Sagitarius Knight

    I'm posting this here, because I've seen that the people frequenting this wiki are the most mature ones that I know. If you've nothing nice to say, I ask that you at least prove me right and say nothing at all.

    So, recently, I received news that my grandfather just died. Looking back, I can't really say that I showed much respect to him. Before me and my mother went to Bangladesh to live here with my father, I spent everyday of my life living under the same roof as my grandfather.

    He was a tough and strong guy for someone his age, and was a local Philippines Boxing Champion in his youth. When we didn't have the space in our home, or enough money to buy an extra bed, my grandfather spent his nights sleeping on a simple mat on the floor, with …

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