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    The Japanese fandom already made the full key lore analysis of paradox chapter 1 last year. So, I`ll gonna translate some of the key lores here.(Sorry about my bad English.)


    1.What is the 'right history'?

    It strongly seems like ‘the history created only by the inhabitants of that world’. As we can know from Morrigan`s quote that "Even in a right history, Sara had the possibility to become a succubus and suck every people of Sabasa to death", the history of the original trilogy is not the only true history. Once the factors from other world interfere, the deviation grows larger like a butterfly phenomenon. That`s what Lilith sisters and White rabbit trying to fix.


    It seems like a Tartarus is just a way to Hades. The only way to …

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    [1] (No Paradox characters included)

    (Rank: Character name /vote)

    include some comments by voters

    1: Alicefeeze 16th 5220

    "That ribbon at the last part of the chapter 2...I cried"

    2: Alma Elma 3783

    "Being squeezed by a Succubus, that the common dream of all monster girl lovers"

    3: Tamamo 2397

    "FluffyFluffyFluffyFluffy tails..."

    4: Imp 1658

    "It`s too pleasurable to be raped squeezed by the one whose much weaker than me"

    5: Queen Harpy 1456

    6: Ilias 1334

    "I slayed the monster lord without any hesitation!"/"I love her sadistic comments at the evaluation"

    7: Witch Succubus 1264

    "I want to go inside her womb"/"Size, unbirth, glasses. She`s perfect"

    8: Kitsune 1094

    "I`ve married with Kitsune!"

    9: Valkyrie 1059

    10: Luka 1046

    "He`s the one of my best 5 RPG game prota…

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    Finally found the backup texts(incomplete) of Q&A. I`ll post some of the Q&As here gradually.(And sorry for my bad English. I`m using the Google translation partially)


    Q: It seems like Luka is very weak at sexual attack, then if we castrate him or make him erectile dysfunction, will it make him invincible?

    A: It will rather make him weaker due to the the significant decrease of virility.


    Q: If Luka wear a chastity belts, will it make opponent monsters rely on physical fight so that Luka can have more advantage?

    A: It`s no use because they`ll destroy the chastity belts immediately and rape him.


    Q: Is there a queen of the dragonkins?

    A: Since the dragonkins doe…

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    In, there was some Q&A wrote by Trtr about various untold informations about MGQ world. Unfortunately, the page has deactivated by now. And there`s little in blog. 

    Some informations revealed: 

    1.In the original trilogy, it is really hard for humans to learn magic. To use magic, one must spend his/her whole life learning it. 

    2.In other endings(like Kitsune ending), Alice will watch them through magic crystal globe, gone mad, crushing globes, and Tamamo will take care of its remains. 

    3.Lucifina`s illness was surely caused by Ilias. It happened like this:

    Ilias: "See. In human body like that, you get hurt eas…

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