Monster Girl Quest: The Return To Remina is a work in progress full patch mod being created by Rickey 985.  The goal of this mod is to create a new story, based off the original but this time it will be viewed from a different perspective. 


The story is about Polis, a half-human half primordial, who came to the Ilias continent, from Hellgondo on his own, to learn about the people that live there.  After witnessing an angel come to the shrine of Ilias to bless the 'heroes' there, he was escorted by the angel to a nearby cave.

What you can expect

A first person story similar to that of mgq, except this one follows the character 'Polis Mordial'

Characters Involved

All the characters from the mgq universe and the newly created Polis Mordial (for more information about him Click Here )

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