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  • I live in My Own Subconscious
  • My occupation is Cursed With A Creatively Curious Mind
  • ProviDence

    As of now this story is still in the Fertilization stage (Planning)

    If I am not able to make it into a visual novel I will try to make it into a story, but if I cant do that...

    I wish anyone who sees my ideas to adapt them to thier own (don't steal it flat out like even calling your hero Daniel and shit)

    I am saying this because I know some stories haven't gone finished and I don't want to give any of you empty promises.

    Learn from my accomplishments not from my failures.

    We follow a young hero named Daniel raised by monsters in hellgondo. Not believing in Ilias he eventually went down the same path as Promestein, he was curious as to why things happened and started to look into them more. Aside from his fondness of knowledge now not being limiā€¦

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