Well, it's unfortunate as this post may also be a bit of a hiatus, but - I noticed there hadn't been some side stories for some time and I know that everyone is working hard, so... Behold! In order to celebrate the fact that - most places, sob - it's spring, I put together a little (and I do mean little, 'tis only about fifteen to twenty pages of text) side story for all you lovely people! Featuring a mermaid girl of the more classical school. Though, you know, since it's all in your mind, please feel free to imagine what you like most.

So, what's all this about then?

- A short story set well before MGQ! Play as a mermaid looking for a handsome prince!

- Those who know Hans Christian Anderson will get double the laffs! Rest assured, there is no grim fate in store for our protaganist!

- A certain person appears. I think it's likely that so long as I can work it into the plot, new outfits per story. Yes.

- That patented Old/Friend navelgazing that only leads to tears and textwalls.

Sound like a thing? Hyped? Trepidatious? Get your copy either here - or here!

The bad news is that, as mentioned, due to some circumstances I may be less active. Rest assured I'll finish all my projects and endeavor to help if need be, but please understand if I am more occupied than usual. I hope the matters resolve expediently and well, wahahaha!

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