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Hello Nebulablast here and this is my first tutorial on this game yay! I'll make a simple guide teaching you guys how to defeat death and getting the overpowered Gaia Robe!

Party Members: Luca, Ilias/Alice, Gnome and a Harpy. (I used Ilias but I believe Alice is better, for the harpy I've used Reina but you can use anyone you want)

Jobs: Luca, Ilias and Gnome must have the follow jobs mastered:

-Battle Master

-Magus Fist

-Hero of Justice

The Harpy must have Superstar, Dancer and Minstrel mastered. And she needs to be a ''Winged Harpy" because this race class have an important skill needed.

The Strategy: First everyone must be level 30 and using the best equips you can find, the Battle Master job allows you to use two weapons which gives you a lot of stats for accessories I was using some 30% speed rings that I found on the tower maze. Second: use the harpy skill ''天空の踊り'' (it means sky dance or something) this is the most important step, this skill will make the Reaper miss her skills but sometimes she can hit some of your party members which will kill them instantly, after this you can use other skills that increase your damage or to restore your SP it's your choice. Third: Use the hero of justice transformation, this skill makes you stronger for some turns helping on the dodging. Fourth: After preparing your damage and your defense just keep spamming some damage skills until the Sky Dance is over after that start again. Do this until the Reaper is defeated, it's a long battle she has 350000 HP so good luck!

Helpful Links: (classes) (races)

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