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The Story So Far

Solomon, a young mercanary had his life changed as he became a Seeker of Truth. After the fall of Promestein and the disbanding of the Seekers, Solomon agreed to fix the errors and aid in coexistance. However, he was captured and used to activate Tyrannea, a Next Doll chimera designed to kill the former eight Monster Lord Black Alice. After Tyrannea's defeat, Solomon is now living in a new, peaceful world aiding the Monster Lord when needed.

Prologue: An Interrogation.

I had walked into the dungeons of the Monster Lord's castle. Holding my gun-like staff, I approached a cell with a single prisoner. She was a succubus, blue skin and red hair. She wore a red labcoat and scrubs. The Succubus, chained to the wall by her arms and legs shackled down, looked up at me with a frustrated look.

"Why if it isn't Solomon.." she said. "To what do I owe the displeasure?"

"Well Akame," I said calmly. "Just trying to have a nice casual conversation, one researcher to another, on the location of your lab."

Akame smirked; "Then you might as well leave, my lab is concealed quite well and I'll never talk."

I shook my head in disappointment. "You know, Promestein had me do this sort of interrogation before," I said and looked at my gunstaff. "Thankfully a sly fox allowed me the use of my old methods." I charged electricity in my gun-staff. "But I'm supposed to be a changed man and not resorting to my old Seeker of Truth ways." I then pointed my gun-staff at Akame.

Akame merely laughed. "Ah Solomon, I actually prefer you like that." she said. "The 'Enforcer of Truth' should only care for their mission and their superiors. Your title is one many Seekers would wish they could be. Being the fangs and eyes of Truth." She then looked towards the ceiling. "I will tell you this;" Akame then looked back at me. "Tyrannea was not my only plan... I had a rather big back-up plan, but I'll never tell you."

I was ready to shock Akame into talking, but I was interrupted by a telepathic communication to me only;

"Solomon, it's Alice. Please come to the main hall, The Heavenly Knights need to discuss something with you."

I backed from Akame's cell and sighed. "Next time I won't be so hesistant, be ready to talk when I return." I told her.

"Take your time then," Akame said. "I won't be ready to talk for some time."

Chapter 1: Strange Sightings; Multiple Solomons?

As I arrived at the main hall, all four Heavenly Knights and Shadow stood there. "Hello everyone, what am I needed for?" I calmly asked. It's been a few months now so I'm not afraid anymore.

Tamamo then approached me and examined me, also occasionally sniffing around me. "No, it wasn't him.." she said looking concerned.

Shadow then stared at me, like always it's difficult to get a read on what he's thinking. "I was unsure, but he's definitely not like the one I saw at all."

"What's going on?" I asked, quite confused on why I'm being examined.

"Well Solomon," Tamamo began explaining; "recently there have been sightings. Figures, similar to you in appearance, have been spotted across the world. I had saw one in Yamatai, but they left as quickly as they appeared. But Shadow, not too long afterwards saw another not too far from the village."

"You mean there's impersonators?" I asked. "What are they doing exactly?"

"They have been either moving and gathering supplies or assaulting various areas." Erubetie then spoke up. "We knew it wasn't you planning this, but we had to be sure."

"They all were spotted with different types of weaponry." Granberia stated. "But all were donned in a black coat with strange devices on their person. Just like you..."

"Well whether or not it's really me, we still have to stop them." I said. "Where was the last sighting?"

"He's competing at Grand Noah Coloseum this afternoon apparently Solo-boy." Said Alma Elma with a giggle. "I was gonna head there myself, feel free to watch and look for him."

I sighed at Alma Elma's referring to me as "boy" at first, but I knew this would be perfect. "Fine Alma Elma, I'll join as well. I have questions for these imposters." I said.

Alma Elma suddenly looked a little worried, which was unlike her. "Oh are you?" she said. "I didn't think you'd be actually joining..."

I raised an eyebrow at the Succubus Queen. "Why is that?" I asked. "You and I have fought in the Coloseum a few times now."

"Oh I didn't forget that." Alma Elma said. "I just....kinda sorta... accidentally convinced a friend of yours..." before she could finish, Tamamo cut her off;

"She told your girlfriend Lucia about you fighting in the Coloseum when she last visited you... so Lucia wanted to try it out."

"She what?!" I said and teleported to Grand Noah immediately.

"Solo-boy wait!" Alma Elma said and soon followed. We both arrived outside Grand Noah Coloseum.

When we both arrived outside the Coloseum we focused on finding the imposter and registered first.

"Welcome back Solomon!" the guard had said. "Good luck out there!"

"Thanks. By the way, has a Lucia registered at all?" I asked.

"Sorry Solomon, Coloseum rules." He said mentioning the rule of no spoilers on my opponents. Also my gun-staff was forbidden, but it was technically fair.

"Well, just hope you fight her first?" Alma Elma said giggling.

"How long has she been coming here?" I asked. "I would've saw her if it was a while."

"It's my second time I swear!" Lucia had said rushing up to me. I merely stared at Lucia as I doubted that. "Okay...third." She then admitted. "Please don't be jealous Solomon."

"Yea lighten up Solo-boy." Alma Elma then said. "She's quite the crowd-favorite out there."

I merely sighed. "Alright as long as nothing crazy happened like you and Alma having sex." I said and looked back at the two, who were whistling innocently. "Seriously?!"

Lucia then smiled. "It's so much fun though!" she said. "So you two are registering?"

"Indeed." I said. "Be on the lookout for a look-a-like to myself, he and some other impersonators have been pulling crimes." I told Lucia about the sightings. "Also..." I then said. "Don't over-do it with the men out there..."

Alma Elma smiled. "Oh is Solo-boy jealous??" she said. "That's so cute!"

Lucia then hugged me. "Fine. Let's go, the sign-ups have ended."

I went to my waiting room. I kept a communicator with Lucia ready in case she might be fighting him. Soon my matches went by. The usuals since the fall of Ilias; Dedicated human warriors, a few tough monsters, some chimeras and even an angel or two, but no look-a-like. Soon it was the Semi-Finals, Lucia and Alma Elma went against each other first. My match then began I walked onto the area, and my opponent faced me. Like they said, he looked like me, but his weapon and outfit had differences. I knew this would be tough.

"Well now, my opponent is...sporting similar wear??" the man had said. "Oh! He must be the current." He then prepped his weapons. He was similar height with short, dark-purple hair and eyes. He wore my outfit but used a twin pair of katars. His back-claws where back-mounted blade arms instead.

"Current?" I asked. "Who are you?"

The man smiled and took a bow. "Daniel's the name." he said. "And I was hoping to take care of a Heavenly Knight today."

"Well, I'm Solomon." I responded. "And what are you and those others doing?"

"I won't talk, no time for questions anyways! Let's go!" He said and soon rushed at me.

Chapter 2: Enforcer vs. Enforcer?

I dodged his attack and tried to strike back only to get blocked by his back-blade. He quickly turned and alternated attacks with both his own weapons and the back-blades themselves. I managed to dodge and block however the repeated attacks from multiple angles forced me back.

"You're quite skilled." Daniel said.

"And your control is quite amazing." I said, admiring the technology as I exposed my back-claws. "They're similar to mine, however yours has amazing movement and speed."

The crowd was excited to see two skilled combatants facing each other. Despite him being my enemy, this was quite fun.

"That's not all!" He said. He was quite confident and energetic. "Come Wind!" He shouted. I suddenly felt wind empowering him. He attempted to rush me at an immense speed. He landed two direct hits and forced me back.

"How'd you acquire an artificial spirit?" I asked.

"That's a secret." He said.

"Well it seems you're quite the threat." I said. "But there's a thing you've forgotten... come Gnomaren!" I said and was empowered by earth.

"You won't be blocking my attacks now!" He shouted and tried rushing me again. He landed a direct hit but was shocked to find I was hardly phased by the lack of damage it had. I then grabbed him with my back-claw.

"You're not smart to know potential counter-measures." I said and slammed him into the ground.

"Gah...But I can escape easily." He responded and then used his back-blades to shove me off. He quickly stood and prepped his blades. "I will no longer hold back. Prepare yourself!" He said as I felt a powerful aura around the back-blades and katars.

Whatever he was charging, could be potentially lethal. I had to dodge it, "Zylphe." I said as Wind power now replaced Earth. I stood in a defensive stance, ready to dodge.

"Take this!" He shouted and as soon as he was about to step forward to rush at me, I knew to dodge immediately. He then dashed across the arena at break-neck speed, leaving a long fissure-like scar in the ground. "Woah, you managed to dodge? I thought you'd be too slow....wait Wind power too?"

I stood and looked at the mark on the ground. That would have cut me clean in half. "That was close." I said. "This is an official match, that could've killed me!"

"I'm on a mission, tasked to execute any who get in my way." He shouted. "The others were smart to surrender."

"Well I'm not giving up." I said and got into stance. "Wing Dash Blade!" I shouted and rushed Daniel with six swift strikes.

Daniel grunted in pain as he took the attack. He jumped back, panting. "Low on energy... she told me not to overdo it." He said. "I gotta finish this quick." Alright Solomon! Try and dodge this! "He then used Zylphe's power with his back blades to spin into a bladed wheel. "Death Cyclone!" He shouted and rushed at me, spinning in high velocity.

"Gnomaren!" I quickly shouted and grabbed his blades while blocking them with my blade as well. He slowly pushed me back as I tried holding him back. I then stopped and lifted him up before throwing him into the arena wall. Daniel winced as I approached him and held my blade up to him.

"My loss..." he said. "I see Promestein kept our legacy stronger than ever."

"Promestein?" I asked. "Is that who sent you?"

"Promestein recruited me at first... but today, another has requested my services." He said. Soon his body began to fade.

"You're fading!" I shouted out. "What's going on?"

"My time back on Earth is done..." he said. "It was good being alive again. This placed changed so much since 150 years ago...

"Wait... you're from the past?" I asked.

"No... I was revived." He answered. "And so were the others..." he had faded away completely. Soon a loud bang was heard causing the audience to flee. Lucia then entered the arena.

"Solomon!" She said. "Alma Elma found three more of those copycats! She could use your help."

"I just fought one myself..." I said. "They're not imposters...they're...powerful zombies."

"Well whatever they are, they're attacking Grand Noah! Let's go!" she said. I nodded and followed her.

We headed out the arena into town square. The area was chaos, human civilians were retreating. The city guard was told to fall back by Alma Elma, who was at the center.

"Alma Elma!" I shouted as I stood beside her.

"Ah, Solo-boy, you took care of the other one?" She asked.

"I did, they're all undead it seems." I told her.

"I see, Tamamo has informed me that another assaulted the Monster Lords castle and rescued Akame." She said.

I then realized that these 'Enforcers.' were the plan Akame was talking about. And now they've retrieved their leader.

"Precisely. And despite our fellow Enforcer's defeat we shall not be stopped by any Heavenly Knight or Hero." A male voice said and soon on the roof of a building was another man, dressed as myself. Soon two other figures, one male and one female, joined him. "Our Master, will have her revenge, and none shall stop her." He had said. "Consider Grand Noah a warning, Akame will soon rule this world with an army of infinite strength!" He said before the other male shot an arrow from his bow, releasing a thick layer of smoke to blind our vision. As Alma Elma used wind to clear it, we found that they have escaped.

"They're gone..." I said scanning around the area. "We have to go back to the Monster Lord's palace, there has to be a way to track them."

"Whatever technology they had, seemed to have been enhanced." Lucia said. "Some of their tech seemed out-dated with upgrades and modifications based on your design."

"One thing's for sure, Promestein didn't send them if they attacked you Solo-boy." Alma Elma said. "Besides, she's dead anyways."

"True..." I said, knowing that was wrong. I still haven't told Alice and the others about Promestein. "And Akame was never a Seeker. We have to head back, I might be able to track them at the lab there."

We soon all warped back to Hellgondo. As only the path to the dungeons was ravaged by the assault, we decided to head to the Main hall to meet with the other Heavenly Knights.

Chapter 3: Seeking Answers; The Legacy of the Enforcers.

As we entered the main hall, we met with the other Heavenly Knights. None of them were hurt, nor were any attempts to attack the Monster Lord made.

"So Akame escaped?" I asked.

"One of those fakers snuck into the castle." Erubetie said. "We didn't know of her presence until she was already in the dungeons. She had been empowered by artificial spirits and her body seemed modified."

"We also know that these suspicious figures are undead it seems." Tamamo said. "All seemed to once have ties to Promestein."

"I fought and defeated one of them," I said. "He said he lived 150 years ago, and that like me, they were originally recruited by Promestein, but now serve Akame. That one I fought burned out his energy supplies and died out."

"Can you track them?" Granberia asked. "We've confirm that there are five of them remaining."

"I could possibly track them." I said. "But one thing's for certain, I need to find out more about them."

"Well no archives of them existed in those data disks." Tamamo responded.

"And unless Promestein herself was alive, we wouldn't be able to learn more." Lucia said.

"Except she perished. I witnessed her demise." Shadow said bluntly.

"That White Rabbit destroyed her according to Luka and Alice." I said nervously. "Well... unless... her weaker angelic body regenerated in a... smaller form."

Tamamo, Shadow, and Lucia all glared at me. They knew full well what I meant.

"You idiot." Shadow muttered.

"As much as we need him, he's honestly pushing his luck keeping that a secret from us." Tamamo said. "Take us to her immediately Solomon."

"I don't care if we're dating how dare you keep that a secret from me." Lucia said.

I gulped as Tamamo, Shadow and Lucia followed me to Enrika. We appeared outside Promestein's house.

"I see, so Micaela was keeping her in line." Tamamo said. "Better than her unsupervised."

I knocked on the door. "Promestein? It's me, Solomon."

Promestein looked through the window, saw Tamamo, Shadow and Lucia and opened the door slowly. "You dense idiot." she said. "I specifically said, come alone when you visit."

"I know, but this is urgent." I said. "La Croix's cousin, Akame, revived these supposed Enforcers. They all look like me somewhat."

Promestein's eyes widened. "No..." She immediately let us in her home. As we settled in, Promestein looked at me. "I was hoping La Croix never discovered their locations... but it seems another Artiste found a dangerous secret."

"Who are they? And why is their revival such a threat?" Lucia asked.

Promestein pointed at me. "They're all essentially what Solomon was;" she said. "Seekers of Truth evolved into powerful soldiers. The title; 'Enforcer of Truth' was never an original title, it's been held by my strongest, human soldier since the founding of the Seekers of Truth... nearly 500 years ago."

"500 years?" I asked. "You mean after Ilias recruited you for her grandmaster plan?"

"Indeed." Promestein said. "After Ilias saved Black Alice, she then set me free to aid them. I then worked in the shadows on Earth, recruiting Truth Seekers along the way. Among them were powerful soldiers, Solomon is the seventh Enforcer of Truth. Akame Artiste knew I always trusted and had the most faith in humanity. So she knew to stalk Solomon for Hyde as well as look into the other Enforcers."

"She salvaged some data disks that neither me nor Tamamo could find." I said. "But I know they're not invincible, I managed to defeat one of them. Named Daniel."

"Ah, I remember them all." Promestein said reminiscing of the past. "Daniel was always very bold and confident, and a bit obnoxious around beautiful women."

"Not very bright to send him after Alma Elma then." I said. "But like me, you shared some sort of bond with them I assumed."

"Indeed, all of them have served me and it shamed me when they never returned. It seems Akame did not know who they were in their past lives. All, rather almost all of them, died in battle serving me..." Promestein said. "One of them, the one I'm truly concerned of, was a traitor and had to be hunted down."

"Well enough focusing on the past, we need to stop them." Tamamo said. "Do you know how to track them?"

"Of course." Promestein Answered. "However I'd need a lab, and it seems my current Enforcer has helped you with the one you've provided him."

"You will be under constant supervision you know." Tamamo said.

"I'm sure she knows the risks given her studies in me." Shadow muttered.

"And you're to only use their labs to track them." Lucia said. "Solomon be sure she doesn't do anything else."

"I understand." I said, knowing they couldn't trust her. "She's our best bet to finding them and knowing how to deal with them. But it's fair that she's done bad things and can't be trusted."

"Very well," Promestein had said. "I shall aid you in tracking them, then return to Enrika immediately. However, Akame knows of your strength and resources. It's very likely that she has them meet with her under the radar to maintain their energy and keep them as undead. And like Solomon, they've all been enhanced technologically. Do not engage them alone, who knows what modifications they received from Akame to allow them to face powerful monsters."

"Very well, shall we depart?" I asked.

"Yes, we've got a lot of work and I'll need both you and Lucia's help." Promestein said.

With Promestein at our side and approval from Micaela, we returned to the Monster Lords Castle and began the search.

Chapter 4: Tracing the Enforcers.

As Promestein, Lucia and I began working. Shadow kept guard inside the lab to ensure Promestein wasn't doing anything behind our backs. Lucia also helped, but was more there to keep an eye on Promestein.

"Now, I did not begin using tracking devices on my Enforcers originally. However if what Solomon says is true, all five of the remaining Enforcers have artificial spirits." Promestein said. "Combined with the mass energy needed to maintain technologically enhanced zombies, tracing will be child's play."

"Simple enough." I said. "

"And like Shirome's biolabs, there is a way to trace Akame's headquarters with the energy that's released from it?" Shadow asked.

"Indeed Shadow." Promestein said. "But it's harder to trace it as it's hidden under a powerful barrier like Shirome's."

As me, Lucia and Promestein worked, we updated my scanner goggles to have the locations of the five remaining Enforcers updated now. Promestein also created a back-up with the locations for the Heavenly Knights. "Finished." Promestein said.

"Now to return you to Enrika." I said.

"One moment Solomon." Shadow said. "I need to speak with Promestein for a moment." The two then walked to the other side of the lab and spoke. I overheard it and was confused at first.

"While you schemed behind the scenes, you acquired my power, didn't you?" Shadow said with a sigh.

"Yes." Promestein replied. "With semen samples leftover from whoever you raped in your path. They carried quite the dark energy I needed for my experiments, notably creating Raven and self-destructing the Drain Lab. The rest were given to 'her.'"

"... I see. Another thing: when I fought Akame, she put me into a coma... Nightmares followed by immense pain and torture; forcing me to fight for my life to escape..." Shadow let out another long sigh.

Promestein's face grew alarmed. "... Oh dear. I think I know what you're talking about. That was a drug specifically meant for torture purposes, but its true purpose is to extract an essence within the victim. However, during trial runs all subjects died within minutes after injection, and time restraints within Ilias's plan could not allow me to make proper adjustments, so the drug was completely dropped. If Akame managed to acquire the formula and perfect it to her cause and use it on you, then..."

"Enough. I know what you're getting at. Akame too had something planned for me and I failed to see it." Shadow sighed again. "All right, that's all the questions I have." Shadow led Promestein back to the others.

"Still, I wonder how you survived. Was it 'her'?" Promestein asked.

"..." Shadow simply stayed silent.

"Well I'm ready to leave now Solomon." Promestein said. As we arrived in Enrika, Promestein smirked at me and laughed slightly.

"What's so funny?" I asked.

"Oh nothing, Mr. Cassanova." She teasingly said. "You and Lucia? Seems those protests about her and her tentacles was a facade."

I blushed in embarrassment. I couldn't even respond. As we reached Promestein's house, the scanner picked something up. Shadow too also reacted. As I turned in it's direction, one of the figures from before stood there, holding a strange bow and arrow.

"It seems I have found my former master. And the current Enforcer of Truth." he said.

"Seth?" Promestein said. "It's been decades. Allow me to introduce you to Solomon."

I drew my gun-staff and faced him. Shadow also drew his sword.

"Forget the introductions." Seth had said. "I'm here to acquire something from you 'Master'." He then prepped an arrow in his bow.

I stood in front of Promestein. "And I'd rather have answers." I said. "Where is Akame?"

"You'd think I'd tell you?" He said. "I need information from Promestein. This doesn't concern you."

"I'm the current Enforcer like you said." I prepared for battle. "This concerns me greatly."

He then drew his bow back and aimed at me. "Very well, then you know force is always required of an Enforcer to use."

"Careful, Solomon." Shadow warned. "He may have all your powers, but he also has something else you don't have..."

Chapter 5: Solomon and Shadow vs. Seth.

Analyzing the situation, me and Shadow would normally be at a huge advantage. Our combined strengths defeated a powerful foe before however this foe was much stronger and could be capable of anything.

I decided to heed Shadow's warning and play at it defensively. As I understood that Akame may have done more than a few similar modifications to them.

Seth took aim at Shadow and fired three arrows quickly. Shadow easily deflected them and rushed behind Seth. I then approached from the front. Suddenly Seth phased into the floor and reappeared a short distance away.

"As I thought, Akame used my energy as well." Shadow said.

"So they could all have your power... that explains the force and speed behind the last one's attack." I said. Noticing a similar energy when Daniel nearly cut me in half.

Promestein had rushed inside her house. As Seth's arrows now radiated with power just like Shadow's blades.

"Zylphe!" I called and imbued myself with wind. Like with my fight against Shadow, I can match his speed and I can also fire from a good range. "Shadow, I'll draw his fire and make an opening." I whispered. "rush in when you get the chance." Shadow nodded and readied his blade.

I fired at Seth, who used his arrows to intercept and counter. I dodged and intercepted, taking his aim away from Shadow. Continuous fire prevented him from focusing on both of us at once.

Shadow used this opening to strike quickly at Seth, landing a direct hit. Seth then focused on him and both used their shadow power to fight. Seth blocked blows with his bow and tried using martial arts to keep Shadow back. Seth then grabbed an arrow and jammed it into the ground, making a smoke screen.

"Not again." I said and scanned around the smoke field. Shadow stumbled back and tried to sense his presence. Shadow then turned to the roof of a house as Seth readied a glowing black and red arrow. He fired at the smoke screen, we both dodged and evaded it's large explosion. Seth readied another arrow of the same kind.

"My arsenal is vast. You will not endure this." He said. Before firing several more of those exploding arrows. We managed to dodge them.

Shadow then meled into the floor and reappeared behind the house. I fired a flashbang at Seth which stopped his fire as I charged a Giga Bomb. Shadow then reappeared and extended his blades hitting Seth with a powerful spinning attack. As Seth was sent flying from the house I fired the Giga bomb at him landing a direct hit.

"Excellent job Shadow." I said to him. "We make a good team."

"Don't get any bright ideas." Shadow said as Seth landed.

"This...isn't...over." Seth said as he used the last of his strength to fire an electric arrow towards Shadow. I quickly pushed him and was struck in the arm, sending an electric current and a painful sting straight through my body as I fell over.

"You idiot." Shadow said as Promestein rushed out. "Those are lined with a similar venom to my blades."

Promestein had serums ready. "I knew they'd study Shadow's weaponry too." I'll treat him, you finish Seth off.

Shadow had turned to Seth, but Seth was on his hands and knees, panting heavily.

"No... I have failed again..." Seth said. "Master Promestein... I'm sorry..." He said as he fell over and faded away.

Not too long after the fight I awoke on Promestein's bed, bandaged up.

"A familiar feeling," Promestein said. "You in a hospital bed after a mission or accident."

"Yea..." I said. "Where's Shadow?"

"He returned to the Monster Lord's Castle." Promestein said. "That's two Enforcers now. Four to go. You should be ready to fight again."

"You bet, I aint giving up after one wound." I said. Suddenly I recieved a communication from Lucia.

"Solomon! We found Akame, she's in the Sabasa deserts. Sending you coordinates." Lucia had said.

"On my way." I said as I stood. "Thank you Master Promestein." I said.

"I should thank you for cleaning up my mistakes." She said. "But off you go anyways."

Chapter 6: The First Enforcer?

I warped to Sabasa and overheard the guards talking about a large figure approaching the city. I rushed in the direction they pointed and scanned a high concentration of energy in the desert.

"Akame..." I said. I then noticed a figure standing on a small building looking in the same direction. He wore a hood and was dressed in my attire. He then jumped down and used Zylphe to rush towards the energy source. I followed with Zylphe, but his speed was unmatched, even giving Alma Elma and Hainuwelle a run for their money.

He then disappeared as I kept going. "I'll find him later." I said to myself as I noticed a small, retreating group of Sabasa soldiers. "Hello there!" I said. "I'm Solomon, I'm here to help you!"

"Oh thank goodness!" the head guard said. "That thing's too much, we were gonna send contact to the Heavenly Knights."

"Just retreat, I don't want too many losses." I said and continued my rush towards the energy source, finding more guards retreating. I eventually made it to the source and was shocked by what I saw; A massive undead giant. Easily the size of a Sandworm. I then scanned it and saw a familiar figure on it's shoulders.

"Ahh if it isn't Solomon!" Akame said. "You are quite troublesome killing two of my Enforcers."

"Akame!" I said. "Disassemble that giant corpse and surrender before I use force!"

"And waste a beautiful arrangement of 100 corpses and energy?" Akame asked. "No thank you, but it is feeding time for this giant, and those guards retreated.

I drew my blade and held my gunstaff. "So be it." I said.

"Go, devour that man!" She said to the giant as it walked towards me slowly. This would be an easy fight.

As I was about to use Gnomaren to fend it off, a flash rushed past me and the Undead Giant was cut clean in half down the middle. The massive creature fell to the ground, making a massive rumble as Akame landed on her feet.

"Impudent traitor! I revived you!" She said. The hooded man then landed beside me and removed his hood. He had four back-claws, held a long sword and strange shield and had short, dark hair.

"I serve no master anymore." He said. "And I will destroy 1,000 more of your creations until you put all of us back to rest!"

"Thanks a lot!" I said. "But who are you?"

He turned to me and noticed my gear, "The current Enforcer?!" He said, shocked. "Just my luck, however whatever Promestein is planning will not go through."

Akame then quickly jumped up. "Well, I'd destroy you for your treason, but I can't with Solomon in my way." She said and warped away. "Goodbye for now!"

"Damn it! She got away." I said.

"I'll track her down and the other Seekers if I have to." He said and turned to me, holding his blade and shield ready. "So what is Promestein planning if she needed the Enforcer to back up that necromancer?"

"What?" I asked. "Akame is not with Promestein. And the Seekers are gone."

"Don't lie to me boy!" He said.

"Don't call me boy!" I said. Jumping back and getting into stance. "And the Seekers are disbanded. I'm just trying to capture Akame and stop you revived Enforcers."

"Like I'd trust you!" He said. "I know the Goddess and Black Alice are working with Promestein."

"They were." I said. "A hero had stopped them."

"Heinrich succeeded?" He said and looked up at me. "What...year is it?"

"1368." I said. "Heinrich lived 500 years ago though."

"Then it was another.... I must find him." he said and got into stance. "But first, I must destroy the remains of the Seekers. Including you."

"You're clearly crazy." I said. "But I'll return you all to your graves." But before we rushed at each other. Promestein teleported inbetween us.

"Enough! Both of you!" She said.

"Doc?!" We both said. "You call her that too?!"

"Solomon, you're not to challenge him!" She said. "Clark was only surpassed by Heinrich in his prime. He will kill you without remorse. Especially with the adjustments I sense he has."

I scanned Clark and was shocked to find that he was truly an ultimate zombie. All four artifical spirits, Shadow's energy, and armor plating similar to Tyranneas. He could even kill the Monster Lord as he is now."

"Promestein..." Clark said. "give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you both."

"Because the Seekers are disbanded, my lab is destroyed and my chimeras are reformed." she said.

Clark then chuckled. "Seems you have nothing but a loyal Enforcer." He said and sheathed his blade. "Very well, you wouldn't be worth the precious energy. And as for you boy, don't cross me again or I will kill you." He then warped away.

"Promestein... who was that man?" I asked.

"His name is Clark..." Promestein said. "The First Enforcer of Truth. As I've said in his prime before joining me, he was only surpassed by Heinrich amongst his fellow heroes. He joined me seeking answers following an incident in his life. If he broke Akame's control, it means his willpower and strong soul are still in top form after 500 years."

"He was the one who revolted against you?" I asked.

Promestein slowly nodded her head. "He discovered I was working with Black Alice, the same one who massacred his squad as they assaulted the Monster Lord's Castle 3 weeks before Heinrich defeated her. As well as discovered that Ilias revived her. He escaped and I had to hunt him down before he told the world the truth.

"He must be like Frederika..." I said. "Able to break free from Akame's control."

"This is both fortunate and catastrophic." Promestein said. "He must be stopped, but with great care and safety. Do not ever try to fight him one on one. I perfected his already powerful and intelligent self, and Akame made him even greater."

"I understand. Return to Enrika for now, I gotta meet with the Knights." I said.

Promestein was ready to warp away.

"You never wanted to kill him... didn't you?" I asked.

Promestein nodded her head as she warped away.

Chapter 7: A Meeting.

I returned to the Monster Lord's castle. Lucia had apparently went home and I was called in for a meeting with the Tamamo, Granberia, Shadow and Alice. With two of the Enforcers down, and one going rogue, we are definitely making progress in stopping Akame.

"Welcome back Solomon." Alice said. "Akame had escaped?"

"Unfortunately." I said. "She was going to assault Sabasa with an Undead Giantess, but it seems one of her undead Enforcers went rogue and killed it. Forcing her retreat."

"I had predicted such an outcome." Shadow said. "It's not uncommon to see summons or the possessed betraying their master."

"Indeed," Alice began to say. "Luka told me Frederika actually broke free from Chrome's control long enough to talk to Luka shortly."

"This Enforcer was no joke..." I said. "He was an absolute perfect zombie. He was a hero from 500 years ago, named Clark."

"Clark?" Tamamo said, looking concerned. "So that's what he did after that incident."

"You knew him?" I asked.

"Even I have heard of him," Granberia said. "Salamander told me tales, a fearless hero and champion. He was only surpassed by Heinrich in his prime."

"What happened to him?" I asked.

"Mere weeks before Heinrich defeated Black Alice, Clark and his squad assaulted the Monster Lords castle." Tamamo began to explain. "They easily defeated the defending forces, but when Black Alice herself came... all but Clark were decimated."

"That's terrible." I said.

"Clark himself managed to wound Black Alice, however was forced to retreat as his last man sacrificed himself." Tamamo continued, recalling the event.

"It seems he went to Promestein afterwards." I said. "He had found out Ilias' plan however, and was hunted down before he could warn everyone."

"The Valley of Darkness Battle." Tamamo said. "The former hero Clark fought a seemingly never-ending army of strange monsters at a forbidden valley in the Northeastern Sentora area. Not stopping until his death, surrounded by the blood and corpses of those beasts. His body was never found."

"Like Black Alice, his power must have grown over the 500 years." Shadow muttered. "The artificial spirits, Solomon's gear, my dark power..."

"He has all four spirits, plus your power." I said. "And several modifications to his gear. We might even need Luka's help for him."

"Unfortunately, that's out of the question." Alice said. "He's without the spirits and his angelic powers are dormant again. Furthermore, he seems to have lost his fighting spirit since he is no longer fighting to protect."

"Well, Clark's rebelling against Akame, but he might try to fight the former Seekers." I said. "We'll think of something. The other three are our main concern. As well as tracking Akame."

"Alma Elma and Erubetie are tracking two more of them currently. But they may need backup." Granberia said. "I could go after Clark, but I'd rather prepare and train for facing him. So I'll help with finding the third missing Enforcer."

"And I'm meeting with Chrome to track Akame's lab. Shadow will be accompanying me." Tamamo said. "It's somewhere on Sentora."

"Well, I guess some great progress is being made." I said.

"You need to take a break," Alice said. "you can't defeat them all in a day you know."

"I'm fine." I said. Alice merely stared at me.

"I'm not stupid." She said. "You're quite drained from fighting and running around. Even Luka nearly lost his life for trying to repel Ilias's army without any breaks."

"Alright Lord Alice." I said. "I'll go to Lucia's and rest for a little, be more mentally and physically prepared."

"Good. Besides, Tamamo may need you for a big mission anyways." She said.

"Very well, I'll go get some things out the lab and head out." I said and left the throne room. As I was walking down the long corridor, I heard giggling.

"My my, taking a break already?" A voice said. It was female. I couldn't see her but I detected her with my scanner. "So you're my replacement? You're quite handsome. It's truly a shame that death may be the only option."

"Show yourself." I said.

"Enjoy what time you have left darling." she said. "You and that Shadow, the worst, or best, possible fate will await you both."

"So you snuck in with Shadow's power?" I said scanning her.

"Indeed. Just like when I broke out my current master." She said. "They were stupefied at how I even managed to get in."

"You're quite confident you'll defeat us both." I said. "You got it backwards though. The worst fate will await you if you even try."

"Don't get cocky, though it's quite cute." She said. "Goodbye for now handsome."

"Not even a name?" I asked. "You're quite the tease. You know a lot about me already."

"Fine, but only because it's better to know who is going to kill you." She said and appeared suddenly right in front of me. She was my height, long-black hair and a very attractive body covered with a black, fighters uniform. "Sophira." She said with a wink. "See you later Solomon." She then vanished and left the area quickly.

"She's gone it seems." I said as I looked around. "She managed to sneak in this place twice, I think it's good that I don't sleep here. But still, better warn Shadow and the others."

"I heard everything." Shadow said standing behind me.

"Gah! Don't do that!" I said jumping up.

"Idiot. Always keep your guard up, this one seems like trouble." he said.

"You too." I said. "You can call on me anytime if she tries anything." I said before warping away to Witch Village.

Chapter 8: Resting

I had arrived at Witch's Village and walked towards Lucia's. Although she was originally tasked with cleaning out toxic materials, now it seems she's made the place her own. Lily is sentenced to life in the city's prison anyways. I had arrived to the mansion and knocked on the door. To my surprise, it was unlocked.

I walked inside and heard talkng. I remained hidden as I listened to two voices inside the house. One was Lucia and the other, was Promestein.

"If all of them were revived, I'm curious to see if she found...hers." Promestein said.

"Her?" Lucia asked.

"Sophira, the Enforcer before Solomon." Promestein said. "Ten years ago, a young, very intelligent girl had found me observing Grangold. I recruited her, trained her, and like Solomon, she became one of my most powerful soldiers."

"How did she die? It must have been recent." Lucia said.

"For once, I'm not sure." Promestein said. "She just...vanished after a mission. Like Solomon she was tracked however her's was somehow disabled. But at her strength, I know for certain she may be alive."

"No body, so it's unknown if Akame found her at all." Lucia said.

"I may request that Solomon doesn't track her down." Promestein said. "She'd be Solomon's age if she is still alive."

"If she is, what if the two of them met?" Lucia asked.

"I'm unsure... Sophira would definitely have an edge now. But she loved tormenting her victims until they either died or became mindless slaves." Promestein said. "At her young age, she learned to never hesitate when it came to the life of humans. But Solomon, killing was never his thing...without Hyde."

"He'll have help. The Heavenly Knights will definitely back him up." Lucia said. "I'll help him as well."

"That's precisely why I came to you," Promestein said. "If somehow, Sophira is alive and Solomon must fight her, aid him in any way. He must not hesitate against her."

"I'll help him even if you told me not to." Lucia said.

"Thank you." Promestein said. "I'll leave now, but do tend to your Peeping Tom guest, he was never the best at hiding from me, even after these years."

Lucia merely sighed before saying; "Solomon..."

I walked out and nervously chuckled. "Hey sweetie." I said.

"I'll leave you two alone." Promestein said.

"You were right by the way." I said. "When I saw her, I had scanned her... she wasn't undead."

Promestein merely closed her eyes and smiled. "No wonder... seems she's still allied with Akame anyways." she said then warped away.

I stood alone with Lucia. I looked at her and smiled.

"So what brings you here?" She asked.

"I was ordered to rest up." I said. "Seems I might be needed for something big. Thank you by the way."

Lucia smiled and held me tightly. "You're not in this alone."

I hugged Lucia back, but she didn't let go.

"It's terrific you decided to visit." She said as her arms turned into her tentacles which wrapped around me. "It's been a while since I had fun with you."

"Lucia wait!" I said as she carried me off to her room. Seems like I'll have a long night before I rest.

Chapter 9: Rest Interrupted; Solomon vs. Joanne

I awoke late in the next morning with Lucia holding me tightly as she slept. I managed to unwind her tentacles off me and got up to get dressed. I decided that a day off was necessary and went back to her bed only half dressed. I felt quite tired and stared at the bedroom window.

After about half an hour I stood, bored but still tired. I decided to explore the manor. I had only been here a few times, but have never seen the rest of the manor, as I searched and explored, I found there was a lot of history behind this place. My exploration ended when I saw a lone figure standing outside the manor. She was of medium height, short-blue hair, and wearing a black skirt and top with a dark hooded robe around it. She had one small blade sheathed on her waist and she seemed fascinated with the mansion. I quickly got dressed and grabbed my gear before walking outside. As I went outside, she ignored me and kept looking around the mansion.

"It's still standing..." She said. "This was always a beautiful house, I wish I had lived in it."

"Hello there." I said. "You were from here?"

"Oh, sorry I'm Joanne." She said. "Around 250 years ago this was my hometown."

"Amazing." I said. "This house has some great history behind it too."

"I was told this place was called Witch Hunt Village... but that's not it's real name." She said.

"It's Witch Village now." I said. "Witch Hunt was from a hunt for Witches that took place here. The former lady of this Manor used accused people for experiments."

"I know..." She said. "I was told a lot about you and those Seekers. I'm tasked with hunting you down you know."

"Indeed." I said. "But you seem more focused on this village." Maybe she'd go rogue like Clark, or at least understand that innocent lives are here. I was hoping to end this with as little energy used.

"You're right.." She said. "Please meet me outside the village. I don't wish to cause any terror to these good people." She then walked away. "I'll know if you're gonna retreat or stall, so don't try anything." She then shouted.

I sighed and readied a Hyde Injection, I'm quite tired so a back-up is necessary. I then followed her to the outskirts of the city. She stood there, blade readied.

"There, I didn't wanna harm the villager." She said.

"I understand, I'd never want to fight seriously in my own hometown." I said and readied my blade.

"Grandine!" She said and rushed at me empowered by the fake water spirit.

I narrowly avoided her slice and began avoiding attacks, I rushed back and triggered Gigamander. I tried fighting her head on, but she was taking advantage of my fatigue and dodging.

"It was right to come at you when you were resting." She said. "Now to end this quick." She then removed her cloak and I saw a wierd device on her back. It emitted a strange pulse and she suddenly vanished.

I scanned around and found her location easily, she was cloaking but moving too fast to react to. She managed to strike me twice, then kicked me on my back and held her blade to my chest.

I looked up at her, seeing her cloaked self holding me down, and winced in pain. her speed was enchanced by Shadow's power and Grandine intensified her attacks. I fired a flashbang and stood quickly as she rushed back.

"Where'd you go?" She asked.

I scanned her posistion and shot a charged bolt at her with my gun-staff. Paralyzing her as well. I decided to try and end this quick. I converted my gunstaff to gauntlet mode and lightning-charged my blade. Using Gigamander with it, I got into stance and readied myself. "Wing Dash Blade!" I shouted as I rushed at her and struck her six times.

"Gaahh!" She yelled flying back. "You'll pay for that."

I panted as Gigamander wore off, I was running on empty. I grabbed the Hyde Injection and prepared to inject myself.

She saw the injection and cloaked again, rushing to me and breaking the syringe.

"No!" I shouted as I saw the liquid fall into the desert sands. She re-appeared in front of me and held her blade to my throat.

"I knew of that too, Master Akame told us all how to kill you." She said.

"Did she tell you how I killed Tyrannea?" I asked.

"It was unknown how you did." She said.

"Well, first; She got you." I said and grabbed her with my back claws. "Second; I had friends to help me out." I looked and saw Erubetie arrive.

"Solomon. I'm glad you caught her." Erubetie said. "I had lost her in the desert."

"Oh no, she caught up." Joanne said.

I then threw Joanne to Erubetie.

"Melt Storm!" Erubetie shouted as a large whirlpool of her slime bombarded Joanne, forcing her high into the air.

"And third..." I said, charging Oblivion Blast. "I knew she had to be put down. Just like you and the others." I finished charging and aimed for Joanne. "Oblivion Blast!" I shouted as the massive beam shot out and hit Joanne directly, vaporizing her undead body. I had let my gun-staff recharge as I put away my weapons. I fell to my hands and knees and panted. "Thanks Erubetie." I said. "I'm grateful to you."

"Anything for one who has helped my people." She said. "Tamamo will need you as soon as you are finished resting."

I looked and saw Lucia rushing to me. She lifted me up.

"You had me worried sick." She said. "You could've waited for me."

"I'm sorry." I said. "I'll go back to resting." Erubetie then left as me and Lucia went back to the manor.

Two days later, my wounds were patched and I had returned to the Monster Lord's Castle. There I met with Tamamo.

"Welcome Back Solomon." Tamamo said. "Three Enforcers Remain now. But they are the strongest it seems."

"I know," I said. "So what's this mission? Tracking Clark? Finding Akame?"

"We've almost located her," She said. "But it seems we may need more power to take her down. That's where you come in. You need to get stronger."

"I'm quite strong..." I said. "You know that."

"I know, but you need a bigger boost. You're still not as strong as Shadow yet." She said. "But first, I need to check something... hand me your gunstaff please."

I handed her my gunstaff. "Be careful." I said.

"Don't worry, I read the blueprints to this thing..." She said. Suddenly she shot me a few times without warning."

"Gah...what the.." I said noticing a small sting, but was not paralyzed or in real pain.

"I knew it." Tamamo said. "Your body is resistant to the electric charges. That's why Hyde's lightning blade wasn't effective, or how you can electrically charge stuff without recoil."

"Woah..." I said. "I've shocked myself before, but never purposely."

"This is perfect." Tamamo said. "You will go to Thunder Mountain with me. I need you to take a trial I have planned."

"Okay then. I'll take your test." I said. We both then warped away.

Chapter 10: A Dangerous Trial; Climbing Thunder Mountain.

We arrived at the base of the mountain. It stood taller than the mountains seen around Gold Volcano. Thunder Mountain was a towering peak located in Northeastern Sentora. It's name, comes from the constant roaring of thunder and lightning that strikes from a permanent storm near it's peak.

"So Solomon, for your trial, do you know why I chose this location?" Tamamo asked me.

"I'm unsure." I said. "I doubt I can endure being struck by lightning."

"This location," Tamamo began to explain. "Is the domain of a friend of mine, Raijin the Spirit of Lightning."

"Wait... there's a fifth spirit?" I asked. "I never got any intel about this when I had to gather the artificial spirits."

"Promestein avoided Raijin's domain due to safety concerns." Tamamo explained. "A scout like you at the time would not have survived. Most monsters would not dare live here themselves...except for one."

"One?" I asked.

"You have heard of the Jade Thunder Dragon correct?" Tamamo asked.

"A legend I read." I asked. "A massive, serpent-like Dragon Girl whom supposedly commands thunder and lightning that no hero has ever come close to slaying." I then chuckled. "But she's just a myth...right?"

"Avoid her at all costs." Tamamo said. "She and Raijin are friends. She can be quite territorial."

"Why am I doing this again?" I asked. "I could die up here."

"You need to grow stronger." Tamamo said. "You're the only one who could endure the harsh environment, and take the trial of Raijin. After all, you want to fix Promestein's mistakes and make the world better right?"

"You're right." I said. "So I form a contract with her?"

"Yes, a temporary contract until Akame and the Enforcers are dealt with." Tamamo said. "You must go alone, she'll know if I helped you climb."

"Then wait for me at the base, I'll return with Raijin's aid." I said. "Wait, Raijin must be immune to electricity."

"Correct, I'll take care of your gun-staff." Tamamo said. I then handed her my gunstaff and began my climb up the mountain.

As I climbed, I planned my route. Straight up would be too risky so I ventured around the mountain as I ascended. The cliffs were unstable and I had slipped quite a few times. Lightning struck all around me leaving thunder. I had calmed myself to not be intimidated by close calls. As I was a quarter of the way up, I heard a loud thunderclap, followed by a booming voice;

"Who dares enter here!?" Said the voice. "Leave at once!"

I knew it was the Thunder Dragon, I had to avoid confronting her. I continued my climb, not seeing any sign of a dragon girl in this area. The lightning and thunder got more intense, as I was halfway up the mountain, I felt myself get struck by lightning.

"Gahh...." I said flincing. My body was resistent to the electric current, but it was still a sharp pain. I heard another thunderclap and the voice again;

"You were lucky to have survived. I will show no mercy if you continue up the mountain!" It said.

I looked around and didn't see her anywhere. I continued my climb. The storm continuing to grow more and more chaotic. I finally reached the peak. There was a large, circular section with a small temple at the other end.

"Made it." I said and walked forward slowly. This place was the eye of the storm. Lightning struck all around it but never hit the platform. I heard rumbling as a large figure flew up the mountain and hovered above the ground. She was easily the size of Alice XV's zombie, covered in beautiful jade scales on her monster half as her human half was only parially covered with scales and long, green hair. She looked down at me.

"You refused to turn back." She said. "What an interesting morsel you are."

"I've come to see Raijin." I said. "I will leave after her trial."

"You must face me first." She said. "I'm quite hungry and you're the first meal I've had that seems like it can fight back for quite some time."

I drew my blade, there's no way I could avoid fighting her any longer. I had to think, I've never faced a lightning user. But aside from speed, as seen from her flight, I wouldn't last if such a large dragon binded me.

"Gnomaren." I said as I called upon the artificial spirit of Earth.

She sniffed the air. "Earth power... not Gnome's but similar." She then flew towards me and tried pinning me down with her claw.

I caught it and just barely held it up. I quickly shoved her claw off me as I rushed under her. She kept to the skies so I couldn't reach her.

"Slippery little prey you are." She said. She then rushed at me and tried striking me with her claw. The force had forced me back as I blocked it. and struck her arm with my blade.

"Not even a dent?" I said as her scaley arm was barely cut and she showed no signs of flinching. Normal slashes wouldn't work here, I had to use more force.

She then rushed and licked me with her long tongue and I felt my body grow stiff. Her saliva had paralyzed me. "I have you now." She said as she wrapped me up in her tail.

I felt the paralysis fade as I struggled furiously and escaped her tail. I quickly stabbed into her tail, managing to actually impale her lightly.

She let out a furious roar, making the area shake as she cried out in pain. She threw me off her tail and flew back. "You escaped? No, your body can tolerate the electric shock it seems." She said. She then released a massive wave of lightning energy from her breath directly at me. I couldn't dodge as I was struck and felt immense pain as I was shocked all over.

As she finished I stood there, wincing in pain and burned. "That was too much..." I said. I then looked up at her. Not even that long into the battle and she's already nearly killed me. I panted as I closed my eyes, my energy, and hope fading. I then heard a little girl's voice;

"She's gonna kill you. You climbed up here and made it this far. I'm still not convinced." The voice said.

My eyes opened. I didn't wanna give up. I got back into stance as I faced my opponent.

"You still won't quit?" The Thunder Dragon said. "You're definitely interesting prey."

I quickly grabbed the Hyde Injection. "I won't give up." I said as I injected myself. Feeling my energy and strength restored and increased.

She then flew down and tried striking me. I caught her claw and held her off with less effort than before. I quickly rushed past her claw and sliced her face. She had winced back as I then used my back-claws to grab her tail. I climbed on her back as she flew up into the clouds. Lightning struck around us as she tried throwing me off. I kept holding on with my back claws as I struck her repeatedly. She then swooped down low and I jumped off. I turned and faced her, ready for her next attack.

"Enough of this," she said. "I'll just roast you." She then breathed her lightning breath again.

"Zylphe!" I called and rushed to dodge it this time. I had avoided the current and stood under her and held my blade ready.

The Jade Dragon rushed down to grab me as I then knew it was a perfect time to strike. I spun rapidly, creating a vortex with my blade. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" I shouted as she took all of it's hits directly.

She flew back, covered in cuts, and looked at me in shock. "Abbadon's technique?" She said. "Used by a human?"

I faced her. The Hyde Injection low on energy, but still able to fight. "Now enough fighting." I said. "I've come for Raijin's trial."

"Well, I won't eat you." She said. "A man this strong, you deserve more." She then gestured me to come over. "You'd be an excellent mate."

I blushed and then shook my head. "No thanks." I said.

"Well if you wish to see Raijin, you've definitely proven yourself worthy." The dragon said. "But I can't take no for an answer from such a strong human." She then licked her lips.

Fine. "I said." I looked up at the sky. "I wonder..." I then held my blade up.

The Thunder Dragon rushed at me. I dodged and kept holding my blade up, suddenly lightning struck my blade like a lightning rod and charged it with electricity, which quickly rushed through my body. I focused as the energy rushed through me and I enabled it to supercharge my body. Electricity was eminating from my arms and legs as I held my blade.

"Your body..." The Dragon said. "it's now embracing the lightning power." She then tried breathing her lightning breath again. I did a vertical slash and cut through it as it rushed at me. Still getting shocked, I lowered the pain greatly now. "Amazing, now show me that technique from before."

I was confused and decided to try anyways. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" I shouted as I spun. The vortex was even more powerful, even bigger, and was charged with lightning. I panted after completing it.

"There, you're getting it now." She said.

"Wait.. aren't we fighting?" I asked.

"Indeed... but I can't help but be amazed at your potential." She said.

I smiled, feeling praise from such a powerful monster. I felt my body grow weak as I fainted.

I woke up, on something that felt soft, yet strange. I rubbed my head to find I was sitting on a small storm cloud.

"You're awake!" said a familiar voice. I looked and saw the little girl from before. She was small, light blue in skin color and had long, white hair. "I didn't have a bed, so you had to sit on my cloud with me."

"You're Raijin?" I asked.

"Yes!" She said. "And you must be...Solomon right?"

"Yea, how did you know my name?" I asked.

"The thunder calls and tells me everything." She says. "I'm glad to have met a new pupil."

"Pupil?" I said. "I'm here requesting your assistance. I thought I was a goner."

"Jade isn't so bad." She says. "She didn't wanna eat you, and I had to keep her from carting you off and flying to Sphinx to marry you."

I laughed. "Thanks." I said. "So I guess I have to take your test?"

"Jade was my test." She says. "I challenge the strength of those seeking my power by faring them against my strongest pupil. Despite you using some artificial aid. You definitely passed as that little injection wore off before you invoked a Lightning Charge."

"I passed?" I asked. "Great! So I guess I get your power right?"

"Not so fast." She says. "You're quite energetic for having survived Jade. I will form a contract with you, but your body and mind need training."

"I guess Lightning is a very difficult to master element?" I asked.

"You've had a taste of what it can do." She said. "You went from barely holding on to equal with one that faced a Cherub Angel on equal footing many years ago. If you mastered the control without overextending, then you can use my power."

"So I guess Heinrich and Luka would've even struggled." I said.

"The other spirits and I are accquainted, so I know that both of their masters would be worthy." She said.

"I don't have a lot of time though." I said. "The world is in danger."

"Precisely," she said. "A temporary contract you can handle after a few weeks of training."

I sighed. I know I don't got time to spare, but it's not as much as I thought. "Very well, Master Raijin." I said. "Train my body and mind."

My training began, I faced the elements of this mountain day and night, sparring with Jade and Raijin and meditating to focus my mind. I refused to quit, despite the difficulty. I had learned that Lightning can charge the other elements. I can use it alongside the artificial spirits it seems. This training was intense, and I felt even stronger afterwards. On the final night I went to bed, having completed my training.

"Solomon, you're ready." Raijin said.

"Yes, now how do I allow you in my body?" I asked.

"Well, I know you can handle a strong connection with my power." She said. "So remove your clothing and sit on my cloud with me."

I blushed and did as she told.

"Now a truly complete contract is made through sex." She said. "And I've never had a man come to me before for this." She then pinned me on her comfy cloud and straddled my hips. "Just relax however, I will do all the work."

After the contract was made, I stood as Raijin vanished. I looked around and saw her small figure appear in my head.

"Now you have my power." She said. "How does it feel?"

"I feel...incredible." I said. "A powerful energy is rushing through me."

"Now this contract is temporary. Use my power like I trained you and defeat these foes." She said.

I nodded my head and rushed outside. Jade was waiting for me.

"Too risky to lose a fellow student of my master." She said. "Allow me to carry you down." 

I smiled and jumped on her back. She then flew down to the bottom and dropped me off. Tamamo was there.

"I knew it'd take a while, so I had to leave to tend to other thing." Tamamo said.

"I did it, I have the power of lightning." I said.

"Good, now let's see what you can do," Tamamo said. "One of the Enforcers is in the construction sight of New Remina." She said handing me my gun-staff.

"Let's go then." I said, warping alongside Tamamo after saying goodbye to Jade.

Chapter 11: Solomon vs. Alexander.

I wandered through the partially restored ruins in search of my foe. I found the corpses of various chimera beasts amongs the ruins. The city's restoration has help from all over the globe but the leftover Chimera Beasts were to serve as construction aid but the completion date was scheduled for next year minimum. The Enforcer was near as I scanned him out but he was moving fast by using Shadow's power to phase into walls and move about the city. I then headed into the town's center and saw more chimera beast bodies. This location had the most open space so it was best to lure him out here.

A shadow then darted towards me and a man jumped out and tried slashing me with a large bladed claw. I dodged and jumped back.

"You saw me coming it seems." He said. He was the man from Grand Noah who was with Joanne and Seth on the roof. He was shorter, had white hair, donned a greyish-black suit with a mask and had two large claws on each hand. On his back was a dispenser of sorts that stored a large number of throwing daggers.

"I scanned your posistion constantly throughout my search." I said. "Even your power's original master was caught by my eyes."

"Indeed, we were warned of every weapon and spirit you use." He said. "Akame listed the Seventh Enforcer, Solomon as a high threat."

"State your name." I requested.

"Alexander." He responded.

"What is Akame planning?" I asked.

"Nothing of your concern." He said. "Now surrender and come with me to her... she wanted your body intact."

"Figures a Necromancer wants me as a zombie." I said. "Her and Shirome. But I refuse to surrender."

"Very well." He said and used Shadow's Power. "I will use force." He then dashed at me again, I jumped out the way and drew my blade.

"Solomon," Raijin said. "Let's work together, I know you can handle it."

"Indeed." I said. "Come Raijin!" I called out, my body and blade were lightning charged.

"What?" Alexander said. "Impossible! You were never confirmed to have this power."

I dashed to Alexander at break-neck speed and delivered an empowered slash, sending him flying.

"That's it!" Raijin said. "Your speed and power are increased. It can also enchance your fake spirits."

Alexander landed and stood. "Zylphe!" He called, imbuing himself with Wind. He then rushed at me spinning like a top. I blocked the slashes, with enough power and force to send sparks flying, and pushed him back.

I thought about Raijin's training and wanted to see an empowered artificial spirit. "Gnomaren!" I called and was surprised to see myself using Raijin alongside Gnomaren. I then moved to Alexander quickly and struck him with a powerful thrust. Despite Gnomaren's speed decrease, I could still move fast. "Incredible!" I said.

"Extrordinary!" Raijin said.

"Raijin," I asked. "What about my gunstaff?"

"It can charge your staff's electric pulses with less power and fuel used. But that's about it from what I sense." She said. I decided why not and swapped to it anyways. I had the advantage.

Alexander then retracted his claws and grabbed the daggers in his back-device. He began throwing them at rapid speed. Using enhanced speed and quicker charge, I shot and intercepted multiple daggers that would've hit me. As he threw the last dagger, I shot him three times, before grabbing my blade.

"Gigamander!" I said, now using Gigamander and Raijin together. "Wing Dash Blade!" I said and rushed at Alexander, striking him six times.

Alexander was flung back and laid there. He looked up at me. "Impossible," he said. "I have to use...that." He then grabbed a syringe with red liquid and quickly injected himself.

I scanned the syringe and was surprised. "They copied the Hyde Injection!?" I said.

He quickly stood back up, eyes red now. "Indeed." He said. "Or rather, One of my fellow Enforcers did."

I scanned a figure on the building behind him. "Sophira..." I said.

"Greeting Solomon." Sophira said with a grin. "I'm glad this fight got entertaining now. Hope you don't mind me borrowing your deadliest weapon darling."

"When I'm done with him, you're next." I said.

"I'm so excited." She said giggling. "I've been listing the twisted things I have planned for my soon-to-be favorite victim. For now, keep fighting this one. I'll be eagerly waiting my dear."

Alexander then concentrated. "Gigamander!" he shouted, igniting his own claws.

"Wait...water and lightning can't mix." I said.

"Unfortunately, lightning charge can't work with water-based techniques." Raijin said. "Try to counter it another way. You can definitely use a speed advantage."

"Speed....two speed enchancements!" I said. "Zylphe!" I called and was empowered by wind and lightning.

Alexander used Shadow power to tripled his claw's size. He then rushed at me even faster.

I dodged and moved extremely quickly. Suddenly appearing several feet away. "Woah!" I said. "Too fast."

"Hold still!" He said and rushed at me again, I dodged again and had almost hit a wall.

"Man, this is what it must be like to be Alma Elma...minus the strip-teasing and rape." I said.

Sophira was merely laughing.

"You find this funny?" Alexander said. "Come down and help me."

"You have a ton of power you know." She said. "Use it."

He then faced me and charged even more Shadow power, the entire area was suddenly covered in a dark aura. He then charged his attack.

"A horizontal slice..." I said. "Like Shadow's finisher when I fought him." I then braced myself to dodge.

Alexander then shouted as he released a powerful horizontal slice throughout the entire area. I jumped just in time to see him cut several buildings clean off the ground, making a huge mess as they collapsed. Sophira had jumped as well and landed on a pile of rubble.

I landed and pointed my blade at him. He was eminatting a large amount of Shadow's aura and was still under the effects of the Hyde Injection. "Nice try. But you Enforcers have too much of my own moves and those of opponents I've faced." I said.

Alexander merely rushed at me and tried fighting more, my new speed was too fast for him as I kept at a game of dodging.

Sophira merely watched me, smiling as she must've realized something.

As Zylphe's power wore off. Alexander was too tired. Shadow's power and the Hyde Injection were at their limit and wore off. His fatigue was intense.

"As I have planned." I said. I focused on Raijin's power and rushed at Alexander. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" I shouted and finished him off with a powerful cyclone of lighting, shredding Alexander's reanimated corpse.

Sophira merely clapped as I finished the technique. "Splendid my dear. Stalling both of those powers out. You will be my greatest opponent. I can see our dance of combat now." She said.

"You're next." I said, pointing my sword at her.

"Not now," She said. "At Akame's castle, there I will make you mine. Even if you faint, even if you scream, using everything our master taught me, I won't stop. If you manage to live through my assault, I'll make you a slave for the rest of your life." She then blew a kiss at me and warped away.

"She got away." I said.

"Who is that girl?" Raijin asked.

"The Enforcer before me. She isn't a zombie like the others." I said.

Tamamo then ran here and looked at the damages. "Aww man, this will push construction back for sure." She said, upset.

"Relax." I said. "Some of these buildings should've been demolished. And Promestein's lab entrance got blocked by the debris."

"Indeed." Tamamo said. "Two to go, I saw that woman Sophira. She seems quite twisted, but isn't a zombie strangley enough."

"She made my Hyde Injection for Akame." I said. "It seems she's quite skilled in serums."

"She has more than just that." Tamamo said. "But we will discuss this more back at the castle."

"That woman was here." Said a voice. "I missed her, the one who helped Akame revive me."

I looked and saw Clark.

"You've grown quite nicely since I last saw you boy." Clark said.

"Don't call me boy." I said.

"And Fox-girl." He said. "It's been how long...500 years? Yet I still remember our match outside Black Alice's throne room."

"Glad to see you again Clark. You and that large sword wielding young man were quite troublesome." Tamamo said. "So you have rebelled against she whom revived you as I was told."

"Indeed." Clark said. "But I don't wish to fight the current generation of Alipheese. Nor this current Enforcer."

"So you're on our side?" I said.

"As long as this revived body will hold." He said. "I accquired energy draining various chimera using Shadow's...strange power."

"Akame's lair has been located." Tamamo said. "We hope to see you there."

"You will, and as for you boy;" Clark said. "Don't die on me, I'd like to see how far you've come afterwards." He then warped away.

"Ugh...why does he call me boy?" I asked.

"He called that swordsman I mentioned boy as well." Tamamo said. "You must remind him of that young man."

"Maybe," I said. "Let's prepare for the final battle."

"Indeed." Tamamo said and warped us back to the Monster Lord's Castle.

Chapter 12: Prepare for the Final Battles.

As I returned I was told to rest, I headed into the lab where I stayed. On my way there, I saw a familiar face;

"Chrome?" I asked.

"Hi Solomon!" Chrome said.

"Shouldn't you be at a meeting?" I asked.

"Well not right this moment." Chrome said. "I'm merely exploring... before Alice remembers the ban I had."

"Ah, well seems we will soon face your cousin Akame." I said.

"Well, unlike my sister, Akame was always twisted." Chrome began to explain. "She took large, deadly bounties, killed them and others in her way, and used the strong bodies for her necromancy. Our family was even cautious of her actions, and after the Monster Lord outlawed our Necromancy, Akame was driven even more mad."

"Well I know it'll be hard seeing another family member go." I said. "But I'm not sure there's another way."

"I understand...we never got along anyways." Chrome said. "Oh! You wouldn't happen to have seen Shadow have you?"

"He's usually with Tamamo...or watching suspicious me." I said.

"Oh...nevermind..." Chrome said. I noticed she was even blushing.

"Wait.." I said, suddenly remembering. "After Shadow fought you..." I started laughing. "Oh that's too funny!"

"Shut up!" Chrome said, obviously embarassed.

"And you teased me about Lucia." I said. "I was wondering why you had dolls of him made." I stopped laughing as I knew it was too harsh. "I'm sorry."

"I merely teased you because of Lucia's tentacles." Chrome smirked. "Seems you actually like that sort of thing." Chrome then walked back towards the meeting hall. "Oh and apparently Granberia challenged Alma Elma to a duel." Chrome said. "I hear it's usually private, but I know you're quite eager to watch two powerful figures fight.

I jumped up at that. We never had logs of the Heavenly Knights dueling outside of the corination of the Monster Lord. "Maybe I'll check it out." I said and walked off.

"You do that Solomon." Chrome said with a smirk. "I should teach him a lesson about teasing me." Chrome then whispered.

I stood outside the arena door, I saw Granberia about to head inside.

"Hey Granberia. I heard you were gonna duel Alma Elma." I said.

"Yes, but I prefer it be private." Granberia said. "I apologize." Before she walked in she had turned back to me. "I'm curious, how did you take her on before your training as a Seeker?"

"Well, I could never catch up to her normally." I said. "So I let her come to me and countered."

"I see." Granberia said smiling. "I'll definitely consider it."

"Can I watch?" I said. "I know you prefer the privacy but I doubt anyone would wanna miss a fight like this."

"I apologize Solomon." Granberia said. "I can't explain why but it has to be private." She then walked in the training grounds but did not close the door all the way.

I looked at the door, part of me saying 'don't do it.' But I was really curious as to why she prefered privacy. "I have a sick feeling." I said as I cautiously looked into the training grounds. I saw them about to face off, they spoke but I could only hear part of it.

The fight soon began. Granberia was holding well, using the same strategy as before, and even managing some good hits on Alma Elma. I wanted to cheer but kept quiet. Alma Elma was strangely holding back for some reason. However Granberia had left herself open and Alma Elma rushed in, restraining her. I thought Granberia would escape, but my sick feeling was right.

The fight soon went entirely in Alma's favor as she was using sexual skills. I had to keep my jaw from dropping as she teased and toyed with Granberia like it was nothing. I kept watching for a few moments before backing away slowly and walking off. As I walked off, I saw Shadow heading towards me.

"Solomon, Tamamo needs you fo.................." He said before going silent.

"I....just saw something incredible." I said.

He merely closed his eyes. "I've already witnessed it." he quietly said.

"Well, so I'm needed?" I asked. "Very well." I walked off. "Oh, by the way, Chrome was looking for you." I said with a smirk. "What started as data gathering turned into a blossoming relationship it seems." I laughed as I walked off.

"You're an idiot." Shadow muttered as he turned to the room I was watching. "Alma Elma! Solomon peeked!" He shouted.

"What?!" Both Alma and Granberia shouted.

My heart skipped a beat. "Zylphe! Raijin!" I shouted and sprinted off, hoping I was fast enough. "I'll get even with you one day Shadow!" I shouted. "Even if it's in combat!"

"Still idiotic as ever..." Shadow muttered.

I made it to the meeting hall in one piece thankfully. I was told my mission was to help in assaulting Akame's lair, a castle built in the Valley of Darkness. And I was told there's a high chance Sophira will come after me, I should prepare for a tough fight against her. We we're still unsure of what she had planned so we had to take all precautions.

As I finished up I walked outside, there I had found Alma Elma. "Uh oh." I said.

"Relax Solo-boy." Alma said. "I convinced Granberia not to hurt you."

"I'll keep it a secret." I said.

"Well that's fine, but she did agree to one suggestion for punishment I gave." Alma Elma said. She then wrapped me up in her tail. "And I'll be glad to help her do it." She then lifted me up and covered my mouth as she carried me back to the training grounds.

An hour later... (Authors Note: Yes I hinted at a Three-some. SOMEONE'S GOTTA MAKE THAT SIDE-STORY HAPPEN!)

I went back to my room and prepared to rest for tomorrows battle. "That damn assassin." I said to myself as I got in bed. I needed to rest up, as I feared the worst may happen tomorrow.

Chapter 13: The Valley of Darkness. Infiltrating the Castle.

The next morning, Shadow, myself, and the Four Heavenly Knights all arrived at the outskirts of the valley. Tamamo used magic to reveal a massive castle within the valley on the other end of the massive valley.

"There it is." Tamamo said. "Solomon, can you scan there from this distance?"

"Alright." I said and began scanning. "Hmm, I detect Akame is within there, as well as Sophira and.... uh oh."

"Uh oh?" Alma Elma said.

"At least....100,000 zombie soldiers." I said. "Surrounding the castle, wandering the halls, and even lurking towards us slowly. They are very well repaired but none seem to be recently killed."

"An army built over several years." Shadow said. "We can evade them easily."

"How Akame is keeping this maintained is beyond me." I said. "But if it aint stopped, they could swarm over the continent, adding to their ranks and draining men."

"Well, it seems Akame researched us well." Tamamo said. "There's a magic used to prevent teleportation inside. Closest we can get is right on top of that army."

"Then we'll cut our way through" Granberia said.

"They only have us outnumbered." Erubetie said. "Just one of us could easily break through a horde of zombies. Imagine all six of us."

I looked around and scanned in case of any stronger zombies. But it seemed they were all just the same armed soldiers. "They're all relatively the same strength." I said. "The numbers are vast but nothing strong enough to counter the alligned armies made to fight Ilias. But I think there's a way to do this better. Zombies are a powerful standing army, but possess many flaws."

"How so?" Shadow asked.

"Shadow and Alma Elma are too fast and too difficult to detect." I said. "They can sneak past an entire army without any teleportation into the castle."

"Easily." Alma Elma said.

"The Rest of us can attack from the front." I said. "Shadow, see if you two can find the magic seal on the third floor." I pointed at the castle. "It's a large device with an orb in the center. That is preventing teleportation. We'll hold off the zombie army so Akame's troops can focus us."

"Sounds like a plan." Alma Elma said.

"It's the best way in the castle I can think of." I said.

"It's a great plan." Tamamo said.

I scanned around the Valley and found Clark waiting. "Clark's waiting too." I said. "Maybe he can help."

We moved down into the Valley and met with Clark. He smiled as he saw what the Monster Lord has sent to take care of Akame.

"Perfect." He said. "I was waiting, didn't wanna die here a second time."

"Well, we have a plan." I said. "Shadow and Alma Elma here are gonna disable the teleportation seal. Then we'll warp past the army and take out Akame."

"And the rest of us?" Clark said.

"Well, we're gonna take out some zombies." Tamamo said. "Care to refresh my memory on why you were feared around the world Clark?"

"With pleasure. Keep up boy." He said to me as he rushed ahead towards the army.

"Oh it's on!" I said and followed with lightning power. Actually able to keep up.

The others merely shook their heads and followed. Soon Alma Elma and Shadow split up from us as we rushed the army head on. They flew and shadow medled past the army at incredible speed. All of the Zombies focused on the rest of us as we began taking them out.

Shadow and Alma Elma entered the castle from the Third Floor window undetected. Both of them stood next to each other.

"Keep up your guard." Shadow said.

"Ready for anything Shadow-boy." Alma Elma said as they both moved. They moved together and searched rooms. Taking out any zombies that were guarding the floor without being detected. They soon found the room with a purple device holding a glowing orb.

"That's definitely it." Alma Elma whispered.

"Careful, we're not alone." Shadow said as he saw Sophira watching the battle through another orb. The two remained hidden as Sophira watched, only focusing on Solomon.

"My my." Sophira said with a giggle. "My replacement is perfect it seems. He's even keeping up with that traitor." She soon passed the orb aside. "Come out now Shadow, I sense your presence." Her body began to radiate Earth power as she faced away from him.

Shadow rushed at Sophira, attempting to strike at her from behind. Sophira quickly turned and caught him. She then grabbed his neck and slammed him down, Straddling his waist as she held his throat.

"How naughty." Sophira said. "Being stabbed in the back is no way to go. Let me give you a good punishment before I kill you."

"Sorry, but he's with me." Said Alma Elma as she kicked Sophira off Shadow.

"So the Succubus Queen shows herself." Sophira said. "Two against one's no fair." She then got into stance. Her communicator suddenly let out a small noise as she was contacted. "Yes Master?" She said. "Oh, the plan is ready? Very well I'll let them in." She then turned off the device. "I'd rather have Solomon anyways, and keep him forever. No offense, you are cute though." She said and then vanished into the shadows and rushed away.

"She's gone?" Alma Elma said. "Wonder why she's obsessed with Solo-boy."

"It seems Akame doesn't care if we get in." Shadow said. "We should meet up with the others and warn them."

The two then used their regained ability to warp and teleported back outside.

Outside the castle, the others alongside myself continued fighting the zombie army off. Despite our combined efforts. Only a good half of the army remained. Our fight was interrupted by A purple barrier around the castle disappearing. Shadow and Alma Elma soon joined.

"They just intentionally shut off the barrier." Alma Elma said.

"A trap is obvious, enter with caution." Shadow said.

We then fought our way to the entrance, Clark stayed behind however.

"Clark? Aren't you coming?" I said.

"If I follow, who's gonna keep all of them at bay?" Clark said. "I'll stay behind and finish em off."

As the door closed. I called out. "Don't die yet." I said. "I'm gonna surpass you afterwards."

Clark smiled. "Fine, after this is done, then you can put me down." He said and soon we were inside the castle.

Chapter 14: Split up inside the Castle.

Now in the lobby of the castle we looked around. No soldiers or anything waiting for us, just the lobby with several doorways.

I scanned around the area looking for Akame. "Hmm...she's quite a ways inside the castle." I said. "But I can't get a good layout of this place."

"Don't worry about her darling. Focus on me." said a voice, Sophira then appeared in a second floor balcony.

"Sophira." I said. "Come to fight me so soon?"

"Not yet I'm afraid." She said. "There's a lot of faces here it seems...too many in fact." She then focused magic and everyone except myself were warped away. "Much better!"

I looked around in shock. "Where'd everyone go?"

"Relax...they're scattered throughout the walls." Sophira said as she pointed to the door below her. "Come to me, I've set up a perfect spot for our fight." She then warped away.

I sighed and tried communicating with everyone. No one had answered. I then heard a telepathic communication.

"Solomon, it's Promestein." Promestein said.

"Promestein?" I said. "Where are you?"

"Something I've feared has come up. I'm making a precaution to help you...hopefully I get everything with it right." She said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Akame has lost files on many things within my research." Promestein said. "This is in case she gets desperate. But my main concern right now, is Sophira."

"I know, I shouldn't fight her alone." I said.

"It's not just that," Promestein said. "allow me to explain what happened;"


"Lucia?" Promestein asked as she knocked on the manor door.

Lucia opened the door. "Yes Promestein?" She asked.

"Solomon's preparing for the final battle. I've factored in a possible threat he may be unaware of." Promestein began to explain. "I'm giving him a precaution just in case, but I'll need help."

Lucia then stood aside. "Come in. If it's to protect Solomon and this world, I'll gladly help."

"Ah, quite the lovebirds you and the Enforcer are." A voice said.

Lucia looked around but was knocked unconscious suddenly.

"Lucia?" Promestein called out looking shocked.

"Relax." The voice said again. "I need her to help make my replacement all mine." The voice revealed itself to be Sophira. Who appeared in the doorway holding Lucia.

"Sophira." Promestein said. "I should have hunted you down when I had the chance."

"That was years ago." Sophira said. "Now you're just a little girl who I can harm now."

"Unhand her at once." Promestein said.

"Like I said. I need her more than you do." Sophira said. "I'll be sure to challenge you after I've broken your Enforcer. Goodbye now!" Sophira then warped away with Lucia.

"And like that, Lucia was taken." Promestein finished explaining.

My eyes opened wide. I looked at the door. "She wants a fight, I'll do what Hyde would've done to a smug girl like that." I said.

"Solomon wait." Promestein said. "Do not let her actions fuel blind rage, she'll merely use that to break you."

I hesitated, but realized she was right. "Yes Master." I said.

"Now, I'll try and finish this as fast as I can and arrive." Promestein said. "Fortunately my backups are still in Remina, I have to use your lab though."

"I'll get Lucia back, then I'll find the others." I said. "Thank you Master Promestein."

"Go Solomon." Promestein said. "Do what I should've done the moment she abandoned me."

I ran into the doors and through a hallway. As I made it to the door at the other end, I found myself in a ballroom.

"There he is," Sophira said. "don't keep a girl waiting you know."

I ignored her and saw Lucia, hanging from the ceiling. "Lucia!" I said and tried shooting the rope down. Sophira jumped in the air and intercepted the bolt with her fist.

"Now then, you can have her back if you beat me." Sophira said as she landed. "Shall we dance?"

Chapter 15: Dance in the Ballroom; Solomon vs. Sophira.

I drew my gunstaff and blade as I face Sophira. She jumped off the stage and stood at the center of the ballroom.

"My dear, you seem ready." Sophira said. "Lead us off."

"Not until I get some answers." I said.

"Very well, not like you can stall anyways." Sophira said. "The Knights and Shadow are locked in the castle basement, wandering catacombs filled with soldiers as they can't teleport out."

"How did you meet Promestein?" I asked.

Sophira crossed her arms and smiled. "Thirteen years ago today." She began to answer. "I was ten years old. My mother was a monster who raped my father, a senior officer in Ilias Kreuz, but she made me live with him as Ilias Kreuz persecuted her."

I listened quietly. If I could stall until Lucia awoke, she could free herself and leave.

"He...hated monsters since that incident." Sophira said. "So he'd often abuse me if a monster bothered our quaint town. He never would kill me, because my Mom visited and met with me in secret. I was a very intelligent girl though, both in school and in knowledge of others. So I avoided speaking with or seeing him whenever such a thing happened."

"Seems you were just a troubled girl running away." I said.

"Yes," Sophira said. "When our class went to Grangold to observe the city on a 'field trip' of sorts, that's when I met my Mistress Promestein. I wanted to run away, my father, the children, the hardcore followers of Ilias that swarmed my village all hated me. So I joined with her."

"And your father?" I asked.

"To prove I was willing to sacrifice," Sophira began to explain. "I burned my home village down, and got revenge on my father." Sophira then smiled. "My monster instincts kicked in and Promestein gave me the knowledge and power to do so."

"So you became a Seeker." I said. "But why did you abandon the Seekers?"

"Things...were just too repetitive." Sophira said. "Learn, Experiment, Rape Prisoners for energy, Missions, Scouting. Promestein was no closer to the truth than she was 500 years ago."

"So you got bored?" I asked. "How sad."

"Rather, I was frustrated that Promestein had to follow Ilias like a loyal dog." She said. "I knew of her bigger plan the whole time granted but I knew that would fail when she had to make a damn super-weapon to counter it going wrong."

"So how'd you meet Akame, and evade Promestein's wrath?" I asked.

"Akame was near the Biolabs," Sophira said. "Watching her idol, her older cousin Shirome. I merely decided to share some knowledge with her, who had no true master pulling the strings. She agreed to hide me, I agreed to give her secrets of the Seekers."

"So it was treason." I said.

"Sure," Sophira said. "but enough about me. I want you now."

"Me?" I asked. "Why me anyways?"

"The Enforcer who stayed until the end. The one who's desire to seek the truth remained." Sophira said. "You discovered the truth of your master, but you stayed. Not out of fear, not out of ignorance, not out of faking how you felt, but because of your loyalty and goals."

"So you're just obsessed?" I asked.

"Maybe." She winked at me as she said. "But answer me this; Why did you stay? Why, unlike all the Enforcers before us, were you able to survive? Why did Promestein reward your loyalty and efforts with power and wisdom beyond any of the others? Even beyond the Prime Enforcer Clark? You are a fascinating individual Solomon, despite that you aren't a crazed scientist like any other Seeker." Her eyes turned red and four spider legs extended from her back, holding her up as she licked her lips. "And that's what drove me to you... Never have my monster instincts have told me to hunt and consume a man so badly."

I drew my blade and faced her. "Then I guess there's no more talking." I said. "Seems your desire will be forever a dream."

"I've stalked and lured you enough." Sophira said as she spun a web, turning the entire ballroom into a dark and twisted version of itself. Lucia and I were trapped in her domain now. "You're in my web now, and it's time I fed on my prey." She then lunged at me.

I jumped to the side and tried slashing her legs, but she quickly turned and jumped back. "Gnomaren!" I called as I faced her.

"Careful my dear." She said as she jumped up to the ceiling. She then pounced on me using my lack of speed to her advantage.

Using Gnomaren's strength, I threw her off me. I had to stay mobile it seems. "Raijin!" I shouted as I charged myself with lightning power. She tried jumping me again, but I dodged and grabbed two of her spider legs with my back claws. I threw her aside and decided to use my gun-staff. I fired a charged shot at her, paralyzing her.

"Ahh....can't move..." Sophira said as she winced in pain as electricity surged through her body.

I drew my blade and tried ending this quick. "Gigamander!" I called and also applied a fuel drive to the blade. I rushed and delivered a powerful series of strikes with azure flame.

Sophira was forced back as the paralysis wore off. "My my, I always loved challenging prey." Sophira said as she stood, grabbing a syringe and injecting herself.

"The Hyde injection so soon?" I asked.

"Not just that." Sophira said. "Shadow's energy, and Gnomaren to make sure you don't escape."

"Heh..." I said nervously. Hyde and Shadow's power were proven to be dangerous. "Zylphe!" I called, knowing speed was key here.

Sophira rushed at me faster than I expected, I shot her point blank with the gunstaff with one hand. Setting it on a back-claw. I struck her before using the black claw to trigger the gun-staff's flash bang and rushing back.

"Not going to work." Sophira said and suddenly appeared behind me, hugging my from behind. Her breasts pressed against my back as her spider-legs restrained my arms. "Got you." She said.

"Gah..." I struggled furiously, but she had even my back claws restrained.

Her hands had slid towards my crotch but her restraint on me was broken as something grabbed her neck and pulled her back.

I stood and looked behind me. Lucia had awoken and freed herself just in time. "Solomon! Finish her quick!" Lucia said.

"You slimy witch!" Sophira freed herself and threw Lucia towards me. "My prey was so close!"

I turned to Lucia and kneeled down as she was weakened already it seemed. "Lucia!" I shouted.

"Solomon..." Lucia said. "I'm sorry, she had weakened me before hand."

"It'll be okay, I'll finish her." I said.

"Solomon... you weren't like me or La Croix." Lucia said. "She's never killed without some aid."

I laughed. "Well, because unlike La Croix." I began to say. "We were both human at heart. But she's beyond any I guess I have to embrace something I had from before."

"Be careful." Lucia said as I stood and faced Sophira.

"Well...guess she'll be awake while I suck you dry before killing her." Sophira said. "Wait...what's with that face?" She looked at me, now afraid.

I glared at Sophira. "You know...having Tyrannea's mind inside me..." I began to say. "It let me become more than just some soldier. I became like her in a sense as she continued controlling me." I grabbed the Hyde Injection and injected myself. As it took effect I kept talking; "I actually murdered people, I heard their screams, mixed with my laughter."

Sophira stood in a defensive posistion. "You were under control... it wasn't yourself." She said.

"I hurt, even killed people and monster." I said. "murdered 15 individuals, obliterated a town, knocked out and nearly mortally wounded two, admittedly nice kitsune that under any other circumstance I wouldn't mind befriending and made myself the enemy of Shadow possibly forever. I even burned my innocent, lust-crazed, archangel friend's wings off."

Sophira still was cautious. "Quite a mean streak...but I've done worse." she said.

"None of that..." I began to say as my eyes glowed blood red. I smiled just like when Tyrannea controlled me. "None of that is even remotely what I'm planning on doing to you!" I then charged Raijin and Zylphe together and rushed at Sophira, delivering a powerful strike faster than she can even react too.

"Gah!" She shouted out in pain.

I grabbed her arm. "Raped your father to death while burning your hometown?" I asked. "Vengeance? That's adorable. You sound like Lily...laughed and shunned so you went crazy." I threw her aside and gripped my blade tightly as I walked towards her.

Sophira stood, showing fear. "What...who....what's going on? Tyrannea is dead she shouldn't be controlling you!" She then charged Shadow's energy and Gnomaren again. "Time to end this it seems."

"And you stand here now...determined to catch your precious prey." I said. "Tell me, did you ever consider that your 'prey' wouldn't bite back?"

"Enough!" Sophira said as she rushed at me and tried pinning me down. I caught her, despite her strength being enhanced and stared her in the eyes. "Don't...kill me..." she said, truly afraid now.

"No..." I said and stabbed her, keeping the blade in her body as my back claws grabbed her neck. "Any final words?"

Sophira tried to speak up.

"Too late." I said and snapped her neck, pulling my blade out as she fell to the ground. The Hyde injection wore off as I looked at Lucia. "You okay?" I asked.

Lucia was merely laying there, absolutely afraid. "What was that?" she asked.

"It was least what she would've done." I said. "I had to remember what I worked with back then. I promise you won't see it again." I then helped her up.

The dimensional web faded as we returned to the ballroom. There, Shadow was waiting.

"So you're victorious." Shadow said. "We've escaped those catacombs. They're fighting their way to the throne room now."

"Let's join them." I said. "Lucia, wait for me back home okay?"

Lucia then nodded her head as she used her power to escape. Shadow then led the way back to the Heavenly Knights as I followed. Akame was the only one left now.

Outside the Castle:

Clark sat on the steps, all the zombies dealt with. He then saw two figures approaching the castle. One was Promestein.

"Clark." Promestein said. "A valley of corpses. It brings back old memories."

"Doc." Clark said. "Who's your friend? Looks....scary."

The second figure merely smirked. "Be grateful. I was ordered not to kill you. Despite how much fun it would sound." it said.

"We've come to help Solomon." Promestein said.

"He just killed Sophira it seems." Clark said. "I can sense him, he became...dark for a moment. Like a different person."

Promestein smiled. "So it seems only you remain." she said as she walked into the castle. The other figured followed.

Chapter 16: Akame Confronted.

Shadow and I rushed through the halls. Trying to catch up with the Heavenly Knights as Akame's location was closer and closer. We cut down some zombie troops as we saw signs of the Knights passing through, several zombies put down before we passed.

"We're getting close now." I said. "Be ready for anything."

"Indeed." Shadow calmly said as we continued.

We had made it to a large hall, there we found all four of them. They were surrounded by zombies but effortlessly defeated them. Erubetie noticed me and Shadow enter the room.

"Shadow's returned." Erubetie said. "It seems Solomon was victorious."

"There are no more Enforcers we have to worry about now." I said.

"Akame's behind this door." Tamamo pointed at the large door. "I also smell Promestein and another heading towards us."

"Another?" I asked. "I told Lucia to stay behind. Clark's mowing down zombies and Chrome wasn't willing to revive any ghosts or zombies to join us."

Shadow looked at me for a brief moment before looking back. "It isn't them, but hopefully it isn't trouble." he said.

I turned to the large door. "Let's end this then." I said and blasted the door open. We all walked inside the throne room and saw Akame, sitting on the throne.

"My my Solomon," Akame said. "you were welcome in here. No need to be violent."

"Enough is enough Akame." Tamamo said. "You would've been let off easily had you not caused all this trouble."

Akame stood. " in a weak world of coexistance." She said. "Tell me, Angels and Monsters, sworn enemies living togather under a treaty, forced to fake their smiles and offerings of peace." She walked down the steps. "Unable to even enjoy their shared interest in humans as they were made to do so."

"What are you on about?" I asked. "From what I've saw, everyone's showing their true colors in it's purest form. And well, perverted men are satisfying a lot of hunger out there."

"Indeed." Erubetie said. "I've even saw the best that humanity has offered."

"Solomon's correct." Shadow said. "Even he and I, despite some trust issues, have worked together."

Akame merely shook her head. "That's with those who didn't want to fight or kill. Who know of compromises." she said. "The more violent ones, myself included, we were taught of war, of where compromises and peace treaties wouldn't have worked." Akame merely laughed. "I wonder how long this new world will last if I were to fail."

I drew my weapons, all of us ready to subdue her. "We'll find out soon, you're out of Enforcers, your zombie army is little to nothing left, and you're not strong enough to face all of us."

"Wrong again Solomon," Akame said. "I have a last resort prepared." She then snapped her fingers and a large figure crashed through the ceiling. It stood and readied it's fists.

"It looks like...Arc-en-ciel?" I said. "Wait..." I scanned and saw it was worst than I imagined. She had large, mechancial wings on her back. "Hainuwelle? She merged two Next Dolls and revived them!"

"Indeed. New and improved." Akame said. "Those two were the only ones with parts I could use. The others were all obliterated or sealed." She then readied her death scythe. "Azazel, destroy them."

The Zombified Next Doll rushed at us Shadow and I used darkness and lightning to move around it and focus Akame. She jumped back and faced us as Azazel attacked the Heavenly Knights. Akame rushed with her scythe aiming for me, but I blocked the attack. She then rushed back before Shadow could help counter.

"Careful Shadow." I said. "She might've used your power as well."

Shadow nodded and kept on his guard. Waiting for Akame's next move. Akame then used her magic to restrain my feet with zombified hands. She then rushed in with her scythe before I forced her back with my gun-staff. Shadow then moved in and clashed with her. I broke myself free of the bind and followed with my blade. She then Shadow Melded away from us towards the Next Doll.

"Seems I was right." I said. "We've both dealt with it before."

Shadow and I followed quick but Azazel quickly turned to us and smacked me aside before forcing Shadow back.

"Is that it?" Akame said. "Seems I was being paranoid."

"Shadow! Solomon!" Tamamo said as it actually managed to hold it's own against all four of them.

"We're alright!" I said and stood. That Next Doll was too strong and capable of protecting her master, who was already powerful.

"Seems I'll soon have six new corpses." Akame said. "Azazel, finish them." She then moved to the throne as Azazel applied Gigamander to her fists and legs.

Shadow and I moved to the others, ready to face Azazel before Akame.

"It seems this Akame is quite the artist." said a voice. It revealed itself to be Promestein, who warped beside us. "But alas, only mimicry and reviving of that which should stay dead."

"Master Promestein?" I said.

"Ah, the great doctor shows herself." Akame said. "just in time to see what her work is truly capable of."

"Akame, I'm giving you one chance." Promestein said. "I'm opening an academy of truth-seekers. If you surrender, you may join me and perform the work your cousin Shirome did."

"An academy?" Tamamo said. "I'd normally find it suspicious, but with your help so far, it seems to be no threat."

"Ha!" Akame laughed. "Has the great scientist gone soft? It's truly a shame." She then pointed at Promestein. "Azazel, kill her first."

Promestein merely backed to the door. "So be it." she said.

As Azazel jumped in front of Promestein, Promestein merely jumped to the side as a Giga-bomb hit Azazel and sent her flying back. A large chimera rushed in, holding blade and cannon with two large claws on her back. She focused on Azazel and immediately began an unrelenting assault on her.

"Is that..." Tamamo said.

"That crazy Next Doll that was inside Solomon's head!" Granberia shouted.

"Relax, she has no memory of her death. And I programmed her A.I. to help you guys this time" Promestein said. "But from what I've told her, she was eager to help." Promestein looked down. "She's not as strong however, I was in a hurry."

I nearly dropped my weapons. I looked at the chimera as it threw Azazel back. "Hyde?" I asked. "Tyrannea?"

The Next Doll Chimera turned to me and smirked. "Ah, there you are Jekyll." She said. "Now... did you really kill me or was Doc lying?"

I smiled and rushed to Tyrannea. "Yea...but how?" I asked.

"Doc remade me...she programmed me to be...ugh nice." She said. "I'm missing some power though. Care to lend a hand?"

I readied myself as Azazel stood. "Alright. But I'll kill you again if you try anything." I said. We faced Azazel and stood ready.

Chapter 17: Jekyll and Hyde vs Akame.

Azazel rushed towards Tyrannea whom caught her head on. I shot at Azazel as she threw Tyrannea aside and charged at me. I used lightning to dodge her and rushed back.

"Can't let her get close." I said.

"That thing's stronger than I thought." Tyrannea said with a grin. "This is gonna be good."

Akame evaded as the Heavenly Knights tried subduing her and rushed to Azazel. "Azazel, hold them off. I have to prepare my trump card." Akame then teleported away.

"Trump card?" I asked.

"I had feared this." Promestein said with concern. "We must track her down."

Promestein and the others left the throne room to trace where Akame warped to. However before Tyrannea and I could follow, Azazel jumped inbetween us and the entrance.

"I'll kill them later." Azazel said. "I'll deal with you now."

Tyrannea laughed and readied herself. "Good!" she said. "Let me show you who's the true Next Doll here."

I sighed and stood by Tyrannea. "You're still smug as always." I said.

Tyrannea looked at me. "Hey! Least I'm not rampaging like I apparently tried to do. Now cover me, I have a plan." she said.

Tyrannea used Gnomaren's power to enhance her defenses as she began fighting Azazel. I provided support fire with my gun-staff but aside from some damage, was unable to stun Azazel. I then fired a flashback which blinded the Next Doll.

"Perfect." Tyrannea said. "Now get her attention from there." She then pointed to the window by Akame's throne.

I rushed there and shouted; "Over here!" As Azazel could only hear me, she rushed in my direction. I dodged to the side as she hit the window and ran right off. I then ran back to Tyrannea. "Wow... didn't think that would work." I said.

"She may be a powerful combination, but her parts were recycled and built in a rush as well." Tyrannea said. "I knew that Hainuwelle and Arc-en-ciel's bodies, while intact, suffered damage beyond most repair methods. So they needed spare parts from necromancy."

"I see.." I looked out the window. "Well, let's follow the others. If you're here then I have a feeling Promestein had a good reason."

"I'll tell you on the way down." Tyrannea said as we walked off. Before we could leave, Azazel jumped back in the room.

"Forgot I could fly?" She said, clearly angry now. "And you're supposed to be the 'Ultimate Next Doll' and 'Enforcer of Truth?'"

We turned around, readying our blades. "You should've stayed down." I said. Tyrannea then used her arm-cannon to charge her blade with lightning as I used Raijin's power to charge my own.

Azazel then flew at us at high speed. Both of us stood back to back and spun in unison. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" we shouted and destroyed the Next Doll with a powerful, combination attack.

We then sheathed our blades and proceeded to follow the Heavenly Knights. "Can you trace Akame?" Tyrannea asked.

"Yea, she's a few floors down." I said. Tyrannea then grabbed me and blasted a hole in the ground and jumped down to the same level. "Well that helps." We then searched the floor. "So what's Akame's trump card that needed you back?"

"Promestein discovered energy traces at Akame's lair similar to the White Rabbit. She didn't wanna take any chances at Akame managing to mimic the drug." Tyrannea explained.

"I should've known." I said. "But Akame isn't of Fateburn blood or merged with primordial DNA like Promestein's seaweed. How could she use it?"

"Promestein theorized that Akame may have used Shadow's dark energy to alter herself and the White Rabbit to be compatible." Tyrannea said. "If she uses the drug and absorbs Holy Energy, then I have to step in and destroy her."

"I see, there are plenty of angels now." I said. "But Luka and Micaela are the only two that are strong enough to counter-balance the Dark God's DNA."

"Exactly." Tyrannea said. "Which is why we didn't need angel backup when explaining this to Micaela."

We then reached the others who found Akame's hiding spot, the courtyard. "Good, you two were successful." Promestein said.

"You'd be surprised how much you can cooperate with someone who lived in your head." I jokingly said.

"I explained everything to him Master." Tyrannea said.

"And I have as well." Promestein said. "Let us proceed."

"... So that's what she was after... all this time..." Shadow was quietly muttering to himself a few feet away from the group, hanging his head low. He then lifted his head up and shook it before proceeding with the group, ignoring whatever was asked about him and his concerns.

We entered the courtyard to find Akame, standing in the center, holding an empty syringe.

"She's already taken it?" I said.

The Heavenly Knights, Shadow, Tyrannea and myself stood ready. Promestein stood back.

"Indeed." Akame said. "Power is coursing through my veins, I...aghhh." Akame then held her stomach in pain. "My body... this was not planned, it was made with both my DNA and the Dark Goddess'." She then winced and then screamed as her body mutated.

"She's mutating?" Tamamo said.

"Just like myself." Promestein said. "That drug can never maintain her form unless she was like Black Alice."

Akame's body changed drastically, her legs merged together and stretched like a lamia's tail, her long, red hair changed to a mixture of black and red, her blue skin, changed in tone to a more purple color, her succubus horns grew longer as she sprouted dark wings. Her pain-filled screams turned into laughter as she grew accustomed to her new form. "Yes! This is it! I've grown all powerful!" She said.

"Oh that's bad!" I said.

"Disgusting. Looks even worse than... Black Alice's 'true' form." Shadow said, weapon drawn. "All this time, she coveted that power, and I let my guard down and gave it to her... This ends now Akame! I can't let you use her power for mischief!"

"Agreed." Tyrannea said. "I was made for this."

As we stood ready. Akame laughed as she admired her new form. "Now to kill you and exact my revenge!" She said.

Shadow quickly stepped up to the plate to face Akame. "... Leave this to me. It's my fault she acquired that power when she put me in the abyss. I played a major role in her plans and now I can't let her put them into complete fruition. Let's kill this monster, Phantom!" As Shadow cried out the word 'Phantom', a pressure of darkness began to radiate not from his body, but his sword; only his weapon was glowing in radiant darkness. The darkness it exerted began to surround Shadow and cover his body like a fog. The fog eventually faded, with his weapon still glowing, and from the fog emerged a perfect copy of Shadow, standing right next to him. This copy first appeared as a shadowy silhouette, but quickly changed its shape to match Shadow's appearance, clothing, weapon and all.

"Phantom...!" Tamamo quietly gasped as she saw Shadow's technique.

"... Well aren't you just full of surprises? I heard you learned new tricks during the war, but that wasn't part of your arsenal. Is that how you escaped the abyss? I can see why Black Alice was interested in you." Promestein quietly chuckled to herself.

"Naturally you shouldn't know this skill, Akame." Shadow began to say. "This wasn't a part of my technique until I escaped the hellish nightmare you sent me to. Phantom helped me escape, and will now help me defeat you! Ready, Phantom?" Shadow turned to his clone, Phantom, who quietly nodded in agreement. Afterwards, the two quickly rushed toward Akame.

"How cute!" Akame laughed sinisterly as she readied herself against her enemies.

Chapter 18: The Final Battle.

Shadow and Phantom quickly assaulted Akame in perfect synergy. Tyrannea stood back, guarding Promestein.

"I'll protect Master Promestein. Go now Solomon!" She said.

"Got it!" I said and readied my gunstaff. As Akame had used dark magic to try and repel the two, I intercepted the fire with a quick shot.

"Shadow, I'll cover you both." I said.

Akame then looked towards me and smiled. "Maybe I should silence this one first." She said and rushed towards me.

"Raijin!" I said and darted back. Shadow used the opportunity to strike Akame. Phantom swiftly followed with it's own assault.

"Bothersome pests!" Akame said. As all three of us continued.

Meanwhile, the Heavenly Knights were preparing a plan.

"You think Solo and Shadow-boy can take her?" Alma Elma said.

"Indeed." Tamamo said. "Shadow will be fine with Phantom's aid. And Solomon's never been the easiest to take down. For now we must form a plan to finish Akame quickly."

Tyrannea walked up to Granberia. "Granberia, I've been told you have knowledge of Quadruple Giga. Is this true?" She asked.

"Indeed." Granberia responded. "Will it be necessary?"

"I can imitate the technique." Tyrannea said. "But it won't be as strong as Luka's. The artificial spirits conflicted heavily which impacted it's power. When they make an opening, prepare the attack and finish her."

"Understood." Granberia said and drew her blade.

Back with Solomon, Shadow and Phantom, Akame had thrown Shadow aside as she cornered Solomon at the edge of the courtyard. "You're always in my way. Always preventing my vengeance." She said. "Now Solomon, prepare to die."

I drew my blade and prepare to fight Akame. I used Gnomaren's power to prepare for any binds.

"Not this time Solomon." Akame said. "Recede inmundissimi spiritus!"

I felt the power of Raijin and Gnomaren deactivate. "What? She canceled my spirits!" I said. Akame soon coiled her tail around me.

"Precisely." Akame said. "Now should I just swallow you whole? Or shall I just leave a corpse to revive?" She then constricted her tail tightly.

"Gah!" I shouted as she began crushing me. Akame then dropped me as Shadow successfully stabbed her back with his blade. Phantom grabbed me and rushed to the others. Laying me down. "Thanks." I said, wincing in pain.

"Solomon!" Promestein said. "Tyrannea, prepare the first attack!"

"Understood." Tyrannea said as she held her blade up. "Zylphe...Gnomaren...."

Shadow saw Tyrannea's attack and kept Akame focused on him.

"Grandine.....Gigamander..." Tyrannea said, struggling to keep the elements in line.

As Tyrannea finished. Shadow melded past Akame behind Tyrannea. "Now!" He shouted.

"Quadruple Giga!" Tyrannea shouted and slammed her blade down. Akame was caught in the massive blast.

"A direct hit." Shadow said.

"Fine work Tyrannea." Promestein said. I had stood slowly, scanning the smoke from the explosion.

"Guys..." I said. "She's not quite done."

Akame stood as the smoke cleared. "You think...that little fake technique of Heinrich's could defeat me?" She said. "I've ascended beyond Black Alice." She then stood with a powerful, dark aura.

Tamamo then stood infront of everyone. "Then allow me." she said. She then began chanting the Word of Dispel.

Akame charged a powerful surge of Dark Energy. Before she could unleash it, Tamamo's incantation finished as she assumed her ancestral form.

"Now to silence you," Tamamo said. "Nine tails Funeral Pyre!" And assaulted Akame with a massive pillar of magical flames. The pillar burned through the courtyard and sent Akame down into the abyss, covered in flames.

"Got her!" Tamamo said as she reverted back to her normal self. "Granberia, prepare to finish her."

Granberia then stood in front, beginning to charge her own Quadruple Giga. "Stand back everyone! Wind..." She said as she bagan.

Suddenly the ground rumbled violently. Akame was not down yet.

"Earth..." Granberia said as the second element charged her blade.

The rumbling became more violent. Granberia held her own however.

"Water....Fire..." Granberia said as she finished.

However, a massive tail bursted from the ground and knocked Granberia's element-charged blade away.

I jumped up and grabbed the blade as quickly as I could. As I landed I immediately felt a powerful pressure from trying to hold her elemental power in place.

"Solomon! End this!" Granberia said.

"Right..." I said. But realized I might need more power. "Raijin...let's end this together."

"Indeed Solomon." Raijin said. "Let's end this misuse of ancient powers."

"Raijin!" I shouted as the blade was now charged with lighting. I rushed towards the pit as Akame jumped out.

"Impossible..." Akame said. Paralyzed by defeat.

"Quintaple...Giga!" I shouted and landed the finishing blow. All I saw was a flash of white light as I struck Akame.

I found myself in a black void. Looking around. I heard voices.

"It's been a week." One said. "Still out cold."

"I've seen him return in full bandages." Another said. "But never like this. I appreciate what Tyrannea did however. He needed a replacement for those.

"As reckless as it was to do that, I'll admit he's come a long way." Another had said.

"I have to thank him for what he's done." One final voice said. "I can gladly say he's forgiven in my book."

I slowly opened my eyes. I was in the hospital in the Monster Lord's castle.

"He's awake!" Tamamo said!

"What happened?" I said. "Oh I'm in a body-cast again."

"After you struck Akame, you fell down that chasm with her." Shadow said.

"You gun-staff finally overloaded as well from the energy." Promestein said. "Blew up half the castle with it. I'm surprised your body was intact."

I rubbed my head. "I thought I fixed that?" I said. "Wait...what about Akame?"

"We found you with her as her body disintegrated." Shadow said. "You saved us all with that one."

"Where's Raijin?" I asked.

"Back at Thunder Mountain." Granberia said. "She said anytime you want to go above and beyond with that lightning power, she'll accept you as a pupil anyday."

"Well, I need bed-rest." I said. "Lucia must be worried sick."

"You bet I am?" Lucia said as she rushed in. "Quadruple Giga Solomon? Why must you overdo everything? You could've been killed!" She then stopped her scolding and hugged me. "Stop scaring me alright?"

"Alright." I said. "Wait...where's Clark?"

"He..." Promestein started speaking then handed me a note. "Left this for you."

I opened the note and read it.


I see now the Seekers have changed for the better. Black Alice's evil is gone and Ilias no longer floods the world with lies. I've been traveling this world, and appreciate what the current Monster Lord and Heavenly Knights have brought with the aid of Heinrich's descendent.

I spoke with him by the way. This Luka looked exactly like him. But I felt something different, like that angel who tried helping me. I should've followed her, maybe I wouldn't have died back then.

About the whole 'boy' thing. I had an old comrade. He was the last of my men to die to Black Alice. Doc did some research and I found out you and him were related. To think he had a son.

I'm no longer able to maintain my energy. Akame's magic will wear off when you're victorious and I will vanish. Sorry we never got to settle things. But from the looks of things, I would've lost anyways. Goodbye Solomon.


P.S. Take care of Doc for me. Make sure she continues helping the world.

I set the letter aside. "I'm sorry Promestein." I said.

"He's forgiven me." She said. "And I knew that I'd have to see him die a second time."

We had a moment of silence for the Prime Enforcer. Suddenly Tamamo spoke up.

"Well he would've wanted you two living on." She said. "Let's leave Solomon to recover while we make sure the world has repaired after those Enforcers."

Everyone but Promestein and Lucia left. The two looked at me.

"So," I said. "How'd the academy gonna come along?"

"Just fine." Promestein said. "How's your arms and left leg?"

I raised my eyebrow. "Fine?" I said until I lifted the blanket and saw both of my arms and leg were now both mechanical. "How the hell?"

Lucia nearly fainted in shock.

"You lost them in the explosion." Promestein said. "Those are Tyrannea's. I've replaced hers however. She's no longer a weapon, but my chimera aid."

"Wait..." I said and looked at my left arm. I focused and it transformed into her hand-cannon. "Well, kind of a shock still but at least I have limbs."

"Thankfully that was all that was lost." Promestein said.

"What a relief." Lucia said.

I stayed bed-ridden. Eventually able to move again as I recovered and began working with Promstein and Lucia on the academy she had planned. With proper moral-standards in our research, we gained approval and began construction.

A Thanks to the readers!

Well now, this was a long-one. I'm grateful to the fans who stuck through with me. I'd also wanna give a big thanks to ShadowBlade for his input. Helped me a ton. Check out his fan-fic series if you haven't.

As a thank-you gift to the loyal fans. Here's a preview for War of the Seraphim. I'm gonna rework the story and intro and try and do some things. Expect a full blog preview in the future.

War of the Seraphim Preview: Tyrant King Awakens.

A dormant body...A patient mind...How long has it been?

He stood in the black void. Thinking, waiting. A figure floated by him. Female, looking familar to him.

"Still waiting? Doing nothing?" She asked.

"Indeed." He said.

"Boring! Least show me the good times some more!" She said.

"Fine." He said. The black void was soon filled with flashbacks.

"Why did you make me?" She asked. "Pass the time?"

"Yes, but you're not helping." I said.

"It'll be over soon." She said. "Remember what you must do."

"I remember." He said. Soon the void turned white. A voice spoke out;

"Do not let them reach the head-mistress!" It said. "We have to activate it!"

"Seems that it's been time." he said. "She was right, about 40 years right? Wonder if she restorned as much as she could?"

"I dunno." The female voice said before fading.

"Well, I must do what I gotta do." he said. "But still..." he walked towards the exit of the void. "I wonder who they got to replace my old title?"

And that's the end. Thanks again everyone! See you in the preview for the new War of the Seraphim!

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