Book 2: Solomon, Seeker of Truth.

Note: A little better off in the sexual stuff. There will be some level of it in the story now.

Note 2: If there's any mismatches with the Chapters 1-3 cannon please don't mind them. I have tried my best to ensure it stays close to the cannon material.

The story so far: Solomon, a young mercenary from Port Natalia in the Sentora continent proceeded to complete a job investigating ghost sightings in a manor near San Ilia. Having arrived there he stumbled upon a meeting between the Necromancer Chrome and an Angelic Scientist, Promestein. He was spared in exchange for performing missions for her which led to the creation of the Artificial Spirits as well as Data gathered on two of the Four Heavenly Knights.

As he performed his required tasks for their deal, Solomon learned Promestein had given humans fire, is in an alliance with former Monster Lord Black Alice, and is planning on a major attack on the world with an army of angels, monsters, and chimeras. Having known to much, Promestein proposed her "apprentice" stayed with her and joined the Seekers of Truth, an organization dedicated discovering the origins of the Universe and the Truth behind everything as well as recruiting fellow truth seekers, in order to spare his life and the lives of any that may stand in the way of her pursuit to eliminate him. Solomon's ambition to learn combined with his fear of others being hurt or killed led to him agreeing to her proposal.

Chapter 1: Two years later.

The sound of blade and lance clashing echoed loudly. Inside a testing facility of the Drain Lab, I was sparring with Knightroid, a lance-wielding chimera, to aid in my combat training. Two years ago, I wouldn't even last five minutes against her. Now, I have her on the ropes in terms of physical combat skill. As I managed to once again defeat her. She only looked at me, impressed as always that a weak human soldier became such a formidable rival.

"That would have ended differently if I used pleasure techniques." She said. Although partially true, it would have given me more trouble to fight her.

"Like I said before, if you tried pleasure, I would have used my gun-staff." I responded. She would have had a real difficult time evading the electro-shock pulses. Among... other new features I personally added.

"Even with that staff, you wouldn't beat Arc-en-ciel." She said. Arc-en-ciel was one of the five, now completed, Next Dolls. Five extremely powerful chimera that can supposedly counter and surpass the Heavenly Knights and the Monster Lord. Knightroid idolizes Arc-en-ciel, whom admittedly I would not even begin to hope facing. "But still, you fight better with that sword. I am glad to call you a sparring rival Solomon. Hopefully I can live up to the Next-Dolls potential."

"Oh Knightroid, why don't you just rape him already." said a very bored looking Lamiaroid. These two 'roids' often don't agree with each other. Often contesting over which of them are better. They aren't human but they are considered my friends. "I bet Solomon wouldn't be able to face me."

I roll my eyes and sheath my sword. "Learn to use the rest of your body, then we'll talk. You've got five parts down, forty-three to go." I responded. She still doesn't use the rest of her extraction  functions. Something which could help greatly.

Lamiaroid looks at me, clearly frustrated now, "Oh you wait and see." Seems I hit a nerve, neither of them have defeated me yet since I finished training.

I walked back to the main room. Laplace stood there. I was once cautious to approach her, now it seems like she's just a normal sight. Although now that I had learned more about her, she is truly a magnificent chimera.

"Greetings Solomon. You've improved quite well." She said.

"Thank you. Where's Doc at?" I asked.

"Promestein," she answered correcting me first. Doc was a cute nickname I gave Promestein after a short while. It seems to bother Laplace as well. "Went to deliver tech to Chrome at the manor. She'll return soon. As for you, it seems you've progressed quite nicely. Despite La Croix nearly crippling you last week when she... ran low on energy."

"Guhh, don't remind me." I responded. Last week La Croix, Promesteins right hand and Chrome's older sister, was low on energy after finishing the perfection of her 'Cirque du Croix.' I had no idea she was a zombified necromancer or lich. Agreeing to offer some energy took a ton out of me and I could never get rid of the memory left of La Croix's body. It was a strange combination of gorgeous and disturbing. I can definitely see why Promestein said she sometimes easily sees right through her.

I decided to return to my quarters. And continue work on my own project. I sat at my desk and continued working on the medicine I was developing for myself. Promestein never let me construct chimeras, only develop and modify other weapons and medicines. I agreed on that anyways, as I didn't want to try and create Chimeras until I felt ready and able to.

My gear was improved by my own hand thanks to my training and studies under Promestein's wing: My gun-staff received a fuel-drive system upgrade to boost it's capabilities, and I modified the extremely bright flashlight into a powerful flash-bang. My back pack holds more now, including additional fuel drives. But I didn't stop there, I experimented with my blade and developed a slot to ignite my blade on fire using fuel. It seemed to synergize with Gigamander perfectly.

Despite this, I'm still only me. Just smarter and stronger. Only Promestein, Laplace, La Croix, and the Next Dolls surpassed me individually. I didn't mind this because they were my superiors and they have also been accustomed to this life much longer. I was told both Promestein and La Croix sacrificed so much to achieve where they are today. I wish I could do the same and go to the next level.

"That would be nice." I said to myself as I finished a good bit of progress. I decided to continue tomorrow and take a nap. I was worn out from training with Knightroid. And I was constantly busy both with research and training, and admittedly, I also am the source of extraction for some chimeras and the Seekers of Truth. I need my rest.

Chapter 2: A New Seeker: Meet Lucia, the Alchemist.

I was told Chrome was defeated. A young hero named Luka, accompanied by the Monster Lord strangely enough, managed to stop her. It seems Promestein wasn't too worried. Chrome must have put up a huge fight as the Monster Lord seemed to be wiped out according to Promestein. I do hope she's alright however.

After a few days, I got called by Promestein to assist in devilering tech to Lily's manor. You can imagine how I reacted...

"Not Lily's! Master Promestein with all due respect, she's a crazy woman." I protested.

"Solomon you're being superstitious. Besides she loves having you around." Promestein responded. Although she was joking Lily always demands I come by personally for... obvious testing reasons. "Now you could always just stay with Laplace,"

"Really?" I asked.

"Where you will be drained for insubordination." She finished.

"Nevermind I'll go to Lily's." Although Laplace preserves her subjects for research, I wouldn't want to take my chances.

I applied my disguise and we departed to Lily's manor in Witch Hunt village located in Safina. It was a quiet town, mostly because Lily accused the villagers of witchcraft in order to research on them in her dungeons. Meaning villagers often kept to themselves to avoid looking suspicious. We arrived to a strange sight however, we warped in a hidden location however to avoid detection.

"Promestein, the city seems busier than usual." I noted. "A lot of the women from Lily's dungeon are free now. So are some men."

"Indeed, shall we see where Lily is?" She asked. I nodded my head and followed her.

Promestein entered Lily's manor, she wanted preserve some of her research. I was ordered to keep watch. I stood outside waiting. I eventually got bored and wandered around the village outskirts. However I soon bumped into a young woman who seemed to be running away from Witch Hunt Village.

"Oh, I'm sorry." I said as I looked at her. "Are you ok?" after asking that, I got a look at her face, and her body. I immediately remember, I nearly jumped ten feet when she lunged at me back then. I jumped back and shouted; "You again?!"

"I remember you! You were that man that gave Lily those machines!" She shouted, soon she transformed her arms into several tentacles. "I went through hell back there, I should return the favor to you."

I held my gun-staff. I jumped back and revealed it's true form and took aim. "Back off! I'm armed!" I said.

"That's a strange staff... did you build it?" She asked. "You must have studied Magical Sciences as well."

"No... but I did perform some modifications... By the way, I'm Solomon. I'm sorry about that time in Lily's manor. I was following orders." I said.

She turned her arms back to normal. "Well because of her, I don't think I can face anyone again. Or trust anyone. I'm Lucia." She said.

"You know about Magical Sciences?" I asked. "I've been studying for two years."

"I studied at the national University in Sabasa. I was the top of the class and happy. Before she ruined my life." She said looking away. "Anyways, I'd love to suck you dry for helping Lily, but I don't want to be around this place anymore."

I looked at her, I felt sorry for her. The women and men in this village went through alot. I couldn't help but feel bad.

As she walked off, she stopped and turned to me. "Wait," she said. "You said you were following orders? Who had sent you?" She turned to me.

"Uh, that's classified information?" I tried saying.

"I'm not stupid." She said as her arms turned back into tentacles. "Perhaps I'll just rape the information out of you. I was forced to drain the men of this city constantly, one more wouldn't kill me."

I was about ready to shock her and use Zylphe to retreat. I didn't want to make too much noise and have the entire town on to our actions. But before we could fight, I heard a familiar voice interrupt our confrontation.

"Solomon I told you to wait outside the manor." Promestein had said. "What am I going to do with you?"

"Master, I apologize." I said as I stood down.

"And who is this?" She said observing Lucia.

"This is Lucia... she was one of Lily's experiments." I answer.

Promestein merely smiled and responded; "Solomon, return to the Drain Lab. I wish to speak with her in private."

I was a little shocked. But I decided not to question it and agreed. She used her power to warp me back to the Drain Lab.

As I was warped back, Laplace greeted me.

"Welcome back..." She began to say however she noticed Promestein was absent. "Solomon, where is Master Promestein?"

"She told me to return to the lab while she spoke to one of Lily's experiments in private." I explained.

"That's quite odd." Laplace said. Being mostly machine, it's very unique of her to have logical thought processors. She notices quite a few things she deems illogical in her view. "What happened to Lily?"

"Well we arrived to most of the city, including Lily's test subjects back to normal. Lily wasn't in her manor it seemed." I explained to Laplace.

"It seems Lily has met the same hero whom stopped Chrome." Laplace said. "That would be the logical explanation." This hero Laplace mentions, Promestein said she felt some power from him. According to data Promestein has received, this hero is now hunting the Four Spirits and recruiting their power. He's also traveling with the Monster Lord. I know eventually he'll grow into a threat if he continues meddling in the Seekers of Truth's affairs.

After a short while, Promestein returned to the Drain Lab. However standing behind her was Lucia. I knew what had happened back there when I saw Lucia, it happened to me two years ago.

"Laplace, this is Lucia, a fellow truth-seeker. She will be joining us in our cause." She had said. She then turned to me. "Solomon, since you two have gotten acquainted already, you will give her the tour and show her to her quarters. She'll be sleeping next door to you."

I didn't even protest, I wasn't even surprised. I was told the goal of the Seekers of Truth involved the recruitment of other truth-seekers. If Lucia was just that, then I can't complain.

"Yes Master Promestein." I said. "Follow me Lucia." I turned around and began giving her the tour of the facility.

I had later found out Promestein is training her knowledge of Magical Sciences further and teaching her to construct chimera of her own. It also seems she has improved upon the altered body that was a result of Lily's research. Like me, she is wrapped up in training and studies. But like Lily, she requests me for... samples for research purposes. During one sample extraction, she explained why.

"Why me specifically?" I asked wincing. Having finished twice already, my body was already very weak but consumed by pleasure. "We have hundreds, if not thousands, of male subjects."

"Think of it as a thank you, and as payback." She said. "You helped Lily, but you helped me afterwards in finding this place."

As it was an order from Promestein, 'No' is not a valid answer. But a little trump card against my one weakness here was nearing completion.

Chapter 3: My Deadliest Creation: His name is Hyde.

After several months, and much needed hard work between missions, it is done.

I sat at my desk in my room holding the vial filled with a burgundy liquid. The materials I used and research led to this; A non-toxic medicine to cure the bane of a human male's existence when it came to fighting monsters:

Critical Ecstasy.

Pleasure eradicating a man's fighting spirit at the brink of ejaculation was what forced many heroes to baptize themselves under Ilias to become true heroes. But this medicine was to be the end of monsters winning through pleasure. An energy restoration medicine designed to fill the body back up with energy and allow them to fight even after the monster has pushed them beyond their limits.

"But what to name it?" I kept asking myself as I stared at the vial. I slowly filled a syringe with it. However I decided to wait and decide upon a test of its power. I needed a willing monster subject to have their way with me in order to accurately test it. I kept the syringe in my pocket and headed to the central control room of the Drain Lab.

"Master Promestein?" I called out.

"What is it Solomon?" She asked, performing her own research on a chimera.

"I have created a medicine, may I borrow a chimera to test it on?" I asked.

"What have I told you about experimenting on and creating Chimeras yourself?" She asked.

"No this one's meant to be used on myself not one of them." I responded.

"Nevertheless you know I have to save resources and troops for our plan, experiment outside I'm sure you can find a monster there." She had a point, but the monsters outside the Drain Lab were very hostile to humans. After I finally was told its location the inhabitants outside seemed more likely to hate humanity.

I could only sigh and walk around the lab, I decided to take the teleporter to a monster/human area and find a willing test subject there. As the monsters would preserve the human life. But Grand Noah was too populated, Yamatai is home to one of the Heavenly Knights, and I'm supposedly wanted in Grangold for disguising as a scientist there for a previous mission. I checked the map of Gold region and found a northern village, Oremist, a guide book on Gold Region noted it as a human settlement that began to allow monsters to live there. I warped to that village and disguised myself for my experiment.

As I arrived, I decided to walk around the village, I'm allowed to leave the Drain Lab but I must be disguised and I am constantly watched by Laplace through my back-claw unit. I eventually wandered into an alleyway when someone spoke out from behind me;

"My my, are we lost?" I turned to find that I caught the attention of the source of the voice, a young Scylla.

"Well not really? I'm just wandering around and..." I thought that this was perfect. I smiled seeing the monster who could help me. "Excuse me however," I began to ask, "I am glad someone like you found me, a cute monster like you." I had to take a huge risk and say; "If you were hungry or wanted me that way, I wouldn't mind giving you one load."

Without a second of hesitation the Scylla moved towards me smiling brightly, "Really? I'm glad I didn't have to force you then. Men usually get frightened of tentacles." She then pushed me against the wall and kissed me. I kept the syringe in my hand behind my back prepared to inject myself as soon as she got what she wanted. I soon felt her hands and tentacles undoing my pants and reaching for my weak point. Suddenly I felt her wrap it up.

She continued for a few moments until I finally released. I felt the exhausting feeling of Critical Ecstasy hit me as I dropped to my knees. I looked up at her as she smiled down upon me after licking up my semen.

"Tasty, but I don't think one is enough. And I doubt you can resist giving me more." Hearing that I weakly held out my arm and injected the needle taking in the medicine. However, mere seconds after that, a flash of white blocked my vision, and all went black afterwards.



Darkness and silence....

Then suddenly, I felt awake yet asleep simultaneously. I could only see pitch black darkness but I could hear as well. Cries, crashing and screams. But louder than anything else, was laughter. Someone, someone familiar was laughing amidst this chaos. But who? Who was it?

"Scream! Burn! Feel nothing but pure pain and suffering!" It yelled out as I felt a warm and familiar feeling. I looked to my side and saw Gigamander standing next to me. I tried calling out but there was silence. I couldn't speak, and she didn't even look at me.

"He has to be stopped!" I heard another voice.

"Protect the townsfolk!" I heard another. But both of their voices were cut off by their own pain filled screams.

"Run away! He's unstoppable!" A female voice cried out.

"Don't run! It will just make me more satisfied when I chop you cowards up!" That voice yelled again. It began to sound familiar. Gigamander was soon replaced by Zylphe, and I witnessed the artificial spirits being used back and forth between the four.

This went on for what seemed like forever, but it was cut off by something different. A female voice, blades clashing, his laughter and her battle cries. Whoever he was, he found a more worthy foe. And it only seemed to fill this voice with even more joy. But the female voice was familiar. It yelled out a familiar cry for an attack. Then I remembered, It was the same attack that Granberia nearly hit me with back then. But who was she fighting?

"You won't get away with this senseless murder!" Granberia shouted out.

"Try and protect these fools then. Fight me Heavenly Knight!" The voice shouted.

They classed for several minutes. Using artificial spirits he managed to hold his own. Rarely I would hear him grunt in pain, but he seemed to be full of energy.

"You stole Salamander's power, then used it on these innocent people and monsters, you won't be forgiven!" Granberia cried out as I felt a scorching heat. But I was there at Gold Volcano. This man is using the artificial spirits? This man was the one who stole Salamander's power to make Gigamander. This man has to be....


As I realized who she was fighting, my eyes shot opened and I saw Granberia. Her sword felt hotter than hell itself as she was preparing an attack. The village around us was set ablaze and most of the villagers evacuated. But those that weren't so fortunate before Granberia arrived were killed, butchered even. I wanted to run away from this sight. But I couldn't control my body, only watched and hoped I could endure this onslaught Granberia prepared.

"Vaporizing Rebellion Sword!" She cried out and released a barrage of flaming slices.

"Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" I uncontrollably shouted as I began spinning. Spinning around with my blade out turning into a massive crimson cyclone which ripped everything it engulfed to shreds and threw the pieces everywhere. The attacks offset each other. Neither myself nor Granberia were harmed. But what was left of the section of the village I was fighting in was torn to shreds. I never quite witnessed such a display of power. Nor have I ever considered myself capable to performing it.

"Impossible." She looked at me surprised. "My signature technique was matched?" I was astonished myself, I have never even learned that attack I just used. But it seemed impossible for a normal human to use.

I only laughed at Granberia. Suddenly I felt more able to control my ability to speak as I winced and held my head in pain. But my shouts were inside my head.

"Stop! Stop! You'll push yourself too far!" I shouted. I then realized the sheer damage I took was nothing like I had endured before. I was pushed beyond any limit I had. "You have to stop! You're going to kill yourself!"

Granberia only looked at me as she was confused. "What are you doing? We're in the middle of a battle!" She yelled out.

"No... not done!" The one controlling me yelled. Then he shouted; "Pain! It hurts!" And began running away with Zylphe's power. He, myself controlled by something, realized I was past my limit.

"Get back here! You won't get away with this!" Granberia shouted. But before she could give chase, she then had to save townsfolk and monsters from a collapsing building.

He ran for several minutes and stopped by a tree in a forest. He then fell backwards onto the ground as I finally regained control. My body felt horrible, unable to even move or stand. I only slowly closed my eyes as I fainted. But before my eyes closed, I saw a familiar female figure looking down at me.

I slowly awoke to find myself wrapped in bandages and wires placed on my body to scan my vitals. I looked at Promestein examining the medicine on my desk.

"Perhaps a test in the lab might have been better." She said.

"What happened?" I slowly asked.

"Oremist Village is destroyed, fifteen deaths, 8 human soldiers and 7 monsters, dozens more injured. The entirety of the city evacuated and burned to the ground and ripped to shreds by a single blade." She answered and then turned to me. "All caused by the blade of my assistant who supposedly would never kill anyone." She smiled at me.

"What?" I tried sitting up but fell back in pain. "I would never."

"This medicine, was what caused the massacre." She said as she held up the vial. "A cure for critical ecstasy according to your notes."

I looked at her in fear. "I didn't mean for that to happen."

"You also challenged Granberia. But it seems your little 'Psycho-Steroid' wore off before you two could really fight to the death." She said.

"Psycho-Steroid?" I asked.

"What you created would indeed replenish human energy and eradicate Critical-Ecstasy." She said. "But, the user would be filled with too much energy and must force it back out. Which is what created your murder-happy, alternate personality." She turned and placed it back on the desk and examined my notes. "You lost consciousness, then awoke with an urge to battle and re-tire yourself out. This being was created from those urges. And he was given control as your body overloaded on energy knocking you out. This other part of you that you created, lives to fight. he lives to destroy, he lives to kill, and he would possibly be unstoppable except for only the highest level foes."

I only looked at it in terror. One injection and I became a mindless killing machine.

"Solomon I am assuming you are afraid to speak because you believe you're in trouble." She said. It was only half true however. I was also in shock at what I had done.

"Those people, I killed them." I responded.

Promestein only closed her eyes as she spoke; "Exactly why you are not fit to construct Chimera Monsters or create tools that could potentially harm humans yet." She turned around and place the vial back on the desk before turning to me and looking at me. "You must be aware of the impact and dangers of all of your creations. Each of us sacrificed much to be able to create these beings. However you are a different case. You are indeed a Seeker of Truth, but you must still be willing to achieve the sacrifice myself and La Croix made."

I  slowly managed to sit up. "I understand Master. But what of that?" I said pointing at the medicine.

"It's a valuable weapon of yours now. But you must use it in emergencies only. Your rampages are clearly even troublesome for powerful monsters." She said as she examined the notes again. "Also, have you named it yet?"

I looked at her confused. "A name? Never thought of it."

"Honestly Solomon I named all of my injections and medicines. It's easier to sort is all." She said.

I thought about it as I grabbed a book on my bed. As I flipped a few pages, I read of 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.' Promestein looked at me, intrigued almost.

"It seems you developed your own tool to become Mr. Hyde." She said. And then it hit me.

"Mr. Hyde... Hyde... I'll call it 'Hyde.'" I said.

"Very well, now then your 'Hyde Injection' I only want you using in emergencies. It seems to rejuvenate your health to full and allow you to fight on with empowered abilities. However you go on an uncontrollable rampage. Also it seems when it finally wears off, you become extremely exhausted." She explained. "Understand?"

"Understood. So emergencies only and avoid combat when it wears off." I answered.

"Very well, rest up. I need you for another mission when you recover." She ordered.

"Alright Doc, good night." I said.

"It's noon... And that's Master Promestein to you!" She said bothered once again by that nickname.

She left and I was alone. I began to sleep but I heard my own voice in my head. It must have been Hyde.

"Hyde? I like it. We'll make the whole world fear us before we destroy it. Just your brain and my blade."

I closed my eyes and responded; "I don't destroy. I learn and become stronger through it. Now be quiet, I need to sleep."

"Suit yourself. But I'm sure you'll use that injection again. And when you do, it will be playtime for me." He said and then it was back to silence as I slept. He was right however. I could definitely see myself using this power again. But whomever or whatever I'm forced to use it against, I fear the worst possible fate awaited them.

Chapter 4: Uprising in Grangold. Meeting another Angel.

Several days had passed since the incident involving the Hyde Injection. Having been rested up and healed, I was prepared to receive my next mission.

"Solomon, good to see you awake. You have an important assignment you must complete back in Grangold." Promestein said.

"Awaiting orders then, I'm glad to be back on my feet." I responded.

"Very well, your task is a basic scouting mission. The Queen Ants seal back in Grangold seems to be weakening. I need someone to observe when it finally breaks."

I knew back in Grangold that the Queen Ant was sealed to control her colony. Promestein provided the technology to allow the city to advance so far. I also knew what would happen if the Queen broke free.

"So an uprising will occur..." I said. "I know that city will not last. I'll go there right away."

"One more thing." Promestein said. "If there is any interference, take care of it. I suspect a hero will try to stop the Queen Ant. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master Promestein." I answered.

I was sent off, I warped to a rooftop in Grangold. I merely had to observe the results of the Queen Ant's seal breaking. I waited for a signal, something to show that she was free.

Suddenly, a loud explosion shook the city. I looked down upon the streets to see Ant Girls, suddenly stopping their work, and attacking the humans of the city. Even the artificial monsters did the same thing. I scanned the castle to find a large outburst of magical energy.

"The Queen is commanding the Ant Girls using the very seal they made." I softly said as I examined the chaos.

"Wow, so these lazy people are going to pay big time!" Hyde had excitedly said in my mind. He was right however. The Artificial monsters attacked and began raping the humans. The Ant Girls however, carted them off towards the castle.

"Master Promestein," I had called her through the communicator. "The seal breaking seems to allow the Queen to transmit her orders mentally to the soldiers. They're carrying men into the castle. Possibly to build a colony within it."

"I took this into account. And the artificial monsters?" She asked.

"The artificial ones seem to just be going haywire and raping men." I said.

Suddenly I picked up a higher power on the scan, A young boy with purple hair holding a strange sword had just defeated one of the artificial monsters. He was running towards the castle. He was exactly as Promestein described. She had saw him in Chrome's hideout and in Lily's manor.

My scanner then picked up an even higher power. A lamia. Without a doubt her power and appearance immediately pointed out that she was indeed the Monster Lord. She was headed to the outskirts of the city.

"Promestein, the hero you warned me about arrived. He's defending the city. The Monster Lord is also in the city." I said.

"Pursue the hero, don't allow him into the castle." She said. "I would need to gather more readings on the machine and the seal."

I jumped across gaps and followed the hero. He soon got stopped by another artificial monster. I stood on the roof of a building behind him and aimed with my gun-staff. I was prepared to paralyze him and allow the monster to defeat him.

"Hold still..." I mumbled. He was agile, dodging with wind-based power. I had fired but missed, and he finished it off. Strangely enough the monster merely got sealed instead of shutting off completely. He continued to run towards the castle while I followed him. I was soon stopped bumping into a small figure. Both of us falling over.

"Like watch where you are going!" She had yelled out as she stood.

"I'm sorry I'm in a hurry." I said standing up. When I looked at her I immediately took a step back. She was small, in pink clothing. Her hair was very long and blonde colored. She had pink hearts in her eyes and held a bow and arrow. But what threw me off, were her pure, white wings. Although Promestein's were different, there was no doubt she was an angel.

"Oh no! He found me!" She said, panicking. I was a human, she shouldn't be afraid. In fact I couldn't even touch her if I decided to do anything.

"Wait! Who are you?" I asked.

She calmed down, and looked at me. "I'm an angel you silly man." She said giggling. "I'm Cupid! And I was sent to keep an eye on you."

I looked and saw the hero had already rushed into the castle. I was held back by this angel. "Aww man, Doc's going to be so mad. I'm Solomon... Wait, you're spying on me?" I asked.

She soon looked worried. "Don't tell your boss! Great Seraph Eden would kill me if I messed this up."

"Talk." I demanded.

"It's because Eden needed more information on your actions within Promestein's organization." She said afraid. I just intimidated an angel. Even if the Grandmaster of this was Ilias that could still be counted as sin."Don't tell anyone!" She pleaded desperately. "I'll do anything. I'll even... pleasure you if you'd like." She soon stared at me. For a Cupid, she seemed to be even more desperate to find a lover of her own. I could see the obvious lust in her eyes. Although in all honesty lust is everyone's first guess with actual hearts in her eyes.

"What... no!" I shouted. I mean she's cute, and I'm sure Ilias wouldn't be angry about a man and an angel doing this sort of thing. But I had my own duties to accomplish. "Look, I know my master and Ilias have an agreement. If Ilias needed someone to keep supervision, then I can't meddle alright?"

"Thank you!" She said excitedly. It seems I kept her out of major trouble. "You know, you're much nicer than the others I had to keep an eye on. Let's be friends!" She said with a smile.

"What?" I said confused.

"Well... not friends per say. Maybe I'll reward you. How does being my plaything sound?" She winked at me.

"I'd rather be friends." I said. "I wasted a lot of time. That hero got away."

"Oh don't worry about him. Eden told me that hero is part of something bigger. Its classified though." She said. "But I guess we can be friends. For now" She winked at me again. "I'll see you around Solomon."

"How do you know my name?" I asked blushing a little.

"I'm a scout for the Heavens remember? I know more than you think." She said. She seemed a little dense. But with her small figure and that bow, the roll of support or scout in combat suits her. "Let's just say I won't mention your little sins to Eden or other angels ok? I'll punish you myself later."

As she flew away. I looked back at the city to see the Ant Girls and artificial monsters calming down. The humans were released.

"Master Promestein. There was a problem..." I nervously spoke on my communicator.

"I saw the whole thing. Return to the lab." Promestein calmly said.

I was soon warped back to the lab.

"So that cursed Third sent a scout and she got in your way?" Promestein said.

"Yes Master. She would've probably attacked me if I had told so I was sworn into secrecy." I answered. Had it not been for the observing lens on my back-claw, that meeting would have been a secret. "Wait Third? You mean Seraph Eden?" I asked.

"Correct. The Third Great Seraph." She said. Putting an unusual amount of emphasis on 'Third.' Almost as if she was taunting Eden. "She can order other Angels like that Cupid to try and watch our actions. She's such a nosey little Third. Miceala and Lucifina call it quits and suddenly she feels like she's in charge of the whole universe."

"So she only got where she was because two others quit? Either there were no other Seraph or Ilias must have been desperate." I said. Promestein suddenly smiled at me.

"Oh if Black Alice had heard that she might have rewarded you." She had said. I was still creeped out pondering at what Black Alice would call a reward. "I'm right here and I want to just give you a pat on the back. I'll be sure to mention it to her."

"Well, I never met Eden but from what you're describing it seems she's taking the power to her head too much." I nervously chuckled. I didn't want a Seraphim mad at me.

"She thinks she's first now, but will always be third." Promestein said. "Now Solomon, your mission is completed. I'll have to ask Ilias what to do about that hero Luka. As for you, tomorrow we'll move to the lab in Remina. We must make preparations."

"Understood." I said. I didn't want to ask much. I knew she was involved in the Slaughter of Remina. So having a new lab there wouldn't be surprising. I was going to Hellgondo tomorrow. It seems something big is about to happen. However I was curious about her White Rabbit injection. She had showed me it a few times during its development.

"Master Promestein, how is the White Rabbit coming along?" I asked.

"The White Rabbit is coming along nicely." Promestein had said.

"That's great. Maybe it will be completed soon." I had said. But in reality I was afraid.

The White Rabbit, was a truly deadly drug. Nothing like the Hyde Injection. Just its appearance made my skin crawl with fear. Promestein mentions it's power is considered a final resort. But I do not wish to see it in action. Even Hyde feels intimidated by it.

Chapter 5: Prepare for Battle. The Ruins of Remina.

We had arrived in the ruins of the city of Remina. Remina was the former largest city in Hellgondo and was home to hundreds of powerful monsters and human citizens. However in one day, a massive massacre wiped everyone out. Rumors said the Monster Lord had called it, but I knew the truth. Promestein and Ilias destroyed the city with angelic and chimeric forces.

The remains of the city are ruined buildings home to some of Promestein's chimeric monsters. They are commanded not to attack me, however it does not mean they are friendly. There were easily hundreds, if not thousands, of the beasts roaming outside and inside the ruined buildings.

Promestein showed me inside the lab. The entrance was a hidden trap-door by a wall. In the main room of the lab, stood five chimera monsters. They were the Next Dolls, the pinnacle of Promestein's chimeric research. Even the Heavenly Knights and the Monster Lord should fear them.

"Solomon, Ilias has informed me of a potential back-up plan incase this Luka doesn't perform his part of the job." Promestein mentioned.

I looked towards the Next Dolls, I knew what was going to happen. "War?" I asked.

"Precisely. You will witness the Next Dolls in action. I also ask that you join the attack force. After all, you are proof of the search for the truth's influence of humanity." She said with confidence. It seems like she's proud of her influence on my mind.

"Of course Master Promestein." I said.

Inside the lab, I attempted to get acquainted with the Next Dolls. However it did not go very well.

Hainuwele merely recognized me. But she warned me not to get in her way when she fought Alma Elma. Amphisbaena didn't seem to care if I was there or not, Tsukuyomi merely thanked me for retrieving Tamamo's tail hair. And Rapunzel... let's just say I was nearly forced to mate with her.

However, Arc-en-ciel, Granberia's counterpart, seemed to be interested in me.

"So Solomon." she began to speak. "You fought Granberia already? You lucky man, how was it?"

"Well, it was not exactly me... it was Hyde." I answered.

"Tell her I couldn't stick around to finish the fight. But I wish I was the one fighting her instead." Hyde said inside my head and I told Arc-en-ciel what he had said.

"A tough match for you?" She had asked. "Well I'm sure she won't stand a chance against me." I couldn't help but agree. Even though I've only witnessed Granberia's strength in combat, the Next Dolls truly seemed nightmarish to even think about fighting. The Hyde Injection might not even be enough to take one of them no matter which of the five I was fighting.

The next day I had explored the ruined city outside. It was fascinating to see the city's ruins. Hyde even began imagining the massacre.

"The massacre was intense. It had angels and chimeras against the monsters and people." I told him.

"Not a single survivor? Ilias can sure be brutal." He had said.

I sat against what used to be a house wall and observed the various chimera wandering about. Most of them being the Chimeric beasts. Promestein had told me these beasts were the most efficient and least costly designs to mass-produce. They were quite formidable even against an experienced warrior.

Suddenly, the silence was disrupted by a familiar voice.

"Well if it isn't Solomon. It has been so long." Said the voice. I looked to see it was a young girl in a blue and white gothic lolita dress. Holding a stuffed bear. It was Black Alice, the tyrannical, former eighth Monster Lord.

"Black Alice? What are you doing here?" I asked.

"I'm just checking to see if Promestein is preparing for the party. And I figured we should catch up." She had giggled whilst hugging her teddy bear. "It's been two years. I thought I was going to have you over for a tea party at some point. But you were oh so busy."

"I couldn't even feel your presence. You snuck up on me like a fox." I said.

She merely giggled. "A fox? Just like Promestein it seems. I prefer being called a rabbit you know." She had said. Somehow, it felt fitting to say she was a rabbit. Or at least chasing them. "Oh by the way," She had then said, "I heard you're little crack at Third. I found it was so funny." She then smiled at me.

"Well thanks. Things are coming along nicely Black Alice. I'll be sure to mention you were here to Promestein." I had said.

"There's no need for that." She had said. "I'll be watching to make sure. Good bye for now Solomon. I do hope you don't die in battle."

"Really?" I asked.

"Of course!" she had said excitedly. "If I wanted to see you die, I would have killed you right here." she had also said. Immediately causing me to be frozen in fear. "Now I will be watching Solomon, I do hope that White Rabbit gets finished soon."

"Wait how do you know-" but before I could finish, she had teleported away. I stood there, as freaked out as I was when I first met her.

"Man she is twisted." Hyde had said.

"Don't get any bright ideas." I had said.

"Don't worry, even I wouldn't try to see just how much that girl wants to play." He had responded sarcastically. "But didn't you connect two important dots?"

I thought for a moment. "White Rabbit... Black Alice... The two are connected." I answered. I had thought that both of them seem to share a similar dark aura.

"You see it too Solomon. That White Rabbit and Bunny-girl there obviously must be linked." He said.

"It must be dark essence of a Monster Lord imbued with something else." I said. "Promestein didn't mention exactly what that drug contained."

"Be careful around her then. You seemed frightened by her bear even." He then said.

Whilst we were thinking, a loud bang was heard nearby. I rushed to the source to find the current Monster Lord, Alice the sixteenth, fighting a massive horde of chimeric beasts. Rather she was ripping them to shreds. I immediately hid behind a building and contacted Promestein.

"Master, we've got a huge problem. Alice XVI is ripping these chimera's limb from limb. Literally!" I had said aloud.

"I know, Luka is pursuing me as well. I'm unsure why either of them decided to come here. Do not engage Solomon. Even with the Hyde Injection." She had said.

It was too chaotic for me to mention Black Alice to Promestein. I merely watched the Monster Lord battle the chimeras. I had retreated as she charged some dark magic and returned to the lab entrance. Having not opened the door yet I stood there panting.

"Solomon are you ok?" A voice called out as a hand grabbed my shoulder. I quickly turned around drawing my blade. "Wah! Easy! You're lucky I'm immune to that."

"Cupid? Don't sneak up on me like that!" I yelled out.

"Sorry Solomon." She had said. "I was making sure my future slave was alright." She winked at me.

"Man you're really obsessed with having sex. Aren't you supposed to make people in love with other people?" I asked.

"I can't help it. It feels so good to punish a sinner with rape." She said.

"Too much information." I responded. "Anyways you should leave, Promestein will return soon."

"Oh right! Thanks!" She flies off quickly after that. I could have turned her in, but what good will that do. I can't fight her, and she'd overpower me in pleasure like she's suggested repeatedly.

When Promestein returned. She noticed Luka and a blood-covered Alice XVI heading towards the Sealed Sinner's Prison. Promestein mentions that tomorrow is when the war begins. I went to my temporary quarters and slept. I knew now that the entire world was about to experience the wrath of Ilias, and the pinnacle of the Seekers of Truth's power.

Chapter 6: This is war. Battle of the Monster Lord's Castle.

As the sun rose signaling the next day, I watched as the Hero Luka entered the Monster Lord's Castle from a distance. I returned to Remina and stood at the front of the chimera army. Promestein walked up to me.

"Has he entered?" She asked.

"Yes. Now what shall we do?" I said.

"We wait." Promestein said. "Ilias said we will attack after Luka's battle with the Heavenly Knights. I am awaiting her signal."

"And if Luka falls?" I ask.

"We hold back for a while. Prepare even more forces." She said.

"I still feel fail-safes should be made." I suggested. "In case the plan doesn't go smoothly."

Promestein merely looked at me. "I assure you, everything will go according to plan. Have I ever been incorrect Solomon?"

"You still wonder how I am alive Doc..." I said.

"Aside from that?" She said.

We looked at the palace. I was waiting for what would be Ilias' signal for war. A bright ray of light soon hit the castle.

"That's the signal to prepare for battle. Solomon Give the command." Promestein ordered.

Without hesitation I drew my blade and pointed towards the palace. "Chimeras! Move out!" I shouted. The beasts soon moved towards the Monster Lord's Castle. Hundreds, if not thousands of them. Amongst them; Promestein, myself, and the Next Dolls moved with them. The beam of light disappeared from the castle and suddenly angels began to fly down towards it.

"The Second Remina has begun." Promestein said. My orders in battle were clear then, seek and destroy. I might have to call upon Hyde after all.

"Solomon," Hyde had said. "Murder isn't your thing. But this is a war. Call on me any time. This seems like my specialty."

We approached the massive doors. Angels flew above us ready to storm in the castle. I soon charged a Giga Bomb with my gun-staff and blasted the doorway open. We began to storm the castle.

Monsters attempted to fight us off. Many ended up facing numerous chimeric beasts at once. Any angels were simply taking advantage of their immunity to their attacks and finishing them off.

The seemingly one-sided battle soon worked its way into the central room. Where the Heavenly Knights soon joined the fray. I battled and aided the Chimeras against the Monsters.

"Ugh.. I can't move!" A behemoth had said as I shot her with a shock pulse.

A Vampire attempted to grab me. But I soon flash-banged her and dodged her attack. "I can't see!" She cried out. Chimera beasts soon took my place as their opponents.

I managed to fight my way to Promestein. She was being confronted by Luka. The Next Dolls were facing their Heavenly Knight counterparts. Hainuwelle was overwhelming Alma Elma with her speed, whilst Arc-en-ciel was pummeling Granberia. I felt Hyde was angry at the sight.

"Hyde, calm down. I know you wanted to face her." I said.

"It's not that." He said in rage. I scanned both knights and noticed they were considerably weakened already. Was this Ilias' plan? "Granberia... she's not full of the same fiery passion and energy she had when I faced her. She's weakened. It's not fair!" He had said. It seemed Hyde was expecting to see his favorite foe in better action.

I returned to Promestein. Having witnessed Luka seal a powerful Archangel. It seems Luka and Alice are the highest threats. I took aim with my gun-staff from behind Promestein. In case he was going for her next.

"Haha, what will you do Eden?" Promestein asks as she looks towards the ceiling. "Even your archangel protege seems to have been brought down." I knew she was insulting Seraph Eden. Luka however looked confused. As they continued talking, Alice and Arc-en-ciel joined in. I however picked up a sudden increase of power from the scanner and looked towards the nearby wall. I then noticed Tamamo was missing. I looked towards the source of the power as it approached the area.

I soon turned around to see Alice lunging towards Promestein. She was suddenly stopped by a seal. Electric energy then sparks around the area. Promestein then soon transfers Alice out of the castle. The hero Luka was even more confused. Promestein mentioned countermeasures to Luka and Alice XVI, the seal just then was one of them. As Luka was about to attack Promestein, she triggered the seal on Luka's power. Suddenly, the elemental energies I scanned on Luka vanished and his power seemed to drop.

"He's weakening. Surround him!" I command. The Chimera beasts soon surround him as he can't even fight one of them off. Promestein begins to offer him a deal if he surrenders. He declines however. As Promestein orders Amphisbaena to sever his limbs, the source of the power I scanned earlier charges towards the other side of the wall. "Incoming!" I shout as the wall crashes and a massive beast charges through. I notice Tamamo riding it's back. I jump out of its way as it easily takes out the normal chimera beasts. The beast itself seemed like them, only leagues above their power.

"Giganto Weapon.. A weapon from the Sacred Monster Wars." Promestein begins stating. I immediately turn towards it, drawing my blade and preparing the Hyde Injection as it throws Tamamo off her back. This huge monstrous beast was used 1,000 years ago in the Great War. It's power was tremendous, easily able to face powerful foes. It faced me with a cold stare, I had to fight it off, I was unsure if the Chimeras could take it alone.

"Stand back! I'll take it." I said. I was soon stopped by Arc-en-ciel who turned towards it ready to fight.

"I'll pass on that one!" Hainuwelle shouted as she flew out of its way.

"Then I shall play with it." Arc-en-ciel said and soon she stops the Giganto Weapon's charge single-handedly and slams it down onto the ground causing the entire castle to rumble. I tremble at the shaking, nearly falling over. Arc-en-ciel begins delivering powerful kicks at the downed beast. "It's over now, how disappointing." She said as she delivered one last kick. "Were fighters back then really so weak?"

Promestein and Arc-en-ciel talk about the beast before Promestein orders the castle to be finished off. I notice Tamamo standing back up and getting in the chimeras way. I suddenly felt very intimidated as she mentions what happens if a beast monster crosses her. Her power seemed to begin rising even higher than it already was. The Chimeric beasts begin backing away. Promestein even had to convince the Next Dolls not to try and face her.

We were ordered to fall back. I lead the Chimera beasts away as the Next Dolls and Promestein followed.

After returning to the lab, I was instructed to perform necessary repairs. Although building them wasn't my thing, I could definitely repair Chimeras. However my progress was soon halted by a strange banging on a nearby door.

I slowly walked towards the door. The banging was rather violent, I grabbed my gun-staff, preparing to shock the potential intruder. I jumped back when two small hands grabbed the door and ripped a waist-high hole open.

"Promestein!" Yelled the small figure. It was a young lamia. But upon closer inspection I discovered the lamia was too familiar. It was Aliphese XVI, just really small. And very adorable.

"What the hell? I thought you were sealed!" I yelled out.

"Out of my way! I want my body back!" She shouted as she charged at me. Tackling me into the ground and moving towards the next door. For a small Monster Lord, she was still tough.

I jumped back up. "Zylphe!" I had shouted as I activated the Wind spirit. I rushed and blocked the door drawing my sword. "Not so fast! I don't know how you got out that seal, but you're going back in, even if I need to use force."

Alice merely smirked at me. "Please, you're 100 years too young to talk down to a Monster Lord." She had said with confidence.

"You're so short, it's hard not to talk down." I said with a grin.

"Bring it on then. I need to find Promestein anyways so you're going to tell me where she is." She said.

"Hyaa!" I shouted as I used Zylphe's boosted speed to charge at the mini-Alice. However I soon found her tail tripping my leg causing me to fall foward. She soon ripped my back-claw off and sat on my back holding it around my neck. Her small tail holding my arms behind my back.

"Don't waste my time. Now where's Promestein?" She asked with anger pinning me down. Forced into a binded state, Zylphe's power is useless and I can't call Gnomaren.

"Gahh! I won't talk." I said struggling.

"Talk! Or I beat you with your own third arm!" She shouted and started hitting me with my back-claw. "Now stop hitting yourself!" She began to say with joy.

"Hey! Stop it! That hurts!" I yelled out.

"Stop hitting yourself!" She kept saying with happiness. "This is actually kind of fun!"

"Ow! Stop it! She's in the center of the lab." I said as she rained blows upon me with my own claw.

"Good boy." She said and dropped my back claw slithering to the next door and busting through it, leaving another hole.

"Hey! I have to fix that you know." I said. I then grabbed my communicator. "Master Promestein we have a problem..."

"There's an intruder alert in Sector Two, investigate it now." She said.

"Two? I'm in Sector Four and the Monster Lord just ripped through two doors heading towards you." I said rubbing the back of my head.

"How did she get unsealed?" She asked.

"She's technically still somewhat sealed it seems. She's a little lamia girl now." I said. "I'm pursuing her now." I said as I ended the call and followed the Monster Lord.

I chased her down the laboratory. Scanning her to find much of her power is actually gone. She wouldn't last against a higher powered chimera by herself. But aside from Chimera troops or the Next Dolls, most of the nearby chimeras are experiments.

"Stop!" I called out, shooting at her with electric pulses. She just dodged them however. She may be in a smaller, weaker body, but her combat experience is still there.

I chased her into the central room. We found Luka confronting Promestein.

"Here you are. Promestein!" Alice had said.

"Master Promestein please forgive me I tried to stop her." I said panting.

Alice joins with the hero. Promestein soon transformed herself into her ancient seaweed body.

"Solomon, stay back. I'll deal with them myself." She said.

As Luka and Alice began fighting Promestein. She noticed me scanning her with my goggles.

"Solomon, what are you doing?" She said as she faced me.

"Scanning your vitals." I said nervously. Actually, I was scanning and saving an image of her body. She was completely naked with plants and seaweed growing out her body. It was the first time I had actually seen her naked. I had found her extremely beautiful before, but I'd be tounge-tied just trying to talk to her. As this form is partially monster, her holy immunity seemed to had worn off. Despite my perverted attempt, it was interesting observing the affects of monster DNA used on Angels.

"Ah, continue." She said and immediately resumed. She had the upper hand, as Luka and Alice were both greatly weakened.

However, as Promestein prepared to finish Luka off, he suddenly became much more agile. I knew this was bad as he turned the tables. Soon driving her back.

I rushed to Promestein's side. However she held her hand out for me to stop.

"I said stand back Solomon," She said as she grabbed a syringe. I recognized the strange liquid inside. It was the White Rabbit.

"Master Promestein no!" But she was just about to inject herself when suddenly me and her were both frozen by strange magic.

"You mustn't use that injection yet Promestein." said a strange voice. Suddenly Black Alice appear in the room.

"Black...Alice?!" said Promestein.

"What is she doing here?" I asked.

"Goddess Ilias doesn't wish for your brain to be broken yet. It would be quite troubling if you used the unfinished 'White Rabbit' in desperation?" She had said. I didn't just hear things before, she does indeed know of it. "Please...go cool your head off for a bit."

"Damn girl." Promestein had said. Black Alice soon warped both of us away.

Chapter 7: The World Under Siege. New Orders.

Black Alice had transported both of us to the Drain Lab. After arriving. I immediately rushed to Promestein.

"Master Promestein!" I said as I rushed to her. She had fallen unconcious. "La Croix! Laplace! Promestein is injured!"

La Croix appeared suddenly and aided me in helping her up. Laplace turned towards us and prepared a stretcher to lay her down in. "Laplace, restore her vitals!"

"I'm on it." Laplace said as we laid her down. La Croix turned to me as Lucia rushed into the room.

"Solomon, what happened?" She asked.

"She had confronted the Hero Luka and the Monster Lord. She was about to use the unfinished 'White Rabbit' until Black Alice showed up and stopped us and sent us here." I had explained. We soon rushed to restore her vitals.

After we had finished, she was resting. I returned to my quarters as the others waited. I had a Back-claw to repair.

"Those two got lucky." Hyde had said.

"You're right. We underestimated their power." I responded as I reconstructed the back claw. I added a second claw this time and reinforced their durability.

I heard my door open as Promestein entered the room. "Solomon, may I have a word with you?"

"Ah Master Promestein! You're awake." I said with relief.

"Indeed. You were wise in calling the other Seekers. Your medical talents were unfamiliar with Angels as well as that ancient seaweed." She said and soon noticed the repairs and improvements to the back claw unit. "Oh, what happened to your back-claw?"

"The Monster Lord ripped it off." I said. "I figured I needed to upgrade it anyways."

"Well I taught you well. It was about time we upgraded it. Now the reason I need to talk to you... is about Lucia." She said.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Lucia wishes to oversee the destruction of her hometown in Witch Hunt village." She began to explain. "It's a sort of ritual for her. To achieve the level of sacrifice we each have done when becoming a Seeker of Truth."

"Why wasn't I instructed to do the same to Port Natalia?" I asked. "I mean I know the Mermaid Queen personally requested to attack that city alone and all but what's the reason for her going?"

"Lucia wasn't ordered, she went on her own. You made sacrifices two years ago. You gave up a life and a home back there and were willing to allow Black Alice's forces to perform their plan." She said. "But Lucia is different than you. She has only been a part of this organization for so long. Indeed part of her hatred for this town is the torture Lily put her through. It may be an incomplete desire of sacrifice and she may feel regret."

"So what if that happens?" I ask. "What should we do?"

"We pursue her and ensure she does not abandon the search for truth." She said. "I require you to observe Lucia's attack on her home village. If she goes through with her destruction, then all is fine. If our little, annoying hero Luka comes, don't interfere. I wish to see if Lucia will also deal with him."

"And if she doesn't?" I ask. "What if she refuses to destroy her hometown?"

"Return her to the Drain Lab. We can't lose members of our cause."

"And if she refuses to come by willingly?"

Promestein merely smiled. "I know you've wanted to hear this. Pursue her, capture her, and bring her back by force."

I smiled at the idea. Lucia has done her 'fake revenge' extractions on me for aiding Lily. Now I can turn the tables. "I shall not fail then. Master Promestein." I finish my work and re-program the claws to my backpack. I put it on and stand up facing her. "Any other orders?"

"I'm keeping you on reserve. The Mermaid Queen is attacking your hometown and Third insisted on Angels guarding the Four Spirits. Chimeras are invading Grand Noah and Goldport, Black Alice's forces are invading in other areas. I shall deploy you if your services are needed." She said. "By the way, La Croix told me you needed to talk to me?"

"Oh yes, two important things." I said. "First off, Black Alice being aware of the White Rabbit. I tried to warn you but we were pre-occupied with the invasion and that attack."

"I'm aware now, we're continuing its development." She said.

"Secondly..." I knew now it would be important to mention this despite promising someone. "Keep security up in the lab. Eden might snoop during this invasion." I knew I had promised Cupid, but Promestein is upping security already due to Black Alice's awareness of the 'White Rabbit.'

"Indeed, Eden may wish to observe all of the Seekers and not just myself." She said. "If that's all, then I must resume my work, and you should prepare to depart for Witch Hunt Village."

"Yes Master Promestein." I said as she turned and exited my room. I grabbed my staff and sheathed my blade. And prepared to depart. Promestein soon re-entered.

"Oh, one more thing." She said approaching me, standing close to me.

"Yes?" I asked nervously.

Promestein soon removed my goggles and deleted the saved image of her seaweed form. "Scanning my vitals?" She asked. "Do you doubt my intelligence? I could eat you for trying that old excuse."

I gulped and sweated. Nervously blushing as she confronted me. "I apologize. Don't eat me." I said.

She handed me back my goggles. "Trust me, if I ever had to kill you, it would be nothing but pure, blissful pleasure. Perhaps I'll think of a punishment for you or an experiment by my own hand if that's what you desire." She said. Causing me to blush even more. "Now off you go, my perverted assistant."

I backed away quickly and teleported away. Embarrassed at her suggestions and imagining just how she'd do me in.

Chapter 8: Betrayal. Solomon vs. Lucia.

I arrived at Lily's Manor. I decided to scout the village from a higher point. I climbed vines on the side of the mansion and stood on the roof watching the chaos. Lucia's creations were terrorizing the townsfolk. It seemed she based some of her creations on Lily's.

"Alright Lucia, where are you in all this?" I said. I picked up Lucia within the town prison. I rushed down and examined the scene through an open window. I couldn't hear much however.

It was Lucia, and Lily. I knew this would happen. It seems Lucia wants Lily more than this village.

Suddenly in the middle of their conversation, Lucia reveals her tentacled body and devours Lily. I gasped witnessing this. I knew Lily had her problems, but Lucia became worse. I had to stay however. I followed her back to Lily's manor.

As Luka arrived and began aiding the village. I followed orders and did not engage. He eventually met up with Lucia and they had battled. Something was different however.

My scanner was malfunctioning whenever I examined Luka. He used unfamiliar techniques alongside the spirit Gnome. As Lucia tried using Gnomaren, he became extremely agile. However Sylph was still sealed, and his abilities seemed even more devastating than before as he dropped a massive orb of energy on Lucia. It's sight was beautiful and devastating, like a falling star.

Luka was victorious. Although Lucia seemed to refuse to quit her ways, she turned more friendly towards the hero. As Lucia left the manor to retreat, I revealed myself.

"Stalking me Solomon?" Lucia had said.

"Lucia, you seem to have fallen." I said. "I'm merely scouting."

"What do you want?" she asked.

"Where are you going?" I asked. "The Drain Lab is that way." I said pointing to the South.

"Oh I see, Promestein asked you to return me to the lab if I failed." She said. "Oh and you said yes eagerly I'm sure." She taunted as she turned to me. "However, I'm not returning there."

"Well, what of the Seekers of Truth?" I said. "You know they do not tolerate their members going AWOL."

"I don't care anymore Solomon," Lucia said. "I'm just going to go live my own way. See if Luka will fight for my share of humanity." She began to walk away. "Perhaps you should do the same, she said and soon teleported away."

I looked up and sighed. I knew I had to capture her. "Promestein?" I said contacting her through the communicator. "Lucia has abandoned the Seekers of Truth it seems."

"Then do as I ordered. Find her, and bring her back... by force." She said. "She's teleported a short distance to fool you. We've tracked her heading North, as soon as she stops, pursue her."

"Understood." I said and teleported back to the lab to refuel. I wanted to be fully prepared to fight Lucia, even though I've trained and studied longer under Promestein's wing. I had a feeling Lucia was going to be just as strong either way as part of her is monster.

Whilst I was back at the lab, I figured to warn Promestein of Luka's strange power.

"Master Promestein, I have urgent news regarding Luka by the way." I said.

"Ah Solomon, what have you learned?" She asked.

I had took off my goggles. "The scanner on my goggles partially malfunctions when I attempt to read his abilities. It's in working condition I assure you though. But he had a strange aura around him. It took the shape of wings, he also became much more powerful."

Promestein turned around and said. "Holy energy... but a human can't use that properly."

"He learned some powerful Holy magic then." I said. "He dropped this large, blue, falling star on Lucia."

Promestein turned to me making sure I had said that correctly. "Lucifina..." she whispered. "Solomon, continue pursuing Lucia, I'm sure Ilias and Black Alice should know this information."

"Yes Master Promestein." I said and began restocking my supplies for my upcoming mission.

After a quick stop to restock, I discovered her hiding place. She took refuge in a mining town called Fyrestone. Chimera's were sent there to invade earlier. I knew if Lucia was a traitor, she'd get rid of them to avoid being found. I teleported to a building top as the small town seemed clear of chimeras. I looked down to find Lucia walking with some men holding pickaxes and shovels.

"You were amazing!" One said.

"Those tentacles sure made quick work of those monsters." Another had said.

"You and the sheriff sure made them regret coming by here." The third had said.

Lucia was silent however, as they walked past the building, I shouted out. "Hey Lucia!"

The four stopped. Lucia seemed concerned I had followed her. "Solomon..." She had said. "You followed me after all."

"Of course," I said. "I'm under orders... and unlike you I don't go attacking my own troops." I had said grabbing my gunstaff.

"Who is that?" One of the men said holding his pickaxe.

"Aren't you going to introduce me to your friends?" I said taunting her.

"Well Solomon, I am glad you made it. Join us, we just cleared this town of its chimeras. I could use a powerful ally." She said.

"Cut the crap," I said. "You know why I'm here."

"Yes, and I'd like for you to join me." She said. "I have it planned out, you of all the Seekers have the most potential. Join me, even Promestein would fall!" She said.

"Promestein?" I asked.

"Of course, we'll destroy her armies. And then bring peace to the world by finishing her. Maybe then we could find a place in this world." She said.

"You're not laying one tentacle on Master Promestein!" I said. "Now you're coming back with me, by force if I have to." I had threatened Lucia. "And you can take your offer and shove it straight up your-" My suggestion was cut off by one of the townsfolk throwing a rock towards me making me dodge it. "ass..."

The man looked at me holding his pickaxe. Ready to fight.

"Well well, someone without their manners." I said. "Allow me to teach you your place. " I said and shocked him with my gun-staff paralyzing him.

"Gah! I can't move!" He shouted. Lucia looked at me with hatred as the other two rushed to his aid.

"You three! Get away. He's too strong for you." She called out. She was too late, I shot an empowered flashbang at them blinding all four of them as I began charging for a Giga-bomb.

"I can't see! Where'd he go?" I heard the three guys shout.

Lucia looked around wildly, trying to figure out where'd I attack from. As the flash cleared, she soon saw the Giga-bomb heading straight towards her. She took the full force of the blast as the explosion blasted the front wall of a building clean off and left a small crater.

Lucia was inside the crater writhing in pain as the three guys who were thrown back from the blast got up.

"Madam!" One of them shouted as the other two rushed to her aid. "I'll get the sheriff!" he had said as he ran off.

I jumped down drawing my blade facing Lucia. She stood up slowly, wincing in pain. "You two go! I'll take him." She said panting. I merely stared at her. The two men running away in the same direction, hiding behind barrels. She was unable to rest properly after her battles with Luka and the chimeras attacking this town.

"I see... Solomon, I've done something quite serious." She said panting. "Betrayal of the Seekers of Truth is intolerable. The consequences are too severe... test subject, torture, being fed to chimeras, death..."

I continued staring at her. I had given her a warning and she refused. Violence was necessary as she planned to take down Promestein.

"But I have decided..." She said as she revealed her tentacles. "I shall not return to that lab, and I'll drain you for attempting to get in my way. Gnomaren!" She called out to the artifical Earth Spirit.

"Zylphe!" I shouted as I rushed at her with my blade with the artificial Wind Spirit aiding me. She attempted to strike me with her tentacles. All of them missing however. I was too fast for her to hit me.

"Hold still Solomon, I thought you liked my tentacles." She teased as she tried grabbing me. I sliced at them and evaded before striking her with my blade. I quickly dashed back.

"Sorry, but I'm no longer under orders to get milked by you." I said gripping my blade.

"I see, then I just have to devour you... Zylphe!" She activated her artificial Wind Spirit.

"Gnomaren!" I called out switching to the artifical Earth Spirit. "That won't help you here," I said grabbing fuel drives and equipping them to my blade. "Flame-drive Sword!" The fuel soon ignited and coated my blade in fire.

We continued to fight, however I had the upper hand. Countering her artificial spirits with my own.

"Enough!" She said. "You're going to fall Solomon, I'll see to it that you drown in maddening pleasure as I devour you." She said as she focused her remaining energy on enhancing Gnomaren.

"Like hell you will!" I shouted out. "Gigamander!" I said imbuing my blade with the Artificial Spirit of fire. Combining with the ignited fuel drives. The blade was now coated in raging blue flames. "Azure Hellfire Wing Dash Blade!" I shouted as I took a stance and unleashed all of my power on Lucia. Her slow body unable to dodge as I easily penetrated her defenses and delivered six immensely, powerful strikes upon her.

Lucia flew into a building covered in burns and cuts. She was unable to move. I had deactivated Gigamander's power as the flame in my blade died out. I sheathed my blade and grabbed my gunstaff, walking towards Lucia. I kneeled down over her and aimed at her chest. Using my back-claws to hold her arms down. Her fight with Luka, and her fight with the chimera assault weakened her. The opportunity was perfect.

"Now... you're coming with me. I'll probably be in trouble for horribly injuring a future guinea pig." I said as I charged an electric pulse. "But nowhere near as bad as what you might receive."

Then men stood from their hiding spot in fear. Suddenly a click was heard and a the barrel of a weapon was pushed against my head.

"I'm sorry, but would you mind stepping aside? That woman helped me out and I don't tolerate this kind of fighting in my town." Said the man aiming his weapon straight at me.

"Sheriff Viper!" Called out one of the men, the third of them soon returned.

I slowly looked behind me to see the sheriff, Viper as he was called, holding his strange gun-like weapon. I stood slowly, still ready to shock Lucia. I slowly whispered a call to Zylphe and pretended to attempt to strike Lucia. Only to dodge and rush behind him as soon as he fired.

"You nearly took my head off with that thing." I said. "I don't know who you are but this doesn't concern you." I looked at him and scanned his weapon. It was a strange gun. 6 shot clip, intriguing design. I was told Ilias Kreuz once attempted to achieve this type of gun technology. Had they succeeded, it would have armed their troops much better.

"It does concern me." He said. "I know Ilias is the one doing this. I was told the rumors she had sent those monsters all over the world. And I know you two are involved with helping her."

We looked at each other. Hands both gripping our weapons. Ready to fire. As the clock in the town struck noon, we both fired simultaneously. Bullet and Electric pulse. The fire intercepted each other causing a loud bang. Neither of us were phased. However Lucia and the townsfolk all flinched at the sudden blast.

"Nice shot." I had said. "I underestimated your skill with that weapon."

All of the sudden, I had heard Promestein on my communicator.

"Solomon, you can retrieve Lucia later. I need your help in Goldport. Meet with Assassinroid." She had said. I soon raised my weapon.

"Duty calls. And yes, Ilias is the one who ordered us to proceed with the invasion." I said. "I'll leave now, but I'll return for that traitor later."

"Just get out my town before I send you back to this Promestein with more holes then Swiss cheese." He warned.

Lucia winced as she called out. "Solomon, you'll pay for this."

I teleported to Gold Port. Required to follow orders. I decided to retrieve Lucia later. But I was certain this Sheriff wouldn't let me do it so easily. As I arrived outside the town, I heard Hyde speaking in my head.

"That was quite something." He said. "I was almost expecting casualties."

"Enjoyed the fight?" I asked.

"Yea. You showed that girl who's boss." He said. "The Seekers may be powerful. But it looks like they have an Enforcer as well."

"Enforcer of Truth..." I thought. "I liked that." 

Chapter 9: Goldport Invaded. Solomon vs Lazarus.

I had searched Goldport for Assassinroid. The majority of the city was already overrun by trooperoids. I had soon found her in stealth by scanning around the area.

"Master Solomon," She had said as she removed her stealth and began venting heat. "Promestein has ordered me to take down a primary target named Luka. She had asked I use your services."

"Ah, so he might head this way soon." I said. "Good idea, you may not be enough alone. Let's discuss a strategy." I look around the buildings. Searching for a vantage point.

"Master Solomon?" She asked. Wondering what I was looking for.

"Perfect!" I said finding a building within Gun-staff range. "Here's the plan. You must bind and finish him when I paralyze him. He's incredibly weak to pleasure from what I've seen during his battle with Lucia. Mix your blade and stealth techniques with pleasure techniques."

"Understood." She said.

"Be warned, he uses angelic powers now." I said. "But as long as he's preoccupied we can easily catch him. The Monster Lord's seal is still in place and at best she might be able to only provide temporary help."

"What shall we do after his defeat?" She asked.

"Ensure he can no longer escape." I said. "I'll transport him to the Drain Lab. But toy with him if you must to ensure he can't recover quickly."

After a short while, Luka and Alice arrived. I took a vantage point from on top of a building as Luka began fighting off a Trooperoid. He managed to defeat her and begin fighting his way up to Assassinroid. Off to the side was the current leader of Ilias Kreuz, Lazarus, facing other Trooperoids using what appeared to be Salamander's power. Although I was unaware of the organization's leader having the power of fire, upon closer inspection I discovered his vitals deteriorating.

Luka began his battle with AssassinRoid. Like with Lucia, Alice XVI can only aid him so much. I took aim while Assassinroid was in her stealth mode to create an opening for her to finish him. I began charging the shot as Luka was attempting to guard in order to endure any attack she might strike him with.

However as I just fired the shot, I was pushed out the way causing it to miss. The one who pushed me was Lazarus, who held his blade ready to fight.

"Well, you're quite rude to interfere." I said drawing my blade instead.

"I couldn't let you and those monsters win so easily." Lazarus said.

"You there!" said a voice. It later appeared as an image of Salamander, Spirit of Fire. "You were the one that stole my energy two years ago!"

I sighed. "Yes, that was me. And here was its result," I said as I focused. "Gigamander!" I called out imbuing my blade with the artificial Spirit of Fire.

"So that was what they were after... Lazarus, be careful around this one." She said.

"I'm not going to forgive you Lazarus," I said. "I had too many interruptions since this assault began."

"You're not going to harm Marcellus' son!" He shouted out. Suddenly he rushed at me and began to attack.

I scanned him as we fought, noticing his vitals dropping. "You're body can't take this heat it seems." I said.

"I'm prepared to die before I let you harm these good people." he had said and continued fighting me.

Our fight worked its way below to the city streets. Trooperoids attempted to interfere only to be forced back by Lazarus. As we clashed, they had surrounded us.

"Stand aside Master Solomon." One of them said taking aim. "We'll finish him off."

Lazarus stood and charged a spinning attack. Crying out as it send flaming waves out in all directions. I had dodged just in time however the Trooperoids surrounding us were wiped out in the flames. I stood and faced him. He had dropped to his knees panting.

"Such power..." I said. "You are definitely amongst the four heroes I've read about."

Lazarus tried to stand. He was very weak. "Four?" He said.

"Merlin, Karen, Marcellus, and Lazarus." I began to explain. "You four were definitely amongst the strongest heroes of your time." I sighed and walked towards him. "But it changed one day... you and Marcellus founded Ilias Kreuz." I slowly raised my blade.

Lazarus attempted to stand, but he fell back. His body was burned, and Salamander's power had faded.

"Finish him Solomon." Hyde had said.

"You were a ghost of your former self..." I said. "Now you'll be put to rest." I lowered my blade. He was dying, it was only a matter of time. He was beyond any medical aid that humanity or monsters could produce.

"Lazarus!" yelled Luka as he rushed towards us. I had to fall back, I wouldn't be capable of fighting him with so much of his power returning.

"Assassinroid has been defeated it seems." I said. "Trooperoid's retreat!" I called out to them before teleporting away.

I arrived to the lab. Laplace was there as always.

"Solomon, what had happened?" She asked.

"I had another interference." I said. "I almost had Luka too." I said. I was upset my plan didn't work out due to one annoying foe.

"Nevertheless, you retreated before you were overwhelmed by the disgraced hero Luka." Laplace said. "One question by the way, Promestein reported several data disks missing from the Remina lab. Do you know where they are?"

"No, I never touched those disks." I said.

"It seems we had a thief after you and Promestein were transported away." She said. "But we must retrieve the rest and prevent them from being stolen."

"Understood. Let me restock and move out." I said and began to do just that. Deciding to rest before leaving for Remina. The next day I transported myself to the Remina lab.

As I arrived in the lab, I placed the disks in my backpack and decided to scout outside. As I arrived outside, Chimeras looked at me and recognized me as an ally.

As I examined the old city again, I began to think of the hustle that a city this large would have. It seemed like a truly nice sight.

"Perhaps when we're done... I'd try to re-civilize Remina." I said to a Chimera beast. "At least make a home here in this quiet lab."

The quiet of this abandoned ruins was interrupted by my goggles warning me of scanning multiple higher powers, two Kitsune and a human, as well as several other lower monster powers. I looked at the chimeras, whom were all preparing for battle. I didn't expect them to raid this lab of all places. But I knew they had to be stopped.

Chapter 10: Battle in Remina. Solomon, Enforcer of Truth vs Shadow, The Demon Assassin.

I stood and faced the approaching monsters. The one human remained hidden it seems but I could detect his presence. As I pointed my blade at the monsters, the chimera beasts charged. The battle had begun.

The beasts held their own against the monsters, however the two kitsune easily defeated any whom attempted to strike them. One was a seven-tail, she seemed rather regal in appearance. Mostly beast with a human-like upper half. The second had eight tails. Her face was like a mask and her hands were large fox paws.

I approached the two holding my staff. Two powerful kitsune, I knew they would be difficult to face.

"That's enough. Why are you attacking here?" I asked.

"A human male?" The seven tailed one said. "Aiding Promestein?"

The eight-tailed one frowned. "I sense those artificial spirits in him. Nanabi, be careful."

"Yes Yao." Nanabi had said as she faced me.

"I'm still going to ask, why have you come here?" I said.

"It matters not to you," Yao had said. "We're taking care of the remaining chimera and this lab. Now stand aside."

"It does matter to me." I said raising my staff. "I am Solomon, the Enforcer of Truth. And Master Promestein doesn't want the likes of you wrecking her important research."

Nanabi stepped forward. "Then we shall punish you as well. I'll be your opponent." she had said.

I faced the seven-tailed kitsune. I knew Kitsune were at their best with Earth magic and their tails. Although Zylphe would help, if I was bound it would be trouble.

"Come Gnomaren." I said imbuing my body with the power of Earth.

Nanabi soon sent two of her tails towards me. They wrapped around my body and restrained it.

"Now then," She said raising her other five tails. "you're un-baptized. So I can punish you."

I let out a sigh and struggled. Breaking free of the tails. My body felt slow, but I could still shoot her with my staff.

"Such strength." Nanabi said. "You're no stranger to the Earth."

Yao soon stepped forward. "We'd have to face him together. He's too strong to face alone." She suggested.

"You're right." Nanabi said.

I looked at the both of them. They were quite powerful alone. But together I could be overwhelmed. I had to think fast.

"Fast.... That's it! Zylphe!" I called out. Zylphe replacing Gnomaren.

"Wind and Earth it seems." Yao called out.

"I've got him." Nanabi said as she began charging energy. My scanner displayed her Seven tails about to release a powerful attack.

"Me too." Yao had said. She soon began charging as well. Her eight tails charging energy.

"Fifteen tails.... this will hurt." I said and looked at my staff. I thought fast and launched a flash-bang at them. The blast taking both of their sight.

"Gah!" I heard Yao call out. The both of them were still ready to unleash their power. I used Zylphe to jump back out of range.

"Seven moons!", "Eight moons." The both of them called out. As the light faded, I saw their tails moving around where I was. As if they were aiming for my genitals.

"That was close..." I said. I saw them both regain their sight and look at me. Had that combination worked, I would have been finished.

"What dirty trickery." Nanabi had said. "I'll have to regain my power." She said as she had to regain her strength.

I looked towards the two and charged an electric pulse. "Leave now, I don't wish to hurt you."

"Absolutely not." Yao had said. "Just surrender the remaining Data Disks."

"As I suspected." I said, and shot Yao with the electric shot. She reeled back as she was paralyzed. "Then I'll have to deal with you three myself." I said drawing my blade.

My scanner was able to detect an invisible presence from behind, but he was fast. If not for Zylphe, I'd never catch him. The figure soon swung at me. I turned and blocked the strike. The figure jumped back and stood in stance ready to fight, with his invisibility wearing off. He was short, wearing dark blue clothing with a demonic horn. He had dark hair and held a blade staff. He just stared at me, a murderous intent in his eyes. My opponent had changed now, from Earth powered kitsune to this shadow.

"Nanabi, Yao, you've done well." He said. His tone was quiet, serious, it was difficult reading him. "A quick glance from his fighting style: the fake Four Spirits, a weapon that induces paralysis..."

"And who are you?" I asked, getting into stance.

"..." He stood silent."

"Well," I said. "Then I'll have to face you first." And we soon began our fight.

As we fought, the assassin was quiet and near impossible to read. He fought similarly to Luka when he turned the tables on Promestein before. The real danger however, was his agility. He moved and struck swiftly and was just barely avoidable with Zylphe. He also was able to jump higher and even move seemingly through me as he fought.

However my one edge against him, was his own shadow power. Despite his invisible shroud, my goggles could detect his presence. Nonetheless his stealth ability was remarkable, and seemingly lacked any limitation unlike Assassinroid. He attempted to jump out and strike at my neck from behind. However he was shocked to see my back claw knocking him away. My strategy was like with Alma Elma's speed back then, wait and respond. This allowed me to counter him with limited movement.

"... You can detect me in stealth... though I suppose I shouldn't be surprised with sensor technology." He said calmly. Even when he's caught off guard he manages to keep his cool.

I smiled and pointed at my goggles. "These eyes reveal the truth." I said.

He re-entered his invisible state. He kept his movement up to escape my line of sight. "Gnomaren." I said, calling the artificial spirit of Earth as I kept his detected presence within my vision. Soon he moved quickly behind me. I turned and grabbed his arms with my back claws, holding him in the air.

He attempted to struggle. However with Gnomaren, the binds are inescapable. He can't even strike me with his arms restrained.

"Intriguing power you have." I said examining him. "Ah, a Monster and human hybrid? Extraordinary!" I said.

"..." He stood silent.

"Like I said... These goggles reveal the truth. And your power is intriguing. Perhaps we can make something of it." As I said that, I swapped to my gunstaff. I had to restrain and make him unable to resist.

Before I could shock and imprison him, however, the assassin smirked in my grip and suddenly vanished in a thick black smoke. "What?!" I was taken aback. His struggling was a ruse; even with Gnomaren he somehow managed to escape my bind!

"Concealed Blade." The enemy had appeared behind me, and quickly rushed forth and back while slashing twice. The impact from the attack had knocked me away.

I stood up, dusting off my coat. The impact hurt, but Gnomaren shaved a good amount of damage off. The assassin stood as the kitsune checked on him.

"Shadow, are you alright?" Nanabi had asked.

"I'm fine." he responded, also dusting off his clothing. "Thank you."

"It seems he's extremely troublesome, we must face him all at once." Yao suggested.

"I don't want this to drag on longer than it should..." the assassin, named Shadow, had said.

I took aim, ready to fire at them as soon as they approached me. Suddenly Shadow focused energy and stabbed his blade into the ground. I immediately jumped as a blade appeared from the ground below me and struck my foot.

"Gah!" I yelled holding my foot and jumping up and down. "What the hell was that?!"

Shadow didn't hesitate with the opening that he created. Imbuing strange energy in his blades, they suddenly tripled in length. He rushed forward and delivered a powerful set of twin strikes to me. The attack was greatly damaging.

"A direct hit Shadow." Yao said praising him.

I was flung back into a wall. I stood slowly, still in pain, heavily injured. As I thought even a single strike could leave me in peril. I stood as he pointed his blade at me. He was really capable of assassinating me without any regrets.

I panted and reached in my pocket. I knew what I had to do, the energy I had lost was too severe.

"Surreneder?" I asked. "I'm afraid not. This ends now... for me at least. You are quite rare to force my hand at this."

"What is he on about?" Nanabi said.

"I was afraid of what might happened after I call him out." I said as I pricked my arm with the Hyde Injection. "He takes things too far. But for you three... he might have a lot of fun." As I injected the medicine, I spoke out before it took effect. "They're yours now....Hyde." And with that, my eyes closed as I dropped the now empty syringe.

"What's going on?" Yao asked. "Who is Hyde? And what happened to him?"

"This... isn't good." Shadow answered. "I sensed something sinister in that injection..."

Yao slowly approached my body. She examined and sniffed me when suddenly her tails puffed up and moved wildly. "He's...not down yet! In fact... all of the damage you have done to him is healed!"

As soon as she said that, Hyde began laughing. In control of my body now, he was free to play with the three. "Ehehehehe.... of course my eight-tailed fox girl." He said grinning widely. "He's letting me play now." He raised his head and opened his eyes wide, staring at them. "And look here! Three new things to rip open!" He shouted as he swapped to my blade. He always preferred my sword. I had no control now, whatever happened to them was going to be painful.

Yao jumped back as all three of them prepared. Shadow held his blade, the only one of the three actually calm. "If this becomes dangerous... I want you both to evacuate." Shadow said to his companions. The two nodded.

Hyde laughed as he darted towards Shadow, the Assassin blocked his strikes and fought back. Nanabi attempted to restrain Hyde, only to find him jumping up and landing on her back. He was about to pierce her chest when Yao swatted him off with her tails. Shadow turned invisible and attempted to strike. Hyde however blocked with his blade and tripped Shadow down.

"I watched as he fought you three." Hyde said grinning. "I know all your little tricks!" Hyde grabbed fuel drives and called out; "Gigamander!" and imbued the drives with the artificial spirit's fire. "Azure Flame Blade!" he yelled as the sword burned with a blue fire.

Shadow attempted to strike back with five consecutive slashes. But it was deflected by Hyde slicing three times in a row. Shadow dashed back, the heat from the blade overwhelming him. Suddenly, Nanabi rushed from behind and grabbed Hyde with all seven of her tails.

"Yao, do it now!" She shouted.

Yao jumped in front of Shadow and began charging Moonlight. Focusing it in a ball of energy between her eight tails. "The Moonlight Cannon. Nothing like Tamamo's, but it will be enough." she said as she finished charging.

Hyde struggled until his sword arm was free. He sliced Nanabi's other tail off his arm and threw her back and jumped out the way as Yao unleashed the Moonlight cannon.

"So close!" Yao said as Nanabi rushed to her, wincing in pain. Yao was also low on energy from that attack.

Hyde didn't hesitate however. With a red glow in his eyes he rushed to the two of them laughing. "Black Tyrant Wyvern blade!" he shouted as he spun rapidly, trapping the two of them in the same crimson cyclone that he used against Granberia. Striking them repeatedly, fifteen powerful slashes divided amongst the two. "Die! Die! Die! Die!" he kept shouting as they suffered the full force of the attack. As he finished, they flew behind Shadow, bout heavily wounded but still alive.

Shadow looked at the Kitsune, shocked by what had happened. He turned to Hyde and glared at him. Whoever he was, he shared a bond with these monsters.

"Hehehe." Hyde chuckled as he looked at them. "What's with that face? I'm not done playing."

Shadow quickly regained his calm composure before closing his eyes. "You've done well, both of you." he said. "I'll finish this here... Shadow Walker." suddenly, the two Kitsune were briefly covered in thick black smoke before vanishing.

Hyde merely chuckled. "Hehehe. I'd never thought an assassin of all people would hide my prey from me."

Shadow opened his eyes and stared at Hyde, shadow energy radiating from him. "You're going to wish this 'game' was over when I'm finished." Shadow had said threateningly.

Hyde merely took a stance and prepared for Shadow's attack. "Well then, don't disappoint Shadow." He said. "You're more entertaining than those foxes."

"Twisted Demon!" Shadow called as the shadow energy radiating from him is strengthened.

"Grandine!" Hyde called out using the Artificial spirit of water to amplify his attacks.

The two took a stance and dashed towards each other;

"Blinking Blade!" Hyde had shouted.

"Black Reaper!" Shadow called out.

The both of them dashed at a high speed, striking each other with a powerful attack. Shadow winced at the wound, while Hyde merely laughed.

Shadow turned to him and darted towards him. Hyde attempted to strike the ground, causing a large impact. Shadow however disappeared in thick black smoke and reappeared behind him and used the opening to slice his back. Actually causing Hyde to wince in pain.

The two fought on and on, both were tired. Hyde was panting slowly. Despite Hyde's stronger endurance and enhanced power, Shadow's relentless assault and equal speed combined with his shadow abilities allowed him to fight on. The multiple wounds that Hyde received took its toll as the fight dragged on. Shadow knew Hyde's guaranteed weakness; Time. Shadow knew the energy granted from the Hyde Injection combined with his damage over time was enough to stall-out Hyde's assault.

"This isn't fair... I'm supposed to be winning." he said exhausted. His eyes slowly closing for a moment as he looked at Shadow. Only to find Shadow vanishing. "Where'd you go?"

Shadow appeared behind him. "Demonic Shadow Strike!" and enveloped a large mass of darkness on his blades. He performed one final slash, striking Hyde with the full force and sending him flying back.

Shadow pointed his blade at Hyde as he stood. Hyde may be murderous, but he's only a psychopath enhanced by an energy booster that can only fight for so long. This Shadow, this demon of an assassin, could focus his murderous power better. As Shadow tried to finish us, his assault was blocked by the emergency Crisis Shield I developed.

Hyde winced in pain as he held his head. I was gaining control again, we had to escape. "Hyde!" I shouted. "Escape while he's unable to hit you! Use a flash-bang!"

Hyde merely winced in pain as he grabbed the gunstaff and flash-banged. "Zylphe!" he called as he used the wind to boost his speed and escape into the laboratory. The assassin didn't give chase it seems. As he probably focused on the wounded kitsune he teleported away and his own injuries.

As I regained control in the lab. My energy was running on empty. I rushed to my temporary room and laid in bed slowly restoring my health using medicine capsules and proceeded to utilize an antidote for the poison. After I ensured I wouldn't die and patched my wounds, I slowly fainted from exhaustion.

Chapter 11: Loyalty Rewarded. Promestein's goodbye.

I awoke to a strange feeling. My wounds were fully healed and my exhaustion faded. I sat up carefull and looked around.

"You've had a rough time during this war Solomon." A voice spoke out. I recognized it immediately. Promestein was facing me in the doorway.

"Master Promestein..." I said. "You healed me?"

She didn't respond, she walked towards the desk where my gear was placed and examined it. "It's been two difficult years Solomon." She said. "You joined me as a weak mercenary, begging to be sparred a dark fate, and I transformed you into a truly magnificent person. After you had performed my tasks, you agreed to stay, and you even had sworn to secrecy the grim fate Ilias had planned for this world."

I didn't respond as well. I listened to her as she turned and faced me. Continuing to speak.

"Of all the Seekers of Truth, you and Lucia I had the most faith in. Do you know why?" She asked.

" gave humans fire?" I asked.

"Correct." She said smiling. "I gave humanity fire. I am always fascinated by human beings. You naturally pursue and seek knowledge. You humans evolve and overcome obstacles that are presented. Over these past millennia, nothing made me happier then the day I saw how they evolved even with Ilias' guidance after I gave them fire."

I kept listening. I always knew she loved humanity.

"And you Solomon." She said staring at me. "You followed me and accepted my guidance over the Goddess of Light herself. Truly I am grateful to have had your loyalty."

I nodded. "I'll always be grateful for the gift you gave me." I told her.

"Solomon," she said as she removed her labcoat. "Of all the time you served me, have I rewarded your loyalty?"

I shook my head. Wondering what she was doing.

"Ah, you always took the knowledge I gave you and the praise you received as its own reward." She said. I suddenly saw movement under her clothing. She transformed her body into the ancient seaweed I saw before. "I believe your loyalty deserves a much better reward."

I back away slowly. "You're going to devour me?" I asked nervously.

She smiled as the seaweed restrained my body. She walked towards me slowly "Oh no, I could never eat you. Despite your perverted nature as a human." She showed a plant-like organ in her arm. "I'm merely going to satisfy the hunger of this plant and your desire at the same time." She moved her arm near my penis, ready to begin her reward.

I didn't even struggle. My face was blushing red with the strange desire of what she's about to do to me. I couldn't help but stare at her. "Master Promestein..."

"Ah Solomon, of all the times Lucia and La Croix had their way, you never once looked at them like that." She said. "Perhaps I'm learning of some desire you had for me this whole time?" Promestein smirked as she stared at me. "Your quest for knowledge, to think part of that was to impress me enough to finally be here today."

I looked at her with sheer embarrassment. It's true I thought of her to be extremely attractive.

"Perhaps I shall feed a different way then." She said. "A way that would really put you in Heaven." As she said that, she straddled my hips. My penis pushed against her entrance.

I gasped softly, I wasn't dreaming right? Promestein is really rewarding me in the one way I'd love more than anything.

"Here's your reward Solomon." She said and slowly lowered herself down, letting me inside her.

Author's Note: It's not that I don't know how... because I thought that was good so far for a first real attempt at writing a rape scene. But I still am not entirely comfortable with making my own rape scenes. Sorry =( it's like the MGQ formula; Rape begins, teasing, premature finish, more teasing, more ejaculations, slowly fainting, last words from Promestein. So....One rape scene no CG's sadly exist for and I could only dream of becoming real later....

I awoke a few hours later to find Promestein was gone. I stood and got dressed up. I almost was still in awe of what had happened. After grabbing my gear, I went to the central room of the Remina lab. There, I found a letter held by a chimera. She brought it to me and walked off. I read the letter.

Dear Solomon,

I was glad to have rewarded you like that finally. I figured it was now or never. Laplace and the Drain Lab are gone. She had self-destructed after her defeat against Luka, she achieved having a will of her own. La Croix is also dead and her Cirque du Croix is gone. You and I are the only Seekers of Truth remaining.

Ilias is planning a final assault on the world. Every remaining angel. The chimera's sent down will not be fully capable like the previous wave. The Heavenly Knights will break their immunity at the Ivory Towers and defeat the Next Dolls. Luka will deal with that annoying Third Eden. After that, Black Alice and myself will begin our real plan.

The White Rabbit is not just a Monster Lord's genes, but the genes of the Dark God Alipheese herself. Black Alice and I shall use it and absorb Ilias and Luka's holy powers to become the ultimate beings. There, I shall conquer the world and I shall guide humanity. If I am victorious, I shall retrieve you and you may rule at my side for eternity. But for now, you must prepare for the angel's assault. Return to your hometown, and survive this onslaught. Whether or not I succeed you must survive. Even if I die, never allow the Seekers of Truth and their ambitions to die. I know of all of us, you wanted me to live and see humanity flourish and evolve. I was aware of your thoughts on coexistence between Man, Monster, and Angel. I do agree to it as just like you told me, we were proof of coexistence to achieve a goal.

You and all of humanity are my successors should I perish. And you of all of them must pioneer their evolution and growth. Never forget why we search for knowledge, the most valuable resource of all. Giving you fire was my greatest work.

Goodbye Solomon, I shall never forget you.


I stood there, reading the letter over and over. She's gone to perform one final task. And win or lose, she will want to our ambition to be achieved. I must do as she says and fight for all truth seekers, as well as all who have had to suffer from Promestein being forced to harm her favorite beings. I kept the note in my pocket, and teleported to Port Natalia. I was finally returning home, and I was going to ensure this world would survive Ilias' wrath. I only hoped it was prepared as well. 

Chapter 12: Returning Home. Battle against the Angels.

I arrived in the outskirts of the city. It was quiet, I removed my coat and placed it in my bag. Disguising my glasses so I can be recognized, I entered the city.

I arrived to humans and mermaids, preparing for a battle. I didn't recognize a lot of the mermaids, I was soon stopped by an armored mermaid holding a spear.

"You there! I don't recognize you among the defense force, this place is quite dangerous." She had said.

"I'm a mercenary from this city. I came to help." I tried to explain. "My name is Solomon."

The people in the city, as well as a few mermaids, immediately looked up at me.

"Solomon?" One called out.

"It's been two years... at that mansion they said he died." Another said.

The townsfolk surrounded me suddenly and began their welcoming back. I couldn't believe anyone still remembered me. I traveled out this town often.

"General, Solomon here was one of Port Natalia's top sword-for-hire." A mermaid had explained. "He'll certainly defend this city."

The general observed me. "Indeed you seem capable of fighting. But I think the Queen needs to speak with you." She said.

"The Queen?" I asked as I followed the general.

We walked to a Mermaid Pub being used as a base of operations. Two individuals were planning for the upcoming invasion. One was the Queen Mermaid from the meeting with Black Alice, the other was a face I had a lot of explaining to give.

"Solomon?" Said the man as he rushed towards me. "It's been two years! Where were you!?"

"Hey dad..." I said nervously. "My job turned into a longer quest." I hated lying to my parents. But it was somewhat true.

"Your mom and I were worried sick. Your sisters were going to send search parties!" He said. Even as a retired hero my father was still intimidating.

"I'm sorry." I said hanging my head down.

"What matters is that you're ok." He said and turned to the Queen Mermaid. "Queen Mermaid, this is my son, Solomon." My dad introduced me to her and then left to check on the human soldiers to ensure they were ready.

"Solomon, I recognized you from that meeting." She said.

"Yes, I've been given orders to return home." I explained. "However we need to focus on defending this city."

"No worries, the mermaids here are more than capable under my leadership." She said. "The humans even prepared for the assault. After the meeting in the Monster Lord's castle, the entire world is preparing for Ilias' assault."

I was shocked, Promestein ordered me to aid humanity, but it seems they allied themselves with all monsters and are already prepared.

"Do you still have the power Promestein gave you?" She asked in a whisper.

"Yes, and chimera or angel I have to defend this city now." I said. "The Angels holy immunity is going to wear off."

"Indeed, Kraken has told me the plan. Let's just prepare for when that happens." The Mermaid Queen said.

I smiled. "Thank you for your assistance in aiding this city Your Majesty." I said.

"Call me Laura." She said. "And really I should be thanking you. Now prepare for battle Solomon, I'm sure your help will lead us closer to victoy."

I joined the forces preparing for the assault. With primarily mermaids, our city is in good shape to endure attacks coming from the Sea. However my services was best to defend from the inland assaults. As Mermaid's water-based combat and magic can only go so far.

After some time, the angels had arrived. Their numbers were massive, but the townsfolk defending the city did not stand down. As the Angel Soldiers charged to the city, the townsfolk gave the signal for the counter-attack. I charged alongside the soldiers. As one angel approached me, I managed to strike her with my blade. She winced back, as if never wounded before, and was frightened.

" could you hit an angel?!" She yelled out. Similar reactions were happening all over as the angels were taking damage.

The townsfolk and allied monsters were easily defending the assault. Angels were cautious to approach and the sea was at our advantage as mermaids used powerful water magic to literally turn the tides. The battle was easily ours, as we also received help from the Kraken, Queen of the Southern Seas. Using my blade, and my artificial spirits, I kept fighting angels and driving them back.

Suddenly, a group of wounded men walked to the mermaid pub where the wounded were being treated. A scout followed and came to the Mermaid Queen. I overhead the report.

"Your Majesty! The scouting group was nearly wiped out!" He yelled.

"What?! How?" The Mermaid Queen asked.

"An Archangel is approaching the city. She easily defeated all of the scouts but myself. We were barely able to retreat." he said.

After hearing that, I rushed to the Queen. Something had to be done.

"Solomon. We have a problem." She began to explain.

"I heard. I'll deal with the Archangel, you don't need me here." I said and turned to the scout. "Lead the way." We both ran back.

"Be careful Solomon." She said as I ran off.

We ran to the outskirts of the city. I saw an angel standing with several unconscious  humans behind her, but she was different. Clad in pink and white armor, but much of her body was exposed, long, braided white hair and holding a sword whilst a bow with heart shaped arrows in her quiver was on her back. She looked at me and smirked. She seemed familiar. Especially her eyes, both containing a single pink heart.

"Well, if it isn't Solomon." she had said, "It's about time you were punished for those sins. And I told you that I was gonna be the one to do it."

The scout fled in terror, but I realized who she was. "Cupid?"

She stood and winked at me. "That's Archangel Icarus to you. The Great Seraph Eden and Ilias agreed to promote me to Archangel status. While you were helping Promestein during our assault, I was trained by the Archangels as one of them."

I drew my blade and removed my disguise. "So you're now going to destroy this city? Angels aren't immune to physical harm anymore you know. I'd suggest retreating."

She took a stance and smiled. "Oh so the disgraced subordinate of Promestein is choosing to fight?" She asked and giggled "Big mistake, I can punish sinners without restriction now." She said as she soon charged at me.

"Gnomaren!" I called out and imbued the power of earth in me. I easily clashed and fought against her with my blade. She was mixing sword strikes with pleasure attacks to try and weaken me. As one blocked blow made me stagger back, she had tackled me and straddled my hips.

"Got you!" She said winking at me. "Now hold still, I promise you'll love it."

I didn't listen however, I immediately used the power of the earth to push her off me with immense force. She flew back and was surprised. "Man your fake spirits are so annoying!" She said as she sheathed her blade. She then drew her bow and readied an arrow. "This will make you stop struggling."

I scanned her arrows, my scanner working now, and found that they would invoke immense ecstasy on contact. She would easily win if she landed a single hit. "Zylphe!" I called as I swapped Spirits. I drew my Gunstaff and prepared for her fire.

"Take this!" She said as she fired arrows and reloaded her bow quickly. I dodged and intercepted her fire with my own. She soon realized her fire was useless but smirked as she grabbed an arrow. "Then have a taste of this! Rain of Love!" She shouted as she fired dozens of arrows to the sky. They rained down upon me. There were too many to dodge or shoot as I was forced to take several arrows . They did not hurt, but as they hit me my mind was immediately flooded with lewd thoughts of making love to her. I soon dropped to my knees looking up at her.

"Damn it..." I said as my resistance was fading.

She happily skipped towards me and kicked my gunstaff out the way. "I got you!" She said as she kicked me on my back. "Time to punish you."

My body didn't want to struggle as the trance was taking effect. I had one last resort. But this close to a populated city was very risky. "Hyde..." I said as I grabbed the syringe. "take care of this, just don't harm anyone in Port Natalia... promise me!" I said as I injected the Hyde Injection. My last dose as the Drain Lab had self destructed.

"All right, just the angels, I've been waiting for this." Hyde said. My body was no longer in a trance but unconcious. As Hyde took control, Cupid looked at me and quickly backed away.

"You're calling Hyde?" She said. "But I thought you wouldn't do that in this city!" she quickly drew back on her bow,  ready to try and shoot Hyde down.

"The city?" I said and laughed as Hyde was now in control. "Forget them, I'll play with you." I then drew my blade and shouted; "Zylphe!" and quickly rushed behind Icarus, dodging her shot. Just as she turned. I snatched her bow out of her hand. "Draw that sword, I hate long ranged stuff." I said as he snapped the bow in half.

Cupid jumped back and drew her sword. "Hey! That bow was my favorite!" she shouted out as she tried to slash at me, but I dodged every attempt. She then attempted pleasure as well. But was shocked as I was now resisting it. Her strategy wouldn't work anymore, Hyde only wants to fight. And her sword techniques alone weren't enough for me normally, let alone with this energy steroid boosting my performance.

"Well, this isn't fun at all. You're all alone too. Call for backup!" I said. Wanting a challenge now.

Icarus looked as the angels were retreating. She backed away slowly and turned to quickly fly away.

"Oh no you don't! Gigamander!" I yelled out as my blade was engulfed in flames. "Wing Dash Blade!" I shouted as I struck Icarus from behind. Setting her wings on fire as I sliced at her back.

She cried out in pain as her wings burned. Two angel soldiers rushed to her and grabbed her, flying away.

I looked at them smirking. I then turned to the town and stared at the city.

"Hyde.... you promised me." I said. Afraid he might not be satisfied.

"Heh," Hyde had said. "You know, even as crazy as I am, I still wouldn't destroy this city." He then sheathed his sword and used the back claw to grab my gunstaff. "I think you're actually out of the injection. But I don't care. Victory is ours anyways." He said, and my body immediately regained control. Hyde had given up control early.

I walked back into the city and celebrated with them in victory. We had driven back the angels, and word was received that Luka and the Monster Lord had defeated Ilias and that they are returning to Enrika over in Ilias continent. I didn't care however as it wasn't my mission anymore. I went back to my home after the long victory party and got in bed. Getting a good night's rest in my old bed for the first time in years. It felt different not being in a laboratory. Promestein and Black Alice's plan must have failed and Ilias herself is gone. The world is definitely changing. But one question remains to me, a Seeker of Truth;

"Where do I go from here?"

Chapter 13: Wanted Man. Saying Goodbye.

I awoke the next morning. I had gotten dressed, and headed downstairs. My father told me that the Queen Mermaid wished to see me over at the temple near the city. I headed over there. Wondering what was going on. As I head inside, the Queen greeted me.

"Greetings Solomon." She said.

"Hello Mr. Solomon!" her daughter El had said.

"Good morning. So what did you need me for?" I said.

The Queen looked at me and began to speak; "Two things. First, as Queen of the Mermaids and on behalf of Kraken, thank you for your aid in defending this city."

"Anytime for this place." I said.

"Secondly," The Queen resumed speaking, "I just got word from the Heavenly Knights about an important matter." She handed me a folded up piece of paper.

I unfolded the paper to reveal my wanted poster, with an accurate artist's rendering with my gear and weapons revealed, for my immediate arrest:

Wanted: Solomon, Enforcer of Truth. Alive. Armed and Dangerous. For crimes against the Monster Lord during and before the Assault of Ilias. Last seen in Southern Sentora.

I wasn't surprised. But I knew what this meant. From here on out, I was a wanted criminal. I hoped my parents didn't know.

"Now Solomon," Queen Laura began to speak again. "No one in Port Natalia other than myself and my daughter know that this Solomon and you are the same. But considering that you come back after two years and take down an Archangel during the assault, the will piece things together."

"I see," I said. "I have to leave already?"

She nodded her head and said; "If you wish to lay low. They may be aware this is your hometown. They supposedly have information regarding where you came from."

"I understand," I said. "I just want to say goodbye. I won't tell anyone who I really am. Thank you."

I went back to my house. And sat down on my bed. I decided to pack light and do what I planned on doing before my missed baptism. Traveling the world and learning what I can along the way. But now with a new world. I couldn't wait, but at the same time, I didn't want to go. So I headed downstairs and said goodbye to my family.

"Where are you off to?" My dad said. My Mom and sisters in the room.

"Well, I..." I didn't know what to say. Suddenly my Dad showed me the same poster.

"Go ahead. We won't tell them." He said. And with relief, I had said goodbye to my family. As I left my home and Port Natalia again. I said goodbyes to everyone.  And I hoped on a familiar cart. The same one that had taken me to San Ilia where my life had changed. As I sat in the cart, the cart driver from before.

"Where to Mr. Solomon?" He asked jokingly, remembering my name after two years.

I thought for a moment. I then answered; "Sabasa Castle. Or as close as you can get."

"Alright, I'll take you to the caravan that escorts people across the desert." He said and we soon set off. Traveling the world, on the run from the Heavenly Knights, and disguised as a traveling explorer, I was setting my sights on wherever I wanted.

"Public Enemy Number 1. Right?" Hyde had jokingly said. "I did all the work though."

I laughed to myself and calmly said; "They don't wanna take chances. This is the aftermath of a great war after all."

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