Well, I have some strangely bad luck today. As I opened MonsterGirl Quest to continue my playthrough to get 100% in both chapters, (It passes the time to the 3rd Chapters Translation) After a window's update it seems a strange thing happened. I couldn't load any of my 5 Save Files (2 had beaten the game, the other 3 were playthroughs to get story related achievements such as optional fights, Hero's symbol, etc.). I checked the folder's save folder to show all my save-files still existed.

So I checked around the menus and Part 1 Conversation was available again.... I had to re-merge the two chapters only to find that.... I still can't load my older save files. I have to start over the entirety of the two chapters.

I was really getting along too: I only needed the Lamp Genie, Ilias' 50 Evaluations (I did much better on a blind run than I thought =3),  Win a fight while confused, getting the Hero's Symbol, Taking every technique and viewing every rape scene, and then a doppleganger fight. But sadly I now have to start over.

That is unless I could get some assistance to re-access my old game's data. I have 5 inaccessable save-files and fortunately I had not downloaded any Side-stories recently (Though alot of em have peaked my interests). Just seems that after that Window's Update that happened at 4:00 AM while I was trying to sleep was the cause.

Maybe I'll make a more positive blog some other time. Till then I might just start over so I'll at least have a completed 2nd chapter for when Rogue's all done with his translation. God Speed Rogue you great man!

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