Prologue: A Dream.

A young man stands watching in pure terror and shock. Witnessing two Heavenly Angels wielding immense light magic clash. Below them, thousands of angels fight, sword and magic. Burning towns evacuated, humans and monsters forced in the conflict.

One angel was normal by appearance. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and wielded a majestic blade of Heavenly Light. The other, grotesque and horrifying, as a massive garden. A true sight of Heaven turned Hell.

The two shouted as they performed one final clash. The entire vision of the young man goes white.

"Gah!" The young man had yelled as he jumped awake nearly launching himself off his bed. "Man...what a nightmare." He said.

"Adam? Are you alright?" An older woman said as she walked in.

"Yea Mom, just a nightmare." Adam had said. "There were these angels at war. Thousands of them fighting to the death."

"Reminds me of the stories your grandfather told when he visited." His mother had said. "Your father is downstairs, you might want to describe it to him."

"Thanks Mom!" Adam said as he got dressed and rushed downstairs. "Dad? You got a minute?"

"Sure thing, what is it?" His father had asked.

"I had this nightmare..." Adam began explaining. "These powerful angels were fighting and commanding armies in a war. Humans, Monsters, Angels were all fighting each other."

"Quite a horrific nightmare..." His father said. "Did you recognize anyone in there? Maybe a person you saw before?"

"There were so many fighting it was hard to tell." Adam said. "One of the commanding angels...looked like Auntie Miceala though."

"Well you can talk it over with her when you run this errand for me." His father said handing him a few bags. "And don't forget your sword."

Adam grabbed his sword and the bags as he ran through his hometown of Ilias Village. The young man, often mistaken for the Legendary Hero that is his Grandfather, set out for Enrika. He trained for self defense with his blade, but his normally peaceful route was going to be different today.

Chapter 1: Nightmare Come True; Eden's Return.

Adam exited the city's main road and took the new trading road to Enrika. Passing a few friendly monsters living among nature and waving to them. "I should be there before sundown." Adam said as he kept traveling alone. "I wonder what that dream was about. And why Aunt Miceala was fighting in it." He slowed down to conserve energy as he enjoyed a peaceful walk as the forest grew thicker. A pathway was still there which was carved for traveling carts.

"Look, a young man is walking alone sister." A voice had said.

"Who goes there?" Adam said.

"Indeed sister," another voice said. "The others were too difficult to go after but he'll do." The voices revealed themselves to be two Slime Girls. They looked exactly alike and seemed to be twins.

"H.hello." Adam said. "I don't want any trouble."

"Aww he's so cute!" The first one said.

"Let's get him." The second said as they blocked Adam's path surrounding him.

Adam drew his blade. "Father warned me some monsters still attack humans." He said. "I guess I have to fight." Adam kept his guard as the two faced him from opposite ends.

"Watch out." One slime said as she shot slime at him from behind. "You're all alone here."

Adam dodged but was soon tackled by the other. "Gah!" He said as he was almost pinned down.

"Now hold still." The other said. "We just wanna share you and make you feel good."

Adam struggled and escaped her hold as he then sliced both of them. Landing a direct hit. "Alright, gotta be careful." He said.

The slime girls giggled as they recombined themselves to heal. "That won't work." One said. "Just surrender already." The other said.

"Oh man, what do I do?" Adam said.

"Alright you two! Enough!" A voice said as a white bolt shot inbetween them.

"Oh no! She's back!" One Slime cried out.

"Run away!" The other said as they retreated.

Adam watched them run off before turning to his savoir. "Thanks!" He said. "That was close." He then was shocked seeing the source of the bolt;

She was around Adam's age, long white hair and blue eyes. She wore blue robes and held a staff. But her most notable feature was the twin angel wings. "No problem!" She said. "They've been stalking travelers this past week and I had to send them off while helping the Elves scout.

"Woah, an angel." Adam said. "I rarely see you guys."

The angel smiled as she held out a hand. "Olivia." She said.

Adam shook her hand. "Adam." He responded. "I had to bring some supplies to my aunt, Miceala."

"You're related to Miceala?" She said in shock. Unable to believe what she heard.

"She's my Great, Great Aunt." Adam said.

"That makes you the Legendary Hero Luka's Grandson!" Olivia said smiling brightly. "This is such an honor! I should've known you look just like how he's depicted in the books!"

"Uhmm right." Adam said looking confused. "Well we should head there now, before it gets dark."

"Oh right, sorry." Olivia said. The two soon walked together towards Enrika. But saw a massive beam of light. cover the city as they approached it.

"What is that?" Adam said, shielding his eyes.

Olivia looked in terror as she sensed what was happening. "Oh no...not her." She said as she rushed towards the city as the beam of light died down.

"Wait!" Adam said and followed. As they got to the city, Adam's previous nightmare seemed to be coming into reality.

A massive angel, in the appearance of a grotesque garden was facing Miceala, whom was in her angelic form, holding a heavenly blade.

"This is bad!" Olivia said. "Eden's seal has broken! Adam we have to hide." Olivia tried dragging Adam into a house, but he wouldn't budge.

The two angels were readying themselves. Eden had spoken up.

"For eons you and your sister have been the bane of my existance! Then just when I think you and her will no longer be thorns in my side, you kill Ilias and end her guidance over the world!" Eden had said.

"You were foolish to continue you loyalty Eden." Miceala said. "Both of us had seen what she was becoming and wished to save the very humans she once loved. But you remain blind."

"I'll see to it this world and you heretics are punished for defying your creator!" Eden said. Preparing to strike Miceala.

Adam wasn't ready to take this. He didn't want to see his nightmare come true. Without thinking he rushed inbetween them. "Stop!" Adam had said.

Both Miceala and Eden looked at Adam. "Adam!" Miceala said. "Get out of here now!"

"Son of Lucifina," Eden had said. "finally, revenge for the 100 year prison I was in." The serpents on Eden's massive form moved wildly as they rushed to Adam. "Paradise Lost!"

Adam readied his blade, however he was frozen by fear. Her holy aura sent a chill down his spine, her sheer power equivalent to an entire continent of warriors charging at him at once.

"Sword of the Heavens!" Miceal shouted as the serpents and the massive garden were caught in a blade of pure holy light. Miceala's attack was a direct hit and forced Eden out of her true form. However Miceala was weakened greatly and fell to her knees.

"Curse you.." Eden said. "I'd finish this, but it'd take another century for you to be ready to face me. The Monster Lord is my biggest concern." Eden then flew off. "Prepare for my wrath another day Miceala!" She then disappeared. Other angels quickly rushed to Miceala's aid.

Adam fell to his knees as he regained his composure.

"I'm fine." Miceala said as she stood and helped Adam up. "So brave, but so reckless. I was hoping to end it without using my remaining power." They then walked to her home, Olivia following.

As Adam and Olivia settled. Miceala took the supplies and put them away.

"Thank you Adam, however it seems the worst has happened just then." Miceala said.

"I'm sorry Auntie," Adam said. "I wanted it to stop...before it ended up like my nightmare."

"Nightmare?" Miceala said.

"There was this war between you and her." Adam said. "Humans, Angels, Monsters even fighting each other."

"That sounds horrible." Olivia said. "Like The Assault of the Goddess I was told about from 100 years ago. Monsters in conflict as angels ravaged the world."

"Indeed, but a warning we shall all heed." Miceala said. "My sister, Seraph Eden, was always loyal to Ilias' old ways. I fear her return would end up like this, but I couldn't prepare in time." Miceala looked at her ring. "We must seek aid. Prepare you and the world for whatever she has planned."

"How about the Monster Lord?" Olivia asked. "I hear she's the strongest generation yet! And Adam is related right?"

"Dad never talks about Aunt Alice too much. I only hear about her when Grandpa visits." Adam said.

"But it shouldn't be hard to contact her." Miceal said. "I'll take care of that, as long as you make sure Eden's plans don't harass the rest of the world."

" the world?" Adam asked. "I've never left outside of Ilias Continent."

"I need emissaries to warnt the world of Eden's return. And a warrior to fight in my stead." Miceala said. "Don't worry, Olivia will help you."

"Me!?" Olivia said. "I'd be honored to help you Great Seraph!"

" long as I got help then sure." Adam said.

"Splendid!" Miceala smiled. "Eden has a grudge against this world, so train hard as you travel and stop any threats along the way."

Miceala, Adam and Oliva kept discussing the plan to help deal with Eden's oncoming threat. Adam spends the night as Miceala explains to his parents. The next morning, with Olivia at his side, Adam sets out for Iliasburg.

Chapter 2: The Black Crusaders.

Adam and Olivia walked together down the path to Iliasburg. Leaving the forest and soon seeing the city in view.

"There it is!" Olivia said.

"Was a quiet walk this time," Adam said. "I guess Eden scared the Monsters off."

The two entered the city to find it not as busy. Save for the center of the town where a crowd was gathered. Adam and Olivia walked amongst the crowd to see what was going on.

In the town center, a man in a robe with eight armed soldiers holding the crowd back was speaking to the townspeople;

"Greetings citizens of Iliasburg." Said the man. "We are the Black Crusaders. You may have heard of our...movements throughout the world. Rest assured as long as you all comply nothing will harm you."

"What's he on about?" One citizen said.

"My sister said these guys were nuts." A monster said.

"It has been a grueling century of living under Monster Subjugation." He continued to say. "Ilias no longer has any faith and this world is succumbing to darkness. But salvation is still possible! Simply banish these dark creatures of lust and sin and re-adopt the ways of Ilias!"

"He's crazy!", "Get them out of town!", "Someone call the guards!" The townspeople all said.

"The Black Crusaders?" Olivia said. "Never thought I'd see them here."

"Who are they?" Adam asked.

"They're like Ilias Kreuz," an old man said. "Only worse."

"I see." Adam said. "Father told me about an anti-monster, terrorist group. These guys don't seem as bad."

"Trust him Adam," Olivia said. "They're far more dangerous than they seem. Especially when people decline their offer of peaceful surrendering."

As the guards arrived. The robed man signaled his troops who swiftly dealt with the eight guards of the city that were sent. The other guards behind soon realized they were too strong.

"As you can see." The robe wearing man said. "We will return this world to glory, by force if necessary."

"Enough!" Olivia said. Adam quickly followed.

"An angel?" One of the soldiers said. "And next to her, he dons the attire of a legendary hero." Another had said.

"These people won't agree by force either!" Adam said. "We've lived like this for 100 years!" The townsfolk cheered and saluted Adam and Olivia for their bravery.

"You won't win anything through senseless murder!" Olivia said.

The Crusaders readied themselves. "So be it." The speaker had said as he signaled a group of them to attack.

Adam had blocked one's attack and countered while Olivia dodged and forced another back with magic. Using their blade and magic, with Olivia's healing to help, all eight of the Crusaders were defeated.

"Seems those novices were not enough." The speaker said.

Adam pointed his blade at the speaker. The townsfolk cheering louder. But the cheers were silenced as a figure walked by them.

"You seem to have failed. Relax holy father your intentions were righteous." the figure said. He was tall, in heavy armor with a massive shield on his back and a sheathed blade at his side.

Olivia stepped back as the armored man faced her and Adam. "Why is one of them here?" She asked. "This continent isn't as strong."

"Who's that?" Adam asked. The man left an intimidating aura in his wake.

"Grand Inquisitor Ivan..." The speaker, a priest, had said as he and the soldiers quickly kneeled.

"He's a Grand Inquisitor." Olivia said. "There are four of them who serve the Crusader's Grand Meister. It's said they even cause Queen Monsters to tremble in their wake."

"Indeed." Ivan had said. "You two shall taste the fury of the Crusaders for harming my men." He drew his blade and massive shield. The townsfolk ran into their houses and indoors.

"We have to protect these people." Adam said.

"You're right." Olivia said. "I won't back down!"

Adam rushed to Ivan and tried to strike him with his blade, but was effortlessly blocked by that massive shield. Ivan then pushed Adam aside with his shield.

"Quite weak. Those soldiers were recruits, novices training in our ways." Ivan said. "Those tricks won't work against a seasoned warrior."

Olivia charged a spell of holy magic. "Take this!" She said a she shot it directly at Ivan.

"Useless!" Ivan called as he blocked the blast, and redirected it at Olivia. "My shield has been enchanted to nullify and redirect magic."

Olivia took her attack back at her as she fell back. "Damn, the rumors were true. His defense is perfect." She said wincing.

Adam stood and rushed to her. "Olivia, you alright?" He asked.

"I'm fine." She said as she stood. "We have to think of a plan."

"I got one final trick." Adam said. "I need his back exposed however." he whispered.

"Alright leave it to me." Olivia said as she rushed around Ivan and shot another bolt.

"You never learn." Ivan said as he blocked and faced Olivia.

"Take this!" Adam yelled as he jumped towards Ivan, slashing at his neck. "Demon Decapitation!" Landing a direct hit.

Ivan stumbled back as he faced them. Clearly angered now. "What low-down trickery." He said. "You shall pay now." He then readied himself as he focused his power and charged at the two of them.

Adam and Olivia prepared themselves. Only to be stopped as a figure rushed passed them and blocked his attack. She was still in top form, even after 100 years.

"So you show yourself at last..." Ivan said as he jumped back. "Heavenly Knight, Granberia."

"I won't allow the Black Crusaders to harass any more cities." Granberia said. "Tell the Grand Meister than Lord Alice the 17th is willing to take extreme measures if you continue these assaults."

"As much as I'd love to test my blade and shield against the strongest swordsman," Ivan had said. "I fear that war with the Monster Lord is not our concern yet. Crusaders! Retreat!" Ivan, the priest, and the soldiers all vanished.

Granberia sheathed her blade as she walked to Adam. "We finally meet Adam. Glad to see Luka's lineage sticking to their roots." She said smiling at Adam. "Your father was quite the opponent. And I hope you'll evolve as well as your Grandfather did if you're willing to help us."

"Wow! The Granberia! Current strongest Cursed Sword user!" Olivia said, almost in tears at meeting a Heavenly Knight.

"Is she alright?" Granberia asked.

"She...just gets real excited around famous people." Adam said.

"I've been tracking those Crusaders." Granberia said. "That's the first time I've met the Grand Inquisitors however. You did well together, thank you for protecting this city. However I have to make sure no future incidents with the Crusaders are happening." Granberia said as she warped away.

As she left, the townsfolk rushed out and cheered on Adam and Olivia's bravery. They were given a free stay at Iliasburg's most famous hotel, the Slutherland Inn. Where they spent the night.

Meanwhile, at a Castle in the Northwestern mountains;

"Ivan..." said an older man wearing the attire of the archbishops of old times. "You have failed your task?"

"Apologies Grand Meister." Ivan had said. "A boy with the appearance of the Hero Luka stopped me. I dealt with them just fine but the Heavenly Knight Granberia interrupted."

"You were wise to retreat then." The Grand Meister said. "Until we can acquire the aid of powerful angels, we cannot wage war with the 17th Monster Lord. The others received similar interruptions from Granberia. All ordered to retreat."

"We can deal with the four easily." said Ivan. "Myself and the others we were trained and empowered for their secrets."

"But a Monster Lord with the confirmed powers of a Seraphim, a legendary hero, as well as the Monster Lord combined..." The Grand Meister stated. "We must not risk losing instantaneously. Return to your quarters until I require you for future tasks."

"Yes, your Holiness." Ivan said as he left the throne room.

As Adam and Olivia woke up the next morning. They gathered their supplies needed and checked the map at town square.

"So where too next?" Olivia asked.

"Well, we can go to Happiness Village." Adam said.

"Pervert.." Olivia said.

"Me a pervert?" Adam said. "Angels raped men for fun you know."

"Gross!" Olivia said. "I could never live doing that job."

"Well, Miceala never told us where's best to start gathering aid." Adam said.

Olivia's neckless started glowing. "Hello? Adam? Olivia?" Miceala's voice called out.

"Aunt Miceala?" Adam said.

"Yes," Miceala said. "Olivia's necklace can communicate me if you need guidance. I need you two to head to Sentora now. Catch a boat to Port Natalia from Ilias Port and go to San Ilia."

"Alright!" Adam said. "I'll train hard and protect this world. Let's go Olivia!" Adam ran North towards the city exit.

"Wait up!" Olivia called out as she followed.

Chapter 3: Ship to Sentora.

Adam and Olivia, despite interruptions by tropical monsters, had successfully made it to Ilias Port. However, Adam had one issue.

"What do you mean you can't afford a trip to Port Natalia?" Olivia asked.

"I had forgotten the price of ship travel." Adam said.

"You idiot!" Olivia said. "Well I guess we can try to ask sailors to wave the fine."

The two asked around the docks to see if any sailors were willing to give them a free ride. Most were more focused on fishing trips and didn't want to sail too far out.

"Sorry kids," One sailor said. "Ever since that Sea Serpent called the ship route to Port Natalia home, no sailors wanna run the risk without traveling much farther out to go around her hunting grounds."

"Sea Serpent?" Olivia said. "Like a Monster?"

"Aye," the sailor said. "And the Mermaid Queen's troops can't seem to force it to a safe location."

The two thanked him for his time and kept looking. One captain walked to Adam. "Excuse me lad, you needed a ship?" He asked.

"Yes sir, but that Serpent blocked the route." Adam said.

"My Grandfather told me stories," The captain said. "Stories of a young hero and lass who gave him Poseidon's Bell." He pointed at his ship, with a bell tied to the mast. "He passed it down to me, and like the legends say, I've yet to encounter any bad luck on this ship."

"Poseidon's Bell?" Adam asked.

"I know of that!" Olivia said excitedly. "It was used by the Pirate Selene to ward off storms and ensure her travels went unhindered regardless of conditions."

"Aye," The captain said. "And lad, you remind me of that hero in those stories. I've evaded that Serpent numerous times, and that boy even drove a Succubus off my grandad's ship that caused many a storm. I trust you two aboard my ship, the trip's free of charge!"

"Wow thanks!" Both Adam and Olivia said as they set up to travel to Sentora.

Later that evening, on the ship, Adam was training as Oliva was reading. As promised, despite rough waters a few occasions, the bell kept the ship steady. No sight of the serpent was even reported.

"We'll reach Port Natalia by tomorrow morning." The captain said.

"That's enough training for tonight then." Adam said. "Those Grand Inquisitors are gonna be trouble. And we haven't even seen what Eden's up to yet."

"Well as long as the Heavenly Knights know to prevent future incidents with those crusaders," Oliva said. "it'll mostly be Eden's remaining angels."

"About Eden..." Adam began to ask. "Are there really angels who'd serve her?"

"It's likely." Olivia said. "Some missed their old tasks and home up in the Heavens. But I feel like Eden may not lead Angels properly like Miceala does."

As the two kept talking, waves started hitting the ship as the water around them grew rough.

"You two better hold on!" The captain said. "There's something big directly below us!"

The crew also kept hold as a massive tail wrapped around the ship. A massive Sea-Lamia rose and looked at the crew.

"Ahh, a nice group of men to devour." The Sea Serpent said.

"This is bad!" Oliva said. "She might crush the ship!"

Adam drew his blade and faced the Serpent.

"Oh, a healthy looking swordsman. You'll be an excellent appetizer." The serpent said.

Adam tried to strike the serpent, but was blocked by her hand as it grabbed him. "Let go!" Adam said trying to struggle.

"Quite fiesty too." The serpent said. "you must be delicious."

"Bullseye!" A voice called out. The serpent turned to see a massive crossbow arrow impale between her eyes as she fell back in the water throwing Adam back on deck. The crew looked in awe as a massive monster was just taken out in one shot.

"Look! On that rock!" A sailor pointed out at a rock in the middle of the ocean. A lone man holding a massive crossbow stood. The man jumped on the Sea Serpent's corpse and onto the ship in a speed almost too quick to see.

"Ah, a massive prize!" The man said. "Sorry for the scare you guys were perfect live bait."

"A hunter?" Adam said.

"He's..." Olivia began to say.

"Yes, a hunter." The man had said. "And yes madam, Grand Inquisitor Kain, at your service. Doing the Black Crusaders a favor by extinguishing a rather ugly monster."

Adam held his blade. "The Black Crusaders?" he asked.

"Indeed, and you're that bothersome boy that pissed off Ivan." Kain had said. "Consider yourself lucky, our Grand Meister is willing to overlook that act of heresy so you're not my prey yet." Ivan then put his massive Crossbow on his back as he looked at the Sea Serpent. He then jumped down onto it's corpse and used some tools to rip off two giant fangs. "A worthy trophy. You can give the body it's burial, too big to keep."

"Wait!" Adam called out. "You can't just kill a monster and run off!"

"Why not?" Kain asked. "It sank half a dozen ships and ate a good number of sailors. Really I'm doing the world a favor."

"It still isn't right!" Adam said. "Just blindly hunting monsters!"

"That's a funny one." Kain said. "But my real prize I'm hunting is still out there." He then clenched a locket he was wearing. "I'm preparing for her. The one that got away." Kain then teleported away.

"Damn it." Adam said frustrated. "I was just gonna drive her off."

"Don't beat yourself up." Oliva said. "We'll stop him and the others."

"You're right." Adam said. "Let's just rest now that the rest of the trip will be safe."

The next morning, after a good night's rest, Adam and Olivia made it to Port Natalia. They informed the Mermaid Guards of the Sea Serpent's death and warned them about Kain. The two then got some supplies and set out for San Ilia.

Back at the Black Crusader's main castle;

"And bam! Right between her eyes!" Kain says, bragging about his recent trophy to Ivan.

"Although it's right to hunt monsters," Ivan had said. "I still wish you would shut up about it."

"That boy you met tried telling me off for doing it." Kain said. "I saved the brat's life and he's telling me about what to and what not to kill."

"That boy may become a menace." Ivan said. "He carries the Hero Luka's blood."

The Grand Meister then entered the throne room. The two Grand Inquisitors got on bended knee as he walked by. "I have excellent news. Where are the other two?"

"Beats me." Kain had said.

"I do not know Your Holiness." Ivan also responded.

"Nevertheless," The Grand Meister began to say, "we have found what we're looking for. Please, allow me to introduce our ally." He then pointed to the entrance of the throne room. There, an Angel had stood.

The two Grand Inquisitors quickly realized who it was and bowed to her. "Great Seraph! It is an honor!" Ivan had said.

"Likewise, you have some powerful soldiers Holy Father." Eden had said. "It seems these Crusaders are just what I need."

Chapter 4: San Ilia, Attack of the Coven.

Adam and Olivia arrived at the city of San Ilia. The castle shining in the center of the city as if it hadn't aged a day. The streets, once hardcore in Ilias' commandments are in a bustle with humans, monsters and angels.

"Wow, so this is San Ilia?" Adam said, admiring his surroundings. "More angels here than Enrika."

Olivia smiled as she waved to a few angels she knew. "Yep! Most Angels tend to like cities that used to have high faith in Ilias. There's more in the Ilias Continent and San Ilia then the rest of the world."

"You must really love the history of this place." Adam said. Knowing how Olivia gets around famous works of the world's history.

"Am I that predictable?" Olivia asked, blushing. "It's more-so the castle. The largest Cathedral in the world, the grand Library, even the beautiful, ornate 'Sword of Ilias!'"

"Umm Olivia?" Adam said. "My Grandfather told me Alice XVI broke that blade like it was nothing."

Olivia stood frozen as she realized that the artifact wasn't there. "Aww!" She said. "Well there's still a lot to see, but first we gotta know what Miceala needs." Olivia then tried contacting Miceala. "Great Seraph?" Olivia called. "We've made it to San Ilia!"

"Ah Olivia." Miceala said. "Apologies we had some trouble in Enrika. So we're all moving to a different location."

"What happened?" Adam asked.

"These, Black Crusaders." Miceala said. "They know of my identity... they had some angel support even."

"Eden!" Adam said. "She must've convinced them to help."

"Indeed." Miceala said. "For now I'll be safe. You'll meet with me again soon don't worry. Focus on this task, go to the Library and find the book; 'Four Animists and their Sources.'"

"What for?" Adam asked.

"You'll need the Four Spirits if you wish to challenge Eden's forces." Miceala said.

"The Four Spirits?" Olivia said. "You think Adam can get their help?"

"He's the grandson of their previous master, who was descended from the master before him." Miceala said. "If anyone can use their power it's him."

"I won't let you down Miceala." Adam said.

"Farewell for now you two." Miceala said as the communication was turned off.

The two walked towards the castle. But were stopped by a cut-off shout for help.

"That came from the alley." Olivia said. "Someone needs help."

"Let's go!" Adam said as they snuck in the alley.

In the alleyway, a harpy and a scylla had bound a young elf girl. "Keep quiet you." The harpy said as she raised her talon. "this will teach you to go snooping in other's business."

The elf tried to struggled but she was held by the Scylla who even covered her mouth.

"Stop!" Adam called out as he drew his blade.

"A human and an angel?" the Scylla said. We weren't supposed to fight anyone else. The two released the Elf Girl and fled.

"They're getting away." Oliva said.

"Let them." Adam said as he helped up the Elf. "Are you okay?"

The Elf stood. She was tall, long, hair, a given for elves, and wore a green tunic. She had a bow and a quiver full of arrows strapped to her back. "I'm fine. Thank you." The Elf said.

"What did those monsters want?" Olivia asked.

"I followed them looking for my sister." The Elf said. "She's succumbed to darkness, and follows that...coven."

"Coven?" Adam asked. "Olivia did you know anything?"

"All I some lunatic monster founded a coven believing that Ilias' belief can spread to monsters." Oliva explained. "Claiming Ilias blessed her, a monster, to perform a holy mission."

"Exactly." The Elf said. "My name is Evelynn. My sister, after becomming a Dark Elf, followed them thinking it'd cure her. She didn't even care when those others grabbed me."

"Don't worry, we'll stop them." Adam said. "Where are they now?

Before Evelynn could answer, a crash was heard. "The castle has been attacked!" A shout said.

"Castle seems like a good spot to start." Olivia said jokingly. The three then moved together.

At a doll shop on the other side of town. An orange haired girl walks outside. She wore robes and appeared no older than 13, she held a staff and had a necklace made of strange dolls around her neck.

"Thank you for the new dolls!" The girl said. "Normally I can't do business with monsters but I couldn't help myself to how cute these are!"

The shopkeeper, a seemingly, young succubus in a nurse outfit, waved from her counter. She looked a little nervous even. "You..take good care of them." She said. "Why is one of those four here?" She whispered.

"Now..." the girl said, curiously looking around. "Back to my mission. It seems the castle has been under attack already. I told you guys to wait!"

"S..sorry Grand Inquisitor Maria!" A Crusader said. "It wasn't our troops. A group of monsters seem to be assaulting the castle according to a scout."

"Monsters?" Maria said. "We must be careful then. Move to the castle, we'll save it and convince the people to join us non-violently like pretend-heroes."

"Umm..yes ma'am?" The Crusader said. " is she a Grand Inquisitor?" he whispered. Maria and the soldiers moved towards the castle.

Adam, Olivia and Evelynn arrived at the castle. The doors were busted open and guards were all inside. Any visitors had evacuated. They moved inside to find the same Scylla and Harpy. "Those two again." The Scylla said.

"We should've just killed her." The Harpy said.

They drew their weapons as they faced the two monsters. "Three against Two." Adam said. "Stand down."

"Well, let's just beat them up and rape the boy as a prize." The Scylla suggested.

The Harpy had flown in the air out of Adam's reach as the Scylla moved towards Olivia. Adam turned his focus to the Scylla who dodged his swing. Olivia zapped the Scylla however sending her reeling.

Evelynn had kept the Harpy at bay with her bow. Even managing to wing the harpy and send her back down. At the same time, Adam and Olivia had subdued the Scylla.

"Good work you three." A group of soldiers and Valkyries came in. "There are five more with the leader. We'll help too."

The three moved forward with the soldiers as they quickly subdued four more by outnumbering them. However in the cathedral, a Lamia had the king bound with her large tail. She wore the attire of a Sister and had long, blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Release the King!" A soldier had shouted.

"Not until this kingdom surrenders to us." The Sister Lamia shouted. "We are the Holy Serpent Cult. Worshippers of the Goddess Ilias."

Evelynn readied an arrow. But a voice called out to her.

"Not so fast sister!" A dark elf with a knife walked out and held the blade against the king's throat.

"Sister!" Evelynn shouted as she lowered her bow. "This coven won't cure you! How could you betray your own sister?"

"The cult is my sisterhood now." She proclaimed. "We shall revive the Goddess and reach salvation."

"Monsters following Ilias?" A girls voice rang out. "Too wierd even for me. Attack now!"

Several Black Crusaders rushed through the doors and windows and drew their weapons. Surrounding the Sister and Evelynn's sister. Before anyone could speak, two large hands grabbed the Sister Lamia, releasing the king, and the Dark Elf.

"Mission accomplished!" The girl said as she jumped down off the shadowy figure holding the two. "Relax Your Majesty. I am Grand Inquisitor Maria of the Black Crusaders."

"The Crusaders..." Adam said.

"Obviously trying to save their way into controlling the castle." Evelynn said. "Word of them is all over the world."

"You guards drop your weapons!" Maria said. "No need for violence. We saved your king so you must obey our wishes."

"She's clearly delusional." Oliva said. "I doubt anyone would see them as heroes."

"You Crusaders don't learn!" Adam said. "You can't force anybody." Olivia and Evelynn stood behind him.

"What's this?" Maria said as she walked to Adam. She thought for a second as she looked at him. "'re cute! Like a cute doll of a hero!"

"Doll!?" Adam said. Stupefied.

"Like a Life-sized Luka doll." Maria said. "If you wish to play with me, then I have no qualms." She grabbed a doll from her necklace and concentrated magic in it. She then threw it in the air and summouned a monster-like doll creature. It was modelled after a Nekomatta. "Break the angel and elf. But keep the boy intact so I can play with him." Maria said.

Adam, Olivia and Evelynn readied their weapons as the doll faced them.

Chapter 5; Grand Inquisitor Maria, The Toymaker.

The guards and angels tried fighting off the Crusaders. Maria's cat doll jumped and dodged Evelynn's arrows before pouncing on her. Evelynn threw he back and dodged her attempts to pounce again with her speed.

Adam tried attacking the doll only to have it dodge and tackle him. It looked at him for a second before holding him tightly and trying to arouse him through playful teasing.

"Aww, she likes you." Maria said as she watched. "You could've just let it kill your friends though. I'm keeping you alive little hero."

Adam struggled and threw the Cat Doll off. Adam then followed with a Demon Decapitation, landing a direct hit. However before any of them could follow up the doll rushed back towards Maria and stood ready to strike again facing them.

"It's quick." Evelynn said.

"It's very evasive." Olivia said, healing the small damage Adam took.

Maria then looked at Olivia. "Focus the angel there first Kitty!" She commanded. The cat then nodded it's head and rushed at Olivia.

Olivia flew up and shot a magical bolt at the cat doll. Evelynn managed to follow up with an arrow.

Adam looked around and saw the wall was climbable. "I got it." He said and rushed to the wall past some crusaders who were busy fighting.

The cat doll was surrounded by Olivia and Evelynn, unable to notice Adam's plan.

"Take this!" Adam shouted as he rushed up the wall. "Demon Skull Beheading!" He shouted as he jumped and crashed down on the cat doll. Hitting it directly and breaking it's doll-like body in half.

"My adorable doll!" Maria shouted. "I'll have to make another now!"

Adam, Olivia and Evelynn looked confused as the doll's remains turned into an unconcious Nekomata. "A normal monster?" Olivia said.

"She must've turned it into a doll." Adam said. "Meaning that Golem and any others are monsters too."

Evelynn readied her bow. "Meaning we must be careful and free those innocent monsters." She said.

Maria's eyes suddenly glowed yellow as she stared at the three. "Oh well, she was a weaker one anyways. I can always find another." She said. She then turned to Evelynn's sister.  "Release the lamia. I hate snakes anyways." The Golem then dropped the Sister Lamia who quickly rushed out the castle in the chaos. "But this Dark Elf...quick, skilled with short swords and daggers. You'll do just fine to replace my kitty."

"Let her go!" Evelynn said as she fired an arrow. It was blocked by the Golem's massive arm however.

Maria then placed her hand on the forehead of Evelynn's sister. "She belongs to me now." And concentrated magic. Her body morphed and shrunk into that of a doll in her image that rested in Maria's hand. "Perfect."

Evelynn was in shock at what she had witnessed. "Iris!" She screamed.

Maria then showed off the doll to Evelynn. "Still alive don't worry." She said. "But under my command."

Olivia was terrified, Adam was furious at what he saw, and Evelynn was still in shock.

"Now little Luka look-a-like." Maria said. "Time to join this Dark Elf. Among my favorite dolls." She then snapped her fingers. "Golem! Restrain him!"

The Golem was ready to fight however a window shattered as a figure crashed down and cut the Golem in half. "Earth Rumbling Decapitation!" Granberia yelled.

"Granberia!" Adam and Olivia said.

"This was the final straw." Granberia said. "Consider yourselves at war with the Monster Lord for assaulting kingdoms around the world."

Maria readied her staff and faced Granberia. "Oh my...wasn't expecting this." She said. The other Crusaders looked nervous as they weren't ready to face the Heavenly Knights.

"At War?" A voice said. "Perfect. I can deal with Miceala, Lucifina's son and the Monster Lord at once."

"That voice." Olivia said.

"Eden..." Adam said as he faced the large door. There, Seraph Eden stood alongside Ivan and Kain.

"And the other Inquisitors." Evelynn said.

Ivan drew his blade as Kain readied his crossbow. "Consider yourself fortunate that we were planning on doing this ourselves Maria." Ivan said. "The Grand Meister had approved of your little attack when he found out where you were."

"Tell Lord Alipheese the 17th, that we accept her challenge." Eden said. "And that she can't hide Miceala forever."

"Alright Crusaders." Kain commanded. "Return to the castle!" Every one of them teleported away. Leaving only Adam and his friends, the guards of San Ilia, and Granberia standing there.

"Eden's returned?" A Valkyrie said. "But... I like my life here." A cupid said panicking.

"This is bad." Granberia said. "We need to track the Crusaders...but we haven't succeeded yet. They cover their tracks well." Granberia then looked at Adam. "Apologies Adam, I have to return to Lord Alice at once." She then teleported away.

"Thank you again." Adam managed to say before she disappeared.

"Evelynn... are you okay?" Olivia said.

"She's..gone." Evelynn said. "My only sister."

"We'll get her back." Adam said. "We just have to get stronger." The king of San Ilia then walked towards them.

"Are you the ones who helped my guards?" He said. "I give you many thanks for saving my life. If there's anything you need. Let me know at once."

"We need to see the Library!" Olivia said excitedly.

"Very well, you won't require any waiting to enter. Use it whenever you like!" The King said before being escorted back to his throne room.

Later on, Adam, Evelynn and Olivia were in the Library. Searching for the book. Adam then found it and was given permission by the librarian, who was a page-based monster, to borrow it until the spirits were found.

"Alright." Adam said as he read the book. "The Four Spirits...Man this is a lot of reading." He said.

Evelynn was sitting across from him as Olivia was off reading various books in fascination at being able to finally see the Library.

"Alright! Sylph, Spirit of Wind, is in the Forest of Spirits not too far from here." Adam said.

"I live there." Evelynn said. "I can guide you. Consider it a thank you for helping me."

"Well, I promise we'll save your sister." Adam said.

"I'd like to travel with you two." Evelynn said. "Not just to save her, but to make sure no one else is harmed by these Crusaders."

"Sure." Adam said. The two then stood and left. "Olivia! We're leaving now!"

"But...look at this autobiography of the Legendary Heroine Cecil!" Olivia said. "One of only a few that survived the printing fire that ruined all of them!" Adam then grabbed her and put the book back on the shelf as they left the castle. Heading towards the Forest of Spirits."

Chapter 6: Forest of Spirits. Wind Spirit Sylph.

Adam, Olivia and Evelynn arrived at the outskirts of the vast forest. Evelynn went in front as they entered.

"I'll lead the way." Evelynn said. "Sylph is in the heart of the forest but this place is still sacred. Humans can enter but are on constant watch by Elves."

"What about the fairies?" Adam asked. "I heard they're quite numerous here."

"They might try to play pranks on you but I'll keep them in line." Evelynn said. "Let's go!" The three of them walked forward. As they moved through the forest, they came across a group of elves and fairies.

"Evelynn!" One called out.

"Big sis is back!" A fairy said. "And she brought friends!" Another said.

"Hello everyone." Evelynn said. She turned to Adam and Olivia, introducing them; "This is Adam, and Olivia."

"Pleased to meet you." An elf said.

"Hello Mr. Adam!" A fairy said.

They introduced themselves as Evelynn and one of the elves talked.

"Did you find Iris?" The elf asked.

"She was...taken by this Grand Inquisitor." Evelynn said. "I wasn't strong enough to save her, that girl turned Iris into a doll and took her away."

"If she's still alive, there's sure to be a way." The elf said. "After all, you of all Elves could search the land and bring her home. But she's succumbed to darkness and would probably run away again."

"I know," Evelynn said. "Adam and Olivia are helping me, but Adam is seeking an audience with Sylph."

Adam and Olivia walked up to the two. "Thanks for letting us meet with Sylph." Adam said. "We have to stop these Black Crusaders and the Spirits may be our only way."

"Be careful." An elf said. "A strange figure is wandering through here. it's scared off every elf sent after it through sheer intimidation."

"We'll be careful." Olivia said.

The three then continued through the forest. As they reached a clearing, a small fairy in green floated there, the winds circling around her. "Hi there!" The fairy said.

"Greetings Sylph." Evelynn said.

"You're Sylph huh?" Adam said, examining the small fairy. "I'm Adam and..." Before he could continue, the wind howled and blew past Sylph.

"You're here to gain my power to protect the world from those Black Crusaders and that mean angel Eden." Sylph said. "You remind me of Luka! You must be related. I can tell you're gonna be fun to play with."

"That's right." Olivia said. "How'd you know?"

"The wind told me." Sylph said. "But I can't just let you have my power. You must past my test."

"Fair enough." Adam said. "Grandpa had to take a test too."

"That's right!" Sylph said. "If you can hit me once, you win. But you have to get past my wind wall!" As Sylph said that, a powerful vortex of wind surrounded her. "Oh and no help! Luka was by himself too you know."

"Alright! Wish me luck guys." Adam said as Olivia and Evelynn stood back. Adam then focused as he decided to try and strike quickly. "Thunder Thrust!" Adam shouted as he lunged forward quickly trying to strike Sylph through the wall. But to his surprise, the wall blocked his attack and brushed past him gently, giving him slight pleasure. "Hey!"

"Nothing gets past my new and improved wind wall." Sylph said. "And time with Luka made me stronger so I won't lose!"

Adam walked around the wall of wind, unable to find any openings. "This is tough." Adam said.

"Giving up?" Sylph said.

"Nope...just thinking." Adam said.

"Think faster and fight." Sylph said. "Please?"

Adam kept thinking. He tried gently pushing his hand inside the wall, only to get countered again. "Gah, even a gentle attempt won't work." Adam said.

"Umm Adam..." Olivia said.

"No Olivia you heard Sylph." Adam said. "I gotta do this alone."

"Alright..." Olivia said. "You see the solution too right?" She whispered in Evelynn's ear.

"Honestly even a novice would know." Evelynn whispered. "Just let him figure it out."

~30 minutes later~

Evelynn and Olivia sat down dozing off as Adam still kept thinking and attempting ideas only to fail. "Man this is hard." Adam said. "And that wind's starting to wear me down."

"You..done yet?" Sylph asked, clearly tired.

"No...I'm not giving up!" Adam said. "Grandpa figured it out and so will I!" But as Adam spoke, Sylph had fallen asleep, fluttering in the air still, as the wall of wind died down. "Oh!" Adam said and struck Sylph once. "I win!"

"Wah!" Sylph cried out as she suddenly woke up. "Aww no fair! Luka did that too!" Sylph then shrugged her shoulders. "A win is a win though. You passed!"

Evelynn and Olivia woke up as they heard that. "He finally won?" Olivia asked.

"Yep!" Adam said.

"I'm glad it's someone I can trust with my power." Sylph said and extended her hand. Adam shook her hand with his pinky as she disappeared.

"Sylph?" Adam asked. Sylph then appeared in his head. "Oh she's in my head."

"Yay! This is so nostalgic!" Sylph said. "Call on my power anytime!"

"Well, one spirit down!" Adam said.

"Three to go." Evelynn said. "And I'll help you anyway I can."

"Me too!" Olivia said "Let's head to Sabasa for Gnome."

The three then headed South towards the forest outskirts. About halfway there, the sky turned dark as a large, blue, male figure in a robe appeared before him. His appearance was almost ethereal however, like an illusion.

"Who's that?" Adam asked.

"Must be that figure we were warned about." Evelynn said. "They were right to run away...he has a strange aura."

"Wahh!" Sylph said. "He's very dangerous! Don't get close!"

"Even Sylph is intimidated." Adam said. "It's best if we retreat."

The figure then stared at Adam. Concentrating before speaking up. His voice was booming and deep. "Lucifina! Nephilim!" It said.

"Nephilim?" Adam asked. " know my great-grandma?"

"Consider this a warning!" It said. "Do not interfere with our plans!" He then disappeared. The sky returning to daylight as he vanished.

"What was that about?" Adam asked.

"Olivia?" Evelynn asked. "You look like you saw a ghost."

Olivia was frozen in fear. She had dropped her staff. "We were lucky to have survived...." She said. "Issac..The Endbringer!"

"Who?" Adam asked.

"The Second in Command to the Black Crusaders." Olivia said. "I've heard rumors but it is true. It is like facing the apocalypse in his presence."

"We have to leave before he decides to return." Adam said as he held her hand. Evelynn grabbed her staff before they headed out.

At the Black Crusader's Castle.

"So the war has begun." The Grand Meister said.

"And now we wait for our opponents first move." Eden responded. "But I'm concerned, your Grand Inquisitors might match the Heavenly Knights. But how will we be certain of victory with the Monster Lord and Miceala?"

"Rest assured Great Seraph," The Grand Meister said. "We are more than capable of holding our own." A small young man in a blue robe holding a massive staff appeared before the Grand Meister. "Ah! Issac my most trusted Right Hand. I was wondering where you went off too. We have made an alignment with The Great Seraph Eden. We are at war with Aliphese Fateburn XVII."

Issac had whispered in the Grand Meister's ear.

"Is that so?" The Grand Meister said. "We will have Ivan intercept him at Sabasa castle. He must not evolve into a threat."

Issac then whispered something else.

"I understand your hatred of the Fallen One Lucifina." The Grand Meister said. "But in the event of high security I must ask you to track down and destroy Fallen Seraph Miceala."

Issac then bowed to the Grand Meister, then to Eden, before warping away to begin his search.

"The final Inquisitor?" Eden asked. "How do you keep one such as him contained?"

"Don't underestimate our power Seraphim." The Grand Meister said. "This War is just beginning."

Chapter 7: The Safina Desert.

After a day's rest, Adam and company had departed San Ilia and made it to the desert outskirts. There they came across the caravan.

"A desert caravan?" Adam asked.

"It's the safest route." Olivia said. "Desert monsters can still be hostile."

"The desert is harsh as well so they tend to know how to safely move through the environment." Evelynn said.

The three had paid the fine and gotten inside the cart. As they were about to depart, a voice had called out from the distance;

"Wait up!" It had said. A young man then jumped on the cart and paid the caravan. He had short, green hair and eyes and wore black combat gear and had a large spear on his back. The caravan then took off as they sat in the cart.

"You seem in a rush." Evelynn said to the man.

"Sooner I get back home the better." He said.

"Where are you coming from?" Olivia said.

"The Seeker's Academy." The man said. "But with what's going on I don't wanna....what's with the angel?" He looked as Olivia seemed extremely excited.

"The Seeker's Academy?!" Olivia asked. "Why would you leave there?!"

"What's the Seeker's Academy?" Adam asked.

"It's a massive school full of 'Truth Seekers.'" Evelynn said. "People, monsters and angels who wish to do nothing but seek the secrets of the universe. They also perform dangerous experimentation and arm themselves to take down any who wish to harm their cause."

"Sounds like the Seekers of Truth my grandfather fought long ago." Adam said.

"They are..." The man said. "And that crazy Headmistress Promestein is still as determined as she supposedly was 100 years ago." The man then extended a hand. "Nikolai."

Adam then shook his hand. "My name is Adam. This is Olivia, and this is Evelynn." He said.

"You're Grandfather fought the Seekers eh?" Nikolai asked. "You know I should've known you look just like Luka."

"He gets that alot." Olivia said. "So why are you running away from the Seeker's Academy?"

"Well I went there in order to study like my family has been doing..." Nikolai said. "But I ended up being accepted into the combat training and they chose me to be their 'Enforcer.'"

"You're the Enforcer?" Olivia asked. "You must be quite strong."

"Well, I'm eligible to become the Enforcer. The Enforcer of Truth requires years of training and studying." Nikolai said. "I wanted to turn them down but Promestein won't take no for an answer."

"Why's that?" Adam asked.

"Because apparently my Father, Solomon, was the previous Enforcer." Nikolai said. "But instead of living as an immortal half-monster like Promestein demanded he chose to die of old age. So she wants to settle for his son. So I ran away to warn my mother of Promestein's plans."

"Your father was Solomon?" Olivia asked. "No wonder they want you as an Enforcer."

"I was told stories about him as well." Adam said. "But you look so young. He was said to have died 40 years ago but you don't look older than about 25."

"Blame my mother, Lucia." Nikolai said. "She's a monster and she didn't impregnate herself until years after he died."

"Oh, so she kept you as a sperm all that time." Olivia said. "I could see why."

"Correct." Nikolai said. "But unlike my Father, who stayed with Promestein all the way. I didn't want to stay and work for someone who doesn't care for morales when it comes to what they do."

"Well don't expect them to not chase you." Evelynn said. "I was told they do not give mercy to those who just abandon them. Especially since they demand you take a trusted position."

"I'll be fine. I left days ago and haven't seen anyone come after me." Nikolai said. "So what about you three?"

"We're trying to stop the Black Crusaders." Adam said.

"And I thought Promestein was crazy." Nikolai said.

"We're helping Seraph Miceala and the Monster Lord defeat them and Seraph Eden." Olivia said. "We're seeking the aid of the Four Spirits."

"Wow, then maybe there's a chance for you guys." Nikolai said. "I wish all three of you luck then. I'm gonna head to Witch's Village when we reach Sabasa Castle. I heard that Gnome is in a restored temple north of the Castle."

The caravan was halfway to Sabasa castle as the four of them talked, they were suddenly visited by a harpy that landed by the Caravan leader who whispered something to his ear. He then turned to them as the Harpy flew off.

"Guys we may have to proceed with caution." The caravan leader said. "I was told of the Black Crusaders launching an attack on Sabasa Castle. They were seen not too far from there."

"The Black Crusaders?" Adam said. "Take us there at once. We'll help!"

The caravan kept moving, as they prepared for the upcoming battle.

"I wonder why they'd attack Sabasa?" Nikolai asked. "They're very open to monsters and with an alliance with the Vampire Queen I'd doubt they'd last."

"They probably have a Grand Inquisitor helping them then." Evelynn said. "If what you said is true then one's bound to be there to deal with the Queen Vampire."

"I just hope it isn't that Issac guy we saw." Adam said.

"Any of those four are scary." Olivia said.

"Then I'll help." Nikolai said. "Since this land's my home."

"Are you sure?" Adam asked.

"These Crusaders aren't as bad as what Promestein could do to me." Nikolai said. "Besides, there is safety in numbers when it comes to a powerful foe."

"Thanks Nikolai." Adam said. The four then readied themselves as they were almost to Sabasa.

Chapter 8: Sabasa Assaulted. Ivan's Return.

As the four arrived at Sabasa castle later that day, they found the area suprisingly normal. The decided to scout around to make sure no one attempted any sneak attacks.

"They should've been here by now." Adam said.

"I'd definitely go into a Vampire populated area at daytime." Nikolai said. "Less chance of a confrontation with them outdoors. There's also a large number of allied monsters as well, so really this country is the worst place to invade."

"The townspeople don't seem worried." Olivia said. "Maybe The Sabasa Queen saw the attack coming and took precautions."

"Maybe." Adam said. "You see anything Evelynn?" He called out to Evelynn, who was watching from the rooftops.

Evelynn was looking around the outskirts from a tall roof, she had saw a few soldiers and a priest walking through an alleyway. "There! In the alleyway, I sense about five of them!" she called out.

As Adam and the others were about to head out, a crash was heard coming from the castle.

"Those guys were a diversion." Adam said. "Evelynn, you and Olivia take care of those guys, me and Nikolai will protect the Queen."

"Got it!" Olivia said.

"Good idea." Evelynn said. The both of them soon left to the oncoming troops.

Adam and Nikolai rushed inside the castle. The human guards were hesitent to approach but three vampires were in the throne room.

"Just surrender." The one in the middle said. "The Queen has been evacuated. And you're surrounded from all sides."

"The Vampire Queen." Nikolai said. "And her two aides Carmilla and Elizabeth."

"You were right." Adam said. "It would be difficult to succeed any attack."

They decided to stand back until needed as the three tried attacking the invader all at once. Everyone was shocked however as he managed to fight all three of them off.

"In the name of the Black Crusaders I shall purify this dark-infested castle." A voice had said. "Stand down or face the wrath of the Crusaders."

"That voice." Adam said as he rushed to the throne room. There he saw the attacker. "Ivan!"

"Oh, if it isn't the grandson of the hero." Ivan said. "You've grown quite a bit since our last meeting."

Nikolai rushed to Adam. "Adam, be careful." He said. "That giant shield's got a strange power radiating off of it."

"Indeed." Carmilla said. "We can't even get him in a trance and he just sends any magic back at us."

"Well boy," Ivan said. "this time you won't be so fortunate." He then raised his blade and shield. Adam had raised his sword as Nikolai drew his spear.

"Fall back Your Majesty." Adam said. "Contact the Heavenly Knights."

"You seem promising," The Vampire Queen said. "Let us go, the Queen may not be entirely safe." The three Vampire's left as the other soldiers stayed back.

"You ready Sylph?" Adam asked.

"Yea, let's do this!" Sylph said. Adam then imbued himself with the power of wind.

"Woah...I feel lighter." Adam said. "Faster even." Adam then rushed at Ivan, faster than before and tried slashing him.

Ivan blocked with his shield and pushed Adam back. "So you are questing for the Four Spirits." Ivan said. "Then I shall stop you."

"Not if I can help it." Nikolai said as he attempted to strike Ivan from behind with his spear. Ivan blocked but was hit as Nikolai delivered a kick to his side.

"Martial arts." Ivan said. "How bothersome, but a fair method."

Adam then climbed the pillar and jumped striking down at Ivan. "Demon Skull Beheading!" He called out as he slammed down into Ivan, falling too fast to block as Ivan took a direct hit.

"Gah!" Ivan said. "You and your distractions. I guess I can't go easy on you anymore." Ivan then concentrated as his armor shined with a bright light. As the light faded, his armor seemed to be more fortified. "Perfect Guard!" He said.

"Woah." Nikolai said. "He's even more armored."

"But probably slower." Adam said. Ivan then rushed at them surprisingly fast as they barely dodged his attack. "Gah! Nevermind!"

"None have penetrated this defense." Ivan said. "Surrender now and your execution will be swift and painless."

Adam tried fighting back, but was blocked and showed no signs of coming close to piercing his defense. "It's no use, that guard is too strong." He said.

Nikolai concentrated. "No, there is a way." he said. "Stay back and regain some energy. I'll give it a go." He then concentrated in a meditative stance.

"Meditating?" Adam said. "Wait...father told me about that!" Adam then meditated and found his energy was restored.

Nikolai however was not meditating to heal. "Here goes." He said and readied a punch. "Lightning charge!" He said as his fist was now imbued with electricity.

"Woah!" Adam said.

"Lightning?" Ivan said. "But the only lightning masters are pupil's of Raijin."

"Just like my dad." Nikolai said as he rushed to Ivan and landed a direct hit. Ivan's perfect guard seemed to be pierced as it actually forced him back and damaged him. Nikolai however lost his lightning charge and had hurt his hand badly. "Damn...only did a little, I need to get stronger." he said and kneeled, clenching his hand.

"You..." Ivan said. "pierced my guard?" He appeared to be dumbfounded. He then grabbed his blade and walked to Nikolai. "I commend your skill. None have successfully broken my perfect guard like that. But you're still a long way togo before you can face the Grand Inquisitors." Ivan then bashed Nikolai with his shield knocking him aside. "Besides, the boy is my target."

"Nikolai!" Adam called out. "Damn...where are the others?"

Ivan then walked to Adam. "Any last words boy?" he asked.

Adam was cornered, his attacks wouldn't work, Sylph wasn't able to outspeed his reaction time yet, and his only chance at piercing his defense was knocked aside. Adam however held his blade. "Yea, I'll never surrender to you Crusaders." He said. He then removed the ring his aunt gave him. "I'm sorry Aunt Miceala. But I had to do this."

Ivan then smirked at that. "Then die, executed as a martyr." He said and tried to stab Adam, but was blocked by a strange light. "What's this?"

The light surrounded Adam and gave him transparent blue wings and covered his blade in a strange blue aura. Adam then held his blade as he faced Ivan.

"Holy energy?" Ivan asked. "You're bluffing...that would kill you." Ivan then prepared his Perfect Guard.

"I don't know much...but I hope this works." Adam said as he used Sylph's energy to imbue himself with holy wind.

Ivan then tried striking Adam, but Adam had dodged everytime.

Adam then closed his eyes and performed a powerful slash. Ivan's Guard was completely shattered as he took heavy damage.

"What?!" Ivan said. "My Guard...disabled?"

Adam then moved his arm swiftly and performed another slash. Forcing Ivan back further.

"This...I wasn't prepared for this." Ivan said, wincing in pain.

Nikolai stood as he saw Adam. "Woah..." he said. Olivia and Evelynn rushed in and saw the display.

"Amazing...his angel lineage." Olivia said.

"I had no idea he had such power." Evelynn said.

Ivan had readied his shield to block the next attack. "I will not stand down." He said.

Adam then tried unleashing a flurry of nine powerful strikes. Ivan had blocked them but their holy power still managed to damage him slightly. Adam attempted to land a finishing blow but was stopped in mid air by a strange energy.

"That's quite enough Nephilim." A young man's voice had said. "I knew I should've just killed you at the Forest."

Adam stopped and put his ring back on. "The forest...wait you mean?" He asked.

"Precisely." Issac said as he warped next to Ivan. "And now you use Lucifina's power on my comrade with zero experience against your kind? How cruel of you."

"Issac..." Ivan had said. "I had this under control."

"Tch. Under control?' Issac said. "One Daystar and you would've been an armor-wearing scarecrow...or a baby."

"Let him go!" Olivia said.

"Very well." Issac said and dropped Adam. "This was merely a plan to intercept and kill him gone wrong. My target is Miceala anyways. Then I'll return for her brat nephew."

"Brat?" Nikolai said. "Said the little boy."

"Little Boy?" Issac said as the entire castle shook. Causing all the guards to lose their balance. "Repeat that and see how many of the Six Ancestors get unsealed when Sabasa's turned into a crater."

Nikolai stood down. Clearly not willing to call any bluffs. "Nevermind."

" least you know your place." Issac than grabbed Ivan. "We're departing now. You still need improvements so I'm ordering you under training that Perfect Guard until then."

"Yes...Issac." Ivan said as they both warped away.

Adam stood as the others rushed to his aid. "We have quite a problem. Seems any rumors about Issac are true."

"His power was tremendous." Nikolai said as Olivia healed his arm. "Where does their leader get a guy like that as his right hand?"

At the Black Crusader's Castle:

"You imbecile!" Issac had said as he threw Ivan to the ground. "You didn't look into your foe's potential! How would the Grand Meister react if I told him you were obliterated by a falling star?!"

"I aplogize Issac." Ivan said as he stood. "I was careless and underestimated my foe. I got overconfident."

"Overconfident is right." Issac said. "Very unlike you Ivan...I don't need two Kain's running amok."

"Oh you are a delight old man." Kain said. "Oh is old man alright? I mean you hate being called a kid."

"Still that tongue of yours if all that's coming out is your usual talk." Issac said. "Although you were hard at work. How'd your scouting task go?"

"I looked into New Remina, and any possible quick travel to the Monster Lord's castle." Kain said. "She aint in Hellgondo. And the Gold Kingdom didn't have anything high security outside that Seeker's Academy which I doubt she'd go to."

"And I didn't find her in Sabasa before I picked up Ivan." Issac said. "That leaves...Grand Noah."

"I'll scout the Grand Noah castle for any activity." Kain said.

"No...I know where she is. But I must prepare over the next few days." Issac said.

"Then I might head to Grand Noah castle undercover anyways." Kain said. "She might be there."

"If it's for that reason then stay undercover. I bid you an early goodnight Inquisitors." Issac said as he walked out the meeting hall. "So we're going to fight again after all these years Tamamo no Mae." He said to himself as he moved to his quarters. "Even you can't protect your old rival however."

After the assault had concluded. The Sabasa Queen, Sara, had expressed her gratitude to Adam and his friends and allowed them a stay in the guest quarters as well as a feast. The four sat in the four-bed area as they each prepared to rest.

"Today was rough." Adam said.

"Quite." Olivia said as she was reading. "Glad we made it however."

"I gotta get used to Sylph's power." Adam said.

"And I gotta train some more." Nikolai said. "I should've trained before leaving the academy."

"Then how could you have helped us?" Evelynn said. "Quite brave of you to help us."

"It's nothing." Nikolai said. "You sure you wanna take a detour to Witch's Village? I wouldn't wanna stop you guys from getting Gnome's power."

"It'll be fun!" Olivia said. "After all, I'm interested in meeting the legendary alchemist Lucia. One of the Academy of Truth's co-founders."

"And the journey there will have a lot of training potential." Adam said. "For both of us."

"I see no reason why not." Evelynn said.

"Alright then." Nikolai said. "Then we depart tomorrow. Good night everyone!"

"Goodnight!" Everyone else said before going to sleep.

Chapter 9: Witch's Village. The Seekers of Truth.

Our heroes had traveled South the next morning to Witch's Village. Although they arrived late in the afternoon, their travels had little interruptions. They had made it to the outskirts of the city.

"So why's it called Witch's Village?" Adam asked. "I heard it used to be Witch Hunt Village."

"According to my studies of this world, it was always Witch Village." Olivia said. "Witch Hunt had come from a former lady of the village named Lily who hunted those accused of Witchcraft."

"Lily was a Seeker according to my Mom." Nikolai said. "She was imprisioned in a life sentance after she had performed twisted experiments on those convicted. My Mother, Lucia, then took over after helping the villagers rebuild and fixing her own mistakes from being involved with them."

"I heard the women were transformed into monsters and that they never looked for a cure." Evelynn said. "So it kinda passed down to their daughters."

"Correct." Nikolai said. "It still kinda bugs me however. I don't know how my father supposedly worked with twisted things like this." They waved to villagers as they passed by, all of them recognizing Nikolai.

"Well your mother is like them right?" Adam said. "Don't you also have...tentacles?"

Nikolai stopped and turned to Adam. "Alright one thing....never...bring that up." Nikolai said. "And don't tell's something I'm not proud of having. And I have no idea how they work." Nikolai then continued as they followed.

Evelynn and Olivia merely blushed as they imagined how that'd look on a young man.

Nikolai then stopped at a manor entrance. "Well okay, here's the thing;" Nikolai began to explain. "Yes, I did leave home to study at the academy, but really I left before my Mother said it was okay. She was going to request an investigation of the academy to Alice XVII due to suspicious activity but needed an undercover operative."

"So she sent you due to being Solomon's son?" Olivia asked. "Makes sense, Promestein seemed to be excited that you joined."

"Exactly." Nikolai said. "So she mad at me for leaving before it was okay. I'm actually quite afraid to find out but I wanted to see the academy and my father's work so badly."

"How bad can she get?" Adam asked.

"She's a far more advanced variant of the tentacled women that this village is known for." Nikolai said. "So she's quite powerful." He then walked upto the door and was about to knock on it. He turned back to the three. "Also..." As he was explaining the door opened and Lucia stood there, tentacles exposed with an angered expression. "Don't mention me fighting the Black Crusaders alongside you guys."

"Umm Nikolai." Evelynn said.

"I'm serious," Nikolai said. "she's probably pissed I ran off before she told me to go and if she found out I fought those guys, let alone attacked a Grand Inquisitor to protect Adam."

"You what?" Lucia said. Nikolai's jaw dropped as he went silent. Lucia then grabbed him and shook him. "Oh here's my missing son, over-extending like his idiot father!"

"Mother please!" Nikolai shouted. "Not infront of my friends."

"You ran off to the Academy before I told you to go too right?" Lucia said. "Oh be grateful the idea of extracting from my own son is no longer something I'd do."

"Uhh, Miss Lucia." Adam said. "Please calm down."

Lucia then noticed Adam and stopped. "Oh," She said. "my apologies. Pleased to meet all of you. I'm Lucia."

"My name is Adam." Adam said. "My Grandfather, Luka said he helped you reform from the Seekers of Truth."

"That's why you look so much like him." Lucia said. "And who are these two?"

"I'm Olivia!" Olivia said. "It's a pleasure meeting you."

"And I'm Evelynn." Evelynn said. "Your son has helped us a lot on his return home."

"Please, come inside." Lucia said as she led them inside, still hoting Nikolai. "Sorry about that little scene, I was worried sick when I left and suddenly received word from a friend that Nikolai was at the Seeker's Academy." They then settled in a living room where she finally dropped Nikolai. "I wanted him to train a little more before heading there. Both mentally and physically."

"I got in no problem." Nikolai said. "But I had to leave before they made me go through with that Enforcer training."

Lucia's eyes widened. "Promestein chose you to be the eight Enforcer?" She asked.

"Yea..." Nikolai said.

"That darn angel..." Lucia said. "I knew the second she'd lay eyes on you that she'd immediately do something like that. Although you'd probably would've had full clearance at that point, you were right to retreat for now."

"I'm sorry mom," Nikolai said.

Lucia merely sighed. "What matters is that you're okay." She said. "We can handle any chimera sent after us. And Promestein knows any large-scale assault would lead to the interference by the Heavenly Knights."

"Is Promestein that strong?" Adam asked. "I heard most of Ilias' assault was done by her chimeras and Seekers."

"Back then, she was quite the foe for your Grandfather." Lucia said. "But now, it's difficult to tell due to the facade of that academy. There's levels of secret labs under it and her mind has only advanced in the past century."

"What of Solomon?" Olivia asked. "Nikolai said he didn't want to stay alive forever."

"It's true." Lucia said. "Solomon was the co-founder of the Academy. He helped with everything and learned alongside fellow Truth Seekers as well as teach them. Friend to practically the whole world, his reputation inspired the Seekers. But 60 years after he helped build it up...I could never forget that day;"

"I was there when he told Promestein of his retirement. He was gonna live his last few years together with me." Lucia said

At the Seekers Academy, in Promestein's office;

"Retirement?" Promestein said. "Solomon what are you on about? You're my best Seeker and we haven't even found an eighth Enforcer to help our cause."

"Enforcer?" Solomon said. "Promestein, there's no need for that old title of the defender to be revived any longer. The world has accepted your ways, you're generations ahead of where you were years ago, the Monster Lords have even pardoned your old crimes and our numbers have grown exponentially."

"What of that threat I warned you about." Promestein asked. "She'll surely attack us and I may need assistance."

"Enough of that." Solomon said. "Third's return is not for another 40 years according to your predictions and she can't do a thing with Alice XVII in command."

"Surely death shall not be an option then." Promestein said, clearly worried. "I can augment your body. You'll become a chimera, and I can restore your youth."

"I said enough!" Solomon said. "For the last time I do not wish to become that! Although the chimeras I've met throughout my life have befriended me, taught me many things and even see me as a father-figure now, it's time the torch has been passed to the Seekers of today. This new generation is promising, and you should have high expectations of all of humanity, instead of this old man."

"You could have ruled as a king among humanity surpassing the goddesses alongside me." Promestein said, angered and radiating her holy power. "You're leaving so much unfinished, so much potential wasted." She then rushed to Solomon, preparing to strike him. "Yet you wish to die and not live to see our dream realized?"

Solomon grabbed his cane, imbuing himself with the power of Gnomaren and charged his arm with lightning as he smacked Promestein, sending her flying back to her desk, breaking it in half. Lucia quickly held him back. "Your dream is petty revenge on Ilias and that pathetic religion of hers." He said, giving her an intimidating glare. "My dream, has come true. I've lived long and saw the world, I fought against and alongside the strongest monsters, I've Seeked the Truth and discovered my longing and passion, and protected this world from your very mistakes." He then looked at Lucia. "And along the way I've found love." He looked back at Promestein. "I've lived a full life. Humanity is not meant to dwell into immortality, the journey between birth and death and what's done in that journey is humanity's goal everyday." He then began to warp away. "Think about that before you try and force humanity to become gods." Solomon and Lucia then warped away. Leaving Promestein alone.

"He then spent a few more years with me. Before his death, he knew I had kept his DNA from after he defeated Akame at the prime of his youth. He told me; 'I learned that loneliness is the very thing that caused a lot of the world's problems. A son or daughter, a new husband, I don't care what you do with it as long as you're happy.'" Lucia said as she teared. Nikolai comforted her.

"Wow..." Olivia said. "He seemed every bit as inspiring as I've read about."

"Mother had told me, many powerful figures came to his funeral." Nikolai said. "Except for Promestein. Which I thought was strange despite that fight."

"Which is the main reason I'm requesting an investigation." Lucia said. But before she can continue, a woman rushed in the house.

"Lady Lucia." She said. "We have a problem."

All of them rushed outside to find an older male scientist and a lance-wielding chimera. "Relax, we've come for a young man." The professor said. "No force is being used."

"Professor Edward." Lucia said. "And a Knightroid bodyguard? You were never the most compitent fighter."

"Lucia, I should've known you hid Professor Solomon's own son from us." Edward had said. "Return him to the Academy at once."

Lucia readied herself to fight. "Make me." She said.

"Mother, enough." Nikolai said. "No need for violence." He then stood infront of her as he faced Edward and the Knightroid. "Tell Headmistress Promestein that I'm doing a personal training session to prepare my body and mind for her offer to become the Enforcer."

"Ha!" Edward said. "I'm not stupid. Knightroid, restrain him!"

The Knightroid stood forward as she faced Nikolai. Adam and the others stood with him. "He isn't alone here." Adam said.

"We won't let you take him." Evelynn said. "He's our friend!"

"He's also investigating a rising threat of the Black Crusaders." Olivia said as she calmly stood infront of them.

"Is that so?" Edward said as he saw Olivia.

"This...'Third' has allied with them." Olivia said nervously. "Third Seraph Eden of course."

Edward pulled out an orb and told the Knightroid to stand down as he walked to them. "Is that so?" He said. "Tell her, then." The orb glowed as a seemingly spectral image of Promestein appeared.

"Ah, Nikolai." Promestein said. "We were beginning to worry."

"I've not declined your offer." Nikolai said. "However I must do this training my own way."

"And you've done some covert work along the way?" Promestein said. "I've heard of attacks on San Ilia and Sabasa about these Black Crusaders."

"Indeed." Nikolai said. "Eden has allied themselves according to these agents of Alipheese."

Lucia then hid Adam behind her.

"Well...then we can't send any force as long as you promise to return." Promestein said.

"Promestein." Lucia said.

"Oh...Lucia." Promestein said. "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

"I know you have it." Lucia said. "Return it at once."

"What are you on about?" Promestein said.

"Solomon's body! His grave was raided, you left obvious clues and you know the Monster Lord had completely guarded his grave placed in a private tomb." Lucia said with anger. Before she could get an answer however, the transmission cut off and Edward and the Knightroid warped away. "Damn." Lucia said. "If she did revive and restore his full power, it'd be catastrophic."

As everything settled down, Adam and the others stayed the night. The next morning, they prepared to set off.

"You sure you wanna go with them Nikolai?" Lucia asked.

"I have to now." Nikolai said. "I'll get stronger though."

"We'll take good care of him ma'am." Adam said.

"Then I'll warp you to Sabasa and save you the walking. Good luck on your quest everyone!" Lucia said as she warped them away. "Be careful Nikolai." She said.

At the Seeker's Academy.

"It seems we must wait for our future Enforcer." Promestein said as Edward followed her through a hidden laboratory.

"I don't see why not. We had him right there." Edward said.

"And Lucia was hiding someone else from me..." Promestein said. "I want Nikolai's little group of friends investigated."

"Lucia knows however." Edward said.

"Let her," Promestein said. "Once the 'Chimera Tyrant King' is activated, Eden, that Monster Lord, and even Miceala won't be able to protect her. And I predict his completion is soon."

"But I'm concerned." Edward said. "It's AI is getting more aggressive, demanding it be shut off and even threatening to destroy the academy."

"That's what happens when you take the soul of a man initially against it." Promestein said. "As long as the subjugation bracers become operational, we can perform tasks with low risk.

"Indeed Mistress Promestein." Edward said.

"Now return to your tasks." Promestein said. Edward then warped away. "Soon the world will be free of the Goddess of Light and the rule of a Monster Lord and humanity can evolve fully."

Chapter 10; Spirit of Earth, Gnome.

Adam and his friends had set out North from Sabasa Castle to Gnome's domain. The shrine once dedicated to her was rebuilt as part of an artifact restoration project alongside Sphinx's Pyramid and other ancient Sabasan landmarks.

"So if we just head North we'll find it." Olivia said as she read the book to make sure.

"Let's try and get through this desert heat then." Adam said, wiping sweat from his forehead. "Excited to see Gnome again Sylph?" He then asked.

"You bet!" Sylph said. "I bet Gnomey misses me too."

The four continued North, Adam and Nikolai often targeted by desert monsters. Soon they stopped to search around and saw something odd.

"Is that..." Nikolai began to ask as he pointed at a strange doll. Before he could finish it ran off. "Wait!"

"That's Gnome's familiar!" Sylph said. "We're close now."

"Sylph said we're close if we see those dolls." Adam told Nikolai.

"Oh, that's reassuring I thought it was a mirage." He said.

"Seems it might want to lead us to Gnome." Adam said as another cautiously walked towards them before turning around and running. "Let's go!"

The four tried following the Mud Dolls. But were too slow to keep up. Eventually, they found a strange temple.

"This looks like the place." Evelynn said.

"It's amazing what can be done to restore ancient history." Olivia said. "It's said the shrine was originally destroyed somehow."

Adam stepped forward. A little girl holding a mud doll walked out the shrine. "Are you Gnome?" He asked.

"....." She slowly nodded her head.

"Gnomey!" Sylph said. "This is Luka's grandson! Join us!"

"......." Gnome shook her head.

"Oh right, you gotta test him." Sylph said.

"I'll do my best." Adam drew his blade.

The other three stood back. Knowing full well he must challenge the spirit alone.

Gnome then set her doll down and focused her power as it and five others sprung to life.

"Seven on one?" Nikolai said.

"I know it seems unfair." Olivia said. "But he has to do this on his own, we must respect the Spirit's wishes."

"Seems it isn't like Sylph's test." Evelynn said. "The others were said to have more combat experience."

Adam held his blade as he focused. "Sylph!" He called as She gave him the power of wind. Adam began fighting the dolls first, knowing they'd just protect Gnome.

Gnome silently commanded the dolls to try and rush him all at once, but the command failed as the wind either helped Adam dodge or blow them aside.

"Take that!" Adam said as he struck two of them down. They merely faded into the ground as they were defeated. "Alright! Five to go!" Adam was feeling confident, but knew not to over-extend.

Gnome then commanded the other four to try and pin Adam down. Adam was soon pushed onto the ground and pinned.

"Hey, get off!" Adam said as he struggled.

Gnome then slowly walked towards Adam intent on finishing him quickly.

"I said get off!" Adam said as he struggled out and accidently struck Gnome with his blade, forcing her back and breaking the control on the dolls which caused them all to dissapate. "Oh no! Are you okay?"

Gnome then stood and nodded her head. Then then focused her power on a spell.

"Oh no!" Sylph said. "Quick re-activate my power!"

Adam nodded his head as he re-applied the power of wind.

Gnome then pointed at Adam as a massive wall of sand rushed towards him. Sylph's wind however, redirected it back at Gnome. Gnome thought fast this time and focused a pillar of rock to block the wall of sand and protect her.

"Wow, you're quite strong!" Adam said smiling.

".........." Gnome had 'said.'

"Gnome thinks you're just like Luka." Sylph said. "You also passed."

"I passed?" Adam asked.

Gnome merely nodded her head as she extended a hand.

"Alright!" Adam said. He then shook Gnome's hand as she faded away. Gnome and Sylph stood next to each other.

"Yay! Gnomey's here too!" Sylph said. "Just like old times right?"

Gnome merely looked at Sylph before punching her.

"Hey Gnome!" Adam said.

"She does that a lot." Sylph said. "It means we're friends!" Gnome then punched her again.

"Wow, that was some amazing skill." Nikolai said.

"Indeed." Evelynn said. "And only two Spirits to go."

"Those Black Crusaders won't know what hit them." Olivia said.

Adam then turned quickly and held his blade ready as he heard clapping.

"Bravo! Bravo!" the source of the clapping, Maria of the Black Crusaders, had said. "My future hero doll is looking wonderful as ever!"

"Maria!" Adam said.

"Return my sister at once!" Evelynn said. Readying her bow.

"Your sister?" Maria said holding a doll of a Dark Elf. "No, she's proving to be a good friend and servant."

"That's just sick." Nikolai said. "Forced subjugation by transforming people."

"He's right." Olivia said. "Monsters aren't toys you can play with."

"But they play with us." Maria said. "And they tend to overdo it. So I'm just playing with them." Maria then put the doll of Iris away as she grabbed a golem doll. "But I won't leave empty handed this time Adam." The Golem doll then transformed. "You're coming home with me! The Grand Meister and Issac approved of me keeping you."

"I'm not going anywhere!" Adam said as he stood ready. "Ready Gnome? I know I just got you, but this is an emergency."

Gnome nodded her head.

"Come Gnome!" Adam said, strengthening himself with the Earth. "Wow...I feel, stronger."

"We can help too!" Olivia said as they drew their weapons.

The Golem charged forward as it grabbed Adam.

Adam had struggled and was able to break the Heavy Golem's grasp. Nikolai then kicked the Golem back as Evelynn shot at her.

"It's big, and durable." Nikolai said. "Only Adam could break it's grasp."

"You're right." Olivia said. "Fall back if it damages you too much, I'll heal you guys."

Evelynn stood infront of Olivia. "Then I'll cover you." She said.

Adam nodded as this was the best plan. "Nikolai, think you can use that lightning power?" He asked.

"Of course!" Nikolai said as he charged his fists and legs with lightning. "This Golem is easy compared to that Inquisitor."

Adam and Nikolai rushed forward. Nikolai used speed to dodge whilst Adam used strength to attack.

"No no!" Maria said. "Grab the Hero!"

The Golem tried to grab Adam again but was shot by Evelynn. As the Golem turned to Evelynn to rush after her. Nikolai delivered a stab with his spear into the Golem's back. The Golem then grabbed Nikolai and squeezed it's grip.

"Gah!" Nikolai shouted as he tried struggling.

"I got you." Adam said as he used Demon Decapitation, but only managed to cut it's arm off. "Woah...Gnome gives a lot of strength. I gotta be careful."

Nikolai stood. "Thanks Adam." He said as he rushed to Olivia to heal.

As Adam turned to face the Golem, he had found it had disappeared. "Where'd it go?" Adam asked as he looked around.

Maria giggled. "So foolish, but adorable." She said.

The Golem then bursted out the sand and grabbed Adam. Before he could struggle. Maria was already in front of him.

"Not this time." Maria said. "And here's a little something for your friends." she then focused her magic as sand dolls began surrounding Olivia, Nikolai and Evelynn.

"Oh no!" Olivia said. "Adam!" The three tried fighting off the dolls but were surrounded and they merely came back afer being struck down.

"Now then Adam." Maria said holding out her palm. "Did you really think you'd beat the Black Crusaders? As punishment. You'll be a nice, defenseless doll trapped forever. Don't worry, you'll have tons of friends so you won't miss those guys."

Before she could transform him however, a voice let out a soft grunt. "Hmph..."

"And you are?" She asked looking at the source of the voice.

It was merely a figure in a black robe and hood. A strange aura surrounded whoever it was.

"Oh?" Maria said. "Perhaps I'll also take you as well."

The hooded figure's aura soon intensified as in a flash, the Golem and all the Sand Dolls were instantly cut in half and faded away, unable to regenerate. Adam fell to the ground as the others rushed to his aid. "..." the figure said as he appeared in front of Maria, sword still drawn, as if he never moved.

Maria looked at him in shock. "I-I know now." She said. "Issac warned us three about you lurking around the world." She then turned to Adam. "Consider yourself fortunate, but I'll be back to make you and him mine." she then warped away.

"Thanks." Adam said. "You're incredibly strong... who are you?"

The figure then looked at Adam and the others. "... An ally... to the Monster Lord." He said before vanishing.

"Who was he?" Evelynn asked.

"I don't know." Adam said. "Although I'm grateful to him."

"What did he mean by 'an ally to the Monster Lord'?" Olivia said.

"I guess your family knew of your quest." Evelynn said. "Are you okay Nikolai?"

Nikolai looked at where the hooded man stood. "I'm fine." He said. "Olivia managed to heal me up before those Sand Dolls overwhelmed us.

"We did a great job together." Adam said. "And with the other Spirits we can free Evelynn's sister and stop the Crusaders."

"Right!" The three said in agreement. They then decided to head East. Grand Noah awaited them.

At the Black Crusaders Castle. Maria, Ivan, Kain and Issac are in a meeting with the Grand Meister and Eden.

"I'm telling you it was him!" Maria said to Ivan. "He was as cool and dreamy as those legends said." She said blushing.

Ivan then bonked her on the head. "Enough of that." He said. "Are you absolutely sure?"

"I'm sure of it!" Maria said.

"This is truly a bad situation." The Grand Meister said. "The 'Demon Assassin' of legend was near unmatched in power once the Hero Luka retired. An agility and ferocity said to be like that of a demon's, and rumor has it the assassin aided the Hero in defeating our Great Seraph. Only one human had matched his strength since then. And the Monster Lord and her Heavenly Knights are supervising the Hero Luka's grandchild."

"Grr... That other human aiding the Son of Lucifina... He's still active..." Eden scowled.

"Demon Assassin eh?" Kain said. "Sounds like a true predator. His weapons would adore my den.

"Don't be so quick to die Kain." Issac said. "After all, I'm sure you have other unfinished prey."

"Ah, you're right for now." Kain said.

"Speaking of prey." Eden said with a soft sigh. "Have you located Miceala?"

"Indeed Great Seraph." Issac said. "She's in Grand Noah. Hiding with Tamamo no Mae."

"Oh damn her!" Eden said outraged. "One step ahead always."

"Relax Great Seraph." The Grand Meister said. "After all, you know of Issac's power."

"Indeed." Eden had said. "How did you manage to gain his trust?"

"A long story old friend." Issac said. "But Miceala will be dealt with once I finish preparations."

"Very well." The Grand Meister said. "You four are dismissed!"

"Yes, Your Holiness." The four of them said as they each warped away.

Somewhere. The hooded figure that aided Adam and his friends spoke to another person.

"That young boy, following in the footsteps of his grandfather. Reminds you of good times, huh? 100 years back then..." the hooded figure commented.

"He's slowly showing promise. I remember so many good memories with Luka back then. Crossing blades, the journey to obtaining the four spirits, and fighting Ilias. I'm surprised it's all happened all over again." the other person said.

"His first impression of me was of his idiocy, but he proved to be an invaluable warrior. You say this descendant is showing promise... Granberia?" the hooded figure replied.

"Though we haven't crossed blades yet," Granberia said. "He's slowly getting accustomed to fighting the Black Crusaders, like how Luka held off the Heavenly Knights. It won't be long now before he defeats Eden too. You fought her before... Shadow."

"Hmph. She held her own fairly against us, until Alipheese the Sixteenth stepped in and gave her support to us." Shadow responded. "Since Eden just revived, it's likely she'll be weak and still regaining her strength. Her lackeys are sorely disappointing; Adam already dulled the 'divine aegis', and this puppeteer shows no promise either, treating her own marionettes as mere tools - a worse performance than the greatest puppeteer of all time, Chrome Artiste."

"Third..." another voice, belonging to a female, said. A figure appeared emerged behind Shadow, wearing the exact same attire as him. "Just the same as 100 years ago, still clinging to her silly beliefs. Can't believe I even falsely allied with her."

"I-its you..." Granberia quietly gasped in surprise before Shadow cut her off.

"You and the other Knights, except Tamamo, keep forgetting that Phantom is bound to me. It's already obvious that this century will play differently than the previous." Shadow sighed before turning to Phantom. "So, decided to join the fun?"

"Oh yes." Phantom chuckled. "I'd love to humiliate Third again. Imagine the look on her face when she sees her old 'ally' giving her a tea party!"

"Poor Eden, all alone again; betrayed by everyone and abandoned by Ilias. And now her former 'ally' will be facing her." Shadow chuckled as well.

"If the two of you are done giggling..." Granberia softly sighed. "What will be your course of action now, Shadow?"

"We'll keep monitoring Adam and his friends from the shadows." Shadow replied. "They're headed to the Noah region, and since Eden's grudge is directed towards Micaela, it's likely the Black Crusaders will strike there next. I've also 'borrowed' a tracking device from the Seeker's Academy and placed it on the puppeteer. I've already had Kitsune, the white-furred aide of Tamamo who was a two-tails a hundred years ago - I think she's now a sixth or seventh tail, somewhere on Nanabi's level -, investigate the location that the tracker leads to."

"Hm, superb investigation skills as ever." Granberia commented.

"Was there ever any doubt? Anyway, unless you have any urgent duties, I request you and the other Knights be on standby, ready to fight the Crusaders should they attack Micaela and Mistress Tamamo. While they're currently nothing more than a nuisance, we all know very well not to drop our guard. Very well then, I'll see you soon, Granberia." As Granberia nodded at the request, Phantom slyly waved before disappearing first behind Shadow. Afterwards, he vanished and teleported away.

Chapter 11; Grand Noah and The Queen's Cup.

A week of traveling after our heroes success at enlisting the aid of the Earth Spirit Gnome, Adam and his friends, with some training during that time as well, are now approaching the entrance of Grand Noah.

"Finally, here's Grand Noah." Adam said.

"A prosperous kingdom of coexistance, even more than a century ago." Olivia said.

"I've never been here. I've been to Grangold but only because the academy is located there." Nikolai had said.

"Well hopefully we won't have a run in with those Crusaders." Evelynn said. "At least not until we're ready."

"You're right." Adam said. "Still, we haven't heard of their movements recently."

The four traveled to the town square, until they saw a poster.

"The Queen's Cup?" Nikolai said. "Seems like the Coloseum is having a big event."

"My Grandfather won a Queen's Cup once." Adam said. "He told me that fighters from all around gather at Grand Noah Coloseum, and that the Queen's Cup is their biggest tournament."

"Says here; 'Winner recieves a cash prize and a dinner with the Grand Noah royal family.'" Nikolai said. "Say Adam, wanna try it?"

"I don't know," Adam said. "he also told me that monsters rape competing men upon defeating them."

"Well count me out." Olivia said. "I could never just rape a man, even if he was my opponent."

"Me as well." Evelynn said. "I'm only supposed to use sexual techniques on those who harm nature. But my sister would've enjoyed this place."

"Hmm, maybe I should at least try." Adam said. "They don't do anything lethal I'm sure, and we've come a long way in the past week."

Adam and Nikolai signed up for the Queen's Cup. They were each taken to separate waiting rooms as they waited for their matches to begin.

"Adam?" A guard had said. "Your first match is up."

Adam followed the guard to the ring as he met his first opponent. He was a human soldier wielding a club.

"Good luck." Adam had said.

"Same to you." The man had said.

An official began their match as they fought.

"Go Adam!" Olivia said from the stands.

"His opponent seems like a skilled warrior." Evelynn said.

Within a few minutes, Adam was victorious.

"Man, what are you made of kid?" The man asked, clearly exhausted.

"Well, I guess fighting was in my blood." Adam answered. The two were escorted out as the next match began.

Adam waited as a few more matches went by. He saw a naked man get escorted out with an excited look on his face. "Man I guess it is rough when you lose." Adam said.

"That was probably the champion." The guard said.

"Oh right...Kyuba?" Adam asked.

"No, she oddly enough retired." The guard said. "You might see her once or twice but with these Black Crusader incidents she might have been busy. The current champ is a powerful Minotaurous named Melina. At currently only Kyuba has beaten her."

"Wow." Adam said. Their conversation was interrupted by a young Succubus being carried out, with the same pleasured expression. Olivia soon walked in with a frustrated expression.

"That idiot Nikolai." Olivia said.

"What did he do?" Adam said.

"He forgot to eat...apparently he said hunger controls his...'family trait.' So he fed off that Succubus using them right infront of everyone without being able to control it, now he's in his room embarassed despite the entire crowd going nuts over it." Olivia said.

"Oh man." Adam said.

"Evelynn's trying to reassure him that what he did was okay. He isn't disqualified as that's regulation." Olivia said. "Anyways good luck with the rest of your fights."

"Thanks!" Adam said.

Adam and Nikolai continued onward. They managed to fight their way through human and monster and somehow made it to the semifinals. Adam's opponent was the Dullahan, one of the Noah Royal Family's most trusted bodyguards. He had managed to beat her with the aid of the spirits.

Nikolai's match was up, and he was facing the champion, Melina.

"Ready to fight?" Melina said. "A healthy and strong man like you will be good to fight and rape."

"Good luck then." Nikolai said.

The two of them fought intensely. Olivia and Evelynn cheering Nikolai on. He used speed to his advantage as he dodged her attempts to use both pleasure and brute force.

"Seems you're quite good." Melina said. "But no man has stood after this one." She then reeled her axe back, ready to perform a powerful swing.

Nikolai used his lightning power to charge his fist. Determined to intercept the attack and block it completely.

"Minotaurus Crash!" Melina shouted as she swung her axe horizontally.

"Lightning Fist!" Nikolai shouted as they clashed, sending a powerful force throughout the Coloseum. They were evenly matched as they faced each other. "Man, this is a rush!" Nikolai said. "This is perfect training."

"You're quite good." Melina said. "I rarely see men as good as you."

"If you think I'm good, if you win you might see my friend in the finals, he's better." Nikolai said.

"Better is right. He's Luka-boy's grandson." A voice had said.

"Who said that?" Nikolai asked.

"Oh no..." Melina said. Suddenly a flash rushed by both of them and stopped beside them. A powerful succubus stood smiling at them. "Kyuba!" The crowd was shocked at what they saw.

"Kyuba?" Nikolai said as he looked at the succubus. "Wait...that looks more like..."

"Shh, that's a secret." Alma Elma said. "Oh who am I kidding. I don't know why I'm keeping Kyuba as an alias. Nothings getting by these people." Alma Elma looked around. "Anyways, just wanted to watch the Queen's Cup and saw both Luka-boy and Solo-boy's little descendents. I knew I should've signed up."

"This is unexpected honestly." Nikolai said. "What are you doing here anyways? Instead of being in the audience."

"Well, funny story." Alma Elma said. "I think I'm being stalked by this handsome man who I had a run in with a while back. I was gonna make him my boyfriend but his heavily armored friend saved him at the last second."

"So you decided to use the arena as a center of attention, so he'll come to you?" Nikolai asked.

"Exactly!" Alma Elma said. "You're even smart like Solo-boy." Before Alma Elma could continue however, she felt a presence. "Stay back a second." Alma Elma said. She then dodged an extremely fast crossbow bolt aimed straight at her head. "There we go, he's here now."

"And you wanted to date this guy?" Nikolai asked. The arena was evacuated, Milena ran away as well as Olivia and Evelynn rushed to Nikolai.

"That bolt belongs to the Grand Inquisitor Kain." Olivia said. "I'll get Adam!" She then rushed off to the waiting rooms.

Alma Elma dodged more shots. "Yoo hoo! Lover boy! Why don't you fight me up close like a man?" She said, taunting him.

"Enough of your flirting!" Kain said as he rushed down, drawing two machetes. "You caught me off guard, raped me, and pass me off as your boyfriend. I'm gonna leave this arena with your horns and wings attached to a wall mount Succubus Queen!"

"Oh don't be like that Kain-boy." Alma Elma said. "Didn't it feel good?"

"Alright enough of this!" Kain said as he rushed at Alma Elma with his machetes. Intent on killing her.

Chapter 12: Hunter vs. Predator; Kain vs. Alma Elma.

Kain and Alma Elma were both equally matched as their speed allowed both of them to dodge the other's attacks. Although despite the hunter's murderous intent, Alma Elma was still playfully fighting with pleasure techniques.

Adam and Olivia had rushed outside to the duel. Evelynn and Nikolai watched, unable to assist as both of them moved all over the arena in a rapid speed.

"We can hardly get a good look at either of them before they rush off." Evelynn said.

"We have to do something at least." Adam said.

Alma Elma delivered a powerful kick to block Kain's strike, the two of them rushed back and faced each other. "Oh joy, the ungrateful one's back." Kain said to Adam in a sarcastic tone. "Don't give me any talk, unlike that serpent this one I've been hunting for a while."

"Well nice to meet you finally Adam-boy." Alma Elma said with a wink. "Unfortunately, I'm a little busy so I'll just have to chat with you later." Alma Elma then tried quickly moving behind Kain, but Kain immediately turned and blocked her tail from wrapping him up.

"Nice try, but that obvious scent of lust and death give you away." Kain said.

"So you do feel lust around me." Alma Elma said. "Admit it, you're enjoying my company Kain."

"!" Kain said. "Just die already!" Kain said as he pulled Alma Elma in trying to stab her chest, but was blocked by Adam's blade. "And you stay out of this!" Kain said as he threw Adam aside and threw a bola around him so he was restrained. Alma Elma used the opportunity to escape and free Adam.

"Thank." Alma Elma said as she freed him.

"No problem, you can count on us to help you." Adam said as the others joined them.

"Five on one?" Kain asked. "I've faced worse odds."

"What grudge do you hold against Alma Elma that makes you want her dead?" Olivia asked. "I mean, I know you're a Black Crusader and all, but still that's a little extreme for just one rape incident that you survived."

"It wasn't just that." Kain said. He then clenched his blades tightly. "For years, I've hunted dangerous wildlife. The sport of it was a passion of mine, the trophies were mementos of dangerous and hard-earned victories. But when I was recruited by the Black Crusaders, I discovered a bigger, more entertaining game...monsters,"

"So you hunted monsters, doing both the Crusaders a favor, and satisfying your thrill-seeking nature?" Alma Elma said. "There's better ways to have some fun you know."

"Yea, I'm a dare-devil at heart." Kain said. "When the prey changed to monsters, I learned all I can. They're beast, but far more intelligent, powerful, dangerous. Turning even life-threatening feeding sessions into pure pleasure. Their prey didn't even feel pain, despite being devoured or sucked dry. Over 150 straight wins on powerful monsters. Strong predators, many threatening traveling humans like that Sea Serpent. But one day...that Succubus Queen ruined my hot streak." Kain then thought back to that day. "It was near sunrise, I was successful in a recent kill and acquired another fang in this necklace I wear. Some from lamias, some from vampires, a few from sea-based monsters. Then she came and our battle began."

"You were as quick as you are now." Alma Elma said. "So much fun to fight."

"Normally, I hated hunting Succubi." Kain said. "But you...I had never faced an equal during a hunt. I overpowered all before you. In speed, through marksmanship, or even overpowering their advantage of the environment. I almost was victorious, landing wounds here and there. But you're playful nature threw me off guard. I felt my life draining away as she kept her little game going. If Ivan hadn't saved me, I would've either died, or been a prisoner to the Heavenly Knights. I grabbed this from her." He opened a locket as he showed a few locks of her hair. "I've heightened my senses and tried using scent as she had a distinct aroma compared to other succubi. But no success until today. This time I'll be the victor Alma Elma!"

" seem determined for your revenge." Adam said. "I misunderstood witht he serpent and those threatening others."

"Still doesn't forgive those monsters that were just minding their own business." Alma Elma said. "A naughty one you are. That's why I went after you."

"She's right." Evelynn said. "You won't hunt any more monsters."

"Tch, figures you would still try and protect her." Kain said. "But one trick I've learned hunting monsters, is their morality towards those they care for." Kain then loaded his crossbow with a strange bolt. "In a cluster bomb." He then explained. "A cluster of explosives, and it's going straight for your fans 'Kyuba.'" He then aimed towards the town square, keeping an eye on everyone. "Now then, surrender quietly."

"" Alma Elma said. "You wouldn't. Their smiling faces mean a lot to me you know."

"Try and call my bluff then Alma Elma." Kain said.

Evelynn stared at the arrow, sniffing the air around her. " are bluffing." She said.

"How would you know little elf?" Kain asked.

Evelynn then readied an arrow in her bow. "Miss Alma." She said. "I promise those people won't get hurt."

Alma Elma looked at Evelynn before looking back at Kain. "You won't get me so easily Kain. And when I'm done with you, I'll make sure I and I alone handle your punishment for threatening this city."

Kain shrugged his shoulders. "Suit yourself then." He said as he fired the bolt.

Evelynn quickly aimed and intercepted it with her own arrow, causing a massive flash of light.

Everyone shielded their eyes until the flash died down. "How'd you know?" Kain said. "If it was real, you'd have been killed in the explosion."

"Those were flashbang arrows." Evelynn said. "They look similar to Cluster Bomb Arrows."

"A hunter as well?" Kain asked.

"My father was." Evelynn said. "He knew of your monster-based hunting techniques. He taught me and my sister everything."

"No way..." Kain said smirking. "Never thought I'd have a fan's child use my own tricks against me."

"That's amazing!" Olivia said.

"Way to go Evelynn!" Nikolai said.

"He actually had me going there." Alma Elma said. "Thank a lot."

"Now let's stop him before he tries that again." Adam said as the five of them got ready to fight him.

Kain faced them. Clearly angered. "Well... this is too risky." He said. "Consider this a draw Alma Elma."

"Nope, you lost." Alma Elma said winking at him. "And no outnumbered excuse. You know a monster like me wouldn't care about sudden advantages."

Kain blushed. "You cruel girl." He had said. "If only this was another one on one." Kain then prepared to teleport away. But before he could do so, Alma rushed to him and kissed his cheek.

"I do find the being hunted thing a fun game however. Don't give up just yet." Alma Elma said.

Kain's face was red. "Damn you." He had said as he teleported away.

The day had winded down after that event. Adam and Nikolai were the only two remaining so they split the Queen's Cup prize as they were gonna do so anyways. After a feast with the Royal Family, our four heroes met with Alma Elma at the outskirts of the city.

"Hey Adam-boy!" Alma Elma said. "Before you go, I wanna thank you guys."

"It was nothing, let us know if any of the Crusaders bother Grand Noah." Adam said.

"Well, I would've prefered fighting Kain alone," Alma Elma said. "but I guess I have to since Aliphese XVII is approving of your help against them. By the way, you might wanna head to Yamatai next."

"Yamatai village?!" Olivia said. "Definitely!"

"See, you angel friend approves." Alma Elma said. "But seriously, I was gonna look for you guys and tell you sooner, but then Kain-boy showed up. Tamamo and Miceala need to see you over there."

"Miceala?" Adam and Olivia said.

"Yep, see you guys around!" Alma Elma said as they left immediately.

"What's the fastest way to Yamatai?" Nikolai asked.

"Through the mountains, but we'll need an expert to guide us there. Should take a day probably." Olivia said.

Chapter 13: The Boy Named Issac. The Endbringer's Origins Revealed.

At the Black Crusaders' castle;

"So those heroes intercepted you at Grand Noah during a duel with Alma Elma?" Issac asked Kain.

"Yea," Kain said. "They've come a long way it seems."

"And why did I catch you with a red face and an...excited mood then?" Issac asked him. "Last thing I wanna see is one of our strongest soldiers with a hard on and a red face after fighting a Succubus, let alone Alma Elma."

"I...wasn't exactly defeated by Alma Elma..nor did I let her do anything sexual with me." Kain said nervously. "She merely...tried another lure. But I overcame it!" He then said as he acted confident. "I'll get her next time though. I gotta work on some strategies and tricks of my own."

"Sure..." Issac said sarcastically. "Don't let it happen again. You are dismissed." Kain then left as Issac prepared to leave.

"Preparing to face Miceala and Tamamo?" Eden asked as she appeared behind him.

"Indeed Great Seraphim." Issac said.

"Might I ask why you loyally serve that man?" Eden asked. "That Grand Meister is a loyal follower of the Goddess yes, but you were trained to kill any...even the most faithful if Ilias required it."

"Who knows?" Issac asked. "It brought back memories...from before I served Ilias."

"I see." Eden said. "And you helped him find this organization because of that. Well memories aside, I don't care of what Miceala was to you in the past, do not hold back." Eden then radiated light "You feel it right? It's returning. Miceala must be dealt with before it's complete."

"Understood Eden." Issac said as he warped away. He appeared a considerable distance South of Yamatai, to avoid detection. "Miceala...why did you have to fall from grace as well?" Issac asked himself, slowly walking towards the village.

On the outskirts of Yamatai Village, Adam and his friends had successfully made it through the mountains thanks to the guides across.

"That was a rough day." Adam said. "Quite." Evelynn said. "Yamatai looks so peaceful and beautiful this time of year. I've considered joining the Elves that live near here."

"One of Sentora's oldest village." Olivia said. "It's said that monsters here are worshipped like dieties." As she said that, a villager stopped infront of Evelynn.

"Oh! Mighty Elf!" He said and then clapped his hands and prayed before walking off.

"Kinda wierd." Nikolai said.

"Not quite Nikolai." Olivia said. "Prayer to monsters is said to bring many good things to the village. Ranging from fortune, good harvests, finding love, even protection."

"Well, monsters look like they're enjoying the luxury." Nikolai said.

"Well it's their lifestyle." Adam said. "We should probably find Tamamo. There's shrines to particular monsters it seems, so let's try the Fox Shrine."

They had entered the Fox Shrine. They were lead into a room where Tamamo and Miceala were talking.

"Aunt Miceala!" Adam said as he rushed to her.

"Adam, Olivia, you've arrived at last." Miceala said. "And it seems you've gained help."

"A pleasure to meet you." Evelynn said. "I'm Evelynn."

"My name's Nikolai." Nikolai had said.

"It's a pleasure to meet both of you." Miceala had said.

"What happened back at Enrika?" Olivia asked. "Is everyone alright?"

"Not to worry." Tamamo had said. "I saved everyone."

Olivia was speechless as she saw Tamamo.

"Is she alright?" Tamamo asked.

"She tends to get excited around famous things from history." Adam said. "She was ecstatic when we were headed here."

"So you're Adam?" Tamamo said. "You have your Grandmother's fighting spirit and your father's adorableness."

"Umm thanks?" Adam said.

"Those Black Crusaders cover themselves well." Tamamo said. "Their numbers are surprisingly good and with Eden's support they've grown in power."

"We've handled them fine." Nikolai said confidently.

"Indeed, only the Grand Inquisitors seem like trouble." Adam said.

"Right!" Tamamo said. "Ivan, Maria, and Kain. They're nothing but minor threats, and even with Eden I doubt they can threaten to end all life of Earth."

"You forgot one." Olivia said. "Issac."

Tamamo's eyes widened. "Issac?" She asked. "Probably a coicidence. But there's a fourth Grand Inquisitor named Issac?"

"Yea. Their second in command." Nikolai said. "Short, blue hair and robes, wields a staff."

"His mere presence felt like the apocalypse." Evelynn said. "He claimed to be able to turn Sabasa Castle into a crater."

Tamamo and Miceala sweated as they described Issac. "Then they can very well end all life on Earth." Tamamo said.

"But you said..." Adam had said, but was cut off by Miceala.

"Tamamo was not joking." Miceala said. "That man, is a living cataclysm."

"Who is he?" Olivia asked. "I don't ever recall any human with his kind of power in history."

"He's been erased from history." Tamamo said. "But those like Miceala and myself knew all too well Ilias had kept him hidden to prepare for when the world was to be destroyed and recreated."

"Ilias?" Adam asked. "That boy was in direct contact with her?"

"Boy?" Miceala said. "No Adam, he's over 1,000 years old. But there's a reason he looks like that. Let me start from the beginning."

"You may recall, I told you about the origin of Ilias and Aliphese, their creations, their interaction with the planet Earth, leading up to the Great Monster Wars correct?" Miceala said.

"Yea," Adam and Olivia said. Having learned this separately in the past.

"Just a tad over 1,000 years ago." Miceala said. "A surge of cosmic energy rushed into the Earth suddenly. A child was born on that same day, who had taken in that energy. Many would consider him a child of prophecy"

"That child, was Issac." Tamamo said. "He would've grown into an exceptionally powerful human. So Aliphese and Ilias rushed to subdue him. Thinking the boy's power would've aided them in the upcoming war. But his father, had kept him hidden from any and all for a few years into the boy's childhood."

"Ultimately, Ilias obtained him by using his father's faith to his advantage." Miceala said. "Using Heavenly messages, she tricked him into giving Issac to the angels. A small child, dragged into the realm of light and forced to enter training and converting all of his studies to the faith of the Goddess to serve her whenever needed. Within 10 years, he became a weapon. A being of immense power that only answered to Ilias. Given immunity to the monster's greatest strength of pleasure, taught to control his power, he was...the first Hero of the Goddess in a way. He also befriended the angels, even considering the Ilias and the Seraphim as motherly figures and any angels and humans loyal to Ilias as friends."

"Then the war happened." Tamamo said. "Aliphese's monsters and the Six Ancestors had the advantage at every turn, before Issac joined the fray. Every battle he was in, countless deaths occured. He was often sent ahead, which caused full-scale retreats until he'd attempt to obliterate them. The Six Ancestors often had to hold him off to ensure safe retreats, but we had to prevent him from going all out and creating mass destruction on the scale of kindgom-sized areas. His power grew the longer he fought. So retreating until he was weaker prevented us from triggering the apocalypse."

"The war reached a conclusion due to Aliphese not wanting the world destroyed." Miceala said. "Had she not surrendered. Ilias would've told Issac to destroy the world all together and merely search for another from the Realm of Light. But Aliphese and the Six Ancestors sealed themselves away. And with the war over, Issac stayed in Heaven, preparing for when he was needed again."

"Did he stay looking like a young boy?" Olivia asked.

"Not at all," Tamamo said. "he was actually a young adult during the Great Monster Wars. Yes he was eternally young, but not as a small boy."

"The reason for that, happened when your Great-Grandmother, Lucifina, betrayed Ilias." Miceala said.

"She...sabatoged and weakened Ilias' weapon?" Nikolai asked.

"In a sense, yes." Miceala said. "He was originally sent to kill Lucifina for creating Angel Halo and conspiring with Heinrich to rise against Ilias. But his biggest weakness, was Lucifina's greatest force, the Daystar."

"It...sealed him." Adam said.

"Correct." Tamamo said. "Into a child from what I witnessed. But he got away."

"He went into a dormant state, only to be awakened when Ilias commanded." Miceala said. "But as I probably predicted, Black Alice and Promestein fell for Ilias' other plan, and Luka and Aliphese XVI defeated her before she could awaken him to save her. Heaven then vanished as Ilias died, and Issac must've fallen to Earth, awakening years later."

"So the Black Crusader's must've found him, and he befriended them due to their loyalty." Adam said.

"Indeed." Tamamo said. "The world is in grave danger if he reaches his full power and breaks Lucifina's seal. But worst of all, is what Miceala told me. Why Eden and Issac must be stopped."

"What is it?" Olivia said.

"Olivia, how old were you again?" Miceala asked.

"I'm only 19." Olivia answered.

"Yes, and the Realm of Holy Magic, or Heaven, had disappeared 100 years ago." Miceala said. "You're a pure angel, not a Nephilim like Adam or most born of Angelic mothers during that century."

"You were the first natural born angel after the fall of Heaven." Tamamo said. "That could only be possible if the Realm of Holy Magic is,"

"Returning." Nikolai said. "That mass amount of Holy Magic is building up again, and that means..."

"A new Goddess of Light is needed to control it." Adam said.

"That's why Eden wants me dead." Miceala said. But as they talked, the ground shook. They rushed outside to find a large, blue dome of magical energy trapping all of Yamatai. "No...Issac is here!" Miceala said as they rushed outside. "He's trapped the village in a gravity dome. Nothing can break it's force as it's strengthened gravity borders trap you."

Issac was in the center of the village, surrounded by the Kunoichi and Samurai Elves. "Whoever you are, release the spell immediately." The leader commanded.

Issac then lifted his hand as the Elves floated in the air. "Judgement has arrived Miceala." He said.

"Hey!" a Kunoichi Elf shouted. "Put us down!"

"I can't move!" A samurai elf said.

Adam and everyone else arrive to find Issac. "There he is!" Adam said.

"Descendent of Lucifina, and the Fallen Seraphim Miceala. How fortunate." Issac said.

"Issac!" Tamamo said. "Release those Elves at once!"

"I'll release them" Issac said. "From a mortal coil." He then clenched his fists as the Elves surrounding him were crushed and exploded with powerful magic. Leaving not a single survivor. "It is good to see you however Tamamo no Mae. Even if you're a fluffy little girl."

"Little girl?" Tamamo said. "I'll be honest, I found you handsome 1,000 years ago. But now, you're just downright adorable. And just as little."

Issac was clearly crossed with that statement. "Adorable!" He shouted. His body then morphed into an ethereal, adult appearance. "Little! You could've just let me kill your old rival and her brat nephew and I'd be on my way, but now, you and this village will be taken!" He then raised his staff and focused magic,

Nikolai looked up and dropped his spear. "No way..." he said. Adam, Olivia and Evelynn also looked and were stunned.

"He's insane." Adam said.

"How can we stop that?" Evelynn said.

"I don't think anyone can evacuate either." Olivia said.

A meteor was falling towards Yamatai. Covered in buring flames as it rapidly approached the village. The villagers tried to evacuate but were blocked by the Gravity Dome.

"Nanabi, Yao!" Tamamo said. "Get any able-bodied monster to help. Use your magic to temporarily open the dome and evacuate all the villagers and yourselves. Adam, you and the others go with them. Take Miceala as well, she isn't at full power. I'll deal with Issac."

"Understood!" They all said as they left. Miceala followed as well.

"How noble of you Tamamo." Issac said. "When you die, I can effortlessly dispose of them no matter where they hide however."

Tamamo then concentrated magic. And began saying the Word of Dispel.

"I see, that's how you're still here after 1,000 years." Issac said.

Tamamo then revealed her unsealed form as she faced Issac. "You threaten my homeland, and my friends and family, you shall pay for your senseless killing in Ilias' name." She said. Tamamo then jumped in the air and focused earth magic to her clenched fist as she intercepted the meteor. "Tamamo Punch!" She shouted as she punched the meteorite and caused a massive explosion, saving the village. As she landed, she got into stance. "Now, let's make this quick." Tamamo said.

Chapter 14: Ancestor vs. Holy Weapon.

Adam and his friends with Miceala escaped the gravity dome among the citizens, leaving only Tamamo and Issac inside. They stood outside and watched.

Issac levitated and dodged Tamamo's punch. He landed on top a house and tried crushing Tamamo with powerful gravity.

"Guh, been a while since I've had to deal with this." Tamamo said as she felt the increased pressure on her. She managed to move out as it left a small crater. "Your cosmic magic altering gravity all over the place."

Issac focused his energy into a small orb and fired it at Tamamo. Tamamo jumped out the way as it hit the group and made a large burst, sending various objects flying outward. "Hold still you slippery fox." Issac said.

"You forget that Earth Magic was something you had issues against." Tamamo said. "The Earth can't get weighed down by your cosmic altering of gravity so easily."

"Indeed, Aliphese was wise to send you to intercept me back then." Issac said. "But why stay as a little girl?"

"Why stay as a little boy?" Tamamo asked.

Issac raised an eyebrow and lifted Tamamo in the air. "Perhaps I'll just crush you this way." He said.

Tamamo focused her magic. "Nine tails funeral pyre!" She shouted as her tails shout powerful flames at Issac hitting him directly. He flew back as Tamamo fell to the ground. She decided to rush after him and began slicing him with her claws. "Dance of Death!" She called as she repeatedly slashed him.

Issac blocked her last strike and shot another burst orb point blank. Tamamo was sent flying back but managed to hold her ground. Issac then focused his magic as another meteorite was sent towards the village.

Tamamo concentrated magic in her nine tails. "Moonlight Cannon!" She shouted as she blasted the meteor apart with her magic.

"You're still a formidable foe." Issac said. "But you know that a long battle was always in my favor." Issac's body radiated as it appears he's growing in power.

"Indeed." Tamamo said. "But I have one thing you lack."

"What's that?" Issac asked.

"Fluffy tails!" Tamamo said smiling.

"I...." Issac started talking, but was confused. "Enough!" He said and flew at Tamamo striking her with his staff, backed by cosmic energy.

Tamamo blocked the attack and punched Issac. Issac stumbled back then struck her again. Tamamo flinched lightly then grabbed him with her tails. "I have you now." Tamamo said.

Issac merely stayed calm and levitated, carrying Tamamo with him.

"Hey, stop flying off." Tamamo said.

Issac then dived to the ground and slammed Tamamo. "Let go!" He shouted.

Tamamo landed on her feet and threw Issac off. "And one more...Funeral Pyre!" She then blasted him with one final burst of fire.

Issac landed on his back panting. Burnt from the flames as he slowly stood. "I'm not done yet." He said.

Tamamo felt her power leaving as her body returned to normal.

"Wait...oh I see." Issac said. He smirked as Tamamo's power was waning. "Only temporary. So you're not at full power anymore."

Tamamo panted as it took a lot of energy to maintain her power. "I can still fight." Tamamo said.

Outside the Gravity Dome.

"Mistress Tamamo's Word of Dispel has worn off!" Yao said.

"We have to help her!" Adam said.

"Adam I agree, but that guy's crazy powerful." Nikolai said.

"It isn't right though!" Olivia said. "Even if he's all powerful we should still try!"

"We have to think of something then." Nikolai said. "Wait! Adam you had that angel power right?"

"Holy energy is dangerous though." Evelynn said.

"But remember what Issac said to Ivan when he stopped Adam? About Daystar? It was what sealed him and he was paranoid about Adam being able to use it." Nikolai said. "He told Ivan that a Daystar would've finished Ivan off. Not knowing if Adam knew the technique."

"Indeed, Issac was always cautious when it came to Lucifina after that day." Miceala said. "Adam, we need to lure him to you, then concentrate your holy energy into that falling star. It will protect you from his attack."

"Okay." Adam said as he entered the Gravity Dome.

Back inside the Dome, Issac was holding Tamamo down with his Gravity power. "So this is what's become of the Ancestral Kitsune?" Issac said. "How sad."

Tamamo was trying to struggle, but was greatly weakened. "If only my power was permanent." Tamamo said. "But innocent lives should not be taken to break the seal."

"Don't worry, those foxes will soon join you in Hell. Alongside Adam and Miceala. And those other interlopers." Issac said.

"Wait!" Adam called out as he made it to them in time.

"Oh, the boy wants to die a hero?" Issac said.

"Not quite." Adam said taking off his ring. "May I ask why you want to kill Miceala?"

"Why?" Issac said. "Obviously because she's fallen from grace."

"But...I was told the Seraphim were like motherly figures to you." Adam said. "Surely you couldn't have forgotten those times."

Issac broke his hold on Tamamo. "Forgotten?" He asked. "I remember it all. My bastard father gave me to them...I was afraid. Then..." Issac closed his eyes. "One of them always was more comforting to me than the others. A mother I never had. She was busy commanding the other angels and we often fought separate in the war. But she was in charge of my training and cared for me."

"You and my Grandfather are a lot alike." Adam said. "Was Miceala the one you called Mom?"

Issac's eyes opened wide. "! I'm not supposed to let that hold me back! Eden commanded I'd do this!" He shouted as he focused immense cosmic energy into an orb the size of himself. He floated off the ground as he was prepared to aim it at Adam.

Tamamo stood up. "Issac! Calm down!" She shouted.

Adam was afraid at what he saw. "Adam, concentrate." Miceala's voice had said into his mind. "Counter that orb, regardless of it's strength, just like I told you."

"Right." Adam said as he concentrated.

Issac then threw the orb right at Adam. "Supernova!" He shouted.

As the orb was inches from Adam's face, it dissolved as Adam's holy power radiated.

"Impossible!" Issac said. Then he looked up. " could I have been fooled so easily."

Adam then sliced his blade downwards. "Daystar!" He said as the falling star crashed onto Issac and created a large explosion.

As the explosion cleared. Adam put his ring back on as the Gravity Dome vanished. Issac was not sealed, but reverted back to his child-like form. "I'm not...done yet." He said as he stood.

"That's enough Issac." Miceala said as she arrived. Olivia, Evelynn and Nikolai following her.

Issac looked at Miceala. He remained silent.

"I know of Heaven regenerating." Miceala said. "Eden will not become the next Goddess of Light."

"What, like you're going to acquire that power?" Issac said.

"I'll do whatever it takes to keep this world at peace." Miceala said. "Even if I considered you a son, do not think for a moment I'd be merciful to you."

Issac took a step back as Miceala glared at him.

"Pathetic." Eden said. "Even our old weapon had not aged well." Eden then appeared. "Hello Miceala."

"Greetings Eden." Miceala said.

"Well Issac did do something right." Eden said. "He led me right to you." Eden then transformed into the twisted Garden. "And unlike him, I will be at full power."

Miceala sensed something wasn't right. "So you've slowly begun taking in that power." She said.

"Indeed." Eden said. "Once Heaven is mine to command, all angels shall follow my rule."

Issac merely looked down. Raising his eyebrow as Miceala's shadow became altered. It then rushed towards Eden as a dark figure jumped behind her aiming for her human back. "Seraph Eden look out!" Issac shouted as he jumped up and blocked the attack aimed for her back.

"That hooded man from before?" Adam said.

"So NOW you show your face before me?!" Eden said.

"There you are Shadow!" Tamamo said.

"Wait...that's Shadow?" Olivia asked. "Why didn't I recognize him the first time?!"

Tamamo, Adam and the others then stood in front of Miceala as Shadow faced Issac.

"So you're the Demon Assassin." Issac said. "Eden, might I suggest we retreat?"

"But Miceala's right there! And I've been dying to get revenge on that human who helped the accursed son of Lucifina seal me!" Eden shouted.

"Indeed, but I've been weakened and we're outnumbered." Issac said. "It'd take too long for me to grow enough power to destroy them all at once." Issac then looked at Shadow. "Oh and you're quite the little rat." He then threw a broken device at Shadow's feet. "Although fortunate that I had caught it sooner."

"Hmph, maybe you're too late." Shadow said.

Eden glared at Miceala. "Twice now you've gotten away. Don't think this is over." Both her and Issac then warped away.

Tamamo then took a breath as the chaos was over. "Thanks Shadow. I wish I could've called you here before I had fought Issac." Tamamo said.

"My apologizes for not being here sooner. Thankfully the situation was already handled by the descendant." Shadow said.

At the Black Crusader's Castle.

"Even Issac was held back?" The Grand Meister had said. "Great Seraph I do apologize."

"Don't be." Eden said. "Issac considered Miceala like a mother in the past. I knew he might have held back a little."

"But we are fortunate indeed to have you both escape unharmed." The Grand Meister said. "Let Issac rest, then he can achieve his full strength and try again."

Issac merely stood in a corner, thinking to himself as they talked. "I'm sorry, I must retreat and rest." Issac said.

"Very well, you are dismissed." The Grand Meister said. He and Eden then continued discussing future plans.

"Perhaps we need more assistance." Eden said. "Fortunately, it seems I know of an angel that could do so. Command some of your spies to examine the defenses of this Academy of Truth Seekers. A heretic angel needs to redeem herself for betraying the Goddess."

The next morning in Yamatai.

"Well, we're heading to Undine's Spring." Adam said. "Will you be okay Tamamo and Miceala?"

"We're going to the Monster Lord's Castle." Miceala said. "I doubt Issac or Eden will assault there. Just be careful all of you." Miceala and Tamamo then warped away.

As the four walked to the outskirts of town, they passed by Shadow, who was leaning against a wall with his eyes closed and arms crossed, seemingly asleep.

"So, who is this person, Olivia?" Adam asked.

"A very powerful human known as the 'Demon Assassin', rumored to be equal in strength as an individual of the Heavenly Knights and also said to have aided the Hero long ago. His stories only seemed to be a mere legend, but given how he held his own against two of the Inquisitor and how Eden cussed him out, they might seem to be true." Olivia stared at awe, however Shadow didn't pay any heed to her.

"He fought alongside grandfather?" Adam asked, surprised. "Hm, my parents did say grandfather fought alongside many humans, but I didn't think Shadow had actually helped him fight Eden!"

"I heard he fought against and with my father several times in the past. I'm also surprised I didn't recognize him sooner." Nikolai said.

"It's too bad he's asleep. I'm sure you'd all want to talk to him more." Evelynn said.

"That's a shame. I'd love to hear stories about how he fought alongside my grandfather, and some advice on fighting Eden." Adam said.

As the group continued walking, Nikolai stopped. "Wait guys. I forgot something." Nikolai then ran back. "Shadow! Are you still here?"

However, Shadow was missing from his spot. Instead, he suddenly appeared behind Nikolai. "... What is it?" he asked.

Nikolai turned quickly readying himself. "Oh! Don't startle people like that." Nikolai said.

"... Your father was rather jumpy." Shadow muttered.

"So you and my father did know each other. And you knew right away who I was related to." Nikolai said. "That's good, I needed to make sure it was okay to ask you. You and my father weren't exactly friends. My mother told me; 'They were more...enemies with a common interest.' You two apparently nearly destroyed a city fighting at his peak. And that both of you were always one slip up from the other trying to kill each other. But that didn't stop him from trusting you." Nikolai said. "I wanted to ask for an investigation of the Seeker's Academy."

"Hmph, Lucia's quite the storyteller isn't she?" Shadow began to say. "Solomon was a villain, but it took a while for him to gain our trust. Indeed, he fought quite well and had a similar interest. As for your request, if it's about his body, I've actually been meaning to search that place more thoroughly. We're both aware Promestein is seemingly reverting back to her villainous ways."

"Thanks Shadow." Nikolai said.

"Least I could do for your father. Be on your guard." Shadow muttered before vanishing.

Nikolai nodded his head and rushed back to the others.

At the Monster Lord's Castle.

"Again, our apologizes Mistress Tamamo for not arriving sooner." Shadow and Phantom were kneeling before Tamamo.

"It's alright, Shadow." Tamamo said. "I understand Phantom did not make an appearance as to keep the element of surprise."

"Hehe... Smart and sly as ever, my mistress." Phantom giggled. "Only the Heavenly Knights and Her Majesty are aware of me, but I'm certain Promestein and her human enforcer already figured out long ago. Third still doesn't know what will hit her. Though, I can't believe I didn't see Ilias having a back-up soldier... That Issac sure would have been a problem back then."

"Anyway..." Shadow began. "I did request the other Heavenly Knights to be on standby, but I guess they're all busy again. Granberia is probably doing some roundabout work with the Black Crusaders or investigating their headquarters, who knows what the hell Alma Elma is doing, and Erubetie is still looking out for Undine. I guess even after a century some things still haven't changed."

"Hopefully, Erubetie won't go berserk on Adam, like she did with Luka." Tamamo giggled.

"With the 'endbringer' temporarily out of play and Eden still being a pussycat, I suppose neither you or Micaela need any protection at the moment. In that case, I'll be off investigating the Seeker's Academy. It's a request from the son of the human 'enforcer', plus with Eden's struggles and Promestein's presumed villainy, the pair might end up working together again. I can't leave any stone unturned. Get some rest, Mistress." Tamamo nodded at Shadow before Phantom disappeared first and Shadow vanished soon after.

Chapter 15: Growing Stronger. Undine's Spring.

Adam and co. finished crossing the snowy mountains heading towards Undine's Spring. They we're ahead of schedule and could make it to Undine before nightfall.

"At this rate it won't be long now." Olivia said.

"Then it'll be one more Spirit." Evelynn said.

"Hopefully this time, there's no more trouble." Nikolai said.

Adam was silent however. The Spirits Sylph and Gnome had appeared in his head.

"What's wrong Adam?" Sylph asked.

"It was that Issac guy." Adam said to them. "Tamamo and Miceala said he was a holy superweapon, but I didn't think I'd run into more foes as powerful as Eden."

".........." Gnome had said.

"Gnome's right Adam!" Sylph said. "Luka didn't save the world and bring coexistance in a day! He trained night and day with Alice XVI! And he fought several powerful foes."

Gnome had nodded her head before lightly punching Sylph.

"You two are right." Adam said. "I need to practice using both of your powers. Undine was the toughest one for my grandfather as well. That gives me an idea." Adam then rushed infront of the others. "Guys wait! Maybe we should set up camp."

"Something wrong?" Olivia asked.

"This is unlike you." Evelynn said.

"Yea, we're almost there." Nikolai had said.

"I've been thinking." Adam began to say. "Ivan, Kain, Maria, and now Issac. Those Grand Inquisitors are no joke."

"Yea, it takes everything we have just to make it past them." Nikolai said.

"In Issac's case, he endured the onslaught of one of the Six Ancestors." Evelynn said. "We'd have no chance if he decided to kill us."

"Exactly." Adam said. "My grandfather had frequently stayed up long into the night training his body and mind for when he had to fight the Heavenly Knights. So I think we need to set up for the night and do some training."

"Count me in!" Nikolai said eagerly. "We'll soon make it to the Seeker's Academy, I have to be ready to face Promestein."

"I'm all for improving my skill." Evelynn said. "I just hope my sister can wait just a little longer than I hoped."

"It's true, we need to improve ourselves in order to face these upcoming battles." Olivia said. "Miceala's counting on us!"

Adam smiled as all three of his friends were eager to start. "Sylph, Gnome, ready to train?" He asked them.

"You bet!" Sylph said. "I'm going to be even stronger too! We'll do this together right Gnome?"

Gnome nodded her head.

Adam and his friends had set up camp for the weekend. Adam and Nikolai sparred as Evelynn and Olivia trained as well. They had to prepare themselves for anything. Adam worked with Sylph and Gnome to enhance their power as Nikolai trained his lightning abilities and physical combat. Evelyn practiced her archery further and honed in on her father's old hunting skills. Olivia practiced her Holy spells, both offensive and healing. As the weekend passed, they grew stronger together as allies and friends.

Meanwhile, at the Seeker's Academy; Edward had entered Promestein's office.

"Mistress Promestein. I have urgent news." Edward said.

"Ah Edward, proceed." Promestein had said.

"The Chimera Tyrant King is nearing completion. We expect him to be ready for deployment within the next week." Edward had said. "Despite his rage and threats he could very well back up on, the Subjugation bracers are complete and are operational."

"Excellent." Promestein said. "Send them to me this instant. We will not awaken him until the situation asks for it however."

"I'm still concerned however." Edward said. "Although we control his initial activation, only you seem to be able to control him despite the countermeasures you've placed for whatever he may try to do to himself."

"Concerns that have been addressed." Promestein said. "Even without the programming he won't harm his fellow Truth Seekers."

"Very well," Edward said. "Moving on, we have also ran background checks on Nikolai's companions."

"What was discovered?" Promestein asked.

"Nothing of interest regarding the elf named Evelynn." Edward said. "Merely a top of class archer from the tribe in the Forest of Spirits. Raised by her human father and her Elven mother."

"Nothing of interest indeed." Promestein said. "And the angel?"

"The young angel, Olivia, is quite young for a pure, holy angel." Edward said reading his report. "19 years old, raised in Enrika it seems. But Heaven and Ilias fell 100 years ago."

"Ah, but Edward, Heaven is comprised of pure, holy magic." Promestein said. "It'd re-manifest itself into it's own realm eventually. It's merely happening sooner than I thought. And anything else to add on?"

"Indeed." Edward had said. "There was another...he is descended from Luka it seems. It seems he was the one Lucia hid from us."

"What?" Promestein asked. "You're sure of this? Alipheese and Luka would've kept any of their lineage under high security."

"It's in our scouting chimera's report." Edward said. "By all physical appearance, he is indeed a grandson most likely."

Promestein merely smiled. "Well, let's keep an eye on them longer then." She said.

"Understood Mistress Promestein." Edward said as he warped away.

"... Even with my best security, you still are elusive as ever, Shadow." Promestein said aloud. Just as he said that, the Demon Assassin appeared in the room.

"Hmph. Your best security is that all-seeing eye of yours." Shadow muttered. "I guess even pocket dimensions can't be hidden from your view."

"Ah, but of course. Your little hidey-hole still emits an extremely faint presence, even though I can't see nor hear you at all." Promestein chuckled. "Sometimes, I wonder the result would be if you were my Enforcer instead of Solomon. I trust your companion is doing well?"

"You know better than to ask that, Promestein." Phantom giggled as she appeared next to Shadow. "It's been a while. I was planning on throwing a tea party to celebrate Eden's revival; you're more than welcome to join."

"Ah, of course! What a great way to celebrate Eden's return!" Promestein laughed. "I'm sure she'll pay a visit sometime soon. I do hope you enjoy your stay, you two."

"Well, reconnaissance is a fun hobby of ours." Phantom said. "We'll be sure to stick around, investigate your academy, and party all night long. We can hide from her tools, but not Miss All Knowing herself."

"And I can hardly keep a secret from demonic little mice such as yourself." Promestein continued laughing.

"Stalemate as always." Shadow began to chuckle. "This 'Chimera Tyrant King' of yours... It's him, isn't it?"

"What do you think?" Promestein responded. "If you wait around long enough you might get your answer."

"Fair enough." Shadow closed his eyes. "I suppose we'll be back when there's an interesting development." Phantom giggled and waved at Promestein before she and Shadow disappeared.

"Hehe..." Promestein laughed again. "It won't be long for that to happen..."

Back at Noah, Adam and his friends had finished a long weekend of training. After resting up, they continue onward to Undine's spring.

"Here we are." Olivia said. "I think." She stared at the spring as they arrived.

"Where's Undine?" Adam asked.

"Deeny's down underwater." Sylph said.

"Oh? So I have to fight Undine underwater?" Adam asked.

"No silly!" Sylph said. "You'll see when you get inside."

Evelynn touched the surface of the water with her foot and was surprised when it phased through the water. "It seems the spring itself has it's secrets." She said.

"We won't know where Undine is unless we enter." Nikolai said as he jumped in.

"I supposed you're right." Evelynn said as she entered after him.

Adam and Olivia looked at each other before they both entered. Inside they found selves in a cavern underwater.

"Wow," Olivia said. "Who knew the Spirit of Water housed such a secret location.

"This place is like the kingdom of Slime Girls." Nikolai said. "Some humans come to pay respects to Undine and aid the Slime Queen Erubetie in her constant battle of environmental cleaning. Most are perverts who want to feed the slime girls."

"Indeed, Erubetie's actions alongside humans have cleaned pollution from water sources for many years." Evelynn said. "And those perverts help Slimes feed and reproduce too."

"Coexistence comes in many forms." Olivia said. "This case is a mixture of beauty and lewdness."

"Erubetie was once hostile though." Adam said. "Desperate to kill humans for even considering crossing her or her slime bretheren. She's changed however."

"So has Deeny!" Sylph said. "She likes humans now!"

"......." Gnome said in agreement.

"Perfect." Adam said. "Let's go forward."

The four walked together, seeing various slime girls. Most of them staring at Adam and Nikolai.

"I feel like I walked into a feeding frenzy." Nikolai whispered.

"Stay calm." Evelynn said. "Just defend yourself only if they try and force you."

As they approached the deeper reaches of Undine's Spring, a blue slime appeared before them.

"You must be Erubetie." Adam said. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"And you must be Adam." Erubetie said. "I was actually told of your arrival by Alice XVII."

"My aunt?" Adam said.

"Indeed." Erubetie said. "If you're here to speak with Undine, then there's no reason for me to get in your way." Erubetie stepped aside. "Undine only requests you take her trial alone."

"I understand. Thank you so much however." Adam said. Adam walked passed Erubetie as the rest stayed behind. As he approached the heart of the Spring, Undine appeared before him.

"Ah, you must be Adam." Undine said. "Erubetie told me about you from Alice's message."

"Hi Deeny! Come play with us!" Sylph said excitedly.

"Hello Sylph and Gnome!" Undine said. "Well by now you know the drill. You must face me in combat."

"I know." Adam said. "You and Salamander are stronger as well. But I'm confident I can earn your trust!"

"Very well, let us begin." Undine said.

Adam then concentrated. "Come Gnome!" He said as Gnome's power over the Earth strenghted him.

Undine nodded her head. "Quite a good strength of the Earth you have right now." Undine said. "Allow me to test your strength." Undine then moved in and wrapped Adam up.

Adam struggled and broke free of her slimy body's hold. "Alright, now I hope this works. I've trained for this. Come Sylph!" Adam said, he felt his body become further enhanced as Earth and Wind's powers were combined together. "I did it!" Adam said.

"Sylph and Gnome together already?" Undine said. "I'm truly impressed. I'd normally pass you right away...but...that would be boring. How about a quick spar? I need to test the coordination you have with the two Spirits. You've clearly shown you're capable of handling my power and passing my test. But I still need to see your full potential."

Adam chuckled. "I agree, I'd rather grow in experience fighting with Sylph and Gnome more." He said.

Undine and Adam began their sparring. Although Adam's synergy with Sylph and Gnome was there, Undine was still a tough opponent. Using his skill, and some meditation, he managed to impress the Spirit of Water enough.

"Well Adam," Undine said. "you're just like Luka. I wonder if you can master my power as quickly as he did."

"Oh man," Adam said nervously. "Serene state was never my strong suit when father trained me."

"Don't worry." Undine said. "You just have to train arduously. Perhaps before entering Grangold you should train some more. My power, as well as your own and with your friends." Undine then extended a hand.

Adam shook her hand, nodding in agreement, as she disappeared. Only to reappear in Adam's head.

"Hooray!" Sylph said. "Now we need Mandy for a real party!"

Gnome merely punched Sylph. Undine then trapped her in a small water bubble.

"Gnome! Undine!" Adam said.

"What?" Undine asked. "She can get quite loud at times."

Adam then shook his head as he returned to the others.

"You were successful." Erubetie said. "I know we can count on you to help us with these Black Crusaders."

"I won't let anyone down!" Adam said. "Let's go everyone!"

"Thank you Erubetie!" They all said as they waved to her and the local slime girls goodbye. Exiting the spring, they headed back to Grand Noah.

"So off to the Gold Kingdom?" Nikolai asked.

"Yea!" Adam said. "But let's make a promise to train together whenever we can."

"Definitely!" The three of them said.

Adam smiled at hearing that. "You three too." He said to the Spirits.

"You can count on us." Undine said.

"Anytime you need us, we will help too!" Sylph said.

"........" Gnome had said.

"Well said Gnome." Adam said. "Let's go!"

Chapter 16: Technological Grangold. Malfunctioning Golems.

Adam and co. had entered the Gold Region. They were heading north towards Grangold. After a good trip they decided to camp out for the night as the sun set. As they all promised each other, they agreed to train.

"Okay." Adam said as he closed his eyes. "Without warning, do it."

"Are you sure?" Olivia asked nervously.

"My Grandfather and Grandmother trained to invoke Undine's power this way." Adam said. "Just without any warning, give me your best shot." Adam then concentrated. Trying to invoke a Serene Mind. He was then interrupted by a slap to the face. "Gahh!"

"I'm sorry!" Olivia said.

"It's okay." Adam said. "Wait, where's Nikolai?"

"He's said he'd be back. Wanted to go do something alone." Evelynn said.

"Maybe he got hungry?" Olivia asked.

"Doubt it, but he went that way." Evelynn said as she pointed behind her. "Although he promised me he'd avoid contact with me and you if he did."

"I'll check on him." Adam said as he walked. He then heard a crash. "Nikolai?"

Nikolai was laying on the ground, clearly dizzy. "Damn! Too much..."

"What's going on?" Adam asked Nikolai.

"Oh, hey Adam." Nikolai said, stumbling around. "I was just training."

"You seem dizzy." Adam said.

"Yea," Nikolai said. "trying to learn my father's signature move, Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade. My Mother couldn't describe it well. Just rapid spinning and lightning power from what she told me."

"Sounds dangerous." Adam said.

"It is." Nikolai said. "I've become so much stronger since joining you guys so I knew I had to learn it in case Promestein is using my Father's body."

"Don't worry. Whatever she has planned we can help you." Adam said. "Let's get to camp and rest for now."

The two returned to camp and rested for the night.

At the Seeker's Academy;

"So are these the other spies?" Promestein asked a lab assistant.

"Yes Head Mistress." The assistant said. "They're from the Black Crusaders."

"Please...stop.", "Have...mercy." The two scouts said as Chimeras were raping them.

"Just tell me what I need to know and they'll stop." Promestein said. "First off; Is Eden in the possession of Issac?"

"We'll never tell!" One scout had said.

"Tighter." Promestein told the chimera.

"Ahh!" The scout then shouted as the chimera did just that. "Issac the Endbringer is working with the Great Seraph!"

"Secondly; Is it true the Crusaders are plotting to assault this academy?" Promestein asked. "Keep in mind, I can control when you can and can't orgasm at this point."

"We...have no knowledge of that." The second scout said.

"Ah ah ah! You know lying only delays your sweet release." Promestein said as she snapped her fingers. The chimera then clenched on the second scout, stopping any orgasm from happening.

"Stop please!" The second scout shouted. "They are going to attack next week!"

"And lastly;" Promestein said. "Will I see any of these Grand Inquisitors?"

The Scouts couldn't even think of a lie, they were desperate to live. "Yes!" They both said.

"See, that was of no difficulty at all." Promestein said. "Chimera's....suck them until they're dried husks." Promestein then walked away, only hearing the twisted sounds of the two scouts as the chimeras kept going.

"Mistress Promestein!" Edward shouted on the communicator. "Come quick! The Tyrant King.....electrical surges......" Edward said as the transmission was being distorted.

"What's going on down there?" Promestein asked.

"He's....Send..........." Edward's transmission had cut off at that point.

Suddenly the building shook and the electricity surged as a loud, almost feral roar had cried out; "Promestein!" As the roar had died down, the chimera raping the scouts were frozen in total fear.

"The A.I attempted self-revival." Edward said as the signal returned. "It tried to break free, we deactivated it in time but it commanded the body to charge it's lightning and release that shout. Signals indicate that it surged through the entire academy, even further back."

"Send scouts to Grangold. Examine the artificial monsters." Promestein said, looking at the chimera. They both shook their heads and resumed their original order to drain the scouts dry. "It seems he truly is a king to cause these beasts to feel fear. We must take extreme caution."


Shadow and Phantom quietly observed the situation in the academy in their pocket dimension. While neither could be seen nor heard by the people in the academy, they could still spy and listen in on everything.

"A 'king' that creates fear amongst its own kind... Reminds me of Mistress Tamamo." Phantom giggled. "I'm very curious as to what our mad scientist had created."

"An electrical discharge like that might have tampered with the building's security, but with technology advancements it won't be long for it to back up. Even then, the students wouldn't go down without a fight." Shadow muttered. "... I sense the boy's presence in the Gold region already, but that means Promestein is also aware, too. It won't be long before he and his companions arrive... The Black Crusaders will certainly miss out, unless they decide to appear early."

"Oh? And what will you do then?" Phantom asked.

"Patience as always." Shadow replied. "I'll only jump in when it seems like they're struggling. However... should Promestein's work of art reveal itself, I'll be the first to face it. You can do whatever you want; aid me at your leisure or wait till Eden shows up so you can give your surprise present to her."

"My, my... acting quite bold aren't you? Have you certainly surpassed me?" Phantom giggled again.

"... I did end up winning our battles a hundred years ago..." Shadow began. "...but I consider you my equal rather than either of us being superior. We're both one person, and I couldn't have gotten anywhere without the aid of my other half."

"Aw, how thoughtful~ Times really have changed a hundred years, but we're still both dependent on each other, forever and ever~" Phantom said cheerfully.

"If that 'Chimera Tyrant King' is really him... Back then we were both equally matched, so I should still know how he fights. Though, Promestein likely performed a number of upgrades on his body... I'll count on you to help me if the tides aren't in my favor." Shadow said.

"And I'll count on your power, and to help me should I need to assist. Though, what will you do if it really is him?" Phantom asked.

"..." Shadow remained silent.

"Oh? Going soft now on me?" Phantom laughed.

"... I made a promise to Lucia and Nikolai anyway. Part of his humanity should still remain, and most likely resurface by then." Shadow sighed and closed his eyes. "Enough chit-chatter. It's time we ready ourselves."

The next morning; Adam and his friends had arrived at Gold Castle.

"Okay, now we were supposed to call in advance to make sure no Security Golem Girl would attack us." Nikolai said.

"Well we can just send contact now right?" Adam asked.

"Might not be that simple." Nikolai said. "Although it's big and slow so we could defeat it together if we can't sneak by it."

"I don't see a Golem Girl." Evelynn said. "I do see smoke however."

"I hope it isn't the Crusaders." Adam said. "Come on!" Adam then rushed to the castle as the others followed him."

They arrived to find several artificial monsters attacking the city. Ant Girls were trying to hold them off.

"This is chaos!" Nikolai said. "What happened?"

"Last night some massive surge shook the city and caused an overload of power." A fleeing scientist said. "The Golems all went crazy and we've had the city evacuated."

"We can help!" Adam said. "Tell us what to do."

"Well, the Ant Queen is containing the other golems with her soldiers." The scientist said. "We've tried contacting the Seeker's Academy to the west but we haven't heard back. Right now the only one we have to worry about is...her." The scientist then pointed at the massive golem girl made of Stone and Iron attacking the city and breaking some buildings. "The Gatekeeper Golem is also effected. You think you can take it? Or hold it off until our scientists deactivate it?"

"We'll do our best." Nikolai said. "Let's go!" Nikolai charged himself with lightning as he struck the Golem's chest with a powerful punch. He then jumped back before the Golem could hit him.

"Ready Sylph and Gnome?" Adam asked.

"Ready!" Sylph said.

Adam then used both Wind and Earth power. "Lightning Sword Flash!" Adam shouted as he followed Nikolai with a powerful thrust. Pushing the Golem back.

Olivia focused as she casted a bolt of holy energy at the Golem, Evelynn followed wih a few shots from her bow. "It's slow and can't focus all of us." Evelynn said. "Try surrounding it. We can keep everyone else safe if it's contained in a smaller area."

"Nikolai, for it's legs!" Adam said. "Death Sword Chaos Star!"

"You got it!" Nikolai said. "Winged Dash Strike!"

The two released a massive assault of five and six strikes respectively. The Golems legs were broken down as it fell to it's knees. It then grabbed Adam and tried tightening her grip on him. Adam then struggled out as Evelynn shot both of it's eyes with her bow. The Golem then leaned backwards as it covered it's eye sockets, pierced with arrows.

Adam then ran up the Golem's body and jumped, using Gnome's power. "Earth Rumbling Decapitation!" Adam shouted as he slammed down upon the Golem Girl, crushing her head nearly shattering it. Adam then landed as the others rushed to him.

"We did it!" Olivia said as she jumped for joy.

"All our training, paying off." Nikolai said.

"Indeed it did." Evelynn said.

"Great job all of you." Adam said.

The chief scientist ran up to the golem. "A group of adventurers beat our Gatekeeper?" The scientist said. "I do apologize, we had no idea what caused that surge. For some reason, the Seeker's Academy couldn't be contacted."

"It was probably their fault." Nikolai said.

"It was likely some reaction went haywire." The scientist said.

"I don't buy it." Nikolai said. "Sooner I can get back in that academy the better."

"Calm down Nikolai." Evelynn said. "Take it easy, we have to think of a plan if we're all going to help you."

"You're right." Nikolai said.

Later that afternoon, the four were staying at the hotel.

"So, the Seeker's Academy is nearby?" Olivia asked.

"Just to the west." Nikolai said. "Apparently some old Lady's Village was demolished to build it."

"Well how are we going to get in?" Adam said.

"Leave all that planning to me." A voice said. Lucia then warped in.

"Mother?" Nikolai asked.

"Good to see you four again." Lucia said. "If we're gonna enter the academy, we must be cautious. Let us begin our planning, there are no more scout chimera around here."

The five stayed for a few hours planning, they then reached a conclusion.

"So Nikolai will walk right in, Olivia will follow claiming to be a new student." Lucia said. "Nikolai will be invited right to Promestein's inner circle. Olivia however will sneak off and discover the Underground Lab's entrance. The first level is open to the students.

"This is so exciting!" Olivia said.

"Easy there Olivia." Nikolai said chuckling.

"Adam, Evelynn and I shall enter the Academy through an evacuation tunnel into the ungerground lab's second level." Lucia said. "Be on constant alert as the chimera's are powerful monsters. Nikolai and Olivia will use clearance and sneaking to enter respectively. Be alert for Professor Edward, he is the supervisor of the laboratories. Take the maps I've made for all of you."

"Right." Adam said.

"Understood." Evelynn said.

"The surge came from the third level. There's a hidden lab past the 'Enforcer's Masoleum' down there." Lucia said. "No bodies are there, only memorials for the strongest Truth Seekers made by Promestein. That lab has Solomon's body for sure."

"What if she revived Father?" Nikolai asked.

"We contact the Heavenly Knights." Lucia said. "Promestein will likely make him incredibly more powerful than at his peak. We depart for the Academy in thirty minutes."

"Understood!" The four said as they prepared to head out.

Chapter 17; Entering the Truth Seeker's Academy.

Nikolai and Olivia walked towards the Truth Seeker's Academy. The massive series of buildings and above-ground labs before them.

"This place is huge!" Olivia said.

"Yea, don't get lost now if we get separated." Nikolai said.

As they entered the front door. They were stopped by Edward.

"Ah, Nikolai..and the young Angel from before." Edward said. "Glad to see you have decided to return to us."

"Indeed Professor Edward." Nikolai said. "I've accepted Mistress Promestein's offer and have trained to better prepare myself. And this is Olivia, she is a fellow Truth Seeker and wishes to join."

"I see," Edward said. "Miss you will come with me, we shall set you up right away. As for you Nikolai, head to Mistress Promestein's office right away."

Edward and Olivia went away in one direction as Nikolai kept walking straight.

Professor Edward and Olivia walked through the hall to the admissions office.

"As Nikolai probably told you," Edward began to say. "we are an organization and academy of those who seek the truth and secrets of the Universe. Recruitment is always open and ready to those willing to join us and learn. So it pleases me to see more Truth-Seeking Angels like the Headmistress."

"This place always fascinated me." Olivia said. "I told my friends I wanted to study here for some time."

"These friends...the Elf and the other young man," Edward said. "where are they now?"

"We went our separate ways." Olivia said. "They're probably halfway to Salamander's Volcano by now."

"Indeed, well here is the admission's office." Edward said pointing at the door. "Inside you will take an entrance exam, and then based on your scores we will match you to proper courses on your level of intelligence and prefered profession."

"Thank you sir!" Olivia said smiling as she entered the office.

"That girl should consider herself fortunate." Edward said.

At Promestein's office.

"Welcome back Nikolai." Promestein said. "It seems your training was worth it, I can sense how much stronger you are."

"Thank you." Nikolai said. "So...what's the first order of business?"

"First," Promestein said as she handed Nikolai a box. "see if these fit you. You can change right here if needed."

Nikolai blushed. "With all due respect Mistress..." he began to say. "I'm not comfortable changing infront of a woman who raped my father on a frequent basis." Nikolai then rushed to a closet and changed. Nikolai walked out, clad in a black and red combat outfit with a black lab coat. "Wow.." he said examining his new look.

"It was your fathers..." Promestein said. "I'm sure he'd be proud to see you chosen to take his place."

"Mother told me that he...didn't think the Enforcer of Truth was a necessity." Nikolai said.

"While that is true, those words were said at the time of his retirement 40 years ago." Promestein said. "With the threat of these Black Crusaders and Seraph Eden, an Enforcer is necessary to command our students and chimera in a time of crisis."

"It sounds like a lot of responsibility." Nikolai said. "But if I'm the only one, then I guess there's no protest."

"Perfect!" Promestein said. "Then we shall begin your training immediately! You're quite strong already, so I think we can cut a few months down."

"Then where shall I start Doc?" Nikolai said.

"....." Promestein was speechless. She then closed her eyes, being reminded of something. "First you. 'Doc' wasn't even that cute of a pet name. Heck you're the 3rd Enforcer to call me that."

"Oh..sorry, Mistress Promestein." Nikolai then said correcting himself. "I forgot about that habit Mother told me about."

"It's fine." Promestein said. "Come with me to the 1st sublevel. There we shall begin." Promestein and Nikolai then walked out together.

Not too much later, Olivia has finished the examination.

"This is impossible!" Edward said. "One little angel, scored a perfect on the entrance exam!?"

"I'm unsure how myself sir!" The Dean of Admissions had said. "We search and scan each potential recruit and she came clean."

"So...I passed?" Olivia asked.

"Indeed." Edward said. "It seems we underestimated your potential. Headmistress Promestein may wish to see this as well. But she's with that brat...for now I'll give you a tour. Keep close, and don't go snooping off."

"Yes sir!" Olivia said as she followed.

Near the outskirts of the Academy, Adam, Evelynn and Lucia are near a strange cavern entrance.

"So this is the evacuation route exit." Lucia said. "However if you were a Professor with clearance to the 2nd Sublevel Laboratories, like I was, then it's a shortcut." The three then entered. "Chimera patrol the 2nd Sublevel, however the route we're taking to Sublevel 3 will have no incidents as long as we're quiet."

"This place is massive," Adam said. "How big are the underground facilities?"

"Sublevel 1 is easily the size of the old Drain Lab." Lucia said. "Sublevel's 2 and 3 are smaller, but still very maze-like."

"So we'd be wandering for ages if you were not with us." Evelyn said.

"Indeed." Lucia said. "Hopefully Nikolai and Olivia can sneak over to where we are." Lucia then opened a metallic door as they kept quiet lurking through the underground lab. They then entered a room and stayed hidden. "Good, no welcome party." Lucia said as she examined her map. "Okay, that surge from last night knocked the security system out of whack. Level 3's entrance requires new lab cards. We have to find a sublevel 3 clearance card without alerting security.

"Leave it to me." Evelynn said as she snuck off. She stayed out of vision as she moved through the area surrounding the room. She then came across two scientists having a break in the halls. She overheard their conversation;

"Last night was killer." Scientist A said. "That damn Tyrant King nearly gave me a heart attack."

"I heard it made at least a hundred chimera cower in fear from that shout." Scientist B said. "I don't think that thing should be awakened."

"Well it's completed and can be deployed by Promestein's command. We better be glad we don't have to work around that thing anymore." Scientist A said.

Evelynn then distracted them throwing a lab tool across the hall as she picked the security clearance card from one of their pockets. She then returned to Lucia. "Is this the card?" Evelynn asked.

"Perfect." Lucia said taking the card.

"This...Tyrant King. What is it exactly?" Evelynn asked.

"I'm unsure." Lucia said. "But I hope it's not what this sick feeling tells me. Let's move!" The three then moved silently through the lab through vents and reached the lift to Sublevel 3. There they used the card to enter the lift and waited for it to descend."

Nikolai was in Sublevel 1. Promestein had taken him to a special lab where his training was to take place. Promestein had stepped out to tend to Edward's request of examining Olivia when his tour was completed.

"It's been five minutes..." Nikolai said. "I hope Olivia's alright. Perfect scoring the exam seemed impressive however."

"Nikolai?" Olivia said as she entered the room.

"Olivia!?" Nikolai asked. "But how?"

"I snuck off while Professor Edward had to tend to an issue. A student apparently blew up half a classroom." Olivia said. "I snuck his level 3 key away as well. Let's go!"

"Right!" Nikolai said as they rushed off to join Adam and the others.

Chapter 18; The Secret Lab. Nikolai vs. Edward.

Nikolai and Olivia rushed through the lab to the level 2 lift where they entered. They prepared for a battle as Level 2 was forbidden to students. As they entered Sublevel 2, they ran into a scientist.

"Hello there." Nikolai said nervously.

"No way...the Enforcer." The scientist said. "Man I thought we'd never get to see who it'd be."

"Well I have important buisness at sublevel 3." Nikolai then showed the security card. "Me and my assistant will be moving on."

"Go right ahead sir!" The scientist said as Nikolai and Olivia moved past him. They made it to the Level 3 lift using Nikolai's status as natural clearance.

At Sublevel 3; Adam, Lucia and Evelynn have made it through the smaller lab. There they made it to a large, circular room with seven statues of warriors all donning black.

"The Enforcer's Masoleum." Lucia said. "Somewhere is the hidden lab."

The three then examined the room. Each statue with a plaque stating information about the achievements of all of the Enforcers.

"Clark...Alexander...Joanne...Seth...Daniel...Sophira...Solomon." Evelynn said examining each of them. "Truly powerful humans in their respective times." Evelynn then pressed against Solomon's plaque as the statue moved, revealing a hidden staircase.

"Evelynn you found it!" Adam said.

"Let's move!" Lucia said.

"Hold it right there Lucia..." A voice said. Edward had teleported in.

"Edward..." Lucia said.

"Your son and that angel slipped past us, but we'll punish them as soon as I'm done with you three." Edward said. "First off," Edward then teleported Adam away. "the grandson of the Hero Luka has been high on Promestein's interest. So naturally I have to spare him."

"Adam!" Evelynn said.

"Evelynn," Lucia said. "go on ahead, I'll hold him off. Whoever that Tyrant King is, shut it down by any means."

"Understood." Evelynn said as she ran off down the stairs.

"How bold Lucia." Edward said. "But I'm not like when I was your husband's punching bag. I've improved." Edward then took his labcoat and shirt off. Revealing himself to have been augmented with a powerful chimeric beast. "Behold, how humanity will surpass the Monster Lord.  My body has been enahnced and evolved. With brilliant mind and powerful body, none shall stop humanity from surpassing the Gods."

Lucia's arms then transformed into tentacles. "Quite disgusting." Lucia said. "No human should be forced to bear a cursed form like that."

"Says the one with a cursed form." Edward said. "But enough talk. Gnomaren!" Edward then imbued himself with an artificial spirit of Earth. He then rushed at Lucia.

"Zylphe!" Lucia said as she dodged. Edward was quick to react and struck her, pushing her back.

"Hmph, I'm afraind our new Artificial Spirits have greatly improved potential." Edward said. "Your husband discovered a breakthrough in their weaknesses regarding the combat styles of those who wield the elements properly."

Lucia then stood her ground. "Damn...I'm not as strong as I once was." Lucia said.

Edward then rushed to her and smacked her to the ground. "For decades, I've been second fiddle to your husband..." He said. He then began kicking Lucia. "Forced to be in his shadow while Promestein praised his glory. Then I discovered Chimeric Augmentation! Solomon rejected it and had shown he could surpass it with sheer experience! Why...why does he always torment me, even in death he was the favorite! I should've been the Enforcer! Not his damn son!"

"Hey!" Nikolai shouted as he kicked Edward away. "How dare you hurt her."

Edward stood as he saw Nikolai in Solomon's attire. "'re dead." He said. Thinking it was actually Solomon. "You're not supposed to be...back yet."

"Nikolai?" Lucia asked sitting up.

"Yes mother." Nikolai said. "Sit off to the side, I'll take on Edward."

Lucia then weakly sat to the side. Watching the fight. Olivia then flew beside Lucia and healed her.

"So...Nikolai has decided to come to his death." Edward said. "Finally, the vengeance I deserve upon Solomon."

Nikolai got in stance and charged himself with lightning. "Whatever you have against my dad, is in the past. But when you decided to harm my Mother...then you crossed me."

"Olivia, follow Evelynn downstairs." Lucia said. "Help her in any way."

"Where's Adam?" Olivia asked.

"I'm unsure, just go stop whatever's being awakened down there." Lucia said. Olivia then flew downstairs.

Nikolai rushed to Edward and punched his jaw, actually sending the Earth-empowered man back a few steps. He then tried striking Edward with his spear only to have it be caught and have both it and Nikolai tossed to the side.

Edward then tried punching Nikolai as Nikolai intercepted his punch with his own. The two then fought Martial Arts with a spear vs. Brute Strength and Intelligence with fists. Nikolai then used Lightning's powerful speed to rush behind Edward and deliver a powerful kick sending him flying back. Edward stood, face bruised as he and Nikolai rushed at each other, hitting each other with repeated blows simultaneously. "You're quite skilled." Edward said. "But you Father held this form back as an old man with a cane. Yet you, prime of your youth, are struggling."

Nikolai then dodged before punching him repeatedly. "I told you, whatever beef you had with my Dad, is not with me!" Nikolai shouted as he landed a punch directly on Edward's face. Edward didn't even flinch as he grabbed Nikolai and slammed him into the ground before kicking him back towards Lucia.

"Nikolai!" Lucia shouted. Edward had rushed behind her and kicked her into Nikolai.

"This is pathetic. The Enforcer's son and wife unable to protect themselves." Edward said. "Seems this perfected body was as great as I thought.

Down the stairs at the Secret lab. Evelynn and Olivia are fighting Scientists guarding the machine with the Chimera Tyrant King.

"There's quite a lot of them." Olivia said as she knocked out another with her magic.

"Too many." Evelynn said as her arrows are being blocked by the chief scientist's shield device around the machine.

"Don't let them reach it!" The chief scientist said.

"Sir! Headmistress Promestein has reported an assault heading directly towards the academy. She's demanding we activate him." A scientist next to him had said.

"Good." The chief scientist said. "It can kill them for us. Activate the Chimera Tyrant King!"

The other scientist then operated the machine. As it turned out and power rushed to the chimera inside, the scientists surrounding Evelynn and Olivia fled in panic via teleportation.

"That's not good." Olivia said.

"We have to warn Nikolai and Lucia!" Evelynn said. But before they could run, a powerful roar had shook the lab. The entire 3rd Sublevel trembled as it awoke. The machine bursted open as the chimera walked out. He stood seven feet tall, his arms and legs were chimerically augmented with massive, black and red parts that would be reserved for a Next Doll Model Chimera, he had a large tail and massive wings and horns. His eyes were blood red and his teeth replaced with fangs. His human-half, was that of a young human male. No older than his mid-20s.

"Promestein!" He shouted in another feral roar. "You and that wimp Edward are dead!" He then rushed past Evelynn and Olivia. Both of them frozen in fear.

"That...was Nikolai's father..." Olivia said. "Solomon...."

"You're sure?" Evelynn asked.

"No doubt...I recognized his face from texts." Olivia said. "One of the two strongest humans, brought back to life and made stronger."

Above the lab;

"Hmph seems that it's being activated." Edward said as he felt the roar. "Nothing to worry about, I'll kill you before it does."

Nikolai then stood. Lucia was on her knees behind him. Both of them exhausted from holding him off. "Then I'll just have to end this before he gets here." Nikolai said. He held his spear then got into stance for one final attack. His body charged with lightning.

Edward then raised an eyebrow. "Finish me?" Edward said. "You're joking. But if you insist on dying first," Edward then charged at Nikolai.

Nikolai then focused. "Black...Tyrant..." he then spun rapidly as he caught Edward in a cyclone of lightning and blades "Wyvern Blade!"

Edward was hit with the full blast of the attack. His power with Gnomaren, almost useless against the lightning charge. Edward then flew towards the stairs as Nikolai finished and fell to his hands and knees.

"That attack...." Edward said as he stood.. " actually learned his old finisher?"

"Sorry mom..." Nikolai said.

Lucia stood and held Nikolai. "Don't worry Nikolai. We'll get through this." Lucia said.

"Any last words?" Edward asked them. "Before I tear you apart?"

"Let me answer that with a question Edward;" A voice said standing directly behind Edward. "Who the hell do you think you are to hurt my wife and my son like that?"

Edward had went from confident to terrified in a millisecond. He slowly turned around to see Solomon standing right there. Solomon then grabbed Edward by then next and lifted him up effortlessly. His left hand then transformed into a hand-cannon as it aimed at Edward's face. "Please! Solomon have mercy!" Edward said, absolutely terrified.

Adam was warped to Promestein's office. There he saw an entrance to a large balcony. Outside he saw Promestein, staring into the distance.

"Promestein!" Adam said as he drew his blade.

"Relax," Promestein said. "I'm not going to hurt you. Besides I have a bigger problem." Promestein then pointed towards the distance. there an army marched towards the academy. "Third's forces...these Black Crusaders. Came sooner than I was told. Oh well, those scouts are long-dead anyways."

"Seems that they dislike the idea of your academy." Adam said.

"Wrong, Eden wishes to command me to help her fight the Monster Lord. She's a fool however." Promestein said. "No Goddess of Light, or Monster Lord should command this world, humanity shall evolve, with me commanding them, until they surpass both Goddesses."

"You'll be stopped." Adam said. "Just like before."

"This time...I have everything in my favor. Including my new tool to kill Eden and Aliphese with." Promestein said as she raised her arms upwards. Her strange bracers had shined with an energy. "To me! Solomon!"

Back in the Third Sublevel.

Solomon was beating up Edward effortlessly. He had the man pinned down as his right arm morphed into a massive blade held by his human arm and hand.

"Please...have mercy." Edward said.

"You thought I didn't hear you before either?" Solomon said holding Edward up, pointing the blade to his neck. "Now what's to stop me from killing both you and Promestein?" Solomon then felt a strange force upon him. "What the..."

"Solomon?" Lucia asked. "Is something wrong?"

"No...stay back...something's commanding me." Solomon said. "So that's how Promestein's expecting to live..." He then turned his blade back into his massive right arm and claw. "Fine...Edward lives for now. But he's coming with me." Solomon then looked at Nikolai. "Sorry we never had a man to man talk like I expected. I knew you were my son from the second I saw you. Take care of your Mother okay?" Solomon then flew off with Edward in hand.

Soon after Solomon left, a black-robed figure entered the scene. "Oh my... things took quite an unexpected turn... It'll be troublesome for him..." the figure giggled.

Lucia looked at the figure. "S-shadow? Is that you?"

"The Heavenly Knights have already been contacted." Shadow said to Lucia and Nikolai. "I'll be having a nice, long chat with Promestein now..."

"Wait!" Nikolai called out. "Thank you."

"I'll leave the rest to you." Lucia said.

Shadow said nothing and merely vanished.

"Mother... Was that really Shadow? He sounded... different." Nikolai asked.

"It's definitely him." Lucia said. "... But he sounded awfully... feminine. Almost as if it was a different person behind the hood."

"... I see." Shadow muttered, watching Promestein and Adam conversing from his pocket dimension. "Solomon's sanity is intact, but Promestein still holds the leash. It'll still be difficult to break that chain. Superb work as always, Phantom."

"It's been so long since I've done covert operations; I've missed it so~" Phantom telepathically giggled. "Anyway, don't know when the Heavenly Knights will arrive, but I'll rendezvous with you now. Everyone else seems to be holding their own, but from the upgrades on your old friend you'll definitely need my help."

"It also seems like the Black Crusaders are arriving a week early... If Eden arrives, well." Shadow said.

"Fun fun~ A chance to 'greet' her~" Phantom laughed.

"A three-way battle between the Monster Lord, Eden, and Promestein. The real battleground starts here and now." Shadow said, gripping his sword tightly, ready and waiting for his perfect moment.

Chapter 19; The Chimera Tyrant King; Solomon. The Black Crusader's Assault.

In the distance in a massive field outside the Academy;

"Our scouts hadn't returned. I'm only going to assume this Promestein captured and killed them." Ivan had said. "The rumors were true, the security is intense."

"Chimera were always dangerous to hunt. More vicious if provoked, originally designed to kill powerful monsters." Kain said examining the balcony where Promestein is standing with a spyglass. "I see the angel we're after. That's odd, that boy Adam's with her."

"He's always in our way." Ivan said. "Hopefully the training will prepare me for that angelic power. We're thankful the Great Seraph has given us aid for this assault. It's truly an honor to fight alongside you Archangel Ariel."

"Indeed, and this boy and Promestein will be punished for their defiance." Ariel had said.

As they moved with the large number of troops, some even angel, Kain signaled everyone to stop. "Hold, something big closing in on that balcony." Kain said, checking the spyglass. "Looks like a chimera...holding a half-chimeric man by the neck. Prepare for battle!"

The troops, Inquisitors and Archangel stood their ground and prepared.

At the balcony overlooking the field;

"A fearsome army indeed Third." Promestein said. "It'll be a pleasure to show how you will die as well."

A flash had rushed by the balcony, Solomon had descended infront of Promestein. "Hello...Doc." He calmly said before throwing Edward next to her. Edward had stood, shaking however.

Adam had backed to the wall. "So that's....Nikolai's father?" Adam asked.

Solomon then looked at Adam. "Luka? Man you don't age a day." He said.

"No Solomon, this is Adam, his grandson." Promestein said.

Solomon then looked back at Promestein. "Care to do a little explaining?" Solomon asked. "Those bracers, these failsafes in my brain, or should I start with why should I not finish what I started when I retired?"

"Now Solomon," Promestein said. "I assure you it was for good reason. But direct your attention to the field below."

Solomon then turned around, seeing the Crusaders. "So that's why..." He said, scanning them all. "3,000 humans, about 250 angels...1 archangel, and 2 commander humans. This is child's play, why not rebuild the Next Dolls for this crap? Like I said before, Eden isn't a threat."

"Even if she isn't, you still have to take care of it." Promestein said showing the bracer to him. "You know why disobeying isn't an option."

"Fine, but afterwards I'm going back to being dead." Solomon said. "What on Earth did you do to me exactly?"

"Simple," Promestein said. "I've made you far better than your peak."

"You remembered my peak?" Solomon asked. He jumped down to a building rooftop.

"It's a faint memory," Promestein said. "That's why you should demonstrate, that fearsome power even the Monster Lords kept a close eye on."

Solomon then jumped, dodging a bolt fired by Kain.

"Damn, looks like whatever the hell that thing is won't be easy." Kain said.

Solomon landed on the ground, facing the army. "Let's make this quick." Solomon said. He then charged at the army, the army responded at Ivan's command as they rushed to face him. He triggered Zylphe's power and immediately rushed to the middle of the army and began fighting them off 1 by 1 using his claws.

"That speed!" An angel said.

"I can't even track hi~" A crusader began to say before being cut off by Solomon's attack.

Solomon then turned his right arm into a blade held by a smaller hand as he cut through more soldiers. As another soldier tried attacking him from behind, Solomon quickly turned and let out a chimeric roar, causing the soldier to drop his weapon in fear before being cut down by Solomon. "Is this really Eden's big plan? 3000 meatshields?" He asked as he grabbed a Valkyrie by the neck. "It's a shame you angels had to be blindly loyal too." Solomon was then smacked away.

Ivan had readied himself, perfect guard activated. "Then I'll show you my power." Ivan said.

Solomon stood as he scanned Ivan. "Magic repulusion shield...extremely powerful aura of defense. You'll be next then, your guard might be bothersome." Solomon then imbued Gigamander in his blade as he got into stance. "Wing Dash Blade!" He then charged at Ivan, releasing 6 wide and powerful slashes.

"Inquisitor Ivan! His attack covers a wide area!" A soldier called out. Ivan had blocked the full attack, still empowered by his Perfect Guard and all the damage minimized.

"Tougher than I thought." Solomon said as he turned his left arm into a hand-cannon. He charged energy before releasing it in a massive, explosive orb. "Giga Bomb!"

Ivan had blocked the Giga Bomb and was prepared to send it back before Solomon rushed to the bomb and impaled it, causing a point-blank explosion on Ivan. Ivan slid back but was hardly damaged. the entire area covered in smoke.

The soldiers looked around for him. "Where did he go?" A soldier asked. One then looked towards the academy as he heard a series of loud noises. "Over there!" He said as he pointed.

"Giga Bomb Barrage!" Solomon said as several Giga Bombs were now being fired towards the army. They crashed down, taking out dozens of troops who weren't able to avoid. Solomon then rushed to the army as they were trying to avoid the attacks and began assaulting them. Solomon then quickly blocked as Kain had fired a bolt at him. Solomon was then forced to dodge as Kain fired more.

"Enough is enough now." Kain said as he kept firing.

Solomon dodged and charged at Kain. Archangel Ariel then rushed above Solomon. "Arch Bolt!" Ariel said as she fired a holy bolt of energy at him. Ivan then rushed behind him and bashed him directly into the attack as Kain fired a final bolt empowered by a strange energy. Causing a massive explosion.

"They got him now!" An angel soldier said. "Take that you cursed monster!" A crusader said.

Solomon then landed on his feet as his body radiated electricity. He let out another war cry as his entire body was charged by lightning. Sending electrical surges everywhere.

At the evacuation exit, Lucia, Nikolai, Evelynn and Olivia watched the battle from a safe distance.

"Such power." Lucia said. "He was always strong, but Promestein really made him invincible it seems. The worst part about this, Promestein's chimera could've probably fought the army on equal terms."

"I see two Grand Inquisitors and a powerful Archangel." Evelynn said.

"It also feels like he's just now taking it serious." Olivia said. "I can feel those electric surges from here. So intense, but so focused.

"Incredicle..." Nikolai said, staring in awe at the power.

Back at the battle; Solomon used his lightning charge to completely shift any tide of the battle in his favor. Troops were forced to retreat as Ariel and the two Inquisitors faced him now.

"Charge the second shot Kain and Ariel, combine it with that bolt." Ivan had said. "I'll hold him steady."

"Right!" They both said as they began charging their attacks.

Solomon rushed to attack fleeing crusaders as Ivan tried intercepting him with his shield. Solomon used Gnomaren's power however and caught his massive shield. "Nice try," Solomon said.

"Indeed." Ivan said as he pushed Solomon away. "Now!"

"Arch Bolt!" Ariel said. "Titan Piercer!" Kain said as well as they both fired at Solomon. The blast causing a powerful explosion.

"We did it!" Kain said. "Gonna need a bigger pedastal for his corpse though."

"Glad that was over," Ivan said.

Ariel was frieghtened however. "He's....healed..." She said.

"But how?" Kain asked.

Solomon stood as a strange capsule on his shoulder appeared and fueled him with a strange liquid of blue color. It restored his energy and made him ignore the wounds easily. "Hmph...So she put the Hyde Injection as a fail safe. No wonder she's so confident." Solomon then stared at the three.

"Truly marvelous." Promestein said. "Now...execute the three." Promestein then used her subjugation bracers on him.

"Fine..." Solomon said as he charged his body with lightning, he then rushed at them.

Ivan triggered his Perfect Guard. Empowering it all he could. He got into stance and prepared to defend whatever was coming. "I'll do what I can to defend, prepare the final shot. If it doesn't kill him, full scale retreat." He said.

Kain and Ariel nodded and did just that.

"Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" Solomon cried out as a massive, azure cyclone had bombarded Ivan. He was unable to hold his ground as the vortex sent him flying, cutting and striking his body repeatedly as he then landed infront of Kain.

"Ivan!" Kain said as he canceled charging to tend to him. "Stay with me, we're getting out of here!"

Solomon then landed in front of the three. "You're not going anywhere." He said, raising his blade. Before he could strike them down, a blast of Holy light hit Solomon, forcing him back.

"So Promestein, you had revived your bothersome lapdog." Eden said as she appeared in front of them.

"Ah, Third such a pleasure." Promestein said as she warped into the battlefield. "Perhaps my Tyrant King can dispose of you as well."

Solomon then smirked as he saw Eden. "So you're Third...nope, not even afraid to say that." He said. "I've never seen you in person however."

"'Third'?!" Eden scowled. "No, not yet. For good reason, I'd deal with your heresy Promestein. But I have bigger preparations to make." Eden then warped Ivan, Kain and Ariel away with herself. The rest of the army had retreated already.

Adam had rushed to the field, he had found and met with Olivia and the others.

"You guys!" Adam said. "I'm glad you're all okay."

"We gotta get out of here." Olivia said. However, they had ran into Promestein as well.

"So now...these interlopers and my traitorous Enforcer and Seeker." Promestein said. "This gives me a new idea..." She then looked at Solomon. "Kill them."

"What?" Solomon said.

"You've heard me." Promestein said. "Do it."

"Solomon, don't listen to her!" Lucia said.

"Fight it Father!" Nikolai said. "You can resist her."

"He doesn't have a choice." Promestein then empowered the Subjugation Bracers.

"Gah...." Solomon then held his head. "No...must resist..."

"Kill them already!" Promestein said as she kept going.

Solomon's eyes turned red as he walked towards them, blade prepared. "" Solomon said as he began to charge at them. As he tried to attack them, a blade intercepted Solomon's. Causing the ground to shake.

"No way..." Nikolai said. "Shadow?"

Shadow then faced Solomon as their blades collided. Dark and Lightning energy colliding as well. The two then jumped back as they faced each other.

"The Demon Assassin and the Enforcer of Truth..." Olivia said. "A rivarly that shook the entire world..."

"Let's get out of here..." Lucia said. "Last time they fought they nearly destroyed Grand Noah I don't wanna see how it'd unfold after both of them got empowered over a century."

Everyone then retreated, leaving Solomon, Shadow, and Promestein.

Promestein then smirked as she saw what had happened. "Ah, a change of plans Solomon. Kill your old friend then." She said as she warped back to the balcony to observe.

"... Effortlessly obliterated 3,250 cannon fodders and three commanding officers, and an Archangel... A weapon that could potentially rival Mistress Tamamo..." Shadow muttered.

"Shadow..." Solomon said. "I assume that 'she' will join us again?"

Shadow held his weapon ready. "... You know very well what 'she' is up to. But for you, Solomon, you're going to be commanded so easily?" Shadow said calmly.

"Like I have a choice?" Solomon said. "Promestein's bracers, and numerous A.I. failsafes forcing my body to react and fight even friends and family. Perhaps you can try and stop me."

"Seeing how you're still sane, there might be a way to break her control off of you." Shadow said. "Just like a hundred years ago, there's no holding back."

The two then charged themselves with darkness and lightning respectively. Then prepared to fight.

Chapter 20; Ultimate Darkness and Lightning; Shadow vs. Solomon.

Adam and everyone else had fled a considerable distance as Shadow and Solomon faced each other.

Shadow then focused his energy, "Shadow Snare!" He called as Solomon's shadow restrained him, Shadow then rushed behind Solomon, attempting to assassinate him quickly.

Solomon broke free of the restaint and blocked his attack. "I told you, killing me won't be so easy." He said. He then jumped up and tried slicing straight downwards at Shadow. Shadow dodged to the side and melded into the ground. Solomon had scanned his posistion and rushed to the point where he was gonna reappear, aiming his handcannon directly at him, firing twice.

"Demon Cutter!" Shadow called as he intercepted both shots. Shadow then quickly dodged more attempts to shoot him as he rushed right upto Solomon. "Phantom Blow!" He called as he struck Solomon rapidly.

Solomon was forced back as he faced Shadow. "A powerful blow..." He said calmly. He then activated Gnomaren's power.

"...You can fight this Solomon." Shadow said. "You're no longer the villain here. Not like before..."

Solomon's eyes widened as flashes rushed through his memory; Helping create the Artificial Spirits, The Hyde Injection and Tyrannea's AI, Nearly killing Lucia, His first battle with Shadow, Running from the Heavenly Knights. Solomon then shook his head as the AI failsafes took control. He then used Lightning to charge at Shadow at blinding speeds and slammed his blade down on Shadow.

Shadow was forced to block as the massive blow nearly made him lose balance. Shadow then melded and rushed back a short distance. "Black Reaper!" Shadow said as he increased the length of his blades before spinning. Striking Solomon again. "You dedicated your life to fixing the errors, cleaning Promestein's mess and redeeming yourself. You've helped us before!" Shadow said.

Solomon then paused as more flashes rushed into his mind; Making the chimera non-hostile, defeating Tyrannea, stopping the previous Enforcers and Akame Artiste. He then shook his head. "No...Shadow friend..." He began to say, stepping backwards.

"Break her control..." Shadow said. "You didn't even want to be revived...she even tried making you kill your family. Even after what you did for her." Shadow then got into stance, "Sonic Slash!" Shadow called as he dashed straight through Solomon. Solomon however rushed to the side.

Solomon looked at the academy as more memories had flashed; The academy opening, recruitment, teaching and training others. Solomon then looked at Shadow. "I...can't break it..." Solomon said. "Not while she....has those things on!" Solomon then rushed to Shadow and wrapped him up in his tail, aiming his handcannon at him directly, chargining a Giga Bomb.

Shadow tried struggling furiously but only managed to free his blade arm. Shadow then slashed Solomon's face, making him drop Shadow and fire the attack right at the sky, making a massive explosion. "Either you break her control, or I'll kill you." Shadow had said, readying himself to go all out.

"I'm telling you, you'll have to focus on Promestein to give me that chance." Solomon said. "Wait..." Solomon then focused on his body as something within it was preparing to activate. "No....that's impossible...Master, I'm so sorry for this. Promestein..."

Shadow then focused incredible amounts of Darkness energy. "Enveloping Darkness!" Shadow called.

Solomon's body reacted to Shadow's attempt at a finisher. "Come..Raiden!" Solomon said as his lightning power intensified. An artificial spirit of lightning was aiding him.

At the Balcony of the Academy. Promestein and Edward were watching the battle.

"Behold Edward, even the Demon Assassin struggling to take down his former rival." Promestein said. She was using the Subjugation Bracers.

"I've been monitoring the AI within Solomon's brain." Edward said. "Things get fuzzy as he remembers however."

"Shadow's plan was admirable." Promestein said. "But he forgotten that I'm the one in control. Solomon is forced to defend myself as well."

Edward shook as both Shadow and Solomon's battle had sent surges of power he could feel from this distance. "I still have major concerns..." Edward said. "He's clearly angry at me, will I be safe?"

"Just promise not to have any fits of envious rage and remain loyal Edward." Promestein said. "It seems Nikolai will not be fighting alongside his father however, so you will likely take his place as Enforcer."

Edward stood behind Promestein. "It will be an honor." Edward said, excited now that he's finally Enforcer.

Back at the Battle, Shadow was exhausted as he faced Solomon, who seemed to not show any sign of weakening.

Solomon merely sighed. "I was afraid this would overwhelm you. That's why I was hoping 'she' would be joining us." Solomon said. "Any final tricks?"

"Just remember one more thing Solomon." Shadow said as he jabbed his blade into the ground as it melded inside and reappeared stabbing Solomon's foot. "Ghost Stab." Shadow muttered.

"Gah!" Solomon jumped up letting out a roar. "You little prick! So many years experiencing your power first hand and I still fall for that!" Solomon was jumping up and down.

"That never gets old." Shadow smirked as he focused. "Shadow Slayer!" Shadow then focused his darkness as it created a second blade staff. He then rushed at Solomon, attempting to finish him. "Abyssal Blade!" Shadow then struck Solomon four times, all strikes releasing a powerful explosion. Shadow then stood, looking at the smoke created, trying to detect Solomon.

Solomon then rushed behind Shadow with his lightning power. His eyes glowed red as he performed his finisher. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" He then caught Shadow as he delivered the attack onto him. As he was performing the assault on Shadow, tears rolled down his face as one last memory flashed in his mind;

"You chose not to be immortal?" Shadow asked.

"Indeed." Solomon said. "Birth and Death are two points of a journey. What's done in between is what matters most."

"Raijin?" Shadow asked.

"Yea, I can never forget her teachings." Solomon said.

"Still wise of you to not wish to dwell in immortality." Shadow said. "Passing the torch to your students, you've come a long way. Unlike you, my lifespan is not finite. My monster gene is unique; a very special fragment of Alice the 8th, an embodiment of her darkness and purity. It's my destiny to uphold the peace of the world, while carrying on her hidden legacy."

"I have you and the others back at the Monster Lord's castle to thank." Solomon said. "But promise me that if she tries anything with me by force or after my death, remind her of how lucky she was and how she'll never get another chance."

"I promise." Shadow had said. "Anything for a... friend."

Solomon had cut off the attack early as Shadow landed in front of him. "I can't...." He said.

Shadow then slowly rose up, hardly able to move.

"Retreat Shadow...before it makes me kill you." Solomon said.

"No...I promised you." Shadow said.

"Then return with the others!" Solomon said. "Don't go dense on me and think this is your mission alone."

"I'm afraid I can't allow him to ask for backup." Promestein said as she appeared. "And hopefully with him gone you won't have anymore trips down memory lane to hold you back." Promestein then used the Subjugation Bracers on Solomon. "That attack, my favorite one. Use it!"

"Ahh!" Solomon cried out as both of his claws turned into hand cannons and aimed at Shadow, charging incredible amounts of energy. "!"

"Don't hold anything back." Promestein said. "Obliterate him!"

Solomon finished charging energy. He closed his eyes as he was forced to fire. "Oblivion Blast!" He called out as a massive ray of energy fired at Shadow. Creating a massive explosion.

As the explosion cleared, Shadow's body was gone. A massive crater was all that remained.

"And so ends the Demon Assassin." Promestein said.

Solomon scanned around. "Hmph...there's the slippery rabbit." He said.

"... Oh, looks like I spoke too soon." Promestein chuckled to herself.

Phantom then appeared from the floor, holding Shadow. "Oh, you remembered Solomon!" Phantom said with a giggle. "Like your new body, we're both very difficult to kill. I'm sure you both had a fun dance, though."

Before either Solomon or Promestein could react. All four Heavenly Knights surrounded them. "And the calvary as well..." Solomon said. Noticing Promestein retreating through teleportation.

"S..Solomon?" Granberia said. "What had happened?"

"So you were revived." Tamamo said. "And forced to do this I'm sure."

Solomon then looked at the academy as a command was signaling him. "I'm truly sorry." Solomon said as he retreated. Before they could puruse, a powerful barrier surrounded the academy.

"It seems Promestein will have to wait." Erubetie said. "At least we can save Shadow and it looks like Lucia, Adam and his friends are all safe.

"He looked so miserable." Alma Elma said. "I wish we had gotten here sooner." They had all teleported away. Focused on healing Shadow.

Adam and his friends with Lucia retreated after the battle concluded. They had decided to stay at Grangold hotel.

"Even Shadow couldn't set him free." Lucia said.

"It'll take everything we got to save him." Nikolai said.

"Nikolai..." Adam said. "When we finish recruiting the Spirits and meet with the Monster Lord, I promise that I'll help you get back in there and defeat Promestein."

"We're in this together!" Olivia said.

"Don't beat yourselves up." Evelynn said. "After all, Promestein made sure it'd be difficult for him to snap out of any control she has."

"Thank you everyone." Lucia said. "I'll return to Witch Village. Good luck on your journey." Lucia then teleported away.

Back at the Seeker's Academy.

"Truly an impressive display Solomon." Promestein said. "Why do you look so upset?"

Solomon merely glared at Promestein. "If you didn't have absolute control, I'd rip your damn head off." He said.

"Now, now Solomon there's no need to..." Edward had said.

"You however!" Solomon said as he grabbed Edward's neck. He then felt Promestein's Subjugation Bracers take effect. Making him let go.

"Ah ah ah!" Promestein said. "I need that one."

"Then put me back." Solomon said. "Or I'll destroy the academy."

"Once Eden and the Monster Lord are out of my way and humanity and I have surpassed the Goddesses, then you'll go back to being a corpse." Promestein said. "They're both now aware of what you're capable of. Now we prepare for the day when we shall move.

At the Monster Lord's Castle.

"Hmph... Technology advanced far more, even one of the strongest humans couldn't resist." Shadow muttered.

"Oh, don't be so hard on yourself." Phantom said. "You did your best."

"But it wasn't enough. I made a promise and I couldn't keep it." Shadow replied.

"Don't worry." Phantom began. "You've witnessed his new power, the next time you'll be more prepared, and the next time I'll be there to assist."

"Except next time won't be for a while." Shadow sighed. "These injures have put me out of play for a day or so. Quite shameful for an assassin, really."

"In that case... Looks like I'll have to take up your role." Phantom giggled. "Wouldn't want your reputation tarnished."

"Eh...? After six centuries, the Phantom's going back into play, all by herself? Even during the one century you've been with me, you've never played alone, nor do you show your face to anyone other than me." Shadow asked.

"Oh, I may be rusty." Phantom giggled. "But I haven't forgotten how to dance. Besides, only Promestein and Solomon are aware of my existence. The little hero and Third still don't know I'm around, so they'll simply think I'm you."

"Nikolai and Lucia did think you were me. Well I can't stop you from going now, can I? Hmph, good luck." Shadow said.

"I guess the Knights are on the lookout for Third and Promestein, so... back to examining the little hero? As I matter of fact, maybe I should have some tea with Sally Mandy; we all know how powerful the little hero will be once he finishes his mastery, and the dire situation requires him to finish that as quick as possible. I'll be back to pick you up when you're done resting. Enjoy your nap." Phantom gently embraced Shadow before vanishing. Once she left, he plopped back onto the bed and closed his eyes.

Chapter 21: Fire Spirit Salamander. Aftermath of the Crusader's Defeat.

The next morning, Adam and his friends had left Grangold and headed towards the mountains where Salamander lived.

"Maybe we should've gotten the final spirit before heading to that place." Nikolai said.

"Even then I'm unsure how it'd turn out." Adam said.

"I still couldn't believe it though..." Nikolai said. "I had...finally met him! Even as a chimera he was as cool as the stories Mom told me about!"

Adam and the others looked at him as if he was crazy.

"I mean...before the mind control and attempting to kill us." Nikolai said.

"Still, it looks like Promestein will bide her time instead of sicking him on anywhere." Olivia said.

"She's very....prone to making plans and layers of backup plans." Nikolai said. "Probably wants to take precautions before assaulting anywhere so she'll likely wait and plan."

"With Alice 17th as powerful as she is and Eden having Issac I'm sure that's the case." Evelynn said. "Let's take the opportunity to prepare as well."

The four entered the volcano, scorching heat from all around as they moved through the caverns.

"It's so hot." Olivia said. "How did Luka do this?"

"Least with Undine it was nice and refreshing." Adam said. "But we have to move on."

"This blasted volcano." Undine said in Adam's mind. "She should consider moving."

"Deeny might melt at this rate." Sylph said. "Even though she's in Adam's head."

"Be grateful I'm too hot to trap you in water." Undine said to Sylph.

Gnome then looked over and punched Sylph twice. One for herself and one for Undine.

"Thank you Gnome." Undine said.

"We'll be there soon guys." Adam said. "Hold tight."

Adam and the others continued until they were at an arena-like rock held over the magma below. There, Salamander stood.

"Oh, sooner than I expected." Salamander said. "You must be Adam."

"Mandy!" Sylph said. "Do your best Adam!"

"She's right," Undine said. "Salamander trained Granberia, and helped Luka with his training as well."

"So I have to do my best." Adam said as he walked forward by himself. "It's a pleasure meeting you."

"And you as well. Don't let me down now." Salamander said as they begun.

Adam started right away using both Sylph and Gnome's power.

"Impressive." Salamander said. "But that alone won't defeat me." Salamander then got into stance and delivered a powerful punch to Adam.

Adam narrowly dodged and moved to counter. "Lightning Sword Flash!" He shouted as he rushed to Salamander.

Salamander took the attack. "So you to learned Cursed Sword Techniques." Salamander said. "Thank goodness, your bloodline defied tradition of monsters only learning them." Salamander then rushed at Adam and mixed her brute force punches with pleasuring techniques.

"Woah...she's relentless." Adam said.

"You have to use my power." Undine said.

"But..I always had difficulty..." Adam said.

"You have to overcome this obstacle. Or your quest will be for naught." Undine said.

Adam meditated and calmed his mind. "Release the stress...calm my mind and body..." He said. He then closed his eyes as he felt a strange flow rush towards him. He stepped to the side. quickly in stance as he struck back. "There are this your power?" He said as more waves had rushed towards him, he skillfully dodged all of them.

"You've achieved a Serene State." Undine said. "Remain calm, give your body and mind to the flow and take in my power now."

Adam nodded as he did so. He felt Undine's power combine with his own as the serene state was heightened further. "I did it." Adam said.

"Well, that's what I needed to see." Salamander said as she kept attacking Adam. Adam dodged however and prepared for a final attack, sheathing his blade.

Adam then quickly drew his blade and sliced at Salamander; "Serene Demon Sword!" He called.

"Woah!" Salamander ducked, narrowly avoiding the attack as it left a massive slash in the rocky wall. "Watch it! Nearly took my head off with that!"

Adam's eyes opened. "Woah, I'm sorry I overdid it." He said.

"Nonsense!" Salamander said. "Have you heard the gruesome tales of these moves original masters? That means you're doing it right. You passed anyways." Salamander extended a hand. "Now the hard part, mastering my power and combining all four of our strengths."

Adam shook Salamander's hand. "I won't let anyone down!" He said as Salamander vanished and reappeared in his mind.

"All four of us are back together!" Sylph said. "We should have a picnic! Or go dancing!"

Gnome had punched Sylph.

"Your quest isn't done here Adam." Undine said.

"Indeed, the best course of action is to head to Hellgondo." Salamander said.

"You're right!" Adam said as the others joined him. The celebration was cut short as they felt a powerful aura.

"So the brat found all four?" Issac said. "Didn't suprise me honestly."

"Issac!" Adam said.

"Oh man, so far yet he's gonna kill us all." Nikolai said.

"Relax." Issac said. "I'm not gonna kill"

"What.." Adam said. "You're lying."

"Nonesense." Issac said. "I came for a chat, with you." Issac then warped the other three away. "Relax they're outside the volcano. Now then...where do I start? Oh! Right this place is too hot." Issac then warped the dimensions around himself and Adam, placing the two in what appeared to be outer space. They stood on a large asteroid, surrounded by others and the stars beyond.

"Woah!" Adam said as he felt lighter.

"You can breathe don't worry..." Issac said. "It's a cosmic realm. Kind of like temporary dimensions. Gravity is lighter and it's not scalding hot like the volcano."

"What's going on here?" Adam asked.

"Well what you said in Yamatai had me thinking." Issac said. "What did you mean; Me and Luka were alike?"

"Well..." Adam said. "Grandfather told me about Lucifina and how he was raised by her. Like you with Miceala, he loved her very much. And she cared for and protected him. She loved him as her son."

"Love..." Issac said. "I remember the times during my training. This warm feeling then me and Miceala trained together; The praise I recieved, the way her emotions were around me, I wasn't a weapon to her like how everyone else treated me. Was"

"That's kind of right." Adam said. "You...never experienced feelings like that before?"

"I never had a mother before her..." Issac said. "And my father probably learned how I was taken."

"You don't have to fight Miceala." Adam said. "You can help us."

"No..." Issac said. "Even if I don't...Eden will surely kill her."

"Then protect her." Adam said. "If you love her, protect her."

Issac stared blankly. "Protect? People protect those who they..." He began to speak but had stopped. "She's requesting my presence. I apologize, next time we won't be so casual." Issac then warped Adam away before he left as well.

At the Black Crusader's castle:

"Your strongest soldiers, thrown around like a children's toys." Eden said. "Several of my own wounded. I'm beginning to have doubts about these Crusaders."

"Great Seraph please," The Grand Meister said. "we will better prepare ourselves and..." Eden then grabbed the Grand Meister by the neck.

"No..I have a better idea." Eden said. "Give your organization, this castle and your Inquisitors to your new Goddess of Light."

"New Goddess?" The Grand Meister said. "No, we're working to revive Ilias!"

"Don't you get it." Eden said, radiating holy power. "I'm becoming what Ilias was. I'm the Goddess you shall worship now."

Issac then warped in. "Let him go." Issac said.

"There you are." Eden said as she dropped the Grand Meister, forcing him on his hands and knees infront of her.. "Call the other Grand Inquisitors. It seems that they need to be improved upon."

Issac used his magic and Ivan, Kain and Maria were warped inside.

"What's going on?" Ivan asked.

"Why is the Grand Meister like that?" Maria asked.

"Oh, we had just agreed that the Black Crusaders belong to me now." Eden said.

"I never said that!" The Grand Meister said. "You four, attack Eden now!"

Issac then held all three of them in place as he morphed into his true form. "Stay where you are." Issac said.

"My own right hand and cofounder." The Grand Meister said.

"I was never your right hand." Issac said. "I merely helped you for the loyalty to Ilias you had."

"Let us go!" Kain said.

"I can' my dolls!" Maria said.

"What is this?" Ivan asked. "Great Seraph, why are you doing this?"

"I've waited 100 years." Eden said. "And now this organization will be at it's full potential." Eden's body morphed into a garden as it faced the Three Grand Inquisitors. "You three...accept this power!" A beam of light hit all three of them. Instead of hurting them, it infused with them and gave them power. "Miceala and the Monster Lord think using those combined with the power of light will save them. Let's see how they like the tables turning on them now. Your new Goddess of Light shall guide you four to victory."

Issac watched as she finished giving them power. "Now you three are truly ready for this war." Issac said.

They had stood. Each of them examining their new power.

"I've grown...stronger." Ivan said. "I could endure anything. Even the Heavenly Knights. It isn't right...but sacrifices must be made for success."

"Alma Elma..." Kain said, smirking. "Prepare to meet your Bablyonian Whore maker. I could hunt the Monster Guardians of the Directions if I wanted to! Consider myself okay with this change in leadership."

"This feels so cool!" Maria said. "Let's see what toys I can make with this power now. Maybe even Luka won't escape my grasp."

Eden then called two Angel soldiers. "Take that old man to the dungeons." Eden said as the angels flew him off. "Now before we begin our assault, get accustomed to your new powers. Issac, prepare to carry out the plan to ensure Miceala won't make it to the Heaven's Gate. I shall break your seal soon as well after more Holy Power has come to me."

"Understood." The four of them said. Ivan, Maria and Kain departed as Issac and Eden stood at the throne room.

Back at the base of Gold Volcano.

"Oh my, the little hero has grown so fast. The ancestor must be proud." A figure giggled and appeared before Adam and company; 'Shadow'. "It's been a long time, Sally Mandy, Deeny, Gnomey, and Sylphy~ Unfortunately, I'm not here for pleasantries." 'He' said as he drew 'his' sword and pointed it at Adam and company, and began to spoke in a serious tone. "The ancestor fought the Heavenly Knights numerous times before ultimately facing them, but this has yet to happen; since they're all so busy, it seems this responsibility has fallen upon me. The hero wasn't alone; he could never have stopped Ilias without the previous Monster Lord's aid, as well as the entire world. Take advantage that there's four of you here, and not just one hero. The Grand Inquisitors thus far have been mere cannon fodder, but a Heavenly Knight and the Demon Assassin are far more different; if you four can't hold your own against of one of us, you'll never be able to beat Promestein or Third. Whether you accept or decline my challenge is entirely up to you four. It'll be a fun dance, but one misstep from any of you and it'll be your end."

Chapter 22: Shadow's Trial. The Dark Half Revealed.

Adam and friends were in shock at the choice they had been given. They each stood and thought about it.

" know this is very risky." Olivia said. "I mean we've heard the legends, and we've seen first hand what he's capable of."

"Not just him," Evelynn said. "all of the Heavenly Knights in general are truly powerful."

"Something isn't right though..." Nikolai said. "If that's Shadow...then who was that who fought my father?"

"You think it's a trap?" Evelynn asked.

"Not really...I doubt the Crusaders can mimic one like Shadow with such likeness. Even if Maria made a wierd doll, which is unlikely as Shadow overpowered her effortlessly." Nikolai said. "Same attire, same weapon, same...scent, same style...but polar-opposite in one way. Who does a legendary demon assassin talk more in a playful, yet feminine tone and giggle like that? When I talked to Shadow back at Yamatai, he was quite serious in tone constantly."

"You got a point.." Evelynn said. "What do you think Adam?"

Adam stood there, looking at 'Shadow' carefully. "Maybe...he's got a point." Adam said. "Remember when I stopped early to train before Undine's Spring? I knew full well that the Grand Inquisitors were going to be a real problem. We began dedicating time in our journey to grow stronger. Shadow here knows that despite how much of a threat the Crusaders and Eden are, it's truly going to be life or death and the foes will be incredibly powerful."

"You think we can take him?" Olivia asked. "Together at least?"

"Actually..." Nikolai said. "It's four on one, but he'll likely be our toughest battle. Like he said; One misstep is death."

"He's an assassin," Evelynn said. "so it's likely we need to watch our backs for any quick-kill attempts."

Adam nodded his head. "Agreed." He said then faced 'Shadow.' "Shadow, you're right. If we're to be allies, then we have to show you that we can indeed be ready for any foe."

'Shadow' had smiled as 'he' heard that. "My my, the hero and his friends agree to my dance?" 'He' then giggled as she got in stance. "Well then, make the first move then."

The four of them got ready. They faced 'Shadow.' and prepared to fight.

"Maybe I should try a Serene State." Adam said. "Come Undine." Adam entered a Serene state as he concentrated on 'Shadow.' The flow around 'him' was violent and near unpredictable.

'Shadow' saw Adam's Serene State and giggled. "My my, already starting with that?" 'He' said and rushed to Adam quickly trying to slice at his neck.

Adam narrowly avoided as he rushed back. His concentration was broken. "No use...he's too violent and quick."

"You aint alone here." Nikolai said as he charged himself with lightning. "I can hardly get any read on him. So prepare for anything."

Adam nodded his head. "Let's do this Sylph, you too Gnome." He said.

Nikolai blocked Shadow's attack, pushing his sword up as he landed a punch. Adam rushed from behind Nikolai, strenghtened by Sylph. "Lightning Sword Flash!" And rushed to Shadow, landing a direct hit.

Shadow calmly used the knock back to reposistion 'himself'. "That's better, I didn't want to have to lead this entire dance now." 'He' said with a giggle. He then Shadow Melded and rushed to Adam's back, however as he jumped out. He moved back as Evelynn fired an arrow between them. 'Shadow' then melded, dodging Evelynn's arrows as he tried to strike her.

Olivia focused her magic and managed to create a shield that blocked Shadow's blow. She then shot him with a small bolt of holy energy.

Adam tried to strike Shadow, but Shadow had melded back into the floor. Seemingly vanished. "Where'd he go?" Adam said.

"Prepare yourselves." Evelynn said. "He can attack from any angle it seems."

The four stood together, keeping an eye out for anything.

'Shadow' then appeared in the middle of the four. "Here I am!" 'He' said "Bloody Tornado!"

Nikolai managed to barely dodge with lightning as the three of them took a direct hit. All of them hardly able to stand after taking it.

"Don't tell me you four quit already." 'Shadow' said as he rushed to Adam. But was stopped as Nikolai punched her away.

"Seems this really is life or death." Adam said as he meditated.

"Indeed." Olivia said, realizing she can heal herself by meditating, conentrating her magic as well to heal Evelynn.

"We have to end this quickly." Evelynn said.

"Adam," Salamander said. "A Serene state won't work on Shadow. His very power is naturally difficult to read and very murderous. You have to use my power."

Adam nodded his head. "But...what can I do with your power against him?" He asked.

"You have to use that move..." Salamander said. "The same one Granberia created."

Adam had doubts, but knew that it was the only way. He concentrated. "Come, Salamander!" He said. His blade was then coated in crimson flames burning bright and hot. "We need an opening." Adam said.

Nikolai was sent flying back to them. "Gah...I did all I could." Nikolai said as Olivia healed him.

Evelynn drew an arrow in her bow. "Leave it to me." She said as she concentrated her energy into the arrow.

Shadow then saw them. "This dance has been fun, but I believe now we reach the climax." 'He' said, radiating shadow energy.

Evleynn rushed to the front and fired the arrow.

"So predictable." Shadow said as he melded into the floor and rushed to Evelynn.

"Now Nikolai!" Evelynn said as she rushed back.

Nikolai rushed to where Evelynn was in stance. Using the blunt end of his spear, he jabbed Shadow as he jumped out and flung him to Adam.

Adam concentrated. "Here goes...Vaporizing Rebellion Sword!" Adam said as he attempted the attack. Not managing to release it at full power.

'Shadow' quickly got his balance back as he countered. "Phantom Blow!" He said as he intercepted the attack. Countering it and striking Adam hard as he fell on his back.

"Adam!" Olivia said as she rushed to him. Evelynn and Nikolai followed.

"A valiant effort." 'Shadow' said. "Impressive, but you're no Granberia."

Adam calmed his mind and meditated whilst Olivia healed him. "He's too strong." Adam said. "We need to get stronger." Adam then stood, panting as he was worn out.

'Shadow' then got back into stance. "Done yet?" he asked.

"Not at all." Adam said as he held his blade.

"Adam just rest, I can hold him off." Nikolai said.

"No, I won't let him hurt you guys." Adam said. "Not when we' far." Adam was suddenly feeling strange.

Shadow then melded as he rushed to Adam. Reappearing behind him.

Adam turned and quickly blocked at an inhuman speed. A strange, purple aura radiating off him.

"Oh my...a new trick?" Shadow asked. "Wait...oh that's not from the angel side." Shadow then melded into the floor.

Adam was confused as the aura took the form of a single, black wing. He then closed his eyes as he instinctively placed his hand on the ground. "Below..." Adam said then jumped back as Shadow tried to strike Adam from below. Adam then coated his blade in an unnatural frozen aura. "Freeze!" Adam shouted as he sliced, making several frozen spikes rushed to Shadow.

Shadow dodged as he looked at Adam. "So this is from grandma's side? It seems everyone's overlooked this. My oh my, I can feel shivers running down my spine~" Shadow said giggling. "Black Reaper!" Shadow then spun rapidly as his blade's length was increased greatly.

"Burn..." Adam said as much of his body was covered in flame. He then intercepted the attack with a powerful slash that caused an inferno.

"Woah!" Nikolai said. "I mean we knew he was part monster but...that's too intense."

"He doesn't seemt to be controlling it." Evelynn said.

"She's right...his body's reacting on instinct to survive." Olivia said.

Shadow then focused energy on one final attack. "Sonic Slash." He said as he rushed to Adam.

The ground shook as Adam released a downward swing, a white flash then shined as a massive explosion intercepted the attack. As the explosion cleared, Adam then fainted as Shadow stood, only slightly wounded.

"Adam!" The other three said as they rushed to his aid.

"Hmm, it seems I've made a underestimating you four." Shadow had said. He then focused on the other three. " makes sense, you three also possess something truly powerful and unique to each of you. It won't be long till you all find your true potential, and ready for Third. Until then, I'll be watching and waiting for a good opportunity to have another party with you four." Shadow said with a giggle. "Don't die on me, I'd rather kill you myself then watch Third have her way." Shadow then vanished.

Later that evening, at the Goldport Inn. Adam awoke suddenly as he found his friends sitting around and waiting.

"Adam!" Olivia said.

"Don't scare us like's been two days." Nikolai said.

"What happened?" Adam asked. "Where's Shadow? I blocked his attack, then everything went black."

"You..seemed to have used the Monster Lord's magic within your blade." Nikolai began to explain. "You casted powerful magic to reinforce your sword. Then fell unconcious after the most powerful attack."

"I didn't think I could do that." Adam said.

"You're descended from Aliphese the 16th so it's not unlikely her magic passed down some generations." Evelynn said.

"We don't know much about beings of Darkness and Light combined, let alone Monster Lord, Seraphim and the Hero lineage combined." Olivia said. "but it seems we passed Shadow's test...for now."

"I have to learn how to trigger that power and control it before he decides on another test." Adam said. "But first, the Spirits are gathered. I should train with them and head to the Monster Lord's Castle."

"'s almost midnight. So get some rest." Olivia said.

"You're right...goodnight everyone." Adam said as he fell back asleep.

In the darkness of the inn, Phantom giggled and watched the heroes.

"My oh my, they're much more powerful than I initially had expected. I had no idea the Monster Lord's power would awaken this soon." Phantom said.

"... I saw everything through your eyes." Shadow telepathically said. "The Phantom, still in her prime. I'm quite proud to be your other half."

"Dear, dear Shadow. You know the honor's all mine. Of course I'm still a talented dancer, was there any doubt?" Phantom giggled.

"You are right that the awakening of Lord Alice's blood within the hero was a big surprise. Even I was completely off-guard by it." Shadow said. "I'm sure Third would be surprised as well, but of course Promestein and Mistress Tamamo are always aware of the unexpected."

"Poor, poor, poor Third, always many steps behind." Phantom kept giggling. "I'll still keep tabs on the little hero. Even though they're still young, they're showing promise at an exponential rate. The Four Spirits have grown too; the little hero was able to use an imperfect signature fire skill on his very first try. I'm very curious to see the four reveal their true potential. Like the ancestors, these four really show promise, just like the one before our little hero~"

Chapter 23: Traveling to Hellgondo. Wrathful Instinct.

Adam awoke the next morning to find he had quickly recovered. He and his friends set off at Gold Port to find a way to get to Hellgondo.

"You're crazy right? No ship can land at that continent, you gotta fly." A sailor said. Then walked off chuckling.

"Flying?" Evelynn said. "I guess the rocky mountains surrounding the place are too dangerous."

"None of us can fly...except Olivia. And I doubt she could carry us." Adam said.

"Nope, not three people at once." Olivia said.

"You guys aren't getting it." Nikolai said. "Nowadays, you need Garuda Girls to fly to Hellgondo."

"Oh right!" Adam said. "Grandpa and Grandma usually fly one to Ilias Village when they visit. So I guess that's the only way."

"Correct," Nikolai said. "think you can call them over somehow?"

"Sadly no," Adam said. "but we can call Miceala."

"That's right!" Olivia said as she grabbed the orb. "Miceala? It's us. We finished our quest for the Four Spirits."

"That is wonderful news." Miceala said. "And perfect timing, I've sensed a major disturbance."

"Is it Eden?" Adam asked.

"Indeed." Miceala said. "We've located the Crusaders Castle however...our scouts had discovered a beam of light hitting the castle that night. I then sensed incredible holy power coming from there. I believe Eden may have finally shown what her goal is capable of...expect the Crusaders to no longer hold back."

"We'll prepare ourselves." Adam said. "However we need a lift to Hellgondo."

"Oh, say no more! They had sent someone to retrieve you already." Miceala said. "They'll be here soon now."

"Perfect!" Nikolai said. "By the way, what of the Crusader's lair? Any chance of the war ending soon?"

"It's not that simple I'm afraid." Miceala said. "Eden's surpassed her former power and I sensed the Inquisitors have grown in strength as well. Issac's seal is waning meaning their power is much higher now. The castle is also kept safe with magical shields. For now we're preparing for an assault, but we'll need you four in top form. I'll speak with you four at the Monster Lord's Castle."

As the orb's light faded, a figure flew towards the four. It had landed in front of them to reveal itself to be a large Garuda Girl. Standing on it's back was a familiar figure.

"Grandpa?" Adam said.

"Woah, you've gotten so strong since I last saw you." Luka said smiling brightly. "And you must be his friends. It's a pleasure to meet you."

"L..Luka! The Legendary, Cursed Hero!" Olivia said. Hardly able to stand. "Oh my's such an honor!"

"Is...she okay?" Luka asked.

"She's fine just....really excited to meet you." Adam said. "That's Olivia."

"It's an honor to meet you sir." Evelynn said. "I'm Evelynn."

"So you're the one who stopped Promestein before." Nikolai said. "I'm Nikolai."

Adam stood next to Luka. "I didn't think they'd send you." Adam said. "How's Grandma?"

"She's at the castle, helping your aunt with preparing to face those Crusaders." Luka said. "I'll explain everything on the way there."

"Alright, let's go guys!" Adam said. He found his three friends staring at the two. "Guys?"

"Which one's which?" Nikolai asked Olivia.

"Umm...Luka's the one that wasn't it." Olivia said. "Man they really do look similar."

"I think Adam's slightly taller." Evelynn said. "Also Adam has red eyes."

Adam chuckled as they hopped on the Garuda Girl. Before they could take off however, they heard rumbling.

"What the..." Adam said. Before they could check around. A large figure jumped out the ground and held the Garuda Girl.

"What is that?" Luka asked.

"That's...Maria's golem!" Evelynn said. "But it looks different."

The Golem doll was different in appearance. It was more heavily armored and had thicker arms and hands. It was also bigger.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Finally!" Maria said as she jumped on the Golem's head.

"Maria!" Evelynn shouted.

"Not now Elf girl." Maria said. "This is soo amazing! He's here! He's soo cute!"

"Come again?" Luka asked.

"You silly!" Maria said. "Finally I get to meet you!" Her eyes then glew yellow. "And make you and your adorable grandson my playthings for eternity! This is perfect!""

"Guhh!" Adam said. "Careful grandpa. She can turn people and monsters into dolls and use them against people."

"Like my sister." Evelynn said.

Maria then held her staff. "Now little Luka and Adam." Maria said as she radiated power. "Let's go play together...forever."

"Woah." Olivia said. "She's even stronger now."

"That must be what Miceala talked about." Nikolai said. "Eden must've powered up the Inquisitors and is now breaking Issac's seal."

"We can't face her here," Luka said. "We'll have to outrun her."

"Get behind us then Luka." Olivia said. "It's you and Adam she's after."

"Nonsense!" Maria said. "I'll make all of you dolls."

"You sicken me." Olivia said. "Why turn innocent people into your playthings?"

"Me, sicken you?" Maria said. "Like I need your lessons. But maybe I'll make your friends have to go through you." Maria then prepared a spell.

Olivia was clearly angered at Maria's statement. "You...took my friend's sister, imprisoned her and enslaved her, and now you're collecting playthings and satisfying your sick desires."

Maria merely giggled. "Look, the little angel thinks she can boss a kid around." Maria then shot her magic, which appeared to be golden strings, out her hand. "Time to shut you up and make you dance like a puppet."

Olivia's eyes glowed with a bright blue light as she caught the strings with her free hand.

"What the..." Maria said.

Olivia raised her staff and focused energy as she slammed it downward. "Be judged!" She shouted as a bolt of lightning shocked Maria and her golem, causing them to fall over and let Galda go.

"Now's our chance." Luka said as he placed the ring back on. "Galda! Take us back to the castle!"

Galda called out as it flew off as fast as it can.

Maria watched it fly off. "Shoot! I got too excited. That damn angel.." Maria said.

"Maria? It's Issac, where are you?" Issac said telepathically to Maria.

"I was trying to ambush Luka and Adam." Maria said. "I messed up."

"The enemy is aware we're stronger already thanks to that beam of light that shout out the castle." Issac said. "You didn't lose your life or get severely injured. You'll get your chance, we'll pay them a visit soon. For now, return to the castle and prepare for the upcoming battle."

"Understood." Maria sighed as she warped away. "Next time Luka and Adam."

As Galda flew through the air, Adam and the others looked at Olivia. She had calmed down.

"I....freaked out again didn't I?" Olivia asked.

"That's happened before?" Adam asked.

"When I was young...or rather when I was first walking the Earth before Miceala found me." Olivia began to explain. "I found a human and instinctively punished him like angels of the past. He had...broken what was once a commandment; by hitting out and sleeping with monsters." Olivia then looked to the side. "I had used violence to incapacitate him, then when he couldn't stand I....tried sentancing him to heavenly punishment via...rape. And when I saw Maria...doing these dark and twisted things to people. I just couldn't stand that she's acting to childish and not being taught a lesson..."

"Seems you had Ilias' way within you the whole time." Adam said.

"That display reminded me of Archangels I've faced in the past." Luka said. "It was truly terrifying."

"Before I could do it however...I was stopped by Miceala." Olivia said. "Seeing a Seraphim, I immediately obeyed and agreed to learn of what had changed. Since then, I've been learning about how much better the world is now and don't want to go back to that old way. That's why I'm afraid of Eden...she might force all of us to be like that."

"We won't let her!" Nikolai said.

"Yea! You have us to help you." Adam said.

"All of us." Evelynn said.

"Thanks guys..." Olivia said. "You were right Mr. Luka. I think I'm truly meant to be an archangel. But I wanna protect others and much of my potential is untapped."

"Then one thing you should do is accept that power and use it to punish Eden and the Crusaders." Luka said. "I mean...for the sake of the world and your fellow angels who don't agree with Eden's way."

"You're right!" Olivia said. "I'll talk to Miceala and learn to control my emotions with this power."

"Alright!" Adam said. "I think we're almost there."

"Not exactly." Luka said. "But at this rate, very soon."

The five then waited for the fast travel to the Monster Lord's castle to be done.

Chapter 24; Crisis in New Remina. The Prince's Dominance.

As Adam, Luka and the others flew into Hellgondo, the destination was in sight.

"Almost there now." Luka said.

"Wow, this continent almost seems lifeless." Nikolai said.

"The continent of Hellgondo is desolate in nature. Very few areas are habitable by human beings." Olivia said. "The one and only settlement is the town of New Remina. And the Monster Lord's castle."

"New Remina..." Adam said. "Grandpa, you told me that the former Remina was destroyed by Ilias with Promestein's help."

"That's right." Luka said. "The town was a testing ground for her plan to destroy the Dark God Aliphese. To show she could kill monsters without fear of releasing her rival."

"That was when Mistress Miceala betrayed Ilias." Olivia said.

Luka nodded his head in agreement. He then looked towards the west. "I sense something is happening at New Remina." Luka said. "Sorry guys but we'll have to take a detour." Luka then told Galda to fly down to the city.

As they landed they found the usually bustling city empty as everyone seemed to be barricaded in their homes. Save for one human man who was cornered by chimeric beasts.

"Please...someone help me!" The person had shouted.

"Apologies." A figure, Edward had said. "I needed to retreive the chimeric beasts you've employed as pets and slaves. However it seems they're quite hungry." 

"Edward!" Nikolai said.

"Oh if it isn't that bastard's son and his friends." Edward said. "Things have changed since we last met. I have your job now."

"Keep it." Nikolai said. "You wanted it anyways."

"I'm flattered, but I'm not here to talk." Edward said as the chimeric beasts faced Adam and the others. "Mistress Promestein has requested the return of her creations."

"I'm aware of what Promestein's up to now." Luka said as he stood beside Nikolai with his blade drawn. "but that does not excuse you for assaulting this city."

Edward then removed his coat, revealing his chimerically augmented body. "Then I shall beat you down and take all five of you back to the academy." Edward said. "These chimera are beasts in nature. I've commanded and subjugated them through intimidation and dominance. You're outnumbered and outclassed. A savage pack of animals meant to be mindless soldiers."

"No," Nikolai said as he stood infront of Luka. His spear was drawn. "these beasts were given free will and control over their actions by my father. You will not undo 100 years of his work." Nikolai charged his fists with lightning as he rushed to Edward and punched him back.

"You insolent..fine, then let me remind you of our last fight." Edward said.

The two began to fight. Adam and the others tried to help him, but Luka blocked them.

"Grandpa what are you doing?" Adam asked.

"Let him fight..." Luka said. "He's learned all of his life of the achievements Solomon, his father, had accomplished. He doesn't want to see his hard work and legacy destroyed. But more importantly, look at the chimeras."

Adam looked at the chimera beasts, whom were all concentrated on the fight. "Why aren't they doing anything?" Adam asked.

"Whenever I saw Solomon working with these artificial monsters," Luka began to explain. "he had no fear or care of their appearance. He respected and cared for them, they seemed to treat him like a pack leader. I think they see that in Nikolai."

Adam looked back at Nikolai as he was flung back towards them.

"Still so careless." Edward said. "You're like your father after all." Edward then snapped his fingers. "Chimeras! Finish them off!"

The chimeras were standing still however. Some even looked around confused.

"What? I said now!" Edward said.

"Seems you didn't get what I said." Nikolai said. "My father spent much time making sure these chimera can walk the Earth with humans, monsters and angels." A chimera walked to Nikolai. Nikolai was startled at first, but as he saw she meant no harm, he then petted her head softly. "Don't worry, I won't let them take you away." Nikolai said.

Edward then clenched his fists. "You wretched brat!" He said furiously. "You and your bastard father! And your damn mother!"

Nikolai stared at Edward. His eyes glowed red as he radiated a murderous aura. "What was that?" Nikolai asked.

Edward charged at Nikolai.

Nikolai clenched his fist, which charged with a dark lightning and delivered a powerful punch to Edward's stomach, releasing a powerful shockwave. He then uncontrollably turned his left arm into tentacles as they grabbed Edward, trying to strangle him.

"What...was that?" Edward asked, gasping as he looked at Nikolai's red eyes. " can't be."

Thirty years ago, at the Seekers Academy.

"Every time!" Edward said as he kept trying to attack Solomon. "Why must you always do this!"

"Calm yourself Edward." Solomon said as he kept dodging. "You're breakthrough was brilliant. Chimeric augmentation to expand the human life and expel weakness. But you had forgotten many things and it created flaws."

"So you humiliate me in front of our headmistress and the entire staff?" Edward asked.

"I honestly didn't mean to." Solomon said. "I'm sorry. Look, I'm against it, but you should look back and perfect your design. I can help you."

Edward had seemingly calmed himself. "Well, in that case. Lead the way then, oh Enforcer."

Solomon turned around and walked forward.

Edward had grinned and grabbed a knife. "Yes, now I'll show you why you're past your prime and should stay out of my business." Edward said as he rushed to Solomon, intent on killing him.

Solomon had turned and grabbed Edward's arm. His eyes were red and a murderous aura was around him as he delivered a dark-lightning infused punch to Edward. Knocking his breath out of him and sending him down. "Listen here," Solomon said. "I'm willing to forgive your whining, your bickering, your stupid envy. But when you threaten the life of myself or any of our fellow seekers. Then that's when I'll show you something to really cry about. Try that again, and you're last words will be your regrets."

Edward was frozen in fear. Solomon returned to normal as he shook his head.

"I apologize." Solomon said. "Long ago, I had the A.I. of a Next Doll named Tyrannea in my brain. Much of her murderous and brutal thoughts lingered in my mind after her departure. It recreated this dark side of mine." Solomon then walked off. "Be grateful I'm in control. Maybe I'll return to that dark side and have some fun since I can execute you for your attempt at treason."

Edward was frozen as he saw the same, red eyes in Nikolai's glare. " did that dark mind pass down to you?" Edward asked.

"Nikolai!" Adam shouted as he rushed to him. "What had happened? I never saw your lightning like that before."

Nikolai shook his head. "What? I..." he said as he looked and saw Edward and his arms before he dropped him. "I didn't think I'd hit him that hard."

"You looked not like yourself for a moment." Evelynn said. "Your eyes were red, your lightning charge was black instead of it's usual light blue color, and you looked fully intent on killing Edward.

Edward stood as he got back into stance. " the Prince has inherited something from his Father." Edward said. He then faced all four of them.

He was then interrupted as a shocking roar rushed through New Remina. All of the chimeric beasts trembled.

"Father." Nikolai said.

"Oh no...I don't think we can take him." Olivia said.

Solomon flew down and landed beside Edward. "You're just as dense as all those years ago?" Solomon said as he picked up Edward. "Be grateful Promestein ordered me to retrieve you should you fail."

"Solomon..." Luka said as he approached him, drawing his sword and removing his keepsake ring.

"Luka." Solomon said. "It's been some time. Do you wish to fight me?"

"Not really." Luka said. "Only if truly necessary."

"Then no reason to bring a hero's corpse back." Solomon said. "I'd prefer your wife fight alongside you anyways."

"Shadow told me," Luka said. "you wish to be slain but are forced to defend yourself."

"Indeed." Solomon said. "But it's fortunate I've come however." He then looked at Nikolai. "You're growing more than I expected. Even the chimera see you as my son." He then smiled. "Thunder mountain. Remember that location." He then said. "You're gonna need 'her' help to truly be capable."

Nikolai nodded his head. "I'll save you one day dad..." he said.

Solomon extended his wings as he flew off at insane speed with Edward in tow.

Later that evening, our heroes had arrived at the Monster Lord's castle.

"Welcome home Luka!" Tamamo said. "You're late."

"Sorry, I had a run in with one of the Inquisitors." Luka began to explain. "And one of the Seekers tried assaulting New Remina."

"Seems both our foes are relentless." Tamamo said. "But don't explain to me. Explain too..." Tamamo was pushed aside as a lamia grabbed Luka.

"Where have you been?" Alice 16th said as she shook Luka. "Did they hurt you? I thought it would be back and forth!"

"Alice please!" Luka said. "Not infront of Adam!"

"Hi Grandma." Adam said. The others were stunned to finally meet Alice 16th.

Alice dropped Luka and grabbed Adam. "What did I say about calling me that? It makes me feel old." She said. "Nice to see how far you've gotten so strong. And your friends all seem powerful as well."

They had all walked through the halls. Alice then spoke up.

"My daughter is at a summit with the world leaders." Alice 16th said. "We're discussing our plans regarding these Black Crusaders and to prepare a counter in the event of Promestein assaulting the world with chimeras. You four make yourselves at home whilst we discuss the matters at hand." Alice and Luka left as the four were left to explore the Monster Lord's castle.

Chapter 25: The Monster Lord's Castle.

The four decided to split up, and explore the castle separately.

Adam had walked around the large hallways. With his grandparents, aunt and the Heavenly Knights preoccupied, he figured the best way to pass the time was to find a place to do some training with the four spirits. He managed to find his way to a training ground and begin there.

"Well you four, whatever the World Leaders have planned, we're all gonna have to be in top form for whatever Eden has planned." Adam said.

"Yea! Let's all get super strong!" Sylph said hovering up and down excitedly.

Gnome caught Sylph to keep her still as she nodded her head.

"You have the right idea." Undine said.

"It'll take all five of us working together to unite our strengths." Salamander said.

Adam nodded his head and began his training session.

Olivia looked around in wonder at the halls of the Monster Lord's castle. "Man so much to see!" Olivia said. "I wonder where to start?" Olivia walked around and managed to find the entrance to the Library. "Well where else but a library?" Olivia said to herself as she walked inside.

Olivia looked in pure awe at the massive library. "It's even bigger than San Ilia!" She said as she browsed around, some residents confused at her enjoyment. Olivia then decided to start reading.

After several minutes, Olivia looked around and found another book. "A book on the Great Monster Wars?" Olivia said. "It seems to be about deadly battles against Ilias' strongest soldiers. Oh it's quite old too." Olivia sat down and read about these powerful angels as written by an eyewitness to their incredible power. She seemed more focused then ever on this book as she learned of the prime of angels like Miceala and Lucifina, as well as many other names famous amongst elder angels, some gone forever as well." She was now focused on reading more about her kind back then.

Evelynn walked down another hall and found a lounge. "I guess I'll just sit here and relax. Today's been quite eventful." She had said to herself as she walked inside. There, she found another figure. "M...mother?"

"Evelynn?" The Queen Elf had said as she walked to her. "I can't believe you've made it out this far? Where's Iris?"

"She's..." Evelynn began to say. "She had fallen into darkness. She ran away from the Forest to seek a cure but she had a run in with the Black Crusaders. This girl named Maria turned her into a doll. I'm traveling with my new friends to rescue her."

"I wish I was there to help you two." The Elf Queen had said. "When you two left home to meet with Sylph and train with the Elves there, I was wary that Iris would lean towards darkness. I was almost at that state as well in the past. Before I saw the better of humanity through the Hero Luka and the Monster Lord. You're okay however, and growing stronger and stronger I see."

"Indeed." Evelynn said. "But if I'm to save Iris I'll need to get stronger."

"Evelynn." The Elf Queen had begun to say. "You've grown so much since you left. I think you may one day be worthy for the throne."

"Not if I can't protect everyone of my kind, including the Dark Elves." Evelynn said.

"You're right." The Elf Queen said. "Darkness or no, they're Elves at heart. Perhaps you should seek my friend, the Queen Fairy at Fairy's Island as we shall both teach you our secrets of Elven Archery combined with Fairy Magic."

"Combined?" Evelynn asked.

"You're old and strong enough now to know." The Queen Elf said. "The magic of that island imbued itself within you and your sister. I've mastered it as well, combined with our Elven power, it's truly a powerful force."

"I have felt something within me." Evelynn said. "More so when I'm among nature." Evelynn then closed her eyes and concentrated. "It's like this feeling that the wind, the trees and plants, the grass was in harmony and I felt like I could control it's growth."

"It's difficult to feel it here. But perhaps you should train back home, where you would be closest with nature." The Queen Elf had said.

Evelynn nodded her head. "Perhaps we can all train in our own way." She had said.

Nikolai had wandered around the halls scratching his head. "Man, this place is huge. I think I'm lost." He said. He then found a large set of double doors. "Hmm...maybe this is the meeting hall." Nikolai said as he entered. There he found a strange lab.

"Woah...." Nikolai said. "This must've been where my father worked as the chimera engineer for the Monster Lord." He then saw a figure standing at the counter, looking at blueprints and equipment.

"Shadow?" Nikolai said.

"To think a century ago, he worked day and night to prevent catastrophes caused by Promestein's creations brought back." Shadow said. "Tyrannea, the former Enforcers and Akame, the White Rabbit even. But now...he's become one itself, and he can't help us stop it this time."

Nikolai looked around. "Promestein always considered every possible outcome." Nikolai then said. "But he doesn't want to be like that, he wants us to stop him and all that Promestein's planning."

"When I fought him," Shadow had said. "I saw it in his eyes, the flashes to when he helped us. The friendship he formed with each of us, including myself. I will end his torment and stop Promestein."

"You're not in this alone," Nikolai said. "but before I can help, I need to get stronger. I need to go to Thunder Mountain apparently."

Shadow looked up at Nikolai. "That's where Solomon met Raijin and mastered Lightning power." Shadow said. "You wish to do the same?"

Nikolai's eyes widened. "Master Raijin?" He said. "Of course! If anyone can help it's her! I'll climb the mountain and become her pupil. Then I'll defeat my father and free the academy from Promestein's madness! Even tell Adam to visit Raijin and borrow her power!"

Shadow give a smirk as he looked at Nikolai. "Just like his father." Shadow whispered.

"Alright, now to meet with the others and prepare ourselves!" Nikolai said as he rushed out. "Oh..." Nikolai then turned back to Shadow. "Which way is the central hall?"

"3rd right then 2nd left is the center hall just before the Throne Room." Shadow said.

"Thanks!" Nikolai said. As he was about to run off, he quickly stopped. "Oh, before I forget, was that you who fought us outside Gold Volcano, even though you fought my father not long ago?"

"... Oh? I must have abnormal regeneration, then." Shadow calmly said.

"But... then... What about that femini--" Nikolai began to say, before Shadow loudly cleared his throat.

"...My oh my... Getting a little suspicious are we...?" Shadow waved and giggled femininely.

"Um... Uh..." Nikolai was left speechless at Shadow's sudden change of attitude. He then shrugged it off before running out. "N-never mind then..."

As soon as Nikolai left the room, Phantom appeared next to Shadow. "...My oh my... Getting a little suspicious are we...?" she repeated, waving and giggling in the direction Nikolai went to.

"I can't believe you convinced me to act like that, even if its just keeping your cover." Shadow muttered.

"Aw come on~! Admit you had fun doing it~! It's not often I get to voice for you~!" Phantom giggled.

As the meeting was adjourned, Luka, Miceala and Alice 17th were at the central hall.

"Hope they didn't get lost." Luka said.

"Even if they did father I'm sure the Heavenly Knights will find them." Alice 17th said.

"I'm sure they all found something to pass the time with." Miceala said.

Tamamo then walked up with Nikolai behind her. "I'm back!" She had said. "He was actually on his way here. Seems he was inspired by Shadow."

"It's an honor to meet you Lord Alice." Nikolai said. "I was talking with Shadow about my father and how we're gonna deal with him and Promestein."

Alma Elma then walked by with Evelynn. "Little Evelynn here was just chatting with her mother." Alma Said.

"Indeed." Evelynn said. "I'll help anyway I can. Even if it means growing stronger."

Erubetie then walked in with Olivia, who was still holding that book. "We're back." Erubetie said. "She was at the Library, glued to this book."

Olivia bowed her head. "I'm sorry, I lost track of time." She said.

Miceala then grabbed the book. "You're...learning of our past?" Miceala asked.

"It was strange. I never knew of such tales of war." Olivia said. "Perhaps I could be that strong one day, like you were."

Miceala smiled. "Perhaps if we can control your archangel power, you can achieve the power you need to protect others."

Granberia then walked in, carrying Adam, who was beaten up. "I'm sorry I'm late, he and I had a spar." Granberia said.

"Granberia!" Alice 17th said.

"Relax I didn't kill him, or rape him even." Granberia said. "But he's evolved so much so fast. Even Salamander's power is showing from his training."

Adam stood and shook his head. "I'm fine." Adam said. "I'll need some more time however to master the Spirit's power."

"That's precisely why I called you four in." Alice 17th said.

"Eden has strengthed the Grand Inquisitors and is breaking Issac's seal." Miceala said. "If we're to face them, we must combine our strengths. Including you four."

"Each of you shall train and prepare yourselves." Luka said. "It's risky however so first we must track our enemies movements and prevent any assaults until then."

"Then, we'll take the fight to the Crusader's castle. As well as prevent Promestein from assaulting the world." Alice 17th said.

Before they could continue however, a rumbling was felt. An Elder Succubus flew inside.

"Lord Alice! A group of humans and angels are assaulting the castle!" She had said. "Three especially strong humans are leading them."

"The Crusaders!" Alice 17th said. "Prepare for battle!"

Everyone had gotten ready to launch the counter attack.

Chapter 26: The Castle Assaulted, The Empowered Grand Inquisitors.

"Status report." Alice 17th requested. The four Heavenly Knights had joined them.

"Our defending forces are holding off the troops. No Angelic Immunity." The Elder Succubus scout had said. "However these three commanders have seemingly vanished."

"We have to find the Grand Inquisiotrs." Alice 17th said. "They're the biggest threat."

As the scout left to begin her search, a strange wind blew through the hall.

"Do you feel that?" Evelynn asked. "Something is in here with us."

"I feel it too." Alma Elma said. "Strange wind...similar to...Luka boy's when he unleashed that angelic power."

Before the others could look around. Kain had launched himself from seemingly nowhere and tried to attack Alma Elma. Alma had narrowly dodged but was immediately forced to face Kain, hardly able to dodge his empowered speed.

"I knew it was you Kain." Alma Elma. "Something's different however."

"That's Fallen Angel Dance!" Luka said recognizing the technique.

Kain smirked as he had vanished. "Come and get me Succubus Queen. Didn't you say you wanted to punish me?" He said.

"Oh just you wait Kain." Alma Elma said. "I've been looking forward to this."

"Don't fall for his lure." Tamamo said.

"Indeed, he's a hunter." Evelynn said. "Concentrate and trace him carefully."

"Allow me." Granberia said as she invoked a Serene State. "Yes, his murderous intent is at peak so it's difficult but I can detect him....behind you!"

Kain quickly jumped and tried stabbing Alma Elma in the back. Alma had barely dodge and was kicked back as he vanished again.

"How is he vanishing like that?" Nikolai asked. "I mean he's fast but not even an afterimage."

"Adam, you, Luka and the others escort Miceala to safety." Alice 17th said.

"Understood." The four of them said as they, Miceala and Luka ran off.

Granberia had managed to force Kain back before his next attempt.

"This isn't your fight Dragon girl." Kain said. "Ivan! Now!"

Ivan then rushed into the room and bashed Granberia back with his massive shield. He and Kain stood back to back as they faced Alma Elma and Granberia.

"That's two of the Inquisitors." Erubetie had said. She then looked to the entrance as another was approaching.

"Yoo hoo! Luka! Adam!" Maria said. "Time to play!"

Erubetie then rushed to Maria and tried to restrain her. Maria had dodged however.

"Gross a slime...I can't make you a toy." Maria said as she summoned three various monster dolls.

Erubetie then multiplied into three clones. "I was told these dolls are innocent monsters. I shall release them." Erubetie said.

Tamamo sniffed around. "Lord Alice. He's here....Issac." Tamamo said. "Hopping around in his cosmic realm. I'll get Shadow and we'll follow Miceala. He'll likely be going after her."

"Be safe grandmother." Alice 17th said. "They're going to meet up with Alice 16th. I'll help the Heavenly Knights."

"You be careful as well." Tamamo said. "Shadow! Come quick!" Shadow had already appeared behind her. "We have to protect Miceala." The two then rushed in the direction of Adam and the others.

Granberia and Alma Elma were taking cover behind two pillars as Kain released a mass amount of fire from his war crossbow. Ivan was infront of him with his perfect guard in a defensive stance forming a barricade. "I can't get close." Alma Elma said.

Granberia dodged as a shot pierced the pillar and deflected a few shots with her blade. "They're not only fast but powerful." Granberia said.

Alice 17th then focused magic and fired it at the two. "Enough!" She said.

Ivan turned and blocked the attack but the force was too powerful as he was pushed back. Unable to deflect it. "Such power..." Ivan said.

Kain cloaked himself as he tried to amush Alice 17th. But she quickly turned and threw him back towards Ivan. " as well. Really is the strongest generation as Issac warned." Kain said.

Erubetie had effortlessly defeated the three dolls as they turned back into young monsters.

"Wow, you're tougher than I though." Maria said. "I think 'she' wants to play with you knights too." Maria said, grabbing a black, drake-like doll from her satchel.

Erubetie felt a strange power radiating off the doll. "How does one so young imprison a monster like that?" Erubetie asked.

Maria gave the doll a hug as she smiled. "It's amazing what can be done with my magic." Maria said. "Come on out Chernabog!" Maria said as she focused her magic on the doll. The doll then expanded in size into a large, black dragonkin girl. She stood easily three times the size of Maria. Purple flames radiating off her body. "Turn that slime into ashes."

Chernabog's eyes glowed as she let out a roar. Erubetie was forced to fall back to Alice 17th and the other knights.

"Be careful." Ivan said. "We've not backed them into a corner yet." Ivan then readied his Perfect Guard.

"But it's only a matter of how long they can defend themselves." Kain said. Readying his crossbow. "Just gotta hold them until Issac can finish Miceala and those brats."

"I hope he keeps Adam or Luka alive like he promised me." Maria said. Also summoning her Golem Girl. The three faced the Heavenly Knights and prepared to battle them and Alice 17th.

Adam, Luka and the others ran through the halls. "We should've helped them." Adam said.

"Alice 17th is there." Olivia said. "Seraphim, Monster Lord, and powerful Hero combined. Just like you."

"Only stronger." Luka said. "She should be able to help them."

"But what's bothering me is Issac." Miceala said. "Where is he?"

The group stopped at a room where they prepared themselves. "We haven't spotted any troops." Evelynn said. "Maybe they're preoccupied with the Monster Lord's armies."

"And I sensed that crazy girl Maria back there." Nikolai said.

Adam looked around but found himself warping as the dimensions around himself changed. He was inside Issac's cosmic realm.

"Greetings Adam." Issac said. "Notice anything different?"

Adam gulped as he held his blade. "Your's..."

"Gone." Issac said. His body now taking on a more adult appearance. "I can lay waste to this castle. But with Tamamo no Mae, Shadow and Alice 17th, I'd rather conserve my strength and pick those three one by one."

Adam readied himself. "What do you want?" Adam said.

"Before we begin." Issac said. He then opened a circular portal showing Luka. "I've been focusing on Luka. I do notice many similarities. He could've been like myself to Ilias. A tool, a weapon, rewarded and spared whilst she recreated the world. Why didn't he?"

"Because he knew better. He had faith in those he cared about and in the world." Adam said.

"This world...that'd be a laugh if it didn't make itself apparent." Issac said. "Our biggest threat is this entire world's dedication to work together. And I was told of those battles. Luka was the inspirational force. The fragile line between victory and defeat. And I see that within"

"Me?" Adam asked.

"Indeed." Issac said. "Why do you think the Monster Lord that powerful decided to put faith in you and your little gang? Obviously she wants you four to become something greater, that can make victory that much more possible." Issac then gotten into stance. "And I've thought of our last conversation...I need a reason to give Miceala a ghost of a chance as well. To see why she chose you as well. Fight me! Win, and I leave this castle and call off the assault. Lose, and I'll continue my orders from Eden to destroy Miceala, Luka and your friends, before obliterating the continent of Hellgondo. Don't disappoint me now. No is not an option."

Adam then readied himself as he drew his blade.

Chapter 27; Fate of Hellgondo; Adam vs. Issac.

Adam was cautious to open as Issac stood before him. He held his blade and calmed his body.

"Okay...I'll fight you. Not just to save the lives of everyone." Adam said. "But because I know this chance you're giving me means you can still change your ways. You can help us and stop Eden."

Issac grinned as Adam said that. "Well whether or not that reason is pointless, at least you're not going to just cower in fear while I kill you." Issac had said.

Adam focused. "Come Gnome!" Adam had said. He was imbued with the power of Earth.

"Earth power?" Issac said. "Ahh you paid attention to my previous fight with Tamamo no Mae." Issac then rose his staff. "But you're too soon to compare it to a power like hers." Issac then rushed forward and smacked Adam with his staff.

Adam was pushed back as he blocked. "Woah. I didn't think you'd be that strong." Adam said.

"You're in my cosmic realm. I can alter this place in many ways. Gravity for instance." Issac said. He then levitated Adam. "Don't lose instantly now. You saw what happened to those I used this on."

Adam struggled furiously as he was lifted. "With Gnome's power..." Adam said as he managed to free himself. "I did it?"

"How bothersome." Issac said.

"Alright no fooling around." Adam said. "Come Sylph!" Adam was then imbued with the power of Wind alongside Earth.

Issac then raised his staff. He then swung it down pointing it at Adam.

Adam felt the ground rumble as he looked up. He quickly used Sylph to dodge small meteorites rushing towards him.

Issac stopped his assault. "All you can do is dodge?" He said. "Come on and fight!"

Adam dodged the last meteorite. "That was close." Adam said. Adam then gripped his blade. "I can't hold back. Lightning Sword Flash!" Adam then rushed to Issac. Striking him before he can dodge.

Issac merely winced as he took a direct hit.

"And now..." Adam jumped up and slammed his blade down. "Earth Rumbling Decapitation!" But before he can strike Issac, he found his fall was now slower.

"Not so fast." Issac said. He had made the gravity lighter. Slowing Adam's fall. Issac then floated behind Adam. "And now...heavier." He then slammed his staff downward while intensifying gravity, striking Adam as he was slammed straight down into the ground. Issac remained in mid air. Looking at the small crater the impact left.

Adam barely stood panting. Although he was empowered defensively by Gnome, the attack was still intense. He then meditated to heal his wounds.

Issac floated down gently. "So you can heal yourself. Just like angels of old, meditating wounds away." Issac said. "You have one technique I wish I could've had back then."

Adam took a breath. "I can't take you like this." Adam said. "I have to use this." Adam removed his keepsake ring. His holy power was now radiating. He held his blade. "Come Sylph...Gnome!" He then focused Sylph and Gnome's powers again.

Issac's body had radiated with power. "I was concerned about this power." Issac said.

Adam then focused his power. "All life return to the nature from whence it came! Heavenly Demon Revival!" Adam shouted as he concentrated his holy power and released a burst of energy.

Issac levitated a small asteroid to block the attack, shaving off the damage. "You think Lucifina's skills will scare me?" Issac said. "I was raised by Micaela....even by Eden. I know all their moves."

Adam then focused power into his blade and released a single powerful slice. "Then I'll cut through time and space! Flash Kill!" Adam shouted.

Issac took the attack and was flung back. He then levitated away from Adam. He then summoned another meteor shower aiming at Adam.

Adam then concentrated. "Taste the Jaws of Rakshasa!" Adam said as he unleased the Ninefold Rakshaha, cutting most of the meteorites down. He then dodged the rest. "I won't give up!"

"You're evolving into quite the foe." Issac said. "This brought back memories of fighting that traitor Lucifina." Issac then floated downwards. "It's funny, she told Heinrich to flee when I encountered her. He was using that blade...the one forged by all of those angels."

"Angel Halo?" Adam asked.

"Indeed." Issac said. "Why she didn't use it on me I'll never know." Issac then looked back to that day. "I remember it like it was only days ago."

Issac and Lucifina faced each other as Heinrich evacuated.

"Lucifina." Issac had said. "Ilias demands your return to the Heavens at once!"

"So she sent you." Lucifina had said. "Issac, you clearly see how twisted Ilias has become. The alliance with Black Alice, a monster lord. The pardoning of a heretic angel who was imprisoned commanding her to create strange creatures. If she isn't stopped, she'll go mad and destroy the world."

"Ilias is just finishing what she started during the great war!" Issac said. "She's obliterating these monsters from plaguing the Earth."

"Ilias is willing to destroy everything out of envy and anger." Lucifina said. "She denied a young boy his youth and forced his life into dedicated training as a weapon, a tool to end the world. You are that tool, she's using you!"

"While I admit her methods were...questionable." Issac began to say. "I always was taught in Ilias' way Adam. Even if I saw Miceala as my mother, I was to put Ilias first Adam." Issac then levitated and focused his cosmic energy into a large orb. "Now defend this...Supernova!" Issac shouted as he threw the orb at Adam.

Adam concentrated his power. "Just like before." Adam said as the orb vanished. "Daystar!" Adam shouted as the dazzling star fell down onto Issac.

Issac merely smirked. " see, I've conquered my fear of this accursed move." Issac said as the Daystar had turned and flew upward. It stretched a swirled around a dark object. "Nothing...not even light can escape it. The Event Horizon." Issac said. "A Black Hole!"

Adam was in shock as the Daystar had vanished within the Black Hole's core. Sylph and Gnomes power had worn out. "No..." Adam said. "It failed..."

The Black Hole then vanished. "A valiant effort. But not enough to convince me." Issac said. He then focused an orb of cosmic energy, then fired it at Adam.

Adam took the attack and was flung back. "Damnit....I can't lose." Adam said. "I don't wanna let everyone down. I want to protect them. My friends, my family."

Issac then sighed. "You know, before I just thought you were just some part-angel brat. A kid in way over his head." Issac said as he landed. "Then you showed a glimpse of potential taking on Ivan and you actually get the attention of the Monster Lord's allies. Actually managing to protect Miceala from my wrath no less. Getting the Spirits, making it to Hellgondo."

"Yea....we made it so far." Adam said.

Issac then clenched his fist. He then inhaled then exhaled. "You gonna continue fighting me?" Issac said. "You're aware of what's on the line."

"Actually Issac." Adam said. "It's like you said; Me having that same potential as my grandfather. But I'm not ready to face you yet. Far from it. But when we make it to the Crusader's lair. You and me will fight again."

Issac merely sighed.

"So I guess I've failed." Adam said.

Issac then smiled. "I see now Mother. Why you chose him." He then said. "I'll keep my promise." Issac said. "However....5 weeks. Navel of the World. We'll fight again." Issac then warped Adam away.

Adam landed back at the central hall. Behind Alice XVII and the Heavenly Knights.

Issac then appeared behind the three. "You three, we're leaving." Issac said.

"Seriously?" Kain said. "I have Alma Elma on the ropes here!"

"Were you not successful Issac?" Ivan asked. "Surely we can just eliminate them first."

"Yea what gives!?" Maria asked. "I told myself to at least get one of the two cuties as a doll."

Issac merely shrugged his shoulders. "I couldn't find her." Issac said. "That crafty fox beat me to it and hid her again. Despite their inviting lure, fluffy tails seem to be difficult to track. Must be that Demon Assassin's work." Issac then stepped forward. "Besides, our next opportunity to strike will be the final battle. I have everything planned out."

"I guess..." Kain said. "until then, Alma Elma." Kain said warping away.

"Prepare your blade Granberia." Ivan had said before warping away.

"I'll make you suffer for getting in my way Slime Queen." Maria said warping away.

"Tell Tamamo that she better prepare as well." Issac said. Finally warping away.

Chapter 28: Separate Training. Our Four Heroes Stronger than Ever.

The next day following the assault, the Monster Lord Alice XVII called a meeting.

"Those four have really become a problem now." Alice XVII said. "Had it not been for Adam, I would've had to go all out."

"You had to conserve your strength Lord Alice." Tamamo said. "To prepare for Issac or Eden."

"Issac seemed off." Adam said. "That's twice now he's spared me. I think he wants to help us..."

"Adam," Micaela began to explain. "Issac was not like most humans. He was never raised in morals and letting his heart decide. He was taught to destroy and serve Ilias without question. But it's likely you must've taught him something he had never known before."

"Whether or not he's giving Adam a chance, he is our enemy now." Tamamo said. "You four were to begin training as soon as you arrived. But that assault pushed things back."

"Issac said he wanted to face me again in five weeks." Adam said. "But why so long?"

"A specific amount of time could only mean..." Alice XVII said to herself. "Eden becomming fully powered at that time."

"Indeed." Miceala said. "The Heaven's Gate, while alive and unsealed, leads nowhere. It knows however when the Heavens shall fully return. If Eden sets foot inside. She'll begin fully incorporating the power of Light within herself. She will become a Goddess and have supreme control over all angels."

"Then we have to stop her before then. The only problem is the Crusader's castle." Shadow said. "I was doing some scouting and I witnessed a strange event whilst Luka had returned to Hellgondo;"

Yesterday. After Adam, Luka and Co. escaped Maria.

Shadow watched from his dimensions as he witnessed citizens of Grangold look in horror. A massive castle had levitated over the city heading South.

"A flying castle?" Phantom had said. "Why didn't I think of that."

"That Issac's seal being broken removed any limits on his power." Shadow said. "He had moved their entire castle to the Navel of the World and surrounded it with powerful barriers."

"The Navel of the World has been fortified." Shadow said. "Meaning we'll need a plan. But another Promestein."

"So long as Promestein has Solomon, she's an immediate threat." Tamamo said.

"I had scouted the academy." Shadow said. "I met with him;"

The day before the Crusaders Castle moved. At the Seekers Academy.

Solomon was sitting in the Enforcer's Masoleum. He had looked at the statue of Clark. He then let out a sigh. "You can come out, no one comes here anymore." Solomon said.

Shadow had appeared before him.

"How's your arm?" Solomon asked. "It seemed like it took the most damage."

"Stiff...but not the worst pain I've felt." Shadow said. "You and I had fought before."

"It's getting harder to keep my humanity intact." Solomon said. "Voices in my head. Shoving commands into my brain. But the betrayal of you all is haunting me more so. And you wanna know the worst part? Even if I told you 'put me out of my misery.', it'll go to the ends of the Earth to ensure I don't die."

"And the same will happen with Promestein if we went for her first." Shadow said.

"Well, I need you to do me a favor." Solomon said. "Take my son to Raijin. Prepare him to fight me alongside you."

"Why him specifically?" Shadow asked. "His friends are also powerful."

"He possesses something similar to me." Solomon said. "A darkside, I first invoked it fighting Sophira, it even struck fear into her sadistic self. You and Phantom witnessed it when we fought a century ago. Why our battle escalated into city destruction like it did."

"I see." Shadow said.

"Oh and afterwards." Solomon said. "Take Luka's grandkid there as well."

"He'll do what no generation had done if he recruits Raijin." Shadow said.

"Exactly." Solomon said. "I sense Edward approaching. I suggest you flee before I'm ordered to fight you again. Also, Promestein's preparing an assault. It'll take a month to finish the preparations."

Shadow nodded his head and vanished.

"I didn't think Solomon could break his leash long enough to help us again." Alice XVII said.

"So a week before the Crusaders, we'll have to stop Promestein." Tamamo said. "Great, another stressful assembly of world powers."

"Whilst we prepare," Micaela said. "You four, come with us."

Adam, Olivia, Evelynn and Nikolai followed Micaela, Shadow and Tamamo.

"We must train the four of you to prepare for our foes." Micaela said. "But you four each require unique, intensive training."

"First," Tamamo said. "Evelynn I shall take you to Fairy Island. There you will train with your mother and the Fairy Queen. To imbue Nature within your power. And heightened your dormant Elf Queen magic."

Evelynn nodded. Tamamo and her then warped away.

"Olivia, It's time you embrace that Archangel power. Not to punish, but to protect. You and I shall train outside the castle." Micaela said.

"I understand." Olivia said, following Micaela.

"As for you Nikolai." Shadow said. "I'll take you to Raijin. But be warned, your father nearly died accepting her trust."

"I won't let anyone down." Nikolai said. Shadow then warped with Nikolai.

"Wait...what about me?" Adam said.

"That's where I come in." Luka said. "Come on, we gotta improve both your sword skills, and your monster and angel power."

Adam followed Luka to the arena. "I can't believe I get to train with you grandpa." Adam said.

"Oh, you won't be training with me." Luka said. "I thought it'd be better if..." Luka then opened the door. There, Alice XVI was waiting. "Good luck, she can get real intense when it comes to this."

Adam gulped as he walked inside hesistantely.

"What's with that face?" Alice XVI said. "We have a lot of work to do, and only a month's time. Don't die on me Adam."

Shadow and Nikolai appeared at the top of Thunder Mountain. Thunder and Lightning raged all around. As they approached a temple, a massive jade dragon-girl flew down.

"Who dares trespass upon," Jade began to say but then stopped as she saw Shadow. "Master Raijin! The scary one's back, and he brought a cute friend."

"Scary?" Nikolai asked.

"Long story." Shadow said. "I'd rather you not ask."

Raijin then flew out the temple stretching as she sat on her levitating cloud. "Shadow, to what do I owe the pleasure?" Raijin said. She then looked at Nikolai and smiled. "Wait... you must be Solomon's child!" Raijin said. "Don't have to explain I knew the second I saw you. I can sense that you've already inherited his lightning power."

"Indeed." Nikolai said. "I'm a martial artist and spear master. I wish to train with you. Just for a month in order to fight my father."

"Say no more!" Raijin said. "When I felt that powerful surge of lightning energy. I knew Solomon had returned against his will.. One month shall suffice as you seem to be more than capable of invoking a lightning charge. And your style of combat is more compatible than your fathers."

"Another human male worthy of Raijin's training." Jade said. "I'm looking forward to a spar once you've grown stronger."

"Hmph. Don't disappoint your father." Shadow said before warping away.

Evelynn and Tamamo arrived at Fairy's Island. There, the Elf Queen and Fairy Queen awaited.

"You must be Evelynn." The Fairy Queen said. "A honor to meet you."

"And an honor to meet you as well." Evelynn said.

"Evelynn." The Elf Queen said. "How long shall you be here training?"

"Only a month Mother, I hope it is enough." Evelynn said.

"It shall be fine." The Fairy Queen said. "You just need some time to awaken your magic and then train to imbue it with your archery."

"Well, I'll return to retrieve you after the month has passed." Tamamo said. She then warped away.

Outside the Monster Lord's castle. Micaela and Olivia stood.

"Now Olivia." Micaela said. "My training shall not be easy. You've only held your archangel instinct back this whole time. But now, you have to embrace it, without losing your way and joining loyalists to Ilias' ways."

"Umm, okay." Olivia said nervously.

Micaela then removed her ring. "Now, the best way to train you is not like your teacher from when I first found you, but a commanding officer. And it's been centuries since I've gotten to instruct new archangels." Micaela's angelic form then took over. "Now then, Front and center Archangel! Prepare for training!"

Olivia focused, trying to bring out the same archangel half that met her. "Umm...I don't know if I can just~Reporting for training Great Seraph Miceala!" Olivia then covered her mouth blushing.

Micaela smiled. "We have a lot of work to do, but enough time to do it. Let's begin." Miceala said. As their training began.

For the next month, the four trained separately. Preparing for both Promestein and Eden. Each of them, working to unlock their full potential. They each think of the others, also growing stronger an inspiring them to never fall behind. Although apart, they remember their friendship and overcome the dangerous and intense training.

Chapter 29: Spirit of Lightning Raijin. Wielding Five Spirits.

After the arduous month of training. Adam stood as Tamamo returned with Evelynn and Olivia soon joined them.

"You two feel so much more powerful." Adam said.

"As do you." Olivia said.

"Now we have to go get Nikolai." Evelynn said.

"Indeed, Raijin wishes to see Adam immediately to obtain the fifth spirit." Tamamo said.

"Before you guys head out." Luka said running to them. " seems you're ready to face the Crusaders and the Seekers after this. Take this old family heirloom, it'll surely help." Luka then drew his blade, Angel Halo, and handed it to Adam.

"Are you sure I'm ready?" Adam asked. "It's a powerful weapon."

"Adam, your great grandmother created this blade, your ancestor Heinrich wielded it, and both your grandmother and I have used it." Luka said. "If any of you four can use this weapon, it's you."

Adam then nodded and took the blade. "I won't let you down grandpa." With that, Adam and the others teleported with Tamamo to Thunder Mountain.

As they arrived at the base, thunder roared as lightning struck all around. "Adam, Raijin needs to know your body can withstand her power." Tamamo said. "Her lightning will try to strike as her thunder tries to intimidate. Withstand the blows and never back down no matter how intense it gets. Also you need to go alone and don't worry about Jade, she'll wait for you at the top."

Adam nodded. "Wait for me down here guys." He said.

"Be careful Adam." Olivia said.

"Don't die up there." Evelynn said.

Adam began his climb and walk up the mountain. Thunder roaring following the crashes of lightning. Some small bolts struck him. But through endurance and meditation to calm his nerves he continued onwards. He had reached the top surprisingly fast. Having help from both his monster and angel side with the journey. He saw Nikolai, meditating at the center of the large plateau. "Nikolai?" Adam asked.

Nikolai opened his eyes and looked at Adam. "Woah Adam! You climbed here by yourself?" Nikolai asked. "I knew you could do it. How are the others?"

"They're both fine." Adam said. "And I sense you've also grown stronger."

"That's right." Nikolai said. "I'll be ready to face my father and Promestein now. But more importantly, Raijin wishes to challenge you now."

"Correct." Raijin said as she appeared next to Nikolai. "And how are my old friends doing?"

"Raijy!" Sylph said. "Man it's been longer than I can remember!"

"A thousand years if I recall." Undine said. "Still living in this hazardous mountain? How can you sleep with that thunder?"

"We haven't seen you since that blasted girl of yours caused all that trouble." Salamander said. "And I thought my pupils could've been a problem if enraged."

"I don't like to talk about Abbadon the Destroyer anymore...." Raijin said. "But it seems that part of my past always catches up to me. But that's a long story for another day. What matters now is you Adam. Nikolai, stand back." Raijin then got off her cloud and stretched as Nikolai stepped back. "You see, normally I make sure you can withstand lightning by pitting you against my assistant Jade," Raijin gotten into stance. "But unlike my last contract with're of Heinrich's bloodline, one I've never had the pleasure of assisting. I need to test your power with my own hands. And don't worry about the training before the contract. I only did that because Solomon's experience with the Spirits was only partial at best."

Adam then drew Angel Halo. "So I just have to defeat you." Adam said. "Very well, I'm ready."

"Adam," Undine said. "be careful. Raijin herself is immensely powerful. Her element is unstable and very difficult to control."

Adam nodded. "And water doesn't work well against electricity, but you can still strengthen my power." Adam then focused his energy. "Come Sylph! Let the wind move as much as it pleases!" Adam said as he used the wind now.

"Starting speed I see." Raijin said. Raijin then dashed to Adam at a blinding speed. Leaving behind a thunderclap seconds afterward. "Careful though. It's hard to dodge lightning."

"Woah!" Adam said as he jumped back. "I'm gonna need more than this. Come Gnome!" Gnome's power of Earth then combined with Sylph's Wind. "Lightning Sword Flash!" Adam shouted as he dashed back to Raijin and hit her.

Raijin took the hit and flipped backwards to avoid falling over. "Not bad." Raijin said. Raijin then dashed back and struck Adam with a punch.

Adam slid backwards as he endured the blow. Even enduring the electricity that shocked him. "Alright. Now come Undine." Adam said as he used Undine's power to heighten his Serene Mind. "Woah...the serene's unstable, all over the place even. I can't get a read on her next move with this alone."

Raijin merely giggled. "Don't depend on Undine's power now, but combining it with the other two is quite impressive. Now your skill energy is looking a tad low, let me see the fourth one." Raijin said.

Adam nodded. "Come Salamander!" Adam said as now he was enhanced by the power of all four Spirits. His blade, ignited with Purgatory Flame. "Take this...Vaporizing Rebellion Sword." Adam said as he unleashed a powerful vortex of flame sword slashes at Raijin.

Raijin endured the whole attack. "Amazing, so that's Salamander's strongest pupil's skill." Raijin said. "But I'm still not convinced. I need to see one last thing."

Adam looked confused. "What is it?" Adam said.

"I've only seen it a few times. When I finally got to be a part of it, I was excited." Raijin said. "Use that big finisher! Quadruple Giga!"

Adam was shocked. "Well...I've only tried that move once during training." Adam said. "But okay. I mean if you can endure it." Adam then concentrated. "Sylph...."

Raijin called over Nikolai. Whispering in his ear; "This is a perfect chance. Do as I say and this should be enough to finish your father." Raijin then whispered in his ear.

"Gnome...." Adam said. Adding the second Spirit. "Undine...."

"Are you sure?" Nikolai asked.

"Don't hesitate." Raijin said. "It'll be your best bet."

"Salamander." Adam said as he prepared the final spirit.

Nikolai charged dark lightning as he then flew high into the sky as Raijin instructed.

"Alright, get ready." Adam said as he held the power within the blade. "Quadruple Giga!" He then slammed his blade downwards.

"Oblivion Bomber!" Nikolai shouted as he collided with Adam's Quadruple Giga. Creating a powerful explosion as both attacks were executed perfectly and offset each other. Nikolai then landed inbetween the two. "Woah! What was that?"

Raijin merely clapped. "Bravo! Bravo! First try as well!" Raijin said.

"Master Raijin." Nikolai said. "What was that technique?"

Raijin then sighed. "You see...Abbadon the Destroyer had four techniques." Raijin began to say. "Solomon knows of only three of them; The Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade, and the other two; Demon Stinger Blade and Black Lightning Assassination. The fourth and strongest; Oblivion Bomber was the only one he had never mastered, never was he able to counter it or execute it."

"So with this technique," Adam began to say.

"Nikolai can finish his father." Raijin said. "He's witnessed and even endured Quadruple Giga's level of destructive force. Even able to keep the elements stable with it." Raijin then smiled as she walked to Adam. "However, that does not mean you didn't pass my trial." Raijin extended a hand. "I had to make sure Heinrich's bloodline was the real deal."

Adam shook Raijin's hand as she vanished. "That's all five." Raijin then appeared next to the other four spirits.

"Raijin!" Sylph said. "We have soo much catching up to do! We can go to the beach! Or we can do dancing! So much we can do with all five of us together now!"

The other spirits merely looked at Raijin. Wondering how she's going to shut Sylph up.

"Actually." Raijin said. "It's been so long maybe we should have fun together one day." Raijin then smiled.

The three others were shocked. Wondering how Raijin can put up with Sylph so easily.

"What are you three looking at?" Raijin asked. "Wind and Lightning cooperate quite nicely in storms. Why can't I cooperate with Sylph here?"

Adam smiled as Nikolai walked to him. "Well that's all five, but how are we gonna get to the Seeker's Academy?" Adam asked.

"I wonder..." Nikolai said. "Jade!"

Jade, the thunder dragon, came flying down. "What is it you need Nikolai?" Jade asked.

"Can you fly us to the base to grab our friends then fly us to the Seeker's Academy?" Adam asked.

"Normally this escort service bothers me." Jade said. "But anyone worthy of Raijin's contract and a fellow pupil are exceptions to this." Jade then lowered her tail. "climb aboard, I'll help you out."

"Thanks!" Nikolai said as they both got on and flew to Olivia and Evelynn. The two introduced themselves to Jade and spoke with Raijin as they flew towards the Seeker's Academy. To face Promestein, Edward, and free Solomon from their control.

Chapter 30: Return to the Seekers Academy.

Jade landed in the fields outside the Seeker's Academy. "Be careful, I sense incredible power. That's definitely Solomon." Jade had said.

"Hopefully the Heavenly Knights will join us." Adam said.

"Oh good! You're all ready!" Tamamo said as she appeared. The other three Knights and Shadow then joined.

"We have to be careful." Nikolai said. "Promestein might make Father face us one by one."

"That's to be expected." Shadow said quietly. "But not all of us are going to face him. Nikolai, you're with me."

"Me?" Nikolai asked.

"You and I should be enough for Solomon now." Shadow said.

"Adam, Evelynn and Olivia are to go with us four to take down Promestein and Edward." Granberia said. "With Shadow and Nikolai able to hold him back, we can stop Promestein without his interference."

"And with Raijin, you should be able to take on anything with that fake lightning spirit Adam." Tamamo said. "And us Seven should be able to hold off any chimera. The plan is simple, Shadow and Nikolai will attack and draw Solomon's attention. Once we sense Solomon facing them, we'll attack from the other side and go after Promestein."

The nine of them agreed on the plan and split up. Shadow and Nikolai moved to the other side of the Academy. Whilst all of the others went to the front side.

Shadow and Nikolai used Shadow's power to sneak inside the Academy.

"Okay," Nikolai began to say. "how do we force Promestein to only send Solomon after us."

"Simple." Shadow said. "I sense where he is, an old trick will make him come to us no matter what." They then appeared behind the Academy's main building. Phantom then left Nikolai and Shadow there without being seen as she melded to where Solomon was.

Solomon stood inside a lab in the 2nd sublevel. He then saw Shadow. "Shadow?" Solomon said. "I assume you're here to chat?"

Phantom didn't say a word, she merely jabbed her blade into the ground causing it to once again meld through the floor and strike the bottom of Solomon's foot. "Got you!" Phantom said then blew a raspberry. "Catch me if you can!"

"Ow!" Solomon said. "That's it you Tea-drinking rabbit! Don't you run from me!" Solomon then quickly flew through the labs and outside the Academy and scanned around. "Where are you?" Solomon said.

Nikolai then dashed under Solomon. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" Nikolai shouted as he successfully ambushed Solomon right away with a powerful attack.

Solomon flew back and landed. "Well, how unexpected." Solomon said wincing. "So you think you're ready to fight me alone?"

Shadow then appeared beside Nikolai.

"Two on one?" Solomon asked. "No...three. Perfect."

Tamamo's ears twitched as she waited with the others. "Perfect, now if I considered this perfectly," Tamamo said as they prepared for battle. "Shadow's lethal combat style and Nikolai's speed will prevent Solomon from intercepting us."

The others nodded as Granberia then slashed the front doors open and they entered the academy.

As Solomon prepare to fight, a crash was heard.

"Solomon!" Edward said through a communicator. "To the front immediately! All four Heavenly Knights and those brats from before are assaulting the academy!"

Solomon then turned around. "Great..." Solomon said as he walked off.

Shadow then rushed to Solomon and tried striking his neck. Solomon quickly turned and smacked Shadow back. Before he could retreat, Nikolai and Shadow surrounded him.

"Well now, it seems you found out how to get around it." Solomon said.

"I see.." Nikolai said. "His A.I. is programmed to not only protect Promestein, but his own life. If we endanger both separately but at the same time, he can't prioritize one over the other without losing one."

"Exactly." Shadow said softly. "Seems I was foolish to try alone with a solution so simple."

"This seemed to only work because Shadow tends to go straight for the kill." Solomon said. "I can't redirect myself no matter what with Promestein's gauntlets.

At Promestein's office.

"What do you mean Shadow and Nikolai are holding him off?" Promestein said. "His A.I. is supposed to come to me immediately." Promestein tried again with the subjugation bracers but failed as Solomon is unable to prioritize due to Shadow's lethal style of combat.

"We have to do something." Edward said. "They'll soon be here!"

Promestein thought for a moment. "Here's what we'll do;" Promestein began to explain. "Retreat to sublevel 3, activate Project N.D. 2.0 for those Heavenly Knights. You Edward will use this," Promestein then handed him a Hyde Injection syringe. "Use it and your power for those other three."

"Understood." Edward said.

"Now if things get out of hand," Promestein said. "I'll ask 'her' to control Solomon. My final countermeasure if Solomon's mind broke my control. It's used to his body almost more than the original it was meant for."

"That thing I had to put in Solomon?" Edward asked.

"Precisely." Promestein said. "Now we have to move now." Promestein and Edward teleported to the 3rd sublevel.

Chapter 31: Adam, Olivia and Evelynn vs. Edward.

The others had defeated the chimera and soldiers guardian the main building. Tamamo, who was leading the group, stopped and sniffed the air.

"They moved, they're underground now." Tamamo said.

"Seems with Solomon distracted Promestein requires a back-up plan." Granberia said.

"We can't let her escape!" Adam said. "Olivia, lead the way through the labs."

"Okay." Olivia said as she took the lead. "This way!" The seven of them ran through the building to the underground lab entrance.

As they ran through the lab, many scientists retreated immediately whilst any chimera security was defeated effortlessly.

"This seems too easy." Adam said.

"You're not kidding Adam-boy." Alma Elma said. Before she could continue, a flash rushed towards her and she dodged and tried to counter but was matched in speed.

"No way...I thought we were done with those..." Tamamo said.

"With what?" Evelynn asked.

Alma Elma faced her attacker. "Oh look, if it isn't Hainuwelle." Alma Elma said.

Hainuwelle glared at Alma Elma. "New and Improved. Forced to sit and wait until I can get my revenge." Hainuwelle said. "No longer will you overpower me. My new body has reinforced armor plating. Durable, yet light weight so I don't lose as much speed needed to catch you. And your little pleasure tricks still won't work."

Alma Elma had gotten into stance. "We shall see how tough you've gotten." She said as the two of them fought.

Before the other knights could join Alma, they found themselves surrounded by the three other Next Dolls 2.0.

"More sacrificial pawns." Tamamo said.

"Not this time." Tsukuyomi said.

"Each of us have been perfected to fight you four." Amphisbaena said.

"Precisely." Arc-en-ciel said. "And this time, we have trained to surpass our flaws studying our previous fights."

"Adam." Tamamo said. "Keep going. We'll take these four."

Adam was about to stop them, but he knew that they could do it. "Be careful." Adam said as he, Evelynn and Olivia kept going.

The three of them had used the lift to get to sublevel 3. They had searched and found the Enforcer's Mausoleum where Edward stood.

"Finally." Edward said. "A chance at my revenge whilst Solomon saves me the trouble of murdering his son."

"Stand down." Adam said. "Your desire for revenge will prove nothing."

"You know nothing!" Edward said. "I've fought and trained, studying long into the nights to perfect my creations. And all of my hard work is shot down. Do you not know what that is like? Even if he offered to help, it would've kept me in his shadow!" Edward's clothes ripped as he was now in a beastly chimeric appearance. "And I'm even forced to use his own research to stop you!" Edward then injected the Hyde Injection. His power had grown drastically. "It ends here!" Edward shouted as he charged at Adam.

"Come Sylph!" Adam said as he narrowly dodged with the Fallen Angel Dance. "He's gone berserk!"

Olivia had focused her magic into chains of light and tried to hold him down.

Edward roared as he broke free of the chains. "Nothing will stop me!" Edward shouted. "Come Gnomaren!"

Evelynn jumped on top of a statue and fired arrows at Edward, landing successful hits.

Edward rushed to the statue and tore it down. Evelynn fell down but was saved by Olivia. "Thanks." Evelynn said.

Adam concentrated energy. "Hey! Why don't you fight someone on the ground!" Adam taunted at Edward, trying to force him to attack.

Edward turned. "So be it!" Edward said as he tried to punch Adam, but was forced back by strange energy.

"Daystar!" Adam shouted as the falling star hit Edward with a large explosion.

Edward stood and charged power. "Come Raiden!" Edward shouted as he was now using the artificial spirit of lightning.

"Well, seems Promestein finally figured out how to copy me." Raijin said. "Lightning is bested by itself Adam. Combine it with the others."

Adam nodded. "Come Raijin!" Adam said as he was now charged with lightning.

"Your fake energy is nothing compared to Heaven's Wrath!" Olivia said. "Judgement Bolt!" Olivia then struck Edward with a holy bolt of energy.

"Gahh!" Edward called out as he was paralyzed.

Evelynn rushed behind Edward. "Now be punished by the forests!" Evelynn said as she shot several toxic thorn-like arrows. Hitting Edward's legs and numbing them.

Adam concentrated. "Frost Ozma Blade!" Adam sliced his blade hitting Edward with an ice cold slash freezing him solid. "Now shatter!" Adam shouted. "Heavenly Demon Revival!" Adam then struck the frozen Edward with a powerful holy technique sending him flying back into Solomon's statue.

Edward stood as he thawed and the paralysis and toxin's wore off. "No...I can't lose!" Edward said. "The Next Dolls will defeat the Knights and soon aid me. I sense them approaching now."

Adam and the others looked to only find the Heavenly Knights approaching. "We're done." Erubetie said. "They were powerful. But we've had 100 years to prepare for any threat."

Edward fell to his knees. "No...Promesein...I've failed." He said.

Tamamo shook her head. "Yet you've achieved this on your own." Tamamo said as she walked to Edward. "Solomon told me of your work Edward; He mentioned a potentially brilliant young mind working to prolong human life. But he simply wished you focused on achieving your own goals and focused on cooperating with fellow truth seekers rather than trying to surpass or even kill them as he mentioned you tried to do."

"Solomon...said that?" Edward said.

"He told me your chimeric augmentation research could replace lost limbs as well as other medical breakthroughs." Tamamo said. "Perhaps you could've achieved your own form of greatness by walking your own path and not focus on trying to beat him."

Edward thought for a minute. "You're right!" He suddenly stood. Wincing in pain. "Forget Solomon! I've surpassed him in my own way! I'll help humanity my own way! This invention of mine can do wonders! Starting today, I'll walk my own path!"

"More like starting when you've answered to your crimes." Tamamo said as she restrained Edward.

"Ah....fine." Edward said.

"Now where is Promestein?" Tamamo asked.

"Preparing to activate the Project Tyrant-H's A.I. within Solomon's brain to kill all of you." Edward said.

"Project Tyrant-H A.I.?" Adam asked.

"Tyrant-H...Oh no! Shadow and Nikolai!" Tamamo said.

"What's the H stand for?" Adam asked. "Why is it so bad?"

"We have to help those two now." Granberia said. "H...within Solomon's brain can only mean....Hyde."

Chapter 32: Promestein's Fall. Shadow and Nikolai vs. Solomon.

Shadow and Nikolai faced Solomon, all three still standing strong after fighting.

"Are you okay Nikolai?" Shadow calmly asked.

"I'm fine," Nikolai said. "we can hold him off but hopefully the others will succeed."

Shadow closed his eyes. "I feel it, the other assistant is defeated but Promestein is still on the run." He said.

Solomon looked behind him to the roof of the academy. "So, you've made it back up here?" Solomon asked.

"Indeed." Promestein said as she appeared. "Edward was captured. But you can still accomplish your task."

"Heh, that's a good one Promestein." Solomon said. "You failed to realize that it'll be 9 vs 1. Even with these augmentations I will struggle or even be overwhelmed. And I'm not even taking into account if they captured you first."

"Father's right." Nikolai said. "Just shut him down and surrender!"

Promestein merely smiled as she exposed the subjugation bracers. "Oh but you've also failed to realize one thing Solomon." Promestein said. "And Lucia never warned her son about it either..." The bracers then glowed red as Promestein pointed at Solomon. "Even the beings of dark and light were meant to fall to this body and the mind inside it."

Solomon's eyes closed as he held his head. "Gahh!" He cried out. "What is this?"

"Father?" Nikolai asked. "What's wrong?"

Solomon panted as his eyes suddenly glew red. "Finally! Was getting bored in here!" He then said with a wide grin. "What? No! Not you!" He responded to himself with his eyes shifting back and forth between normal and red. "!" He then said. "Ohh that's who was gonna replace you? He's your son as well? I hope he's just as good of a fighter!"

Shadow then gave a stern look. "Figured you'd still be up to your old tricks, Tyrannea." Shadow said.

"Tyrannea?" Nikolai said. "But...that Next Doll was shut down."

"You misunderstood." Solomon said as Tyrannea took control. "My body was shut down. My mind...upgraded and placed in this project to transform my former host." Tyrannea then charged lightning. "Tyrannea...Hyde...whatever name works as I'm going to kill you anyways."

"I feared this." Shadow said. "A time to get truly serious. Let's kill this monster, Phantom!" As Shadow said that, Phantom had appeared from the shadows.

"I expected my aid would be needed. But I guess since Third's not here I can still suprise her in the end." Phantom said.

"E-eh?" Nikolai looked on in confusion. "T-two Shadows? Is that how...?"

Solomon smirked as he saw Phantom. "You...I know you. I have access to Solomon's memories." He said. "Although he promised to never tell, he couldn't keep the secret from Promestein. I was once hesistant to cross you, but in this body...I was made to deal with beings like you."

Phantom giggled. "I'm certain Promestein knew about that in my first presentation a hundred years ago." She said. "So little Hyde is back to hiding inside Jekyll? Well, let me give you good reason why your worst decision was to cross me now." Phantom then summoned her own blade staff and radiated dark power as she rushed behind Solomon. Shadow quickly moved in sync with her.

Solomon merely flew up. "I guess unlike him I'll end this quick." Solomon said as he shouted and his lightning power changed. His eyes glew blood red as the lightning was now black and more violent. Solomon then rushed down and grabbed both of them and threw them aside.

"Enough." Nikolai said as he now charged the same black lightning and rushed to Solomon, punching him and sending him flying into the academy building.

Solomon rushed back. "So...the little boy inherited this from pops?" He said. "Well now this is interesting."

Nikolai and Solomon clashed spear and blade. As Solomon aimed his handcannon at Nikolai, Shadow pushed it out the way as Phantom made Nikolai duck. Solomon then focused his attention on Shadow. Phantom quickly joined in and Nikolai followed.

"Demon Stinger Blade!" Solomon shouted as he charged at Shadow.

"Demon Stinger Blade!" Nikolai shouted as he intercepted the attack before it could hit Shadow. Both Nikolai and Solomon pushed each other back.

"Shadow Snare." Phantom muttered as Solomon was snarred by shadows. Before he could break out, Nikolai quickly rushed back.

"Black Lightning Assassination!" Nikolai shouted, he sliced straight through Solomon, striking his wings three times before slicing back through him again.

As Solomon actually showed signs of being damaged, Shadow attacked before he could react. "Assassinate." Shadow said as he quickly stabbed Solomon, trying to kill him then and there. Solomon stood even afterwards, but was heavily damaged.

"He's still alive?" Nikolai asked.

Solomon panted. Then found the Hyde Injection triggering and entering his body. He quickly regained his energy and stood. "This is over, for you!" Solomon said, now enraged. "Come Raiden!" Solomon said as he was charged by the artificial spirit of lightning. "Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade!" Solomon shouted as he spun rapidly towards them as a massive crimson cyclone. Nikolai was going to attempt to counter it with his own, but Shadow and Phantom stopped him as the three Shadow Melded into the ground to avoid it.

As the attack finished. Solomon shouted. "Where are you?!"

The three reappeared a distance away. "Great..he's healed and angry now." Nikolai said.

"Tyrannea is known for violent fits of rage when her targets tend to last too long." Shadow said. "We have to end this before she overwhelms us."

Phantom giggled and stuck her tongue at Tyrannea. "My my my, that 'counter' is really quite something. Ooh, she's mad now~"

"I have one trick that'll work." Nikolai said. "Just hold as long as you can." Nikolai said as he charged energy then flew high into the sky.

"Hmph." Solomon said. "Fleeing while you two die by my hand. He won't last after you've been vaporized." Solomon then deployed the Omega Crisis Shield. "Now to end this in one shot." Solomon then prepared the Oblivion Blast.

Shadow then looked up. "I see why Solomon had faith in his son." Shadow said. "Even he never figured this one out."

Solomon then glared upward as he charged energy. Nikolai was crashing down towards him focusing incredible amounts of Black Lightning. "Ha! Well I'll just shoot him down first." Solomon said. The shield then went down as he finished charging.

"Enveloping Darkness...Phantom Blow!" Shadow and Phantom said as they both saw the opening. They rapidly struck Solomon's arms cutting them both off and severing the energy placed into both handcannons. "Enraged... and also blind." Shadow muttered.

"What? No!" Solomon said as he looked towards Nikolai. "No!"

"Oblivion..Bomber!" Nikolai shouted as he crashed down upon Solomon, Shadow and Phantom melded away and Promestein warped as a massive explosion shook the entire area. Much of the academy's main building, thankfully evacuated, was destroyed.

Adam and the others arrived as the smoke and dust cleared. "Did...they win?" Adam asked.

Shadow reappared as Phantom returned to hiding. "It's over..." Shadow said.

Tamamo clapped. "Well done! I expected no less from you pair!"

Nikolai stood panting over Solomon, who's arms and legs were destroyed in the blast. He was barely able to hold on as he looked up at Nikolai.

"Nikolai...." Solomon said, Hyde's A.I. was destroyed in the blast. "Thank, Shadow, everyone of you."

Shadow walked up to the two. "A promise is a promise Solomon. You've been set free."

Solomon chuckled. "I've been alive again for a short time." He said. "But you all have helped this academy by taking down that which would've put them into a war they never wanted to fight."

Edward walked to him, restrained but able to speak. "Solomon, I should've understood better. I'm sorry about those times before." Edward had said.

Solomon smiled. "I shouldn't have been so harsh and angry with you recently." He said. "You're a good man Edward and I hope you'll take your knowledge to greater heights in helping others."

Promestein then warped back, staring at Solomon. As everyone prepared to fight her just in case, Promestein merely ran to Solomon and kneeled down. "No! My hard work!" Promestein said. "Our goal! Ruined! Humans are forced and held back under the rule and law of monsters or religion of angels! They should be controlling the world as Gods!"

"Doc..." Solomon said. "Humanity is not held back. You can't rush evolution. And I told you, humanity weren't ever meant to take the role of Gods. Even then, a Goddess was defeated by the combined efforts of everyone against her tyrannical grip on the world. What makes you think we could do what she couldn't even in a perfect form?"

"Don't play dumb Solomon." Promestein said. "You've seen what we're capable of."

"And yet you lost." Solomon said. "Although, you can't deny any legacy you're making right now. Even if you retired, this place would still be in top form."

"Hah, the 'perfect' scientist, playing a worse idiot than Solomon..." Shadow said to Promestein. "You know very well monsters aren't perfect either, what with a Monster Lord falling not once but twice with the same motivations. A 9th circle angel, too, had fallen in the same way. No one is perfect, and all that should have been realized a century ago."

Promestein stopped and thought for a moment. "Perhaps I've become too desperate to accomplish my goal." Promestein said.

"You think?" Solomon said. "I told you, just let the new generations take the torch and achieve their own greatness. They shall pass the torch to the next. Even after this, I doubt anyone will doubt the potential of the Seekers of Truth."

Promestein sighed. "Too think you worked so hard getting this place approved. Only to now have it torn down." Promestein said. "No matter, we've worked from the shadows before. I'll just rebuild I guess."

"Actually." Alice XVII warped in. "Promestein, you and Edward here are under arrest. Once this place is rebuilt a new headmaster will be chosen by decision of myself. You two clearly have a few screws loose."

"Hey! I learned my lesson!" Edward said.

"Hmph. Maybe freedom will come quickly just like Solomon if you behave." Shadow said. "But since we share a common enemy, perhaps you'll get your chance... if Lord Alice feels moody about it."

Solomon smirked. "Well, justice in the end I guess." Solomon's body began to fade.

"Father!" Nikolai said.

"Relax. It's just my time again." Solomon said. "Nikolai and to your friends as well. Stop Third, Ilias herself lost her way as a Goddess. If Eden takes her place, it's clear she'll be mad with power. I trust Shadow will help pave the way." Solomon's body then faded completely as he said, "I'm proud of you, my son. And tell your mother I said sorry. I wanted to see her one last time."

Nikolai then sighed. "It's over." He said. "He's at peace now."

"Now for Eden." Adam said. "We have time to prepare."

"He's right, she has to be stopped." Olivia said.

"The crusaders as well." Evelynn said.

"Seems you four truly are ready." Alice XVII said. "After today though, we need you all to rest and make sure you're in top form. Now let's return to the castle."

They all returned to the Monster Lord's Castle, to rest and prepare for the final battles. Shadow, however, put his hand on Nikolai's shoulder, stopping the two from getting warped.

"It's all over now, Solomon. May your soul rest and not be used again. Hopefully Promestein won't go deranged again another century later." Shadow said aloud to the corpse that vanished. He then turned to Nikolai. "You proved yourself to your father quite well, and your mother too. I'm sure she can feel what was accomplished here."

"Thank you. I couldn't have saved my father without your help. I do wish for his soul to rest in peace as well, and I'll work hard to continue his legacy." Nikolai replied.

Phantom reappeared, placing a bouquet of black-colored roses onto the floor where Solomon stood. "Quite sympathetic aren't you to, oh, your 'lost friend' and your 'godson'? Isn't that unfitting for a person like you?" Phantom said in a singsong voice, giggling.

"E-eh? 'Godson'...?" Nikolai asked, curious.

"That's just Phantom being herself..." Shadow muttered.

"T-then... Outside Gold Volcano... In the Castle... Was that...?" Nikolai said.

"Hm, you're a smart boy, I'm sure you can figure it out yourself~" Phantom said, giggling more.

"Wha? Then what did Tyrannea mean about being meant to deal with you...?" Nikolai again asked, confused.

"Hee hee, it's a very long story, but I'm sure you can piece it all like the father did~ Though it took him, oh, years to figure it out on his own." Phantom continued, giggling turning into laughter.

"E-eh?! Huh?!" Nikolai looked on, very confused.

"What an idiot. Like father, like son." Shadow muttered under his breath. "Anyway, are you finished with your final moments with your father's grave?"

"Wha? O-oh, yes, I'm ready." Nikolai said. As Phantom waved farewell disappeared back into the darkness, Shadow and Nikolai warped back to the Monster Lord's Castle to catch up with the others.

Chapter 33: The Final Rest, Prepare for the Final Battle.

Alice XVII called the four of them to meet her for a moment to discuss the plan for tomorrow.

"Listen you four," Alice XVII said. "Tomorrow is the day where we take the fight to the Black Crusaders and stop Eden. I shall be alongside the world's allied armies as we surround the Navel of the World to deal with their army. But you four and my Heavenly Knights shall have to deal with the Grand Inquisitors. Then stop Eden from entering the Heavens."

"Will they just be on the battlefield alongside the soldiers?" Adam asked.

"Not exactly. Let me explain;" Alice XVII began to explain. "The castle's center keep, the location of the Gate, has a powerful barrier with four generators. The areas of the castle with each generator just so happen to be atop the personal quarters of each Grand Inquisitor and most likely will have each of them guard it. But with our forces surrounding the castle, the number of their guards inside will be decreased."

"So we'll have to split up and take them out." Olivia said.

"Correct," Alice XVII said than continued. "Olivia, you and Erubetie shall first head to the first keep, and deal with Maria and the first generator. Evelynn and Alma Elma shall take care of Kain and the second. Nikolai and Granberia shall deal with Ivan and the third. And lastly, Adam and Tamamo shall take care of Issac and the final one."

"And what of Miceala?" Evelynn asks.

"Miceala has prepared to use the last of her remaining power to beat Eden to the center of Heaven and take the remaining Holy Power." Alice XVII said. "If she is successful, after you've all dealt with the Grand Inquisitors, then Eden's power will stop growing and she'll be in a much easier to deal with state."

"And what about Shadow?" Nikolai asked. "He's the fifth, surely we can take advantage of outnumbering them."

"Shadow, has his own task." Alice XVII said. "Alongside Miceala he will help deal with Eden once you've given the two access to the castle. But even then, take no chances and join them to outnumber Eden. Remember, she is a Seraphim still. Expect elite angel soldiers to be conserved to guard Eden. Also once we've taken care of the army, I will join you eight and meet with Shadow and Miceala. Now you four better prepare yourselves. Get some rest and discuss strategies with the Heavenly Knights if needed."

"Understood." The four of them said.

Alice XVII smiled. "That's the spirit!" She said.

The four split up to meet with each Heavenly Knight respectively. Olivia found Erubetie in her quarters, which appeared to be the sewers at first glance.

"Miss Erubetie?" Olivia asked.

"Oh, Olivia. Come in, I assume you're here to talk about tomorrow?" Erubetie asked.

"Yes ma'am." Olivia responded. "Maria is a very dangerous foe. Those dolls of hers can be dangerous and are both artificial and actual living creatures."

"Indeed. And after some research she's been confirmed to be the cause of the disappearance of the Black Dragon Chernabog." Erubetie said. "People claimed some warrior killed it but Maria's power seems to have taken it captive even. This means she's already quite strong to be able to control such a monster."

"She also is controlling Evelynn's sister Iris. Who is of royal Elf blood and many other creatures." Olivia said.

"We will not be outnumbered." Erubetie said. "Also if anything happens I can protect both of us with ease."

"Don't overdo it okay?" Olivia asked. "Do not sacrifice yourself for my safety. I can heal others and myself."

"I...I wouldn't give my own life so recklessly." Erubetie said.

"Miceala told me, how you were willing to give your life to protect Luka and your people." Olivia said. "While it's truly noble to protect others, you also have to preserve your own life. So no overdoing it." Olivia thought for a moment. "Also no blowing up the castle with yourself! I know you can do that!"

"You nearly destroy Hellgondo one time..." Erubetie mumbled to herself. "Very well Olivia. By the way, each of us were to do background research on the Grand Inquisitors. Maria is...well, quite unfortunate for a girl her age."

"How so?" Olivia asked.

"A noble's daughter. Age of seven both of her parents had vanished mysteriously. She lived alone for five years being referred to as this strange witch child of her hometown. Then at the age of ten she was driven out of her village and then she joined the Black Crusaders."

"Oh my..." Olivia said. "No wonder she's obsessed with her creations. Maybe we can try to talk her out of this fighting."

"It won't be easy." Erubetie said. "It's clear she's let the power to control others get to her head. So we must be prepared to take her down."

Erubetie and Olivia soon finished before Olivia went to her quarters to rest.

Evelynn found Alma Elma's room. "I know of her reputation...I'm quite nervous to stay alone in a room with her though." Evelynn calmly said to herself but then knocked on the door. "Alma Elma? It's Evelynn." She said.

"Oh, come in!" Alma Elma said.

Evelynn walked in the room nervously.

"Oh don't be nervous Eve," Alma Elma giggled as she said. "you need your strength for tomorrow so no playtime for now. So what brings you here?"

"It's about Kain." Evelynn said. "Since we're going to be fighting him tomorrow."

"Kain seems much more determined since Eden gave him that powerup." Alma said. "He'll likely use all of his tricks on us. But I got you to see them all coming."

"Right, I'll make sure he doesn't pick us off that way." Evelynn said.

"However, I did some...research." Alma Elma said. "Shocking I know, but Kain is....well there's a reason he doesn't usually hunt Succubi."

"How come?" Evelynn asked.

"You didn't sense it? Or notice?" Alma Elma asked. "The compatibility with wind? The stealth and speed? The daredevil attitude? The resistance to a monster's charms? He's well...special compared to the other Inquisitors. Wasn't easy for us to find intell on the four. Tamamo knew of little Issac-boy from the beginning. But Kain seemed to actively try and wipe away his background. He was born in Succubus Village...and his mother obviously, was a succubus."

"He's half monster?" Evelynn asked.

"Yes," Alma Elma said. "And he seems to have mixed feelings about his heritage. I don't blame him for wanting to avoid other succubi. He lived in forests and jungles throughout the world in encampments and cottages in isolation. Preferring hunting and nature but he became more of a daredevil as his reputation grew. The Black Crusaders tracked him and recruited his talents for hunting and seemed to convince him to be a Monster hunter."

"So why hunt you?" Evelynn asked. "I know you're the first to best him, but if he hates hunting and being around succubi shouldn't he try to avoid you?

"Simple," Alma Elma said then winked. "I'm not like other succubi. And Kain sees that clearly and it drives him to want to face me again."

"I see." Evelynn said. "Well thank you, and good night."

"Be prepared for tomorrow Eve." Alma Elma said. Evelynn then returned to her quarters.

Nikolai and Granberia were busy discussing strategies for facing Ivan tomorrow.

"Right, that Perfect Guard is bothersome." Nikolai said. "But thankfully both of us should have a means to pierce it."

"It explains why we were selected to face him." Granberia said. "But he's cleary well disciplined. So he'll know of ways to work around his weaknesses."

"He seems to get angry when dirty tricks are played on him." Nikolai said. "I'm not suggesting you do something dishonorful. But if necessary one of us shall hold him whilst the other strikes him from behind."

"Or hold him back whilst one of us prepares a finisher." Granberia said. "I was told you've mastered all four of Abbadon's techniques."

"True," Nikolai said. "Oblivion Bomber or Quadruple Giga can finish him and the shield generator if necessary."

"It's a two versus one duel of Blade, Spear and Shield." Granberia said. "As honorbound as he is, we must take precautions."

"Where does a guy like him learn those guard techniques?" Nikolai asked. "Combining defense and speed. Powerful defensive auras. There seems to be no record available of who invented them."

"Ivan is of the Steelguard family." Granberia said. "A long line, several generations actually, of holy guards that protected high priests and archbishops throughout the land. They've had their own secret archieves of their techniques hidden away."

"Where did you find this out?" Nikolai asked.

"Each of us did research on the four." Granberia said. "I've heard of the Steelguard family and their private castle hidden in the Ilias continent, but I never thought they'd continue their traditions a century after Ilias' fall."

"Maybe he was forced to learn." Nikolai said. "Forced to follow tradition."

"Whatever the case may be." Granberia said. "He will be defeated."

"Precisely." Nikolai said. "Rest up Granberia. I look forward to fighting alongside you."

"You as well." Granberia said.

Nikolai had left to head to sleep.

Adam entered Tamamo's room. "Tamamo?" Adam asked.

"Greetings Adam." Tamamo said. "What is it you need?"

"Well, I'm wondering how will we face Issac tomorrow?" Adam asked.

"This will be the most difficult part." Tamamo said. "Issac grows in power the longer he fights. But merely defeating him quickly won't be possible. Whether it's instant destruction of his foes or prolonged battles he can have the edge."

"Yea, and even Daystar doesn't seem to phase him anymore." Adam said. "And he'll likely use his cosmic realm. Which he's in full control of."

"Perhaps the best his past." Tamamo said. "To revive the feelings of care and love he had for his motherly figure."

"'re right!" Adam said. "Issac just needs to be convinced to help Miceala. He gave her a chance after testing me. He was guided as a weapon but still cared for and loved Miceala so maybe if we can guide him in the right path, he'll change his ways and betray Eden."

"This will be very difficult you know." Tamamo said. "Issac was given to Ilias because of his father's blind faith. He only cared for Miceala because Miceala knew how to train a child of his age. He saw her as a mother because no other angel there had done the same and trusted her more than any other, even Ilias herself. However, as both Miceala and Lucifina had betrayed Ilias. It threw his ability to trust her off. He was caught in a crossroads that he constantly revisits and never made a permanent choice for. To serve the way he was trained to serve? Or to follow his heart and aid those he cares for? And if this comes back during our battle...well as when you reminded him of who Miceala is to him in Yamatai. He may react violently, and his cosmic power when enraged is unstable and even more dangerous.

"It's a big risk, but as he and I talked, I seem to have taught him more about these moral choices." Adam said. "We just have to keep him calm."

"I'll speak with Miceala." Tamamo said. "Surely she'll know how to calm him."

"Very well." Adam said. "Good night."

"Good night!" Tamamo said.

Adam went to his quarters to prepare for the final battles.

In Micaela's resting room, Shadow was present and open to discussion.

"With Edward and Promestein out of the way, we can finally push on to the real pressing matter." Shadow said. "Our four heroes and the Heavenly Knights have been assigned their tasks. The current generation shows a lot of promise, what with Solomon, Luka, and the previous Lord Alice in retirement."

"I remember that you were present in the final battle against Eden and Ilias." Micaela said.

"Of course, Lady Micaela. Almost feels like from a hundred years ago to yesterday." Shadow replied. "The same holy energy barrier, too, with new defenders. The Inquisitor's origins though... they oddly seem quite similar to mine. Maria: an outcast due to an unusual power, similar to my own, if only I had lived in a monster-hating human area. Kain: A hybrid of a human and a monster, just like me. Ivan: A loyalist to a clan that served Ilias, as I formerly was forced to do with Ilias Kreuz. Issac: ... I'm sure you remember Phantom."

"Ah yes... That is quite a sheer coincidence." Micaela commented.

"There's one other human too, the leader of the Black Crusaders. Though he hasn't put himself into play at all. Perhaps we may have to brace for the 5th? But in any case, I'm sure Eden will have more tricks up her sleeve, but of course I do as well." Shadow said as Phantom appeared next to him while removing her hood, looking at Micaela.

"It's been a long time, First Seraph Micaela." Phantom said with a giggle. "I'm mildly surprised I'm not such as an intimidation to anyone anymore, but I'm sure Third will go bonkers."

"I remember you very well from a century ago. Just like Tamamo, it's quite interesting how once enemies are now forever allies." Micaela spoke. "Though I don't sense that power you had a long time ago, in fact your energy signature is identical to Shadow's."

"The past is so depressing." Phantom sighed. "Previous me was so disgusting. That stupid Goddess put me in a position I despised oh so much. But now, I'm rather pleased Shadow was there to guide me back to my straight self. I'm finally welcome in a world where people no longer judge by our pasts. Six centuries is certainly a huge evolving moment."

"I see. I must say, I'm happy that out of three who resurfaced you're the only one who's truly reformed. Quite elegant and refined, too." Micaela said, smiling.

"Ah~? A compliment from the First Great Seraph? You're awfully considerate." Phantom giggled. "I'd be pleased to invite you to my next tea party~"

"Hmm. I shall take you up on that offer, then, of course after the war." Micaela replied, smiling more.

"If the two of you are finished." Shadow muttered. "Lady Micaela, let's review the plan. You'll save all your strength to pass Third and reach Heaven before her."

"Indeed. I trust you both will occupy Eden long enough?" Micaela asked.

"Mm, what a master tactician, worthy of such top status above Third." Phantom giggled. "The Cheriub Angels have only recently revived a few years back, yet the two of us had a hundred years to prepare for moments like these. With the weakening of the holy energies across the world still being maintained, the angels will still be fragile. And of course, I'm sure all of them remember my face..."

"You can count on us, Lady Micaela." Shadow bowed, as did Phantom.

"Thank you." Micaela smiled. "I hope you two will rest well for the upcoming."

Chapter 34: The Black Crusaders Castle.

The next morning everyone had departed to the Navel of the World. Over the past 100 years angels have cleaned the themis traps however the massive castle is now there instead of ruined temples. Adam and his friends with the Heavenly Knights, Shadow and Miceala stood ready.

"Alright there it is." Adam said. "After so long, we can now finish this."

"We just have to wait for the battle to begin and we can sneak in with Shadow's help." Tamamo said.

To the distance, the world's allied armies have joined Alice XVII.

"Alright everyone." Alice XVII said. "They're of both angel and human forces so be careful. Once the barriers have fallen I shall join the squad I've sent inside and help finish this."

"Well, glad to see how my son has grown." A voice said. "And it's good to see you again sis."

Alice XVII smiled as the voice revealed itself. "Well if it isn't my brother Nero." Alice XVII said. "I'm honestly surprised you came."

"Well when mom and dad told me the Black Crusader's plan, I knew you'd need my help." Nero said. "I also have faith that my son and his friends can stop the Grand Inquisitors and Eden."

"I didn't need your help." Alice XVII said. "But it's always nice to have an extra hand." Alice XVII and Nero turned to the castle. "When the barrier falls, stay back and make sure Eden receives no further assistance for me."

Nero nodded his head as he removed a keepsake ring. "It's been some time since I fought." Nero said as he drew a blade as the troops prepared themselves. "Awaiting your signal then."

Alice XVII waited until she saw the massive gate open releasing thousands of Crusaders and lower circle angels. "Attack!" Alice XVII said as she and Nero led the charge.

The armies soon clashed as Alice XVII and Nero fought together and helped immediately gain the upper hand. Atop the citadel where the Heaven's Gate is. Eden stood watching the battle. "So both the Monster Lord and the son of the Cursed Hero came." Eden said. "Issac, take care of it immediately."

Issac then appeared atop the barrier and focused power into a massive sphere of cosmic energy, easily the size of a building.

Alice XVII looked up. "That was unexpected." She had said.

Nero held his blade. "The troops are staying back now." He said.

The Crusaders had all stepped back. Away from whatever blast radius the attack may have.

Issac finished charging the attack as it now condensed slowly into the size of a tennis ball. He then shot it at Alice XVII. "Primordial Burst!" He shouted as the attack flew towards her.

"If that attack lands it'll release the condensed energy with a massive explode killing all of us." Nero said.

Alice XVII focused her power. "Monster Lord's Cruelty!" She said as she fired her own magic to intercept it. Taking a lot of her power to intercept the attack making a huge explosion that shook the area. Troops from both sides were blown away but Alice XVII had saved everyone in the end.

Issac glared at Alice XVII. "Be fortunate I must conserve power." Issac said as he warped away.

Alice XVII panted. "Well it seems he was smart to try and put me out of comission immediately. It took a lot just to block that." Alice XVII said.

Nero then stood infront of Alice XVII. "Then allow me to hold them off while you regain some power." He said.

Alice XVII nodded as she stood back and the battle resumed.

"Fufufu." Eden laughed sinisterly. "Struggle all you want, it's pointless you insignificant worms."

On the other side, Shadow had used his power to sneak himself and the others inside. They appeared in the castle lobby.

"Okay you all remember the plan." Tamamo said. "Shadow, you and Micaela remain hidden until the barrier is destroyed."

Shadow and Micaela nodded as they both melded away.

Everyone split up into their respective groups and went off into the castle.

On top of the barrier the Grand Inquisitors stood.

"It seems we have intruders." Issac said. "Each of you to your respective generators."

"Finally...we settle things once and for all." Kain said. "New trophies will adore my wall."

"In the name of the Steelguard and of the Goddess they shall fall." Ivan said.

Maria merely looked at the other three. "Before I head down..." She said as she stared at them. "Which one of you sick bastards snuck in my room?"

"W..what?" Kain asked.

"What seems to be the matter?" Ivan asked.

"What are you on about?" Issac asked.

"I'm missing my favorite pair of panties!" Maria shouted. "Which one of you three did it? You guys are the only ones with clearance to my quarters. And Eden's stark naked, so I doubt she touched them."

"Woman, don't be dense." Ivan said.

"I could have the thong of Alma Elma why would I take those?" Kain said.

"I'd rather have sex with any angel of my choice than take your panties." Issac said.

"Well if you didn't, who did?" Maria asked.

In Shadow's pocket dimension.

"Do I even want to know whose are those?" Micaela asked Shadow as she pointed at a pair of panties lying on his shoulder. "I doubt they're Phantom's."

"Pervert!" Phantom giggled.

"..." Shadow blushed and then sighed. "J-Just because someone called me 'cool and dreamy' d-doesn't mean I take their panties...!" He then threw the panties at Phantom. "I-I don't want them!"

"Aw, don't be a whiner! Your stutters says otherwise!" Phantom laughed as she tried to hand back the panties. "They're a great souvenir from someone about to be on your harem list!"

"W-why are you embarrassing me front of Lady Micaela, of all people?!" Shadow turned away, embarrassed and refusing the panties.

"Hee hee~ I think they'll look nice on you~!" Phantom giggled as she tried put the panties on Shadow's head.

"Noooo! Can't this wait until after we defeat Third?!" Shadow whined as he tried to flee from Phantom, running around the pocket dimension chased by her. She quickly pinned him down and kept trying to put the panties on his head, only to be pushed off.

"Shadow Snare!" Phantom shouted and tried to bind Shadow with his shouted, but he evaded.

"That's enough, Phantom!" Shadow commanded at her. She immediately stopped in her tracks at the order. "Let's not waste our strength, we need to be in top form if we're to fight against Third!"

"Aww... What a party pooper." Phantom softly sighed as she put the panties away.

"... What an odd couple... I hope they're not like that in battle..." Micaela commented.

"Well, thanks to whoever took my panties!" Maria scowled. "Ugh, how grotesque! To not wear panties on such an important day! I'm not some damned whore like those stupid monsters!"

"Let's just prepare before they beat us there." Issac said. The four of them warped away. As the war continued. Each of the Inquisitors prepared for their battle against the Heavenly Knights and Heroes. The barriers located past the Castle Museum, Botanical Gardens, Castle Armory and Observatory respectively. Each Inquisitor prepared and waited patiently for their foes.

Chapter 35: Maria, The Toymaker.

Olivia and Erubetie traveled together through the castle halls as they rushed pass soldiers. Trying to conserve their strength for the fight ahead. As they reached the door to the Castle Museum, they both turned and saw a group of soldiers following them.

"Allow me." Erubetie said. "Melt storm..." Erubetie then summoned a whirlpool that overwhelmed the troops. "It doesn't take much to use this ability."

"Alright!" Olivia cheered. "Let's go!"

The two opened the doors and examined the Museum. Many old statues and tablets of when Ilias' religion was known throughout the world. Tapestries of powerful heroes and angels. Olivia examined them curiously as Erubetie walked forward. "We can sightsee after the war. The barrier's power is past this next room." Erubetie said to Olivia.

"Oh sorry." Olivia said as she rejoined Erubetie. They then entered the next room. It was a large room, shelves lined every wall filled with doll after doll. All strangely looking at the two as they examined the room. Olivia then looked to the center of the room and saw two strange dolls, a man and a woman next to each other. As Olivia tried to touch them. Maria's voice called out;

"Don't touch them!" Maria shouted.

"These two are..." Erubetie said. "I see how the two vanished now."

"You think I wanted to change them?" Maria said. "Everyday my father and mother argued and day it got too violent...they would've died before help came...I had then discovered that power as they both shrunk in my hands...." Maria grabbed the dolls and hugged them. "I lived on my own since that day....I made people who messed with me disappear. They called me a witch, but they're no better. Especially the boys and men talking all perverted."

"And your obsession with Luka and Adam?" Olivia asked.

" day, Luka visited my hometown with his wife. He was so kind-hearted, so adorable when he made a small childish mistake, I couldn't believe a man his size was that old either. I thought he was just too cute! But that Monster Lord." Maria said then shuddered. "I always hated snakes. And her eyeballing me as I watched him freaked me out more."

"So after a while of your tricks the townspeople had enough." Erubetie said.

"I was chased from my own home. Not just for my tricks, but they accused me of killing my own parents." Maria said. "I ran as fast as I could, never was I so afraid. But then...I met Issac and the Grand Meister. I was the last of the Grand Inquisitors to join. They drove back those idiots, claiming they'd punish me properly. But in reality; Issac trained me and the Crusaders gave me a home and the freedom to pursue this collection of mine." Maria said as she floated in the air and snapped her fingers. Soon several dolls grew into various monster shapes. "And now it's playtime. When they're done with you, I'll go make your other friends dolls and present them to Miss Eden."

Olivia and Erubetie stood together as they were now surrounded on all sides. Olivia flew up and struck multiple dolls with magic as Erubetie used her slime to force them back with waves.

"There's a lot of them." Olivia said. "But they're weaker it seems.

"Be careful not to get overwhelmed." Erubetie said calmly.

Maria merely placed the dolls of her parents on top of a shelf out of the way. She then focused on the fight. "They're persistant. Especially that Slime Queens whirlpools and waves." Maria muttered to herself. "I must use the stronger ones."

Olivia then landed as she forced back an imp doll. She looked up and noticed the door to the barrier room. "Maybe if one of us got past her." Olivia muttered and flew quickly avoiding dolls.

Maria looked down. "Oh no you don't!" She said as she summoned Iris' doll as it quickly fell from Maria's hand and tried to pinn Olivia with her short swords.

Olivia blocked with her staff and fell on her back as Iris tried to pin her. "Iris! Snap out of it! You're Evelynn's sister, we're trying to help you!" Olivia said.

"Useless to try and convince her." Maria said gloating. "They're under my control."

Olivia looked past Iris to Maria. "Just wait until I free're...oh lewd." Olivia said as she saw Maria wasn't wearing panties.

Maria blushed and flew backwards. "Aren't you angels supposed to be pure?" Maria said. "It's a long story and when I find the bastard that did that..." Maria then shook her head. "Elf girl! Finish the angel."

Iris' expression was blank as she tried to stab Olivia. Olivia kicked Iris off as she moved her arm and shocked Iris with a bolt of heavenly lightning.

Erubetie forced back the remainder of the dolls with a Melt Storm as she turned to Maria.

"You two won't quit it seems. Very well. Golem! Oracle!" Maria shouted as two more dolls, a massive golem girl and a seemingly young angel soldier with a small staff landed. "Help the Elf Girl kill them."

The angel soldier healed Iris as the golem stood infront of them. Soon all three faced Olivia and Erubetie. The golem quickly took charge and separated the two, turning it's attention to Olivia as the angel and Iris faced Erubetie.

"If that thing grabs me I'm finished." Olivia said to herself as she flew up.

"They aren't alone here." Maria said as she flew behind Olivia and smacked her down. The golem caught her and squeezed it's grip tight on her.

"Olivia!" Erubetie called out as she rushed to the golem avoiding both the angel and Iris' attacks.

As Olivia tried to struggled Maria flew in front of her. "Now let's make this quick." Maria said. "I'll use you to capture Adam. That'll be fun."

Olivia concentrated as she remembered what Miceala taught her. "Yes you'll instinctively want to punish those who do wrong. But punish them not for the ways of old, but for the new laws of this land." Olivia's eyes glew a bright blew as she glew brightly and broke the golem's grip.

"What the..." Maria said.

"By Heaven's Wrath be judged! Arc Bolt!" Olivia shouted as she hit Maria directly with a powerful holy bolt.

Maria flew back and hit the wall. She was dazed and confused.

Olivia flew to Erubetie as her eyes returned to normal. "Are you okay?" Olivia asked.

"I should ask you that." Erubetie said.

Olivia then faced Iris and the angel. Maria had then flew behind them and the golem followed. "You're starting to piss me off." Maria said. She then returned the three to their doll state as she faced the two. "No more two shall die. Chernabog!" Maria called as the last doll on the shelf, the black dragon, grew and landed beside her. Releasing a powerful roar. "Destroy them both!"

Chernabog prepared a powerful torrent of flame but the attack was cut off as a wall of water encircled Olivia and Erubetie.

"Hey what gives!" Maria said. "Come out!"

Olivia looked at Erubetie. "The wall of water?" She asked.

"Indeed." Erubetie said. "Chernabog was a legendary dark dragon. We can't face both it and Maria at once. If she can control that one, then there's no telling what she could do to monsters like the Heavenly Knights."

Maria and Chernabog tried to break the wall of water but it blocked all of their attacks.

"We need to finish this quickly then." Olivia said.

Erubetie then whispered in Maria's ear.

"What? No!" Olivia said.

Erubetie then whispered something else.

"F..fine." Olivia said.

"What are they doing?" Maria asked.

"Okay Maria you win! I quit!" Olivia said.

"You must be joking" Maria said.

"I'm serious, I'm stepping out the wall now." Olivia said as she flew outside the wall of water.

"Well, then hold still." Maria said. "Now Chernabog! Aim for the angel!"

Olivia flew around the two dodging Chernabog's flames.

Maria then faced Olivia. "Fine then I'll make you hold still. Puppet strings!" Maria said as she tried to hook Olivia with strings and Chernabog prepared one last flame breath.

Olivia then grabbed the strings and threw Maria to Chernabog. Erubetie then emerged from the wall of water glowing.

"What?" Maria asked. "Why is she glowing?"

"Colony fusion!" Erubetie said as she rushed to Chernabog and held the dragon as a powerful explosion destroyed the doll and caught Maria in the blast.

Olivia landed as Erubetie stepped back panting. "I didn't know you could make smaller scales." Olivia said. The two were shocked as every doll in the room turned back to normal as Maria's power and control over them disappeared. Many looked around confused before retreating. Chernabog then returned as it looked around. Also confused.

"Chernabog." Erubetie said. "You're free now. You can return home."

"Home? Not until I roast that girl." Chernabog said.

Erubetie then glared at the dragon. "Then perhaps a second blast should knock sense back into you." She said.

Chernabog growled then flew away. Crashing through the ceiling. Where her feet was, Iris laid there unconsious. Maria was behind her, crying.

"No...Mom...Dad...don't go!" Maria said as the two dolls faded away. "I don't wanna be alone....again...."

A few years ago. In the forests outside a small town.

"Don't let her get away!" A villager said.

"She turned my son into a doll! She's why the Lord and lady disappeared!" Another villager said. "Get that Witch!"

A younger Maria ran as she was being chased. Crying as she was driven out her own home. She held two dolls, the dolls of her parents, as she ran. She then tripped and faced her pursuers as she held the dolls.

As they closed in, a young man holding a staff landed between them. "Enough!" The young man said. "This one is mine to judge."

"Don't trust him!" A villager said.

"That boy is probably like her." Another one said. "Probably gonna let her go unpunished."

"Boy?!" The boy, Issac, had said as he levitated the villager. "Rapture!" He shouted as the villager exploded. Scaring the others away.

"Issac we must control that violent outburst of yours." The Grand Meister said.

"Apologies." Issac said.

Maria then ran to Issac. "'re like me...fix them. I made them like this and I can't change them back."

Issac then examined the dolls. He then closed his eyes. "I'm sorry...their lives are no more. Even if I did...they'd be dead either way."

"But those others...I turned them back." Maria said crying.

"They were alive however. Your mom and dad I assume...are gone." Issac said.

Maria then cried as she held Issac.

"But...I could train your power." Issac said. "teach you to control it better, uncover it's secrets. Then you can help us in our goal. We'll bring Ilias back and she could probably find your parents. Then you can free them from that doll state without losing them."

"Excellent idea Issac." The Grand Meister said. "She's young, but could accomplish great things."

The three then warped away.

Maria wiped her tears. "I never found a way to bring them back..." She said. "Issac trained me as he promised but he didn't know of any way that didn't involve necromancy."

Olivia sat next to Maria. "Maria...maybe they need to be at peace now." Olivia said.

"What do you know of stuff like that?" Maria asked. "You don't manage souls like those other angels. Angels very rarely die nowadays either."

"You're right...I've never experienced this sort of thing." Olivia said. "But I too was within a world I was not accepted in. Imagine being me, recently brought to this world from a regenerating Heaven. No memory of birth or childhood, no mother or father, just a young archangel with a mission from a Goddess that died a century ago. Thinking every young man and monster couple was an ambomination, forced humans into abandoned churches, chased out or punished for trying to do my duty."

Maria looked at Olivia. "You had it rough too." Maria said. "I feel bad for attacking you now."

"You just need proper guidance." Olivia said. "And not angry little boys who drop meteors and blow people up."

Maria giggled. "Maybe like that other handsome and serious man who saved you in Sabasa." She said.

"Shadow?" Olivia asked.

"Yeah!" Maria said. "I was hoping I'd see him today. I mean...he'd probably think I'm a freak."

"Not even the slightest." Shadow emerged from the dark corners of the room. "Olivia, Erubetie, well done. But I'll handle things from here. You don't need any more delays in stopping the barrier."

Olivia and Erubetie nodded. They then ran to the balcony with the barrier generator and shut it off before throwing it over the balcony. " just three more." Olivia said as she watched the barrier weaken before running back.

"I consider you more admirable than an abomination, little Maria." Shadow said. "If anything, if you knew the entire truth about me you'd be the one thinking I'm a freak."

"O-oh?" Maria blushed at Shadow's words.

"I too was born into this world without a family or any care." Shadow began. "In the 'home' I was born in I was quickly kidnapped and forced into slavery for humans, to fight for Ilias Kreuz. No one there gave a damn about me at all, they just saw me as a tool to be used by the Goddess. But I too, possessed a power that murdered my captors. This power was a gift, one that saved people from death. Despite what it may seem, perhaps your power saved your parents. Even though they're gone, they'll still be with you in your heart."

Maria looked up at Shadow. She quickly ran into him, hugging him and burying her face on his chest. Shadow responded by gently rubbing her head. "T-thank you... You're quite benevolent for someone called the 'Demon Assassin'." Maria giggled.

"The 'witch' said to turn people into dolls... I remember." Shadow closed his eyes. "Luka personally told me about a young girl with a hidden talent. I recall he told me to watch over you, but unfortunately I had other matters, and by the time I was available the girl had vanished. I should have investigated the moment I heard about you. I apologize... for leaving you alone all these years..."

"L-Luka asked you...?" Maria blushed. "You don't have to apologize, you're here now right? You promise you won't leave?"

"...I promise I'll be here." Shadow said, gently hugging Maria. "Dollmaking is such a rare talent, I must say. I only met one other dollmaker and her skill is quite refined. She's also a lot like you; her family's reputation was looked down upon by the 15th Monster Lord, and her only older sister vanished without a trace, later recruited by a mad scientist only to use her as a guinea pig of sorts to run tasks and tests given to her. She was all alone in the world, working tirelessly to restore her family's honor. You've gotten quite far with your talent, but once all this is over, perhaps I'll refer you to her. I believe she'll be happy to have a sister again. Of course, I'll be there to keep watching out for you this time."

Maria blushed and clutched herself into Shadow's chest even more. "Y-you're really kind... From that murderous killer to a loyal guardian. Even though you're part monster, I'll forgive you for your humanity." she said, giggling.

"I'll be here to keep my eye on you, until the barrier goes down and I'd have to fight against Third." Shadow said, taking her to his pocket dimension.

"For a dark monster, you're rather more of a light human." Micaela commented.

"He is, isn't he?" Maria giggled. "Miss Micaela, is it? I don't know if I still want to help Eden, but I do know that I want to be with Shadow."

"Hee hee. Just after taking her clothes, you couldn't resist the whole package, could you?" Phantom giggled, swinging around Maria's panties with her finger."

"A female... Shadow? W-wait! Are those...?! Shadow, why does she have my panties?!" Maria scowled as she began to pound away at Shadow's chest.

"... Please give them back to her, Phantom..." Shadow sighed.

"Haha! First you say you don't want them~ Now you say you do~! Make up your mind~" Phantom giggled as she gave Maria her panties back.

"Hmph!" Maria scowled as she put her panties back on. "Well, at least you gave them back. I'll forgive you... for a piggyback ride!"

"Ooh~ Shadow giving piggybacks~ How fun~" Phantom giggled.

"Wha? A-alright..." Shadow let out another sigh. Maria giggled and raised her hands, allowing Shadow to pick her up and put her on his back.

"Whee~" Maria giggled in joy as Shadow piggybacked her, carrying her around in his dark dimension. "You really are handsome, and cute~ Completely unaged like Luka, what a funny coincidence~" she said, laughing and playfully pulling his cheek. Shadow shrugged off the playful pulling, looking up at her and smiled upon seeing the joyful face of his former enemy, one he promised to aid and protect.

Chapter 36: Kain, The Demon Hunter.

Evelynn and Alma Elma entered the gardens and stared in awe at the massive and maze-like entanglement of trees and plants.

"Oh great." Alma Elma said. "This place is like a jungle."

"But the barrier generator is close." Evelynn said pointing upward. "On top of that building."

"Easy then." Alma Elma said as she flew up.

Evelynn looked around then immediately grabbed Alma Elma's tail and pulled her down. A massive crossbow bolt flew past Alma Elma as she was pulled back down. "He's around here...waiting to strike." Evelynn said. "And there's no telling what kind of traps he has set."

Alma Elma landed. "Then we walk." Alma Elma said smiling. "Don't worry, Kain won't try and take us both on, he'd rather stalk and take us one by one. So stay close Eve."

The two walked carefully towards the center where the building stood. They kept an eye out for Kain and any tricks he might pull.

"Wait." Evelynn said as she heard a noise. "Do you hear that?"

"Sounds like a wounded animal." Alma Elma said. "Poor thing."

"'s off from any animal cry I've heard." Evelynn said. She then aimed with her bow towards the source of the noise and fired. The animal cry was cut off.

"Clever girl." Kain said. "I forgot who I was dealing with here."

"There he is!" Alma Elma said. Soon Kain cloaked himself as he moved quickly through the tree tops. "I would've fallen for everything had you not been here."

"Don't worry." Evelynn said. "My father knew of his tricks to lure all kinds of beasts. It's funny, Kain and him were the only two hunters daring enough to live in those jungles between plantsect and the Gold Region. He wasn't his pupil or anything, but the two were...very competitive."

"Well we're getting close. If we can lure Kain to a clearing and keep him there, it'll be easy to pin him down." Alma Elma said.

The two continued. Stopping to prevent any traps from going off. Revealing pit-falls, and disabling any trapping devices. Dodging Kain's bolts as he also fired from afar. The two had reached the building, surrounded by a clearing in the massive gardens. They saw Kain jump to the roof where the device was. The two nodded in agreement as they headed inside after him.

"This must be the trophy room." Evelynn said.

"My many." Alma Elma said.

The entire room was decorated with trophies of both powerful beasts and deadly monsters. Kain was sitting in a chair.

"Well, not everyday I get to show ladies the trophy room." Kain said. "Lemme save you the trouble, I forgot how many there are exactly."

"Well well Kain." Alma Elma said. "All come down to this. But where will I be if you win?"

Kain smirked and pointed above him, a blank plaque with Alma's name on it. "But I know it won't be easy." Kain said. "Especially with elf-girl there. Did I hear you right? David is your father? How is that old man? He left the jungle all to me one day a year after I set up my cabin."

"He lives with my mother now." Evelynn said. "But I'm sure he didn't want you to become a monster hunter."

"He isn't alone." Kain said. "Only other thing I lost count of were the number of letters from my mother. Begging me to stop and come home."

"How is she by the way?" Alma Elma said with a wink. "How are the ladies back at Succubus Village you left heartbroken."

Kain's expression of smugness immediately turned to anger. "How the hell did you know that?" Kain asked.

"I had a feeling, but when I looked into it; it was crystal clear." Alma Elma said. "Why does a man wanna run away from there?"

"How dare you?!" Kain shouted. "I'm not one of those....flying perverts! My path there was obvious...growing up into a cow to be milked! When I was born, it stupefied the doctors apparently. 'One of us actually has a child?' 'He's half succubus?' It was strange yes. But I'm not like those perverts at that town, lining up to be raped."

"If you hate succubi so much...then why do you wanna kill me so badly?" Alma Elma said. "Didn't you say you hated hunting succubi?"

"I...honestly...of all the succubi I've encountered. You by far...are the wierdest. By all appearance and definition you fit the bill perfectly. But the second you threw that first punch, those kicks, the counter does a succubus learn that? Why does a succubus desire learn those martial arts? Why does the Queen avoid her people's homeland? Why are you so different?"

"Does it bother you that much?" Alma Elma said giggling. "That I'm that strange or different to you?"

"That's the freaky part there...I liked it. I never saw it before, you broke what looked like eons of Royal Succubi tradition and I loved every second of it. Which is why..." Kain said as he drew his blades and imbued himself with wind power. "I was more thrilled than I was against any monster I ever hunted fighting you. I'm going to defeat you here and now!" Kain shouted as he tackled Alma Elma and forced her out the double doors and into the clearing.

Evelynn rushed out. But was immediately tripped as her legs were entangled by a bola. Alma Elma faced Kain. Evelynn freed herself and watched as Alma Elma's martial arts clashed with Kain's blades.

"Eve! I'll hold him off! Get the barrier generator!" Alma Elma said.

Kain looked at Evelynn then drew his crossbow and fired a flashbang arrow. Evelynn shielded her eyes as Kain rushed to her and guarded the door. "Fine...I'll fight both of you." Kain said.

Evelynn jumped back and readied an arrow in her bow. She had fired two arrows but Kain had deflected them both with his blades. He then dashed away and clashed with Alma Elma a few times at high speed.

Alma Elma then delivered a powerful kick sending Kain to the ground. Evelynn aimed at him and followed up. "Vine arrow!" Evelynn called as her arrow sprouted vines trying to restrain him.

Kain quickly regained composure and jumped out the way. He then cloaked himself.

Alma Elma and Evelynn nodded as they stood back to back. "This is so much fun!" Alma Elma said. "Why do I always have such a blast when it comes to you and your friends helping me?"

Evelynn smiled. "Even in the heat of battle you find ways to have a good time it seems." She then said.

"Well Kain's not the type to make this a violent sort of day like with Hainuwelle." Alma Elma said. "He's tough and can handle both my pleasure techniques and martial arts techniques well. And I see that he's having fun too."

Evelynn looked around. "Still, you'd think he'd strike by now. He can't keep cloaked forever..." She said.

Alma then looked away from the tower and grabbed Evelynn as they avoided Kain's fire. "He mixes up his style. Think you can out-shoot the Crusaders best marksman?" Alma Elma asked dodging.

"I'm on it." Evelynn said as she took aim and intercepted fire with her own arrows. "His crossbow is powerful, but slow to reload."

"Try this one on for size!" Kain said as he fired a different type of bolt.

Evelynn intercepted it but the bolt exploded and flung smaller explosives towards her and Alma Elma. The explosives knocked them both down as Kain quickly rushed to Evelynn with his blades out prepared to finish her first.

Alma Elma rushed to Kain and grabbed his shoulder. She then countered his attack with a powerful palm to his stomach. Causing him to even cough blood and drop to his knees as Alma Elma helped Evelynn up.

"Eve." Alma Elma said. "Lemme one on one Kain for a little. Use that to your advantage."

"But I can't go for the barrier." Evelynn said. "He'll just attack me."

"Then go the opposite direction." Alma elma said with a wink.

Evelynn thought for a moment and then nodded as she ran off.

"One on one?" Kain asked. "Hmph I'll make this quick and then go back for her."

"I'm afraid I'm not the type that settles things quick when it comes to men I like." Alma Elma said. "How about I let you choose how to settle this; Either my martial arts, or as a Queen Succubus."

Kain raised an eyebrow and thought for a moment. "Hmm, well you've signed the death warrant there." Kain said as he got into stance. "As the Queen Succbus then, since you tend to avoid violence as that." Kain then closed his eyes and reopened them as they were now red. "And you've forgotten are resistant to your pleasure."

Alma Elma then smiled and winked. "You know, I remember something...I first beat you and raped you clothed." Alma Elma said as she stripped. "Consider this your lucky day Kain."

Kain then got a nosebleed as he saw Alma Elma nude. "Gah...oh Goddess what did I just sign myself up for?" He asked.

Alma Elma then tried to rush to him, but rather than fight back, Kain dodged and backed away.

"No!" Kain said then dodged Alma Elma again. "No no no no no! Go back to the martial arts and put your clothes on!" Kain said.

"What, you've never seen a monster naked before?" Alma Elma jokingly asked.

"It's not that I...." Kain said then lost his train of thought. "Just at least the top okay?"

Alma Elma winked at Kain as she showed off her breasts. "Aww, does Kain like breasts?" Alma Elma teasingly asked.

Kain shook his head. "Enough of this." Kain said as he ripped off his shirt. He then tore a large portion off as he used it as a blindfold. Kain then sniffed the air. "Lavender....okay."

Alma Elma then tried to attack Kain as he dodged. Alma then jumped back before Kain could counter. "I see, how crafty of you." Alma Elma said.

Kain then used his sense of smell to track Alma Elma. "I'll admit, I'm a breasts kind of guy." Kain said. "I usually keep my cool but just in case, I've tracked your scent for a long time now so this should work." Kain then got into stance and awaited Alma Elma's next move.

Evelynn had ran until she saw the tallest point. "This should do." She said to herself as she jumped up the tree. Evelynn then looked towards the clearing and saw the two fighting. "Just hold steady while I focus and charge this final shot Alma Elma." Evelynn said as she readied and arrow and began focusing power.

Alma kept narrowly avoiding Kain's counterattacks as she tried to create an opening. Then then heightened her wind power and rushed to Kain and quickly flipped over him before he struck. As she landed behind him she locked his arms in a full-nelson. "Got you!" Alma Elma said as she pressed her breasts against Kain's back.

Kain blushed and immediately struggled. "Get off!" He shouted.

"Maybe I'll humiliate you with my tail first." Alma Elma said as her tail opened.

Kain managed to break her hold. "I said get off!" Kain shouted as he turned and quickly tackled her. He then grabbed her tail and used it to restrain her arms as he grabbed his discarded shirt and covered her breasts. He then removed the blindfold and held both blades against her neck as he sat on top of her. "Game over Alma Elma." Kain said smirking. "I always get my prey."

"Do you now?" Alma Elma said smiling. "Well, your other 'prey' is about ready to end it."

Kain then realized he forgot about Evelynn. He then looked behind him moving his blades away.

Evelynn had finished focusing as she fired the arrow. Imbued with Fairy and Elven magic combined as it rocketed through the air towards Kain and Alma Elma.

Alma Elma then freed her arms and threw Kain off as she dodged and left him to take the full force of the attack.

The arrow directly hit Kain, exploding into a field of flowers and vines, Kain had taken the blast and was also restrained by the vines as he was now too exhausted to struggle.

Evelynn then cheered as she managed to hit him directly and quickly rushed back to the two. "Just in time I see." Evelynn said.

"We' won!" Alma Elma said. "Now, do me a favor and break that barrier. I'll meet you and the others after I...punish our little Inquisitor."

"Before that..." Evelynn said. "I need to speak with him." Evelynn then walked to Kain. "You fought admirably Kain. I apologize for that little trick."

"Eh don't apologize." Kain said. "I lost the hunt. You truly are David's kid. He's the only one to out-shoot me."

"Why did you join the Crusaders?" Evelynn asked.

"Long story kid. But I'll try to make it short;" Kain said. "You see, your dad left his hunting career to live with your mother probably." Kain said. "I was bored and I've already seen every animal the world had to offer. Then three strange guys visited my little home. You know them as Issac, Ivan and the Grandmeister. Turns out, they originally wanted your father. So when they learned I was the closest to his equal, they settled for me."

The Grandmeister knocked on the door.

"Your holiness, this land is dangerous. Surely we could've settled this alone?" Ivan asked.

"I'll be fine Ivan." The Grandmeister said. "Few monsters roam here since these two hunters took over this place as their turf."

Kain opened the door. He then took one look at the Grandmeister and Ivan's attire. "Umm, no I don't wanna talk about your Lord and Savior Goddess Ilias thank you." Kain said as he tried to close the door.

Issac then held open the door. "Quite rude of you." Issac said. "As a half-monster you should be grateful I don't obliterate you." Issac then sniffed the air. "Half-succubus even. Of all the ancestors, I hated that Babylon Whore Minagi the most." "Settle down Issac." The grandmeister said. "We're of the Black Crusaders. And we hear you're the best hunter in the world."

Kain then decided to let them in. "You're at the wrong house, David was the best, until he vanished." Kain said.

As the three entered and examined the trophies and home. The grandmeister spoke up. "Truly a marvelous collection." He had said. "But surely you'd rather hunt more dangerous game."

Kain then sat down. "Listen old man, I doubt you can offer me a prize more dangerous than some of the deadliest animals in the world." Kain said.

"Deadliest?" Issac said. "These animals are fierce, but ever tried hunting your own kind?"

"Succubi?" Kain asked. "To....what's the word? Slutty? Yea best way to describe it."

"You seem to hate your own race." Ivan asked. "Although if anyone was half-succubus it'd lead to finger pointing and wrong accusations."

"You got that right big guy." Kain said.

"I meant monsters in general." Issac said. "See that wild bull head? Imagine a Minotauros, enraged and massive axe. Or that snake hide, from a vicious lamia." Issac examined the trophies. "Many animals you have are at least 10 times as deadly as monsters."

"You're a nutjob." Kain said. "The Heavenly Knights would kill me before I'd even grab a trophy from that kind of hunt."

"But you clearly hunt for sport from what I've heard. Monsters would easily fill your desire for the thrill of the hunt." The Grandmeister said. "And once Ilias has returned, you'll hunt monsters in a new world order. Praised and rewarded for driving these vile creatures away."

Kain then thought about it. "You sure Ilias would accept a half-monster?" Kain asked.

"Hmph, just promise to serve loyally and the Goddess would overlook that unfortunate setback." Issac said.

"So I accepted their offer." Kain said. "Sad thing is...I ended up finding a thrilling joy in just how powerful monsters are. But no matter what, I never wanted to hunt a succubus. Until Alma Elma that is."

"I see." Evelynn said. "Well that's all. I have to break that barrier. Hopefully you'll learn that it's okay to accept your lineage and that you don't have to become like the other men in Succubus Village." Evelynn then walked to the building. "He's all yours Alma Elma."

Kain's eyes widened as he then turned his head. Alma Elma was twirling his shirt as she winked at him. "I'll catch up with you and the others when the barrier breaks. For now, I have to make sure my plaything here doesn't resist arrest." She said.

Kain then struggled furiously. "Wait! I surrender! Take me to jail!" He shouted. "Ahh no please stop! Not again!"

Evelynn then reached the second floor and broke the generator. Weakening the barrier further. "I see Olivia and Erubetie were successful, I'd best rejoin them." Evelynn said. "Alma Elma don't kill him okay?"

"Damn you Evelynn!" Kain said.

"Wouldn't dare kill him." Alma Elma said. "Catch you later!"

Evelynn then chuckled before heading back to the others.

Chapter 37: Ivan, The Divine Aegis.

Nikolai and Granberia walked through the halls. Which were seemingly unguarded.

"This is strange." Nikolai said. "You think they're gonna ambush us?"

Granberia merely shook her head.

"Not taking my chances." Nikolai said as he readied himself for a suprise attack.

Two crusaders hid behind a pillar they were approaching. Both were shaking in fear.

"Aww man, we had to get Granberia." One of them whispered.

"We have to fight them." The other whispered. "I don't wanna piss Issac or Eden off."

"They'll kill us." The first one whispered back.

Nikolai saw the two arguing about whether or not it was smart to fight them. He and Granberia ignored them and kept moving. "You get a lot of hiding opponents when you invade a place?" Nikolai asked.

"Unfortunately." Granberia said. "Just leave them to cower. I'm sure Ivan is ahead and I know for a fact he shall fight."

Several guards then jumped out trying to ambush the two. The two cowering guards were shocked that they tried to attack them.

Granberia ignited her blade as Nikolai charged his fists and the two effortlessly defeated the guards and kept moving.

"I told you it was a bad idea!" The first guard said.

"Let's get outta here!" The second said as they ran off.

The two then entered the large, double doors to the armory. The room was vast and filled with many hanging weapons and armor of various kinds.

Nikolai whistled in wonder. "They have a lot of weapons ready." He said.

"Shame they went to waste on such cowards." Granberia said. "Ivan! I know you're in here!"

Ivan stood at the entryway to the barrier generator. He closed the door as he drew his blade and shield. "Indeed I am. No ambush or trickery. I fight with honor, much like yourself." Ivan said.

"I apologize then Ivan." Nikolai said. "I have to join her."

Ivan merely sighed and readied himself. "Then you shall both be given no mercy." Ivan said. His body then radiated defensive auras as he immediately used his perfect guard.

Granberia opened with a Thunder thrust. Ivan blocked but was still damaged. He then responded with an upward strike with his shield knocking Granberia back. Nikolai then rushed behind him and used lightning to charge his spear. But Ivan had quickly turned and held the spear back with his blade before blocking Nikolai's punch with his shield.

Nikolai jumped back and got into a stance. "Winged Dash Blade!" He called as he rushed at Ivan. But was shocked as Ivan jumped and pointed his shield downward.

"Guard Crash!" Ivan shouted as his aura intensified as he crashed down towards Nikolai. Granberia intercepted with her Demon Decapitation but was forced back as the power was immense.

The two stood and faced Ivan. "I see your family's hidden techniques are truly worthy of their reputation through the centuries of their service to the Ilias faith." Granberia said.

Ivan gave a small smile as he banged his shield with his blade. "So you know of my family?" Ivan said. "Then you know that I was chosen after prooving I was the strongest in the clan?"

"So the Crusaders knew of the Steelguard family and chose a champion from there?" Nikolai asked.

"Allow me to explain;" Ivan said. "The Black Crusaders are on a mission from the Godess herself. They had came to my family's castle and we had a tournament to select our champion to aid them. Although some of my family joined later as soldiers, I had proven the strongest of our clan."

"A mission from the Godess?" Nikolai asked. "But Ilias is long gone."

"So they're trying to settle for a new Godess." Granberia said. "But Eden will not take control of Heaven."

"So you don't understand." Ivan said. "Even if you did, I must stop you." Ivan then held his arms out. "You may have looked into my family origins Granberia, but you never looked into just how powerful our master defensive auras are." Ivan then raised his blade upward as he held his shield in front of him. "Champion of Ilias!" Ivan called as his body had shined.

Ivan and Granberia shielded their eyes. Once the light had dimmed, they had saw what Ivan had become.

"I've waited years for this." Ivan said. His armor was much more fortified, shined a golden color, even his head and face were protected and his shield was stronger. "The ultimate guard of my family. Pitted against the Cursed Sword Master." Ivan then prepared himself for Granberia. "Have at thee!"

"There's no way you could move in that." Nikolai said.

Ivan rolled his eyes and ran to Nikolai and back without any effort. "We train every inch of our body to withstand the heaviest armor." Ivan said. "You think I'd be that dense and make myself immobile?"

"Well could've fooled me." Nikolai said.

"Fine then." Granberia said as her blade was ignited by purgatory flame. "Taste my signature technique. Vaporizing Rebellion Sword!" Granberia said as she released a furious barrage of flaming strikes upon Ivan.

Ivan held his shield out and braced himself as he took the entire technique head on. Ivan emerged unharmed. "Behold, I am invincible." Ivan said.

Granberia looked shocked. "Even that wasn't enough?" Granberia asked.

Ivan then rushed to Granberia, the two clashed blade against shield as Ivan also tried to strike Granberia with his sword. As Nikolai tried to rush in. Both had found their strikes, even empowered by their flame and lightning respectively couldn't pierce his guard.

"Enough of this." Nikolai said. "Black Lightning!" He called as his body was covered in a black lightning. He then morphed his left arm into tentacles as they restrained Ivan. "Black Lightning Assassination!" Nikolai shouted as he sliced through Ivan before he could escape and delivered powerful blows to him before striking through him again.

Ivan dropped to his knee as he panted. "What was that?" Ivan asked. "I actually felt that one."

Nikolai didn't give Ivan a chance to react. He then raised his spear. "Demon Stinger Blade!" He called as he delivered a powerful series of five thrusts to Ivan and sent him flying into a wall.

Granberia smiled. "So that's the forbidden Black Lightning techniques of the Destroyer? Just like your father." She said.

"I know they're forbidden but I convinced Raijin to help me learn them." Nikolai said.

Ivan stood as his powerful form was still strong and he was not down yet. "Shield Crash!" Ivan shouted.

Nikolai responded with a powerful black-lightning infused punch. The room shook as they sent each other backwards. Ivan had then blocked every blow Nikolai tried to deliver. Only being sent back by his special techniques.

Ivan jumped back and held his blade. "Quite a formidable foe, but how long will that power last?"

Nikolai panted as his black lightning wore off. "Too much...this takes a lot out of me." Nikolai said as he jumped back.

"Then allow me." Granberia said. "You fought well Nikolai, but I shall end this. Demon Skull Beheading!" Granberia shouted as she climbed a pillar and crashed down on Ivan.

Ivan turned to Granberia and blocked her attack with his shield. "What incredible power..." Ivan said as the floor beneath them cracked and Ivan and Granberia fell down to the floor below.

"Granberia!" Nikolai shouted.

"Get the generator! I'll end this!" Granberia shouted.

Nikolai nodded his head, having faith in the Heavenly Knight as he ran for the stairs and climbed them. He turned off the barrier generator as the barrier was weakening further. "One more...Hopefully Granberia can win this." Nikolai said.

Granberia faced Ivan.

"The barrier has weakened, my mission has failed." Ivan said. "But I shall not give in until I have bested everything you can throw at me."

"Then allow me one more chance." Granberia said. "To shatter that Guard."

Ivan bowed to Granberia. "Give it your best. If it fails, I shall finish you." Ivan said as he braced himself.

Granberia then held her blade upward. "Wind..." She said as wind was imbued within the blade.

"Wind?" Ivan said. "No...she's still focusing energy."

"Earth." Granberia said.

"A combination technique?" Ivan asked.

"Water." Granberia said.

Ivan then prepared all of his energy into his defensive power. "All four?" Ivan asked. "Was this the technique of Heinrich that split the Earth and destroyed Black Alice?"

"Fire!" Granberia said as the technique was fully prepared. "Quadruple Giga!" Granberia shouted as she swung her blade down.

Ivan braced himself as the technique was headed straight for him.

Nikolai stood next to the generator and waited for Granberia. He then felt a rumbling. "What the..." Nikolai said as he quickly jumped off the building as the entire armory exploded from Granberia's attack. Nikolai landed on another building as he looked down at the rubble once the explosion cleared.

Granberia stood, pointing her blade at Ivan, who's entire suit of armor was destroyed in the blast. He laid there, in normal clothing. "I....lost." Ivan said weakly. "No guard...can stop that."

Nikolai jumped down and looked at Ivan. "You should've struck her. Then it would've been an instant win for you." He said.

Ivan chuckled. "Well shit..." Ivan said. "I have failed my family."

"The fact I resorted to that technique shows your capabilities." Granberia said. "You, by all definition are no failure. Despite your family's code. Truly your dedication inspired more in your house."

"I see why others followed then." Ivan said, remembering the day he was recruited.

At the Steelguard Family castle in the Ilias continent.

"We have selected a champion." An old man had said. "Come Ivan! Meet the ones you shall aid."

Ivan walked to the Grandmeister and Issac. He then saluted the two with his blade and shield. "For the glory of Ilias I shall serve you Holy Father." Ivan said.

"Impeccable." the Grandmeister said. "As expected of the Steelguard family. I'm truly in debt to your house."

"He shall be of great aid in our mission." Issac said calmly.

"Ivan here was the victor in our tournament." The old man said. "You requested the absolute best."

"Are there more like him?" Issac asked.

"Not currently." The old man said. "Faith in our family tradition has waned slowly after the fall of Ilias. Ivan was the most dedicated and powerful we have left."

"What did you mean by, 'A mission from the Godess?'" Nikolai asked.

"Only Issac and the Grandmeister knew." Ivan said. "I assumed Ilias had returned and gave a mission to the Grandmeister which lead to the founding of their organization. He didn't say what to look for or how to bring Ilias back."

"Why would Ilias come back from the dead just to give an old man a mission?" Nikolai asked.

"Or why would a Heavenly Superweapon trust an old man with a supposed mission?" Granberia asked. "There's one more Grand Inquisitor. For now I shall escort Ivan to the dungeons. Rejoin your friends for now."

"Right." Nikolai said as he rushed off.

Granberia warped Ivan to the dungeons and placed him in a cell before leaving. Kain laid in the cell next to him wearing only boxers.

"Seems you had been defeated as well." Ivan said.

"Can't...move..." Kain said. "She overdid it...but it felt damn good."

"You pervert." Ivan said.

Maria then walked into the hallway and stood in front of the cell. "Hello you two!" Maria said excitedly.

"Maria?" Kain and Ivan asked.

"Yep!" Maria said. "I lost too. But unlike you two I don't have to sit in jail."

"Why not?" Kain asked. "I was raped half to death again, least I deserve is a comfy bed but apparently I can't wait in Alma Elma's room."

"Because after I lost I had pledged loyalty to my new master!" Maria said. "He was so nice to return my stolen panties! He's already found me a new home!"

"New master?" Ivan said. "I thought Issac was your master?"

"Yeah, he and Eden ain't gonna like that." Kain said.

"Nope. I have a new master who's better and more handsome than Issac! And I won't tell who it is!" Maria said.

"Luka? Adam? Shadow? Yeah, must be Shadow." The both of them said.

"How'd you know?" Maria said. "Killjoys..."

"Well least we're not dead." Ivan said. "Perhaps we should be thankful."

"Could've been worse." Kain said. "I don't think they'll kill us. Least not anymore."

"Right-O!" Maria said smiling. "Shadow told me Alice XVII isn't one to give death sentances."

"See?" Kain said. "And if they found Maria a new life, I'm sure we can find something for your family."

"Perhaps you're right." Ivan said.

"Already accepting your defeat?" Shadow said, emerging from the shadows of the room.

"T-the assassin?" Kain asked.

"Hm? Shouldn't you be aiding in the fight against Issac?" Ivan asked.

"No, I have my orders to reserve my strength." Shadow said "It's a funny coincidence but my life has met hardships like yours. Orphaned like Maria, a half-monster like Kain, a forced Ilias loyalist like Ivan, and... a conflicted path like Issac. That said it was very hard for me to overcome my difficulties, but somehow I managed to."

"E-eh? A half-breed, too?" Kain asked.

"Hmph, you'd truly be disgusted to know where my lineage comes from. It was hard for me, too, but I eventually came to accept it once I learned the whole story." Shadow muttered.

"F-forced? It was Steelguard tradition." Ivan said.

"... Perhaps a slight similarity." Shadow closed his eyes. "Ilias Kreuz made me into their group against my will, however."

"Hee hee~ You were kidnapped too, taken away from home that you can't ever recall." Maria said.

"I can never remember my birthplace. I don't like talking about that, but I'm happy with the new family I've been recruited to." Shadow sighed a bit. "Having a conflicted path... I don't want to share that just yet, and Maria knows to keep that a secret."

"Well, to change the subject... Hello master~!" Maria giggled with glee, holding her arms up in the air and motioning to be picked up. Shadow did so, holding her into the air and piggybacking her.

"Hm? How courteous but unusual for an assassin." Ivan commented.

"Little Maria, I consider you more of an equal than a master... I don't like making you feel like my slave or anything." Shadow said.

"But I can call you master, right? Right? Right-O~!" Maria giggled.

"... Why am I the only one who has to suffer from this... At least it makes you happy." Shadow sighed.

"Hee hee, because she said it's fun to mess around with you and it is~!" Maria said excitedly, hugging onto Shadow tightly.

"Haha, a killer getting pulled around by a youngster. Shadow and Maria sitting in a tre--" Kain said singsong, but was interrupted by a shadowy blade that grazed his cheek, causing a small cut that bled out a little. "Yikes!"

"Shut the hell up or maybe I'll carry out the death sentence on my own." Shadow glared at Kain. The half-nude man reared back and began to drop sweats while shivering a bit.

"...One must not forget he's an assassin, Kain. Even I saw that coming." Ivan said.

"With the three of you defeated, it won't be long before the last one will fall, too." Shadow continued. "Once that barrier goes down, it's left to me to clear a pathway to Heaven for Lady Micaela. I'll be the one to fight Third and her blind lowly followers."

"Mm, what a calculated plan. And sending one of the three who fought Eden from a century ago to challenge her again, a wise decision. But she has top ranking angels guarding her. Archangels, Principalities, and Cherubs. Sending the entire force and leave the leader completely defenseless, a mistake Eden had learned from a 100 years ago, and she must also have learned from that past battle. Will you be able to handle them now?" Ivan asked.

Shadow turned and glared at Ivan, also causing him to rear back a bit and drop a sweat. "U-uhm... N-never mind." Ivan shook his head.

"My new master's quite frightful, isn't he~?" Maria giggled.

"First, I want to speak with the leader of the Crusaders, the Grand Meister. I believe Maria said he's down here." Shadow said.

"Lookin for the old boss?" Kain said. "Yeah, Eden overthrew him and gave us power, after we got our butt whooped by that robot chimera thingy."

"Ngh, how shameful it is to lose to that creature. A small sacrifice, but it's a greater shame to lose our original leader." Ivan said.

"The plans he put in place have all failed, too. What an incompetent old geezer~ My new master's way better than this~" Maria added.

"Hm, still he's a key figure to finishing the whole puzzle." Shadow said. "You two will stay put until the barrier is deactivated. You'll then witness the fall of Third, and hopefully that will teach you your mistakes of such petty alliance and creating the Black Crusaders. Now, little Maria, please show the way."

"Harsh, aren't you? Alrighty then~! Forward!" Maria shouted with glee, pointing into the direction ahead and leading Shadow around the dungeon.

"... It might not be right to doubt the Great Seraph, but I feel that we were indeed wrong to continue the old traditions of the Goddess." Ivan said.

"Psh, yeah... Even if we were successful I doubt the Lord and Savior would let me in their world. They'd probably dump me in the trash. Yet this half-monster and his friends is willing to let us in theirs." Kain said.

"But... that glare... In all my life I've never seen or felt anything as scary as that glare..." Ivan shuddered a bit.

"I-I felt it too..." Kain shuddered as well. "That sent a lot more chills down my spine than being raped by Alma Elma..."

"He fought Eden before... and now we've felt a sample of his power from a century later. Just what does he have in store for the Great Seraph now...?" Ivan pondered.

Chapter 38: Issac, The Endbringer.

Adam and Tamamo walked through the halls to the observatory. No guards were around.

"No guards?" Adam asked. "Strange."

"Back in the Great War, Issac was often sent alone in his missions. His power causes too much damage to those around him. So to prevent any harm to her angels Ilias prefered sending him without aid unless it was an emergency." Tamamo said. "Despite his cosmic realms preventing colateral damage, Issac likely told the soldiers to help the other three Grand Inquisitors." Tamamo then sniffed the air around her. "I sense that the other three were defeated however, the others were successful."

"I knew they could beat them." Adam said. "Now let's go stop Issac." Adam then ran ahead.

"Wait!" Tamamo said as she ran. "Why do the young rush head first into danger these days?"

The two reached a door and entered carefully. They had entered the observatory and saw Issac reading a book as he sat in a chair.

"About time you two came." Issac said. "I knew the soliders wouldn't be enough. So I told them to join their comrades in the fields."

"The other Inquisitors have fallen." Tamamo told Issac. "Now you are all that stands in our way. You might as well surrender."

Issac closed his book and stood. He walked around the observatory. "You do know the odds I've faced in my past Tamamo." Issac said. "Countless battles against the ancient monsters, surviving years in the Realm of Light, even experiencing the wrath of the Dark Goddess. Surrendering, was never part of the code I followed. Regardless of any odds."

"We have no choice Tamamo." Adam said. "If we're to show Issac why he should let us pass, we have to fight him."

Issac smirked as Adam said that. "So the symbol of hope shines just as his ancestor has." Issac said.

Tamamo looked at Adam then back at Issac. "So that's what he meant." Tamamo said. "Very well. We shall fight you."

The observatory faded as Issac warped the two into a cosmic realm. "You've both experienced this realm in the past." Issac said. "But do not think for a moment this is a haven of any kind." Issac floated in the air.

Tamamo and Adam had both focused the Breath of Earth to strengthen their power. "Adam," Tamamo said. "Hold off on your angel powers. Your dark powers have less effect on your body."

Adam nodded his head and concentrated. His body was now radiating dark energy. "Freeze!" Adam shouted as he imbued chilling ice into his blade and struck Issac.

Issac blocked the attack and flew back. "That won't stop me." Issac said. He then flung a small orb at Adam.

Adam deflected the attack with his blade. "Come Sylph!" Adam said as he was now faster. "Now, Raijin!" Adam then used Wind and Lightning to greatly enhance his speed. He then ran to Issac.

"No you don't!" Issac said as he intensified gravity.

Adam's sprint was slowed drastically but he could still move.

Tamamo moved through the gravity as well and managed to jump up. "Tamamo punch!" She called as she punched Issac to the ground.

Adam rushed to Issac and followed up with his own attack. "Lightning Sword Flash!" He called as he hit Issac.

Issac regained his composure and removed the gravity. "How about this?" He asked calmly.

Adam and Tamamo floated in mid air as they tried to move around. "Wee!!" Tamamo said giggling as she was swimming in the air.

Issac shook his head. "This was Mom's sworn enemy here..." He said calmly to himself. Issac then moved to Tamamo. "Having fun?"

Tamamo giggled. "Why yes I am." She said.

"We're in the middle of a fight here!" Issac shouted as he smacked Tamamo to the ground intensifying gravity.

"Tamamo!" Adam shouted as he landed and rushed to her.

"I'm fine, he's a real stick in the mud." Tamamo said brushing dust off her kimono. "He's right however, we're not here to fool around." Tamamo then concentrated as she recited the Word of Dispel.

Issac landed and prepared a Supernova. "So the Fox decided to take things seriously? Let's see how long you can endure this time." Issac said.

Tamamo assumed her true form and faced Issac. "Adam, follow my lead. With you by my side this time he won't overwhelm me." Tamamo said.

Adam nodded as he held his blade.

Tamamo rushed to Issac preparing another punch. Issac intercepted the blast with his attack. However in the smoke created by the blast, Tamamo rushed through and slashed him repeatedly with her claws. "Dance of Death!" Tamamo shouted. "Tamamo punch!" She then followed by uppercutting Issac into the air.

Adam jumped high into the air and smacked Issac downwards. "Earth Rumbling Decapitation!" Adam called.

Issac landed on the ground and stood. He then raised his staff. "Enough of this!" He shouted as a massive meteor headed for them.

"Salamander!" Adam called, focusing both Salamander's fire and the Inferno of the Monster Lord. Tamamo stood beside him focusing energy. "Vaporizing Rebellion Sword!"

"Moonlight Cannon!" Tamamo called as both of them unleashed a powerful combination that destroyed the meteor.

Issac then floated and focused a massive building-sized orb of cosmic energy. It then shrunk into his palms.

Tamamo then pushed Adam behind her. "Leave that one to me." Tamamo said, preparing for the attack.

Issac then fired the small orb at Tamamo. "Primordial Burst!" Issac shouted.

"Nine-tails Funeral Pyre!" Tamamo shouted as the pillar of flames collided with the orb causing it to rapidly expand and explode easily eclipsing the entire asteroid they are fighting on.

Issac and Tamamo both panted. Having used their strongest techniques on each other. Tamamo however began to lose power as she reverted to her normal form.

"Seems I'm victorious." Issac said as his body regained power. "We've been fighting for some time now and you know I grow too strong to handle alone Tamamo."

Adam removed his ring and tried to focus his power. "She isn't alone here. You got me to deal with." Adam said. His body now radiating both Holy and Dark energy. "And the Spirits this time as well!" Adam then focused the power of all five spirits together.

Issac took a step back as he witnessed the display. "Dark and Holy energy...two powers never compatible, actually working in harmony?" He said.

Adam then focused energy in his right hand. "Elemental Spica!" He shouted as he rushed to Issac.

"Supernova!" Issac shouted as he launched an orb at Adam. The attacks collided and offset each other as Adam then rushed to Issac with his blade sheathed. "Serene Demon Sword." Adam calmly said as he drew his blade quickly and sliced before sheathing it again.

Issac was wounded as he flung back. He quickly stood and summoned a meteor shower.

Adam then held his blade. "Ninefold Rakshasa!" He called as he sliced apart the meteors.

Issac then prepared another Primordial Burst.

Adam then stared up at the attack and held his blade.

"Quadruple Giga?" Issac said. "Suicide."

"Adam it would take too long to charge." Tamamo said. "His signature move will kill you!"

Adam turned to Tamamo and winked as he concentrated. The power of the spirits seemingly vanished.

Issac then threw the orb. "Primordial Burst!" He shouted.

The orb the vanished before his hit Adam's face.

"What?" Issac said. "You were focusing on Quadruple Giga? The spirits vanished!" He then turned around and saw the falling star.

"Daystar!" Adam shouted.

Issac tried to stop the falling star as it pushed him down to the ground. "No...the black hole takes too much concentration to create..." Issac said. "Not again!" The daystar then exploded in a bright flash as it and the cosmic realm vanished. Returning the three to the observatory.

"You did it!" Tamamo said. "We defeated Issac!"

Adam looked towards Issac as his body shrunk. He was sealed back to the form of a child.

Issac stood panting. "This isn't over!" Issac shouted then covered his mouth. "Oh no! I'm a kid again!"

Tamamo giggled. "You even sealed him!" She said. "He's so cute!"

"Silence Fox girl!" Issac shouted. "I'll destroy you!"

"Make me cutie!" Tamamo said sticking her tounge out.

Issac then held his staff and walked towards the two.

"Issac." Miceala said as she appeared behind him from Shadow's realm. Her angel form was revealed.

Issac stopped and turned seeing her. "M....Mom?" Issac asked.

Miceala sighed. "Let them go Issac. You were defeated." She calmly said. "Come with me now."

" will you beat Eden to the Realm of Light?" Issac asked.

"I'll find a way." Miceala said. "For now, come along. You have a lot of explaining to do as to why you'd attack me before I think of a punishment."

Issac's eyes widened as he seemed to have remembered something;

Over 1,000 years ago. In the Realm of Light.

"Ilias. We were successful." An archangel said. "Here is the child." She then set down a young Issac.

Ilias smiled as she felt his power radiating off him. "That old fool thought he could hide you. It was fortunate he trusted me." Ilias said.

"Where am I?" Issac asked as he looked around. "Where's my father?"

"We had to make sure he kept quiet." The archangel said. "So like you commanded Ilias we silenced his father and removed any records of the family."

Ilias then calmly placed a hand on Issac's cheek. "Your father gave you to us to control your strange power." Ilias said. "You belong to me now." Ilias then turned to Miceala. "Miceala, I'm putting you in charge of his training."

"I..I wanna go home!" Issac said as he cried. "I won't have anymore outbursts! I know I hurt people, but I wanna see my father again!"

Miceala then walked to Issac and kneeled down. "This shall be your home for now." Miceala said as she held Issac. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe as you learn to control that power."

Issac then ran to Miceala and hugged her. "I'm sorry! I was just following Eden's orders!" He said.

Miceala then held Issac. "That's okay my little Endbringer. I'll overlook it if you promise to help me now."

Issac then cried as he nodded his head.

"Now apologize to Tamamo and Adam." Miceala said.

"But Mom!" Issac said. "She called me cute!"

"You are cute, now apologize." Miceala said.

Issac rolled his eyes. "I'm sorry Tamamo and Adam. The barrier generator is upstairs." Issac said.

Tamamo snickered. "Okay Adam before I die of laughter lets take out that generator." Tamamo said as the the two of them walked off. "We shall meet again at the Grand Hall Miceala."

"Understood. Shadow will likely move through the dungeons to find this Grandmeister. I have a few questions for him." Miceala said. "Come along Issac."

Issac followed Miceala into a dark portal as Tamamo and Adam went to the barrier generator. They destroyed it as the barrier finally disappeared. "That's all four." Tamamo said.

"Let's meet with the others." Adam said. "We're almost there."

Chapter 39: The Dungeons. The Grandmeister.

As the barrier fell. Shadow, Maria, Issac and Micaela appeared inside the dungeons.

"Okay, he's this way." Maria said as she led the way. The four approached the Grandmeister's cell as he sat there.

"Maria?" The Grandmeister asked. "The barrier has fallen?"

"Well Arthur, apologies are in order." Issac had said.

"Issac? You had fallen as well? Does that mean all four Grand Inquisitors have been defeated?" Arthur, the Grandmeister, had said.

"We were wrong to assume Eden was the one." Issac said. "There's...another."

"The one? Another?" Shadow asked as he revealed himself.

"Ah, the Demon Assassin." Arthur had said. "Eden is what I had thought what Ilias wanted when she reached me all those years ago."

"But Ilias was long defeated." Shadow said.

"She is." Issac said. "But the Grandmeister, is a Prophet. He recieves visions, usually in dreams, of things to come."

The Grandmeister weakly stood. "You see, 50 years ago. I lived in San Ilia as one of the council, Ilias' faith had fallen entirely...I had given up faith myself, until I had a vision...from Ilias herself."

50 Years ago. Arthur's vision.

"Find...another." The voice of Ilias said in his vision. "Heaven...will return..."

"Another? Who should I find?" Arthur had said.

"Find...Issac...Navel of the World." Ilias said as she faded and Arthur awakened from sleep.

"So I traveled to the center of the continent of Sentora. Where Heaven's Gate once stood." Arthur had said. "I had found a blue orb filled with great power within a crater."

Arthur had reached down and grabbed the orb. As the climbed out the crater a large figure approached him.

"Human... Mate..." A mantis girl said as she approached him.

Arthur dropped the orb to grab his blade, but the orb shattered and Issac appeared.

Issac stood stretching. "Who summons me?" Issac said.

The Mantis girl tries to grab Issac, but Issac avoided it as he used gravity to lift and slam down the Mantis girl. Crushing her with intensified gravity.

"Find a mate in hell, spawn of Darkness." Issac said as he crushed the Mantis Girl. Issac then looked to Arthur, noticing his priest robes. "Holy Father, are you safe?" Issac asked calmly.

"Yes, thank you." Arthur had said. "Are you...Issac?"

Issac looked at Arthur. "How do you know my name?" Issac asked.

"Ilias had sent me a vision...of Heaven's return. I was told to find you." Arthur said.

"Return?" Issac said. He then looked at the ruins where the Heavens Gate was located. "Come with me." Issac then lifted Arthur as the two flew to the gate.

Issac stood at the Gate as they landed. Issac placed his hand upon it. "No...It's gone!" Issac said. "Black Alice...Promestein....I knew they should'nt have been trusted. Why did Ilias place me in slumber? Even Eden was defeated...she won't be back for some time."

" shall return." Arthur said. "I have...visions in my dreams. They always come true. I'm to find someone..."

Issac then focused on Arthur. "Yes...I sense a power within you. It's unlikely you are lying." Issac said. He then concentrated as he touched the Gate again. "You're's slowly regenerating. It'll need a host, a new Goddess of Light. A Seraphim will do. But of the three, one is sealed...and the other two...even I know not what happened to one, but the other...had fallen."

"We must find one then." Arthur had said. "My father was a priest of the faith. I've learned of the old ways of Ilias. Surely we can find this Seraph, and other angels who may help us."

"Thus, Issac and I, joined together to search for the means to bring back the Goddess." Arthur said. "Through faith to prepare for the return, and to find the angel that shall take Ilias' place or perhaps even become Ilias.

"In time...others had secretly joined." Issac said. "We founded our organization, and worked in the shadows. Recruiting powerful warriors. Ivan, Kain and Maria. Created the order of the Grand Inquisitors to serve as the holy-angel's elite soldiers. Even prepared to face the Monster Lord in the event they were against the return of the Goddess of Light."

"So oh Third Great Seraph came to the Black Crusaders and you thought she was the one." Shadow said. "Then she abused your power for this petty quest of vengence."

"I was skeptical at first. I kept looking for Miceala..." Issac said. "But once Eden began incorporating the Realm of Light's power within her, it couldn't have been stopped without her death. But I was tasked with exterminating the only other angel that could take control of that power."

Arthur then banged the cage. "I was a fool to have been used as a puppet!" He shouted. "She claimed to be the next in line. That she was the first!" Arthur then coughed and panted as he sat down. "You see, it took 50 years to find one...I've not aged greatly in those years. And the fact that I was rotting in this cell doesn't help. I was a fool."

"First? Surprisingly despite being a faithful devotee you haven't done your research at all." Shadow said. "No, she was and still is the Third, but remains arrogant and deluded to believe to be the First Seraph."

"You were no fool." Micaela said as she stepped out the shadows. "Merely used, like young Maria's dolls."

Arthur was in shock as he saw Miceala. "You look...just like in the vision of Ilias..." He said.

Issac then stepped next to Miceala. "Arthur...this was the Seraphim I wanted to find. The Sword of the Heavens and First Seraphim, Micaela."

Arthur dropped to his knees. "You were obviously the one Ilias trusted...considering the world now." He said.

Issac broke open the cage door. "He's no longer in any state to do anything." Issac said. "This man reawakened me and with only a vision and hope, revived purpose in this old weapon." Issac then helped Arthur up. "I was wrong to agree with the betrayal. The least I can do is make sure he doesn't rot in this jail."

Maria walked to Arthur and Issac. "You two had given me a home and saved my life." Maria said. "And despite not being able to bring back my parents, Issac did help me train my power. Even if it was for the wrong reasons."

"Thank you Maria." Arthur said. "Show them the way to the Grand Hall."

Maria nodded, but as she turned to show the way Shadow stopped her and patted her head. "Unfortunately, with the final battle drawing close, I must depart. I'll clear up Third's angel litter and do as much damage as I can, before you all arrive. I may not be able to stand against her alone, as with last time, but I hold a trump card in my hand. Please inform the others that they are allowed to rest if they wish, if not, I do not want any interference with the battle with Third, until after I deployed my trump card and until the situation seems very dire. After all, it'd be rude to crash the party, wouldn't it?"

"Okay, good luck master! A tea party with you, Eden, and her only, fun! I'd love to be invited, hehe~" Maria said as Shadow turned to leave.

"I wish you and her the best. Obtain victory!" Micaela said.

"Hmph. Third may be powerful, but all but one key card has been played on the field. That will remain my advantage, and Third's defeat." Shadow said as he left in his dark portal.

"Her? Party? Who do you folks mean?" Issac asked as he walked with the others.

"You'll see when we get there. Patience." Micaela smiled.

After Shadow entered his dimension and quickly rushed to the Grand Hall, he summoned Kain and Ivan to him from their jail cell.

"It's time for Third's fall." Shadow said.

"Better than waiting in the cell." Kain said. "Another chapter of the hunter and the hunted. Perhaps watching your techniques will help me better my own."

"And so it seems even Issac had been defeated as well." Ivan said. "I see now that you were not wrong at all."

"Now do you understand full well how misguided the Black Crusaders were, how foolish it was to trust Third?" Shadow said. "But I'm not directly taking you to her, no I have to clear her cannon fodder first. Go join the ones who defeated you."

"Wait! No! Don't make me go with Alma Elma!" Kain cried.

"Very well, I shall face my fate then." Ivan said.

Shadow ignored Kain and ejected the two into the real realm of the Grand Hall, on the ceiling, causing them to fall down. "Deal with it."

Still in his dark realm, Shadow then turned to the path leading to Eden as Phantom joined him, armed and ready.

"Finally~ At long last, the tea party is ready~!" Phantom giggled.

"Make sure Third gets most of the tea and the cookies and crumpets." Shadow smirked.

"Of course, she'll love them so much she'll faint~!" Phantom smirked back.

"Poisoned~? Heh." Shadow stuck his tongue out briefly.

The pair headed to confront Eden, planning to remove her remaining angel guardians first before facing the mastermind.

Chapter 40: The Grand Hall.

Adam and everyone else fought through the main area to the door to the Grand Hall. There, they heard arguing from behind the door.

"He forgot my clothes and gear!" Kain shouted.

"I'm without arms as well we were trained to handle this." Ivan said.

"Relax you two! All four of us are in this together!" Maria said.

"This will be short work." Issac said. "We'll cover you two while you think of something."

"That sounds like those Grand Inquisitors." Nikolai said.

"Shadow must've talked with them like he wanted." Tamamo said. They then opened the doors to help them.

Maria held off angels soldiers with suits of armor that lined the Grand Hall brought to life as Kain and Ivan stood behind Issac.

"It seems you eight have made it." Micaela said.

"Yoo hoo! Kain!" Alma Elma said. She then tossed Kain his machetes

Kain jumped and grabbed them. "Thanks. Just focus on the fight Kain..." Kain said nervously as he joined Maria in the fighting.

Granberia saw a suit of armor with a shield and sword. She then took them off and handed them to Ivan. "What's a noble knight without his arms?"

Ivan smiled and took up the arms Granberia gave him. "I would've fought these devious angels with fists after what Eden had done to trick us." Ivan said then joined the others fighting.

Micaela then joined Adam and the others. "Shadow will handle the stronger angels and face Eden for now, conserve your strength and be ready to join him when he needs help.

"We can conserve our strength then." Tamamo said. "But an army blocks the path and these Inquisitors are still weakened."

Miceala then smiled. "Not to worry," Micaela said. "Issac, make a path for us."

Issac then jumped in front of Maria, Kain and Ivan. He then levitated a large number of the soldier army blocking the path. "Go now!" Issac said.

The nine of them took the opportunity to their advantage as they ran through the army. As the angels tried to follow them, a Gravity Dome trapped them inside the Grand Hall. The angel forces turned to Issac.

"Be safe mother." Issac said as he held his staff. The other three Inquisitors joined him. "We have to hold off as many of them as it takes."

Kain then readied his blades. His eyes then glew red as he radiated a strange aura with wind power. "None of you are allowed to fight that Succubus Queen. Or her friends."

Ivan then invoked his Champion of Ilias as he was now clad in ethereal, golden armor. "Prepare to be judged." Ivan said. "Try as you might we shall not back down."

Maria then grabbed two unconcious angels and turned them into dolls making them join the armor suits. "This will be real fun." She said with a smile.

Ivan then turned around as the dimensions around the throne room warped. " know full well not to get in my way." Issac said as Cherub Wormiel, leading the angel forces, appeared behind them.

"So you have betrayed Eden?" Wormiel said. "Then all four of you shall face an eternity of punishment. After I destroy Micaela."

Issac's body then took on his ethereal, adult appearance. "You'll do no such thing!" Issac shouted as the four of them began to fight.

At the top of the castle. Eden stood infront of the gate.

"So the Grand Inquisitors have betrayed me following their defeat?" Eden asked.

"Yes Great Seraph." An angel scout said. "The enemy is headed this way. Issac trapped several soldiers and Cherub Wormiel is trying to defeat them."

"The door shall open soon." Eden says. "With Ariel, Ranael, Mariel and Nageal in their way they shall not make it in time."

"No trace of the Assassin Shadow currently. He was last seen freeing former Grandmeister Arthur." The scout also said.

"Yes, I'm worried about his actions." Eden said. "But he shall not defeat me alone and he tends to be the first in line." Eden then placed a palm on the gate. "So close now. Once I am Goddess, all angels, even those traitors, shall follow my command. Then we shall bring this world back to how it was supposed to be, before the Dark God ruined it."

Back in the Grand Hall;

Maria, Ivan and Kain managed to best the majority of the angel soldiers. Issac was holding off Wormiel until they had finished to prevent her interference.

"Issac, don't worry about us." Kain said. "Just waste that worm freak."

Issac panted. "It's not that, I'm back to my sealed state." Issac said. "It'll be some time before I regain enough power."

Kain panted. "Yea, still a little weak from Alma Elma..." Kain said. Kain then grabbed a cupid by her collar. "I wonder..." Kain said as his eyes glew red before he kissed the angel, draining her energy. "Woah!" Kain said. "I could've done that to her!" He then dropped the Cupid and fought with revitalized strength. "Still wish I had my crossbow."

"Ooh! I'm telling Alma Elma!" Maria jokingly said.

Ivan rolled his eyes as he forced back a few Valkyries. None being able to get past his defense. "Least he's back to his energetic self." Ivan said.

Wormiel then grabbed Issac. "To think I'd be forced to punish our own weapon." Wormiel said. "You are a tool, a weapon, a freak that causes genocide. Don't give pity to these traitors and beings you used to slaughter. You think because Micaela treated you different meant anything different? That was a ruse, now either face my wrath, or destroy your friends and assist Eden."

Issac's eyes glowed blue as his anger peaked. His power skyrocketed as he broke the bind. "I'm not a weapon! I'm a human being!" Issac yelled as he charged a Black Hole. "And how dare you assume that about Micaela!" Issac then bent the Black Hole into a massive dark orb. "Eclipsing Darkness, Swallow the light and obliterate all! Black Star!" He then launched the orb at Wormiel cauing an explosion, twisting and breaking the Gravity Dome. The blast vaporizing Wormiel and the remaining soldiers. The other three ran out the area as the explosion of dark energy destroyed the Grand Hall. Issac landed, panting as it took much of his power to perform that technique.

The other three entered the ruins terrified. "So that's the power Ilias dedicated much time to controlling." Ivan said.

"Nearly took us out with them." Kain said. "But good job."

"Issac, are you okay?" Maria asked.

Issac panted. "So that's why Lucifina used a star." He said with a chuckle. "Relax, I won't be doing that one again."

Arthur had walked in the room. "Come," He said. "it is time I make up for my mistakes."

Issac then walked with Arthur. "Arthur, surely you can't be serious." Issac said. "Eden wasn't like that Cherub, she's far more menacing."

Arthur then turned to Issac as he stopped. "I've been used and tricked into choosing the wrong Goddess." Arthur said. "I shall never forgive myself and die with regret if Eden wins."

Issac and the others then joined the Grandmeister. "Then we shall serve once more." The four said. They then followed the path Micaela, Adam and the others took.

Chapter 41: Suprise! Shadow vs. Eden.

Shadow and Phantom continued through the path to the Heaven's Gate. Phantom giggled as she imagined how the 'Tea Party' will go. Shadow exited his realm, Phantom remaining behind until Eden appears. As Shadow stepped out, he saw the Heaven's Gate. Seemingly unguarded.

Shadow readied his weapon, "... What a coward, oh Great Third Seraph." He said.

Eden appeared infront of the Gate. "Third?!" Eden angrily shouted before quickly recovering into a calm facade. "... As I predicted the Assassin is first in line. And you've done well to keep Micaela hidden as she was sneaking like a rat." Eden then summoned a holy spear as her four angel bodyguards, Ranael, Mariel, Ariel and Nagael appeared in front of her. "You were foolish to come alone however." Eden said. "My revenge against you for aiding the Son of Lucifina will be this much easier."

"The disgraced assistant. Allow me to redeem myself and punish this one!" Ariel said.

"Fufufu. What shall I use to toy with this human?" Ranael said, boasting her monstrous body parts.

"Oh my, this human came all the way alone to be my sex slave?" Mariel said.

"I have judged you... Hm, the disgraced hero was sentenced to 30,000 years of violation. Perhaps I shall increase yours for... 1,000,000 years?" Nagael said.

Shadow remained silent, he stood ready as the four angels surrounded him. As the angels closed in, Shadow then spoke up; "The only truly foolish one here is you, 'Third.'" Shadow had said.

Eden quickly reverted back to her angry demeanor, "Hghh! Gahh! Kill him!" Eden had commanded.

The four angels charged onto Shadow, with Ariel and Mariel throwing all sorts of holy magic and Ranael and Nagael using their monstrous body parts to attack. "Enveloping Darkness; Bloody Tornado." Shadow calmly said as his tornado spin attack amplified with darkness pushed back his attackers with minimal effort. "This is your 'elite four'? They fight like children. Perhaps if you kept the Cherub behind this would be much more of a challenge." Shadow sighed.

The archangels and principality were angered at this remark, as was Eden. "Oh my, that makeup doesn't look good on you, 'Third'." A female voice giggled. As soon as it reached Eden's ears, a blade was suddenly plunged into her from behind, the sharp metal sticking out in front of her chest. "There we go~ That looks a lot better now~"

"Master Eden!" The four angel guardians turned around and looked in shock of what had happened to their leader; a second figure, backstabbing Eden.

"Finally, the big party starts now~" Phantom had said. "Surprise! A big party, just for you 'Third!'" She then emitted an immense, oppressive, murderous aura that filled the entire room, causing the angel guardians to back away slowly.

As Phantom pulled her blade out, Eden moved away as she stared at her wound and coughed blood. After wiping it off from her mouth, she looked at her attacker and was then shocked; Phantom wasn't wearing her black robe, but a blue gothic lolita dress and a ribbon on her head. With long flowing lime hair and crimson eyes, she gave a sinister smile to Eden. "! NO! First that traitor you!? Now of all times!? Here of all places!?" Eden angrily shouted.

"I-it can't be... Black... Alice! But she's dead!" Ariel shouted after recognizing the figure.

"Uuu... Scary... Much scarier than Master Eden..." Mariel whined.

"S-stand strong!" Ranael commanded, quivering a bit. "D-don't be intimidated! O-or Master Eden will punish us!"

"The return... of Black Alice?" Nagael asked. "Be judged... no a few million years won't do... Be judged... for eternity then!"

Phantom, the 8th Monster Lord Black Alice as she was known centuries ago, had stared at Eden, then she began laughing. "Oh! Look at her face! All this time and I knew it would be worth it!" she had said with glee.

"Black Alice went on and on how incompetent 'Third' was... And funny how she still is." Shadow, too, laughed with Black Alice. "Failing to lead the Ilias's army and leaving the Goddess all alone to die... and now losing the Black Crusaders and sending your own minions to abandon you... Useless~"

"Incompetent~" Black Alice said in singsong.

"Fool~" Shadow continued.

"Obtuse~" Black Alice continued.

"'Third'~!" the both said at the same time, finishing their singsong taunt.

Eden was beyond furious, her body expanded as she revealed her true form. Black Alice then leaped toward Shadow and gently landed beside him, weapon ready. "YOU! How dare you anger me! How dare you revive HER!" Eden angrily shouted at Shadow before turning to Black Alice. "And YOU! You betrayed Ilias, caused her death and here you stand unpunished!? Then I shall see to it myself!" The other angels then regained their composure as they knew Eden was alongside them and readied themselves.

"Oh my... Her makeup's running dry again." Shadow smirked. "That won't do at a fine tea party like this."

"And these lesser angels, too, are unwelcome to the party." Black Alice giggled. "But they look so terrified to try to jump in~"

"Of course, let's show 'Third' a nice, fun party~" Shadow giggled along with Black Alice as they braced themselves for the battle.

Inside the castle, the Grand Inquisitors and Arthur were following the others slowly. Issac, leading the pack, had then stopped as he felt the murderous, oppressive aura. "I knew I felt that force before... from Shadow's realm." Issac said.

The others paused as they felt it. "I felt it too... when Shadow visited me and Kain in the dungeon. But it's on a much greater scale... what dark, twisted, horrifying demon is he?" Ivan asked.

"Whatever the hell he is... He's no ordinary demon." Kain said. "An immense amount of fear and intimidation. Truly, he lives up to his name as the Demon Assassin. I bet he'd finish me faster than Alma Elma... Feels like not even the Demon Hunter could be a match for him, no matter how many times I power up."

"... It can't be... Black Alice..." Issac muttered. "She finally decided to grace us with her presence."

"Wait...that psychotic, tyrannical Monster Lord Black Alice?!" Kain asked. "I was told she was long dead!"

"I, too, have heard Black Alice had perished." Ivan said. "... Did Shadow revive her somehow?"

"How she was revived is beyond me." Issac replied. "So this is Shadow's trump card... First Eden returns... then Promestein... and now Black Alice. The trio of Ilias's right hands have all made their comebacks. But, is Black Alice aiding us...? Or will she revert her back to her tyranny?"

"Hee hee... So 'she' already came out to play?" Maria giggled. "Shadow said something about having a sinister past... I wonder how much of a role this Black Alice had."

"Even if she's aiding us, we must move quickly." Arthur said. "Eden's so close now, she might use desperate measures."

Further ahead;

"It seems the Grand Inquisitors were victorious." Granberia said.

"As long as they're helping us then that's great." Adam said. "We have to make it to Shadow... But I'm sensing something extremely sinister up ahead."

"Shadow should be fine if that 'Phantom' is there." Nikolai said. "Just something off about her... Mother never mentioned her either in the stories she told me."

"I never knew anything about Shadow having a twin or a clone either." Olivia said. "Then again not much is known about him at all."

"Whatever this is..." Evelynn began to say. "This 'Phantom' of his definitely is no ordinary monster."

Tamamo smiled as she felt Black Alice's aura. "Well, Shadow and her did wanna make it a surprise. Hopefully they'll be enough." She then said.

Micaela also felt both Black Alice and Eden's true form. "Knowing Eden, she might get desperate now that a major thorn just went in her side." She said.

Back on the castle top;

"You four, take care of that annoying human!" Eden commanded her angelic bodyguards. "Black Alice is mine!"

The four angels spread out leaving Eden to face Black Alice as they focused their attention on Shadow.

Black Alice merely stood still. Giggling and waiting. "Oh? Does Third prefer to dance one on one?" Black Alice playfully asked.

Shadow merely chuckled as he readied himself. "Well I'm sure you two must want to catch up. But unfortunately I don't wish to dance with these four others. Especially without their invitations."

Ariel fired an Arc Bolt at Shadow, who avoided the attack however was soon forced to avoid and deflect Ranael's tentacles. Nagael and Mariel then joined Ariel as the four worked to keep Shadow and Black Alice separated by surrounding Shadow.

"Like rats flocking to cookie crumbs..." Shadow muttered. "Bloody Tornado." Shadow then calmly said as he spun rapidly forcing the four of them back. Shadow then attempted to meld back to Black Alice, who was laughing and dodging Eden's attacks. As he reappeared behind Eden, Ariel had followed him and grabbed his collar, throwing him back.

"Eden had ordered us to see to your punishment." Ariel said as the four blocked his path.

"Since these two want to make it a game," Mariel said. "then we'll join in and make them play by our rules."

Shadow then rolled his eyes, preparing for their combined onslaught. "Such improper manners..."

Nagael opened with her serpents heading for Shadow. He had jumped back and used Demon Cutter to repel the serpents. Ariel and Mariel used their magic in combination to fire at Shadow together, forcing him to fight defensively. "Keep at it!" Ranael said as she then headed in Shadow's direction and used her monstrous body to attempt to restrain and weaken Shadow.

Meanwhile, Black Alice continued dodging Eden's serpents. "Such a slowpoke Third, I haven't even attacked yet and you're going to wear yourself out." Black Alice said. "And it's quite rude of your guests to change the rules of our little party."

Eden was clearly angered by the laughing, taunts and insults of Black Alice. "Just hold still!" Eden said. She then rushed numerous serpents towards Black Alice. Black Alice melded in the floor and tried to help Shadow. Eden turned her massive form around as the serpent-like tentacles followed Black Alice's shadow. But Black Alice dodged the obvious ambush, despite being sent further away from Shadow.

"How rude Third," Black Alice said. "he was looking forward to this party as much as I was." Black Alice then smiled. "Then I guess I'll have to take the lead on our dance since you're not having fun." Black Alice then dodged another serpent as she readied her blade. "Black Reaper." She said as she extended the length of her blades and slashed Eden's large body repeatedly. Before even giving Eden a chance to recover Black Alice then jumped in the fountain of the garden, "And some for you and those others in the garden. Phantom Blow." Black Alice said as she struck Eden's main body and the four angels within the garden simultaneously. Jumping back off Eden.

Eden clenched her fists. "That won't stop me!" She shouted as one of her serpents grabbed Black Alice's leg and threw her, Eden then fired a holy energy bolt at Black Alice, hitting her. Eden the immediately followed with an orb of concentrated Holy energy. "Take this!" She then fired the orb at Black Alice. Black Alice landed and shadow melded into the floor before the orb hit her, sneaking away as Eden attempted to track her movements.

Shadow was cornered by the four elite angels, "Keep me preoccupied while you obtain your petty, little revenge one by one." Shadow said. "You're still so unaware of the obvious, your plans were doomed to fail. Just as you always have." Shadow called out to Eden.

Eden had then lost control of her temper as she turned to Shadow. "You bastard... both you and her, just shut up!" Eden said as she raised the serpents of her garden. "Paradise Lost!" Eden shouted as all of them rushed to Shadow, The other angels flew off to avoid being caught.

Shadow had melded into the floor as the serpents struck around the area he stood. Shadow and Black Alice then met as they both reappeared beside the Heaven's Gate. "Well, I never imagined having this much fun... if only these rats wouldn't intervene so much." Shadow said.

"Me and Promestein never managed to make her this angry." Black Alice said teasing Eden. "If only Solomon was alive and Promestein wasn't in jail. Oh well, I have this whole party videotaped for her at least."

Eden then paused as she looked at the gate took a second to breathe, meditating even. "Just stay calm." Eden said softly to herself. "You're close now, just have to keep calm...and wait." Eden then took a deep breath. "Now then, I do apologize. I'm sure you wanted some 'catching up' as they call it, and it was rude of me to snap."

"Oh my," Shadow chuckled. "Would you like some tea with that surrender, Third?"

Black Alice chuckled. "Oh Third, we were having so much fun. You've given up now? But you're plan is so close, you can almost taste the disgusting air inside that realm behind us." She said. "But you're quitting? Such a failure to give up when you're this far. Third!"

Eden then transformed back as she crossed her arms. Her four angels, although confused stood beside Eden, not wanting to rush in without her. "Ah yes, bringing up my clever." Eden said. "Despite Promestein and your own failures, both of you also lost, seems taking things your way doesn't work in the long run." Eden said chuckling softly.

"But who was the one who lost first?" Black Alice continued chuckling. "You so much wanted to be First, and look where that landed you!"

As Shadow and Black Alice stood ready. The Heaven's Gate, assumed the form of the angel whom merged with it and slowly opened its mouth, aiming it's large tounge at Shadow carefully as Eden distracted them. Ariel then realized what Eden was planning and readied herself.

"But I'm sure you two want to move the party inside. Yes..." Eden said. "Inside, right behind you. You first Shadow." Eden then snapped her fingers.

As Eden gave the command, the gate attempted to grab Shadow with her massive tongue. Shadow anticipated this and jumped back in time, but the tongue managed to wrap around his legs, bringing him back to the ground.

As Black Alice attempted to rescue him, Ariel attacked with an Arc Bolt. She blocked it, but was surrounded by the other angels.

Eden then laughed. "Who's laughing now Black Alice?" She said. "You two have failed now! To think even the great Black Alice and her brat Demon Assassin Shadow have failed!"

Black Alice stood and giggled. "Oh you think we're finished Third?" Black Alice said. "No we were merely the entertainment until the other guests arrived."

Eden then felt a prescense behind her as Adam used Raijin and Sylph to rush to the gate. Adam then used Gnome to lift the tongue off Shadow as he repelled it back with Heavenly Demon Revival. As the four angels attempted to help the Gate, Nikolai, Evelynn and Olivia joined Adam. Olivia healed Black Alice and Shadow as the four returned them. Eden then turned to find all four Heavenly Knights, the Grand Inquisitors, and Micaela facing her.

"Hee hee~ Everyone here at last, shall we begin the real party~?" Black Alice chuckled as the others stared at her.

"I-it can't be..." Olivia said as she quivered a bit from Black Alice's oppressive aura. "Black Alice... was with Shadow all this time...?"

"T-the tyrannical Monster Lord...? The one who tried to bring mother to her wrongdoings?" Evelynn said, also quivering.

"You... fought my grandfathers." Adam said. "Why are you helping us now?"

"So this is 'Phantom'...?" Nikolai asked. "Is this why mother never said anything? Or did she not know at at all?"

"Holy crap, are you insane to have her here?!" Kain shouted to Shadow.

"So this is Shadow's true power...?" Ivan asked. "Being so close to such presence... I doubt I could hold my Champion of Ilias against her..."

"I-I'm in disbelief too... But it really is Black Alice...!" Issac said.

"Hehehe..." Eden chuckled. "Your 'friends' seem to despise you so much... Did you think reviving her would do any good?"

Black Alice stopped chuckling and tilted her head down as she heard the words of her allies, how they thought about her and judged her from her tyrannical past. Shadow quietly stood by her side.

"What a failure!" Eden taunted. "They don't want you back! All your parties are trash! You and Promestein can go back lying dead in the ditch!"

After a moment of silence, Nikolai suddenly stepped in and spoke. "... I haven't known much about Black Alice other than being a monster who wanted to rule the world... But I don't see that in her. In fact, she helped us train to become stronger! To put an end to Promestein's old ways! I haven't seen this Black Alice revert to her past! If anything, the one who's being a tyrant right now is you!"

"Oh yeah..." Adam said. "That was her and not Shadow who fought us outside Gold Volcano wasn't it...?"

"Mother refused her offer." Evelynn said. "Maybe I should be grateful she didn't try anything after that."

"I've known Black Alice to be nothing more but a world eater." Olivia said. "But it seems right now she can be fully redeemable."

"Oh right... She's not the enemy here... is she?" Kain asked.

"... My apologizes for doubting you, and myself." Ivan said.

"You sided with Ilias, only to turn your back against her. Hm, maybe I can forgive you for taking down that wretched goddess." Issac said.

Black Alice stood silent, her head tilted down. After another moment of silence, she suddenly lifted her head back up and began laughing maniacally, cutting off Eden's own laughter and leaving her confused. Shadow smirked as he stood by her. "Oh Third! Still foolish as ever to jump to conclusions!" Black Alice said. "No, I don't care what others think of my tyrant past! I'm quite pleased to be alive still, around my dear Shadow~ And of course, throwing lovely parties for people like you, Third!"

Some of the others were a bit creeped out by the laughter, but Shadow too had joined Black Alice in her laughter. "I'm pleased to have the dear 'Black' Alice back around, even though people judge her so much. Opinions of her are meaningless to us. All that matters... is having fun~"

"... I don't know if I can tolerate her 'fun'..." Granberia said. "But I find her a rather respectable ally, still."

"Oh come now, Granberia!" Alma Elma giggled. "It's nice enough to loosen up once in a while, and this woman knows how to please~"

"..." Erubetie simply stayed quiet.

"... 'If anything, if you knew the entire truth about me you'd be the one thinking I'm a freak.' ... is what Shadow said to me." Maria said. "But we all have hard pasts, and I'm sure this Black Alice is no exception."

"Lost her lover... Forced to be a slave to Ilias..." Tamamo said. "She originally wished to live her life as someone's lover, but all that was taken away by the Goddess... But Shadow gave her hope... Because he's her son... and she's the original Demon Assassin." The others who weren't aware of this truth were immensely shocked at the bombshell that Tamamo dropped. "In her calculated plan to stop Ilias while simultaneously having a way to save herself from evil's clutches, she split her soul in half to form a 'child' that inherited her good side, and carry on her legacy as the Demon Assassin. Once Black Alice fell... her soul fused back into Shadow's. He wasn't aware of it at first, but once she awakened, she became his most important ally throughout the century. Black Alice technically didn't revive, she's the other half of Shadow's existence, simply fusing the separated souls back together and holding their good and evil in balance, just like ying and yang. Before they were a soul that split apart that formed a 'mother and son' and went their own separate ways, now they are together again as one whole being. In essence, Shadow is Black Alice, and Black Alice is Shadow."

"She's our ally now... A rather unusual one, but still an ally." Micaela softly said.

Black Alice and Shadow's laughter came to a close as they both stared sinisterly at Eden. "Now do you see, Third?" both of them said simultaneously. "All bite and no bark. What a fool, Third!"

"... They really are in tune, aren't they?" Adam said.

"YOU!" Eden began to seethe again once she realized her taunts had no effect on Black Alice. "Staying calm and pleased though all this!?" Eden then turned her attention to Shadow. "And YOU! A disgusting child of Black Alice?! Unacceptable! Worse than the Son of Lucifina! Perish, you vile demons!" Eden and her angels braced themselves as Shadow and Black Alice prepared to dance again.

"'Disgusting'?" Shadow said. "Oh my, Third really is a big bully isn't she?"

"My, how scary." Black Alice giggled. "Third really hasn't changed at all."

"Now, we apologize for the delay, Third." Both Shadow and Black Alice giggled. "It's time to get this show on the road~!"

Chapter 42: The Gate Opens.

Eden backed to the Heaven's Gate. "How much more time?" Eden whispered.

"A few minutes now Great Seraph." The Heaven's Gate whispered.

Eden clenched her fist. "Then this shall be the best I can do." Eden said. Eden then focused holy energy into a massive shield that surrounded her and the Gate.

Micaela stood behind them. "She's planning on stalling out the last few minutes." She had said.

Black Alice smirked as she saw the shield. "Third's out of options? Never the best at planning."

Arthur then joined Micaela. "Grand Inquisitors, protect Micaela. We must get her through that door first."

The Heavenly Knights, Shadow and Black Alice, and the others prepared to fight and break the shield as the Grand Inquisitors stood behind to protect Micaela.

"Flash Kill should take down the shield." Adam said, readying Angel Halo. "I just have to get close. We might have to seal those four angels."

Olivia then stopped Adam. Then walked to the four angels. "You four, may I ask...why do you serve Eden?" Olivia asked.

The others stopped as they waited to see what Olivia was planning.

"Why?" Ariel said in response. "To punish the sinners built up over 100 years."

"We have been sealed and forced to watch Ilias fall." Nagael said. "Unable to do anything. We've fought a long war against monster-kind and sinners."

"You're more recently born compared to us." Ranael said. "You've never lived and experienced as much as we have when it came to monsters. Watching humans shorten their lifespans lusting after them."

"But that time had ended a century ago." Olivia explained. "Peace came to the world, no more commandments to enforce, despite murders to punish the sinners, angels were allowed in this world with open arms."

Mariel tried to speak up, but had stopped herself.

"Maybe part of it, was fear." Adam said. "Eden, despite any jokes Black Alice or Shadow may say, is still a Seraphim. Incredibly powerful, and the closest to Ilias you had."

Mariel then stepped forward. "I never wanted to fight...I had a happy life back Iliasburg with the others." Mariel then said. She then flew to Micaela and stood, bowing her head. "I'm sorry Micaela, I was afraid. Eden wouldn't take no for an answer when she sent those messangers to force me and the others to join."

"Treason." Eden said. "I shall have no mercy for fallen ones like you."

Micaela then kneeled down and placed a hand on her shoulder. "Fear is a powerful tool used to rule others as a tyrant." She said. "Eden merely scared you, and many others to abandon your new lives."

Maria smiled. "Still, it was cool of you to stand up and express your beliefs." Maria said. "You got nothing to fear now."

Mariel smiled and flew off. "Then I'll surrender. I preferred coexistence anyways. I'll tell the others fighting to stand down."

Ariel then lowered her head, stepping forward.

"You too Ariel?" Eden said. "My most trusted Archangel?"

Ariel then shook her head and turned to Eden. "I was your right hand Eden." She said. "But after I was unsealed I had realized, I hunted monsters for 1,000 years. Punished countless sinners, even prevented their reincarnations. All for one reason; The will of Ilias. Well Ilias is gone, and that time I spent not killing any monsters or mortals was truly nice." Ariel then turned around and flew off. "Enjoy your second defeat Seraph Eden." Ariel then stopped by Ivan, giving a faint smile before leaving.

Ranael and Nagael looked at each other, seeing how outnumbered they were. The then lowered their guard. "This is not worth it." Ranael said. "Maybe that little archangel's got a point. I slaughtered entire villages before Ilias was defeated, now I actually have people seeing me as a decent person."

Nagael nodded. "This has escalated too much. Great Seraph Micaela, I merely joined to resume my duties of judging souls of the dead. However regardless of whoever takes Ilias' place, I will follow their side. Nagael and Ranael then stood aside.

Olivia smiled as the four realized the error of their ways and stood down. "We didn't have to seal them, they had 100 years to right their wrongs."

"Hee hee." Black Alice giggled. "Third's angels have all abandoned and betrayed her. All alone and pathetic, just like Ilias was."

Adam nodded in agreement and faced Eden. "So have you learned your lesson Eden?" Adam asked.

Eden was silent, she merely prepared a holy bolt and fired it at Micaela whilst the others were focused on the angels. Shadow and Black Alice prepared to intercept, but Arthur reacted first and shoved Micaela out the way, taking the blast instead.

"Arthur!" Issac shouted as he caught the Grandmeister.

"Like these angels...I had to right the wrongs I had done all this time." Arthur said. "I didn't have much time left anyways...Issac, Kain, Ivan and you too Maria...I give you one final not let Eden win. Aid these allies to the Monster Lord and the Seraph Micaela. Do whatever it takes, but be sure to live on to see tomorrow. Live, to experience the world in how it was meant to be." Arthur then closed his eyes as his body faded from the Holy energy.

Issac then glared at Eden as he levitated the others out his way, except for the other Grand Inquisitors. He then walked to Eden holding his staff. "How dare you assault my family!" Issac then fired a Supernova at the shield, greatly weakening it. He then set the others down as he faced Eden.

"Tonight the serpents of the Holy Garden of Eden adore my walls." Kain said as he grabbed his crossbow. "Titan Buster!" Kain shouted as he charged a powerful bolt imbued with powerful wind that shattered the shield.

Eden then fired a second bolt at Kain. "Insignificant pest!" Eden shouted.

Ivan, using Champion of Ilias, blocked the attack. "Your gift of power might be gone, but you shall pay for bringing harm to our master."

Maria summoned her golem and prepared to join, but Micaela stopped her. Whispering in her ear as she removed her ring.

"Oh my..." Black Alice said. "Some people are furious."

The Heaven's Gate returned to it's normal form. "Great Seraph, it is time." The Gate had spoken.

Eden then smirked as the gates opened. "It seems you are too late." Eden said. "Now I shall truly be the first, in command of all angels. Eden then turned as she entered the Gate.

However before she could enter, Micaela was thrown straight at the gate. She then grabbed Eden as the two entered at the exact same time. The gate then closed behind them.

Everyone was shocked at what they just witnessed. "How did she..." Issac ask. They then turned to Maria, who's Golem Girl was summoned.

"I didn't throw her hard enough!" Maria said panicking. "They went in at the same time!"

Issac rushed to the gate and placed a palm on it. "They're...both alive...both...growing stronger." Issac said. "Equal now."

Tamamo then rushed to the gate. "You mean two Seraphim are clashing for the title of Goddess of Light?"

Issac then nodded. "I'm afraid so...this has never happened before. The two will likely duel until one absorbs the other's holy power.

Adam then rushed to the gate. "We have to help her." Adam shouted.

"Agreed." Issac said. "Break my seal and I shall do so."

"Out of the question Issac." Tamamo said. "Alipheese 17th should fight Eden alongside Micaela."

"Listen," Issac said. "Heaven has spent the last century regenerating. It might be too unstable for any source of Holy Energy to enter. Be it angel, half-angel or even combined with Monster-DNA."

"And with the White Rabbit involved in Heaven's disappearance, who knows if any Dark Power was left behind." Shadow said.

"Precisely." Issac said. "So break my seal and allow me to invesigate and help Micaela."

"You know as long as we've been fighting I can't trust you unsealed again." Tamamo said. "Even if it's your surrogate mother and aunt in there."

"And what do you propose? Putting your oh-so-great leader in danger? Or how about her brother?" Issac said. "Honestly I'm shocked you aren't being an overprotective granny to them."

As Tamamo and Issac argued for a solid few minutes, and the others watched in frustration, Adam and his three friends joined together and whispered a plan. They then nodded at each other as Adam used Flash Kill to open the gate, allowing entry.

"Oh my... The party's being held back again." Black Alice said.

"This is because I axed that six-tailed daughter of yours before your eyes back in the war isn't it you old hag?" Issac shouted.

"Oh how dare you talk back to me you star-powered momma's boy!" Tamamo shouted.

"Enough!" Shadow rolled his eyes as he and Black Alice used stabbed their blades into the ground and erected a shadowy blade between Tamamo and Issac, separating the two.

"My my, how childish." Black Alice giggled. "Behave, little children. This isn't proper etiquette."

"So much pointless bickering." Shadow sighed. "Everyone else entered the gate already."

The others then stared at the gate in shock. "Think the four of them will be fine?" Issac asked Tamamo.

"You know as well as I do..." Tamamo said. "what those four are capable of."

"I'll be going to wrap up the party." Black Alice giggled as she and Shadow entered Heaven's Gate. "Wouldn't be fun to leave the little Hero and his friends alone now, would it? Of course, the rest of you have your invitations."

Chapter 43: First vs. Third. The Goddess of Light Revealed.

Micaela and Eden struggled as the two of them held each other back flying through to the center of Heaven. Both of them gaining power as they were now equal. Both of them containing equal halves of the intense Holy Light magic. The two flew back and faced each other as they readied their spear and sword respectively.

"Micaela, you should've just let me kill you and become the next Goddess." Eden said. "You're no longer worthy to walk in Heaven, let alone rule it."

"You were never worthy." Micaela said. "Ilias herself became too obsessed with the power of a God. Nearly destroying everything because she would not have her way. What makes you think one such as yourself could handle this power?"

Eden then rushed to Micaela thrusting her spear. Micaela blocked with her blade as the two of them fought. With each clash of their weapons, the realm flashed and shook. The two then fired powerful holy magic, causing even more tremors and flashes of light.

"Ilias herself caused war and events that forever impacted the war out of jealousy of Aliphese's power." Micaela said. "You could not even stay in the same place as myself or Lucifina without becoming flooded with envy over our status."

"You should have just died like Lucifina." Eden said. "I loved Ilias, I trusted her word no matter what. But you traitors, the First and Second, left her. Do you not show gratitude for the one who gave you life? Who created and shaped you in her perfect image?" Eden asked as she kept relentlessly trying to attack Micaela.

Micaela then smacked her spear aside, and forced Eden back with a Ninefold Rakshasha. "That same one whom found us expendable." Micaela said. "Admit it, she would've killed you without question or mercy had you got in the way of her plan. Even if you loved her so much."

Eden landed on her feet. "I'll only admit to one thing;" Eden said. "That I had failed her when she needed me most...because of that disgraced hero she was so obsessed with." Eden then radiated holy power. "Which is why once you're finished and I'm the new Goddess, I'll see to it that I finished what she started and rid the world of those disgusting monsters and shape the world in her, no our, perfect image."

Micaela then shook her head. "You've...become beyond saving." Micaela said. "I hoped, prayed even, that I could convince you this wasn't right. That I could show you the way before you became consumed and twisted by power. Before...I would have to face another sister this way..." Micaela then radiated power. "I was wrong to think for a moment you would listen. Now, since you're so hellbent on ensuring Angels return to their old ways, allow me to show you what Heaven's Wrath truly was."

Eden radiated power as well. "You don't frighten me Micaela." Eden said. "Soon, you shall join Lucifina in Hell!"

Micaela and Eden fought as pure equals. Eden's magic was deflected by Micaela's blade, but Micaela couldn't land a hit as Eden was also able to fight her attacks off. Even occasional hits landed would both be simultaneous, striking each other. Eden then attempted to fight Micaela from a distance using Holy Magic, but Micaela rushed to Eden every time avoiding every attack thrown at her. Eden then struck Micaela with the blunt end of her spear as she threw Micaela back.

Micaela landed and raised her blade. "Face this, my Sword of the Heaven's!" Micaela shouted as she swung her blade down striking Eden with a ray of Holy Light. Eden had held the attack back with a shield but struggled as the shield collapsed and the blast hit her, hardly reducing the damage. Before Eden could react, Micaela struck her and completely turned the fight in her favor as Eden could not fight her off. Micaela then delivered a final Flash Kill to her and sent her flying back.

Eden stood panting and transformed into her grotesque true form. She then attempted to swarm Micaela with her numerous serpents. Micaela flew back avoiding them with Fallen Angel Dance as she held them off with Ninefold Rakshasha. The four angels within Eden's garden attempted to strike Micaela with magic as she fought off the serpents. Micaela however sensed their attacks and avoided them without even giving the serpents a chance to get close.

Micaela then flew to Eden's human form on top of the garden as used Heavenly Demon Revival to strike her quickly, tipping over the massive garden form. Micaela then flew high into the air and focused an even greater Sword of the Heavens, striking Eden directly and even shattering her garden form and forcing her back to her normal form as she was overwhelmed.

Eden laid on the ground, panting and wounded. She looked in fear as Micaela landed.

"You were defeated." Micaela said. "Now you have two options. Surrender the power to me, or I shall kill you."

Eden was in absolute fear as she stared at Micaela. Memories of Ilias in pure anger flashed through her mind. "Please....don't kill me....I'm sorry...." Eden said. "I'll change, I'll surrender, I'll even stop complaining about being Third just please...stop!"

"Useless, useless until the very end Eden." A voice said. "I knew there was a reason I had to make that angel to carry out this mission. Did you two honestly think you were fighting over control of this realm?"

"That voice..." Micaela said.

"Could it be?" Eden said.

The Holy Energy both of them gathered left them back to their normal states as it gathered at the center. It then shaped itself into a familiar form.

Adam and the others ran through Heaven. "It feels like their power is drawing to a close. We have to hurry." Adam said.

Nikolai and Evelynn nodded as they followed. Olivia however stopped.

"Olivia?" Adam said as they stopped and faced her. "What's wrong?"

Olivia then raised her staff, shooting a bolt of lightning at Adam.

"Woah! What are you doing Olivia?" Adam shouted.

"Have you lost your mind?" Nikolai asked.

"What's gotten into you?" Evelynn asked.

Olivia clenched her fist then exhaled. "I'm truly sorry you guys." Olivia said. "I'll have to apologize to Great Seraph Micaela as well." Olivia then focused a spell that binded the three of them then shocked them with Holy energy until they were all weak. Olivia then continued through Heaven, holding the three as she levitated them.

Shadow and Black Alice rushed faster as they felt a strange aura.

"I knew something was off about Olivia's young age... Tied to Heaven's regeneration... I should have pieced this earlier." Shadow said.

"Oh how devious," Black Alice giggled. "I was fooled twice by her all this time. And she used us again. This was beyond expected."

"...I won't deny her as a masterful planner, might have half-expected the non-angel of the trio of her hands to return, too." Shadow said. "But, knowing that she doesn't give a crap about Third, who knows how she'll react."

"Let's speed up the dance, then." Black Alice said. "Would be a shame if the main event went to waste."

Outside Heaven's Gate, the Heavenly Knights and Grand Inquisitors were preparing to enter, when the Gate returned to it's monstrous form, blocking the path.

"What is this?" Tamamo said. "Open up!"

"Heaven's Gate I demand you let us through at once!"

"Apologies Issac," The Heaven's Gate said. "That isn't allowed by the Goddess. She will speak with you once she has finished however."

"Has Eden somehow won?" Ivan asked.

"Impossible..." Granberia said. "Micaela would've likely defeated her."

Issac then raised an eyebrow. "Who do you mean by...the Goddess?"

Heaven's Gate merely smiled as many other powerful angels of the 6th-3rd Hierarchy surrounded them. "You should know, in fact, she's going to rebuild Heaven as we speak. Now, stand aside."

The Heavenly Knights and Grand Inquisitors were confused. "What are they doing here?" Tamamo asked.

"We," Eggiel began to speak. "are returning to our Heavenly duties. We were secretly warned of this by the Herald, Olivia."

"Olivia!?" The four Heavenly Knights shouted.

Silkiel then spoke. "We are not your enemies however." She said. "Our Goddess' plan is to unite our worlds through peace. You have nothing to fear."

"Goddess?" Issac said. "Ilias?!"

"Oh just when you think there's no possible way..." Tamamo said. "Then let us in!"

"Not until we're told to do so." The Gate said.

Back at the center of Heaven. The Holy Energy reshaped itself back to reveal Ilias.

"Ilias!" Micaela said.

"Ilias, you've returned!" Eden said. "But how?"

Ilias then struck Eden with Thunder of Judgement. "Don't you dare speak Eden." Ilias then turned to Micaela. "Wasn't the signs obvious? For years I've planned this; The Holy message to a Prophet, The Awakening of Issac, The Seraphim's return and lastly; The rise of the hero to prevent others from acquiring my power whilst I reformed, escorted by my own personally created herald."

Micaela was shocked. "You mean...Olivia..." Micaela said.

"Yes Seraphs Micaela and Eden." Olivia said as she arrived, levitating the others as she bowed to Ilias. "Although Ilias' power was limited still, she created me, an archangel, to ensure your end of this plan was fufilled."

Micaela dropped to her knees in shock. "All this time..." Micaela said but then stood. "But why Ilias? Luka told me you contacted him during his coma! That you've seen the error of your ways!"

Ilias raised her hands and gestured Micaela to settle down. "I have, I truly have." Ilias said. "You have nothing to fear Micaela. I did this because once I regained enough power to reform myself, I planned on learning what it means to be...a true Goddess." Ilias then moved her hand to show all of Heaven. "I no longer wish to subjugate the world under my law. And you can sense it, I'm too weak to do so even if I wanted to."

Micaela lowered her guard. "How am I to trust you?" Micaela asked. "Won't you just get lonely again and become the wrathful Goddess you are?"

Ilias shook her head. "Oh no, Luka taught me a valuable lesson after my defeat. I was bound by my own views. I can't handle that pressure, you saw what I had done over those eons." Ilias then crossed her arms. "So, here's a proposition for you; You can stay in your little world of coexistance with those disgust-I mean, monsters and humans. I'll rebuild Heaven, allow whomever wants to to live here and be able to travel freely between the worlds and I'll live more as a passive Goddess, not enforcing any commandments upon the lands."

Olivia lowered the others as she walked to Micaela. "I'm sorry I tricked you, Ilias only needed Adam to ensure Eden, Promestein, Black Alice, or you wouldn't take the power for yourselves. I knew you would've used it right, but Eden and Promestein would've used it the wrong way and repeated Ilias' mistakes. The old Black Alice would also have used it the wrong way, but now she's too powerless to do so, and I doubt she would want that power now." Olivia said. "Ilias' control of the power is still unstable though and hard to keep a grip on. It'll be centuries, milenia even before she can return to full power and keep control."

"Ah that's right, those two are still alive and well. I least expected Black Alice, too. Quite cunning as a fox to try to hide the other half of her soul from me." Ilias said to herself. "... Just maybe, we can settle this all over a nice tea party once she gets here?"

Eden then stood. "So...even Ilias has become weak." Eden said. "! This is not the Ilias I loved and worshipped!" Eden said as she ran to Ilias and grabbed her. "Surrender that power! I'll become the next Goddess then!" Serpents then wrapped around Ilias as Eden and her glew with a bright light. An incredible holy force then repelled Micaela, Olivia, and the others.

"Eden you fool!" Ilias said. "Stop!"

As Adam and the others awakened, they saw Olivia and Micaela. They readied themselves to attack Olivia then saw what had happened.

Ilias was unconcious, laying on the floor as the entire center of Heaven Warped to a massive, beautiful garden surrounded by thousands of serpents. Eden stood in the center, radiating power. Four half-serpent angels guarded her.

"This...this is the power of the Goddess!" Eden said. "Bow to your new ruler!"

"No...she drained the Holy energy!" Olivia said.

"We're too late..." Evelynn said.

"Such power...we have to stop her." Nikolai said.

"Olivia..." Adam said as he saw Ilias. "You were just following Ilias' orders to recreate Heaven...I heard while unconcious...I'm not angry at you, I understand that you were helping for the right reasons now."

Olivia nodded. "I was, and I knew Ilias would spare you, I'm still your ally." She said.

Micaela then panted. "That was also my remaining power." She said. "You four, hold her off until I can get the others in."

"Alright!" The four of them said.

Micaela then grabbed Ilias and flew off. Leaving our four heroes to fight Eden.

Chapter 44: The Final Battle.

Adam, Olivia, Evelynn and Nikolai faced Eden and her half-serpent angels.

"You're facing a Goddess!" Eden shouted. "Heaven will be shaped in my image, the surface world is mine to control."

Adam readied his blade, the five spirits stood in his mind ready to aid Adam. "We have to stop her." Adam said. "All of us, together."

Olivia closed her eyes. "Ilias, Micaela, I shall not let you down." She said. Olivia then opened her eyes and held her staff.

Evelynn readied her bow. "We shall not let you harm or control anyone." She said.

Nikolai then charged lightning as he held his spear. "Father, give me the strength to defeat her." He said.

Eden radiated power as the serpent-angels moved to meet the heroes. "You four have stood in my way. Now you shall face an eternity of divine wrath!" Eden said.

Adam focused, "I need the power of all of you." Adam said to the five spirits. He then successfully triggered a quintaple-spirit summon.

One of Eden's serpent-angels charged at Adam, Nikolai jumped out and kicked it aside. As two others rushed to Nikolai and Adam. They were forced back by Evelynn's arrows. A fourth slithered behind them attempting to strike but was shocked and forced back by Olivia. The four were surrounded however. But fought back the angel-serpents as Eden watched.

Micaela flew with Ilias in her arms as she managed to find Shadow and Black Alice. She landed beside them.

"Micaela." Shadow said. He then looked down and saw Ilias. "... So she did return after all."

"Oh my..." Black Alice giggled. "She looks rather pale."

"Eden had stolen her power." Micaela said. "Adam and the others are holding her off. I need you and Black Alice to help me open Heaven's Gate so that the others can help."

"The four of them can take Third." Shadow said. "But we have to act quickly then."

The three headed to the Gate. She appeared at the other side. "Ilias!" The gate shouted.

"Let the Heavenly Knights and Grand Inquisitors through." Micaela said. "Eden has stolen Ilias' power."

The Gate nodded her head and transformed back into a normal gate. "I shall allow them to proceed." The Gate said as it opened, allowing the eight of them to enter.

"The party is back on track now." Black Alice said. "I really hate all these delays."

All of them proceeded through Heaven. Hoping to make it to the others in time.

Back at the center of Heaven, Adam and the others panted as they defeated one of the angel-serpents. The other three however still stood.

"That's two down." Adam said. "At this rate she'll just pick us off after we're exhausted."

Olivia glared at Eden, who was conserving her strength by making the angels fight them off. "Adam, you have to defeat Eden, we can hold off the serpents."

Adam was startled by the suggestion. "But, I can't help you three if they bind you." Adam said.

"Don't worry about us." Nikolai said. "Like hell we're gonna let Eden have her way in the slightest."

"We have faith in you Adam." Evelynn said. "Have faith in us."

Adam nodded his head as he focused Sylph and Raijin's power. Olivia then held the three serpents back with a binding spell. As Adam rushed through them, they broke the restraint and focused on Adam. Evelynn rapidly fired thorn arrows from her bow to force them to defend themselves. One serpent however rushed and binded Adam, Nikolai then grabbed it's neck with his tentacles and released Adam from it's coils as he slammed it down. Adam stood and rushed to the center of the garden where Eden stood.

"So, the Grandson of Lucifina wishes to face his death first." Eden had said. "Very well, when I'm finished with you, I shall find the rest of that man's family and finish them before giving him an eternity of torture for sealing me."

Adam radiated both Holy and Dark energy as he faced Eden. He then avoided Eden's attacks as he called upon the other spirits. He then used Salamander and Dark-Fire to assault Eden with a fire-empowered Ninefold Rakshasa. Eden flinched back then retaliated with several strikes of her Holy Spear. Adam took heavy damage but healed with meditation. He then calmed his mind with Undine's power as he concentrated and prepared for Eden's next attack. Eden, without hesitation, attempted to stab Adam with her spear only to be countered and struck with Daystar. Eden had then charged a massive orb of Holy Energy. Adam responded with imbuing the power of the spirits in his left arm; "Elemental Spica!" He shouted as he struck the orb causing a huge explosion.

Eden flinched back and panted. She then meditated her injuries away. "I'm impressed, but you shall not last forever mortal." Eden said.

Adam meditated as well. "She's just gonna heal until I burn myself away." Adam said. He then looked back at his friends. They had managed to take down the second angel-serpent, but the battle was taking it's toll on Nikolai and Evelynn. Olivia had kept them going with her healing but the other two serpents were now angered and attacking relentlessly. Not giving her a chance to heal them fully and exhausting her.

"You four honestly thought you could defeat a Goddess?" Eden asked. "Finish those three."

The serpents rose to strike down the three of them, but Shadow and Black Alice quickly sliced the serpents in half using their Enveloping Darkness. The two landed beside the three of them and helped them. The others then arrived. Except for Micaela and Ilias.

"So you think outnumbering will save you?" Eden asked. "Then I shall call upon the other angels. To me!"

"Oh my..." Black Alice said. "I don't appreciate the trouble your guests cause. We asked a little 'bouncer' or two to guard the door to the party."

Outside the Heaven's Gate;

Alice XVII and her twin brother are guarding the entrance, preventing the other angels from entering.

"Monster Lord, let us through!" Eggiel said. "We are being called to the Heavens."

"Naa, I was told not to let any through without the invitations." Alice XVII said as she giggled. "Isn't that right big brother?"

Nero rolled his eyes. "Yes, we're not to let any pass until Eden has been defeat."

Eden scowled as she radiated power. "No! I'm in control! You shall not stop me after I've already achieved my goal!" She shouted. Eden then raised her arms as serpent-like tentacles rushed from the outskirts of the garden and attempted to swarm everyone except for Adam who was out of their reach in the center of the Garden. Nikolai, Olivia and Evelynn rushed to the center as the Heavenly Knights, Grand Inquisitors, Shadow and Black Alice were surrounded.

Adam and his friends stood as they faced Eden. They readied their weapons as Eden focused her attention on them. Adam rushed at Eden with a Flash-Kill, Eden had taken the hit and grabbed Adam by the collar of his tunic. Nikolai then rushed in and hit her with the blunt end of her spear, but Eden had not flinched. Nikolai then pushed Adam away as he performed a Black Tyrant Wyvern Blade. Eden flew upwards from the attack where Olivia used a lightning bolt to send her back down. Eden turned to it and blocked it with her Holy magic but Evelynn intercepted her with a charged arrow to her back.

A distance from the battle, Micaela and Ilias stood.

"Those four," Ilias said. "I need to be there when they finish Eden."

"But Ilias you're far too weak." Micaela said.

"If I don't, Heaven will disappear when Eden falls." Ilias said. "This place is all I have left. Two worlds uniting through my plan was the first step in being accepted by humanity and monster-kind. Please, help me reacquire my power."

Micaela nodded. "Very well, but not until the finishing blow is struck." Micaela said. "Absorb the energy whilst Eden is losing her corporeal form."

Ilias nodded, then Micaela lifted her and flew to the battle.

At the battle, Adam and the others were just unable to break Eden's constant healing.

"The great heroes tired out?" Eden asked.

"We have to end this." Adam said. "All together." Adam then focused a Quintaple Giga. "Use your full strength to prevent her from regenerating."

The three nodded. And each set up their finishers as well.

"Wind." Adam said as he charged the first element. "One last attack Sylph. Thanks for being here for me."

"Right behind you to the end Adam!" Sylph said excitedly.

Eden then laughed as she saw Adam. "That move? How desperate!" She said as she rushed to Adam.

Olivia then stood infront of him charging her power. "Take this!" She shouted as she summoned a powerful Holy beam of light to blast Eden. Eden was stopped by the blast but walked through it slowly.

"Earth." Adam said. "Thanks for everything Gnome."

"............You're just like Luka. It was fun being with everyone again." Gnome calmly said.

Eden broke through the blast as Olivia tired herself out. She then summoned a group of holy orbs to rain down on them.

But Evelynn responded. "Fairy Arrow Shower!" Evelynn said as she fired magical arrows repeatedly, striking the orbs and destroying them and damaging Eden.

"Water." Adam then said. "Thank you for helping me overcome many obstacles Undine."

Undine smiled. "Luka worked hard to convince Erubetie humans were deserving of a second chance, I thank you for making sure their efforts weren't in vain." She said.

Eden then rose up and prepared to dive on Adam to finish him but looked up as Nikolai was crashing down.

As Nikolai was rushing to strike Eden. He felt a second figure dive with him. "Father?" He asked.

"I've actually wanted to teach this Eden a lesson." Solomon said. "Together now."

"Oblivion Bomber!" They both shouted as they spiked Eden to the ground with a massive explosion. Eden however was not finished.

"Fire." Adam said. And was able to charge the last one whilst Eden was incapacitated from the blast. "Lightning!"

"You were truly a great pupil Adam." Salamander said.

"If it wasn't for you, I would've never been reunited with these four." Raijin said.

Adam was ready to finish Eden. As Eden stood and was prepared to attack the others, Adam rushed to Eden. "Quintaple Giga!" Adam shouted.

Eden stood as the attack was headed for her. " one of her bloodline...again." Eden said to herself. "Lucifina!" She then shouted as the attack struck her and caused her and the entire garden to fade into Holy Energy Particles.

As the blast cleared, Ilias had weakly flew where Eden stood and absorbed the Holy Magic. Regaining her strength.

The four smiled as they succeeded and each fell unconcious. Having not rested since they arrived.

Chapter 45: The War Ends. Peace returns.

Ilias stood, looking at the other four as the Heavenly Knights immediately rushed to aid them. "I am eternally grateful to those four." Ilias said. "They knew full well of my intent and trusted it. Eden is now sealed away again, and once she reforms I will personally see to it that she will be taught a proper lesson."

Issac then walked to Ilias. "Whether or not you have changed your ways." Issac said. "At least the Holy power is within proper control."

"Ah, Issac." Ilias said. She then placed a hand on his shoulder. "I should desire to destroy the Dark God, I've put you through a lot."

"Save it." Issac said. "In reality, it beats being drained and raped for the power by Alipheese and the Six Ancestors."

Tamamo then walked to Ilias, holding Adam. "So you claim to bridge Heaven and Earth? How are we to trust you?" She asked.

Ilias then exhaled. "You have every right not to." Ilias said. "I've done terrible things over the eons. And part of me still has to overcome that envy that led to this conflict. But the century of peace has allowed my angels to prosper greatly. I now wish to be a goddess, but in a way that will not greatly impact this world."

Micaela then walked to Ilias. "So you wish to remain here? Passively ruling angels?" Micaela asked.

Ilias then smirked. "Well some of my angels still wish to remain here as you see." Ilias said. "They're free to travel between the realms. And free to decide whether or not to trust me. No more vengeful, wrathful and chaotic Ilias. No more warmongering or hero guiding." Ilias then radiated light. "And no more attempts to merge with darkness."

Tamamo then rolled her eyes. "Well it's not my decision. The Monster Lord and the powers that oversee this world shall decide." She said.

"And what about myself?" Micaela asked.

"Micaela, you were my first creation." Ilias said. "The only angel I can trust with this responsibility and power." Ilias then placed her hand on Micaela's head. "I shall return you to your Seraphim power. All I ask is that you oversee the angels on the surface world, whilst I oversee them here. That way, new angels shall always have guidance if they choose to live amonst humans and monsters."

Micaela smiled. "I was hoping you request I stay down there." Micaela said. "But this power wasn't necessary."

Ilias smirked. "Then go your own route then. Least that powerup will let you live longer." She said. Ilias then turned to the four heroes. "As for these four, I shall mend their wounds. They've fought valiantly throughout a long adventure to aid you Micaela. Even those who's reasons were accomplished had continued onward." Ilias then healed them all. "Tamamo, I expect to see your Monster Lord, her parents, Micaela, and you four here regarding a meeting then."

"Oh my..." Black Alice giggled. "How benevolent of the Goddess, who oh so manipulated me and desired to punish me a long time ago~"

"I apologize..." Ilias muttered. "To break your heart and turning Heinrich against you, to use you for my plans. I truly am sorry."

"What was that~?" Black Alice put a hand over her ear as if having hearing problems. "I can't hear you~!"

"... I said I'm sorry!" Ilias raised her voice.

"Louder~!" Black Alice giggled.

"... Shadow, please, stop her." Ilias said with a sigh.

Instead, Shadow simply laughed with Black Alice. "Oh, a Goddess begging a mortal for help, even using manners? But I simply cannot forgive you for how you've harmed my family from the beginning~"

"...!!" as Ilias seemed to begin to lose her temper, everyone around her began to laugh. "O-oh. H-ha ha, very funny..." Ilias forced a laughter.

"Hm hm~" Black Alice hummed. "Maybe we can talk about it all later over a nice lovely tea party~"

Alice XVII and Nero entered the Heavens as Adam and his friends were warped to the Monster Lord's castle to rest. The meetings were long, lasting several days. Luka and Alice XVI each came and spoke with Ilias. Even world leaders all came to the Heavens to meet with the Goddess. Eventually, a conclusion was reached:

  • A treaty shall be approved. However with close supervision on Ilias at all times.
  • Monsters shall be allowed to tour the Heavens. Humans may offer servitude if they are willing.
  • No commandments or religious practices are required like before.
  • Ilias shall govern Heaven. Micaela shall oversee angels who choose to live in the surface world.
  • Meetings of the powers of both worlds are required.
  • A Heaven Guard is only to be made for defense only. The same "self-defense" rule monsters had applied to angels too.

The World Powers agreed with this conclusion. The War is over and Peace and Coexistance has returned again.

Adam awoke to his friends. Waiting for him.

"He's awake!" Olivia said.

"We...won." Adam said. "What happened after?"

"The world and Heaven came to an agreement." Evelynn said. "Eden is sealed once more and Ilias and Alice XVII reached a compromise regarding her return to the world."

"Really?" Adam said as he sat up. "How long were we out?"

"A few days." Olivia said. "Ilias healed all of us, even your Holy powers eroding your body. Tamamo said without it you would've been out for a week straight."

"Well, looks like our long journey is over." Nikolai said. "But what now?"

The four were silent. They never thought about going separate ways after their journey ended.

"Well, my sister is home." Evelynn said. "I'm sure mother wants me to focus on inheriting the throne."

"Turns out my mom is going to be the new Headmistress at the academy." Nikolai said. "I dunno whether or not we're gonna live there."

"And..." Olivia said. "My mission from Ilias is over...I'm not sure what I shall do now."

"Yea..." Adam said. Pondering what everyone's gonna do.

They then laughed together.

"I'm not to take the throne for a while." Evelynn said. "So we can find all sorts of time to spend together."

"Yeah!" Nikolai said. "And I'm not really prevented from leaving the academy."

Olivia then giggled. "I'm free from that mission. And regardless I've made three great friends."

Adam smiled. "Then no reason to mope." He said. "Let's go travel the world again."

Their conversation was interuppted as Alice XVII walked in. "Hello you four. Full recovery already?" She asked.

"Yes Aunt Alice." Adam said.

"Perfect!" Alice XVII said. "Because I have a wonderful offer for the four of you!" Alice XVII then signalled them to stand and face her. "You see, with Ilias back, a lot more is required to maintain balance in this unified world. So whilst Alice XVI's old Heavenly Knights have their own tasks. You four...I wish for you to be my own Knights! Alongside them!"

The four were in shock from the offer.

"Now, don't worry." Alice XVII said. "You can still live your own lives. But you four have proven yourselves on that day. You showed the same dedication as the Heavenly Knights. And like the other four, you four shall maintain balance and order."

The four of them then looked to each other. They then smiled and nodded in agreement. "You can count on us Aunt Alice!" Adam said.

Alice XVII smiled. "Wonderful! We shall set up the ceremony! You four shall be knighted." She said.

Epilogue: Our Heroes and The Grand Inquisitors.

My name, is Adam.

Me and my friends helped save the world. We're now amongst the Heavenly Knights serving the Monster Lord Alice Fateburn XVII. However much like the four, we tend to just do our own thing.

I, for instance, just continue living a normal life. I still train and I still travel the world with my friends. I've ended the contract with the Five Spirits and they went their separate ways. But they did agree to a promise with Sylph to meet up and spend time together again. It's so rare they come together it takes sense.

Olivia was offered to train in Heaven to become the new Seraphim alongside Micaela. She turned Ilias down however. She lives in Enrika, helping Micaela watch over the Angels. She seems to have gotten over her fan-girl reactions to things. She's seen it all before now so nothing really suprises her as much.

Evelynn and her Sister returned home to Fairy Island. Iris apologized for her treason, and agreed that Evelynn should rule over the Elves. Evelynn is still training to become the Elf Queen. But drifts away from her training to see the world some more and spend time with us. She really shouldn't especially when she might be ready to inherit the title sooner than she thought.

Nikolai, is both a student and defender of the Seekers Academy. He wants to keep the title of Enforcer strangely enough. He must want to surpass his father but I feel like he already has. Although he also wishes to finish training with Raijin and defeat Shadow. Like father like son apparently. Although Lucia hopes the two don't have a clash like Solomon and Shadow's famous duel that nearly destroyed a city. The weird thing was, no one ever knew the result of that duel. Or whether or not Phantom had a hand in it.

Now, what of those Grand Inqiusitors? Well they went their separate ways. Apparently they still meet from time to time. Although they've reformed, we visit them from time to time to make sure they don't go back to their old tricks. We do trust them now however.

Ivan, the Divine Aegis, found his achievements and service inspired a new generation of the Steelguards. He has become of the royal guard of San Ilia. Defending the king alonside human and angel soldiers. Also, he convinced Ariel to join as well. She seemed really eager to serve alongside him.

Kain, the Demon Hunter, is back home in Succubus Village. Poor guy gets eyed like a meal in a lion's den. Although the succubi know he's now too strong to just rush after. He said he's gonna retire from hunting and become a duelist at Grand Noah coloseum. Hoping to get a rematch against Alma Elma possibly.

Maria, the Toymaker, shuffles between two newfound passions. Serving her new 'master' Shadow and having found a career alongside the dollmaker Chrome. The two make a great team. Apparently they both share a liking of the Demon Assassin. Hopefully they don't get into any fights.

Finally Issac, the Endbringer, is more so trying to get used to a normal life. Having been a weapon of war, he finds it difficult to live amongst that which he's trained to kill. Although with his adopted mother Micaela and suprisingly enough Tamamo's help, he's making progress. Thankfully as long as no monster points out his cute or shortness, there shouldn't be any issues.

However, we all do meet weekly for one special, rather odd, occasion...

Epilogue 2: The Ending Party

At the Navel of the World. Several round tables were scattered across the field. Each had a teapot sitting at the center.

"Alrighty everyone~!" Black Alice giggled. "I'm happy we can all meet like this once a week! I hope you all oh so enjoy the tea party~!"

Everyone, the four heroes, the Spirits, the Heavenly Knights, the Grand Inquisitors, Eden's Archangels, several world leaders, and Luka, Alice XVI, Alice XVII, Nero, Promestein, Micaela, and even Ilias were all present at the tea party held by Shadow and Black Alice. All the attendees happily sipped their drinks and chatted.

At the table where the four heroes sat;

"It's quite odd that we're all at this party hosted by our former enemy, isn't it?" Evelynn said.

"Grandfather said that as long as they're willing to coexist, it shouldn't do any harm." Adam said. "I mean, look at how much Black Alice, Ilias, and Promestein have reformed."

"Mhm." Olivia nodded. "I do think Black Alice has a point. We all should socialize more."

"Even as unusual as it seems, she did help us a lot through our journey." Nikolai said. "At least we should be thankful, right?"

Adam agreed and stood up, holding his cup high. "A toast to Black Alice!" Adam said.

"To Black Alice!" the other three said in unison.

At the table with the Spirits;

"Hooray~! We're on a picnic!" Sylph shouted with glee. "I've made the lunches, and we can climb a mountain! Then when we get to the top, we can all go 'Yahoooo!'! After a few seconds, you know, it echoes back! Then you know, you know---"

"......" Gnome stayed quiet as she drank her tea.

"You know, it's not so bad that we get to meet up here once a week." Undine said, sipping cold tea. "It really is a nice way to relax."

"For once I agree." Salamander said with a cup of piping hot tea. "It's a perfectly brewed tea, I feel like I'm back home, relaxing and bathing in the hot hot lava."

"Ironic how our former enemy made this." Raijin smiled. "How long has it been since we've all had fun like this?"

"Since for~ev~er~!" Sylph shouted. "You all deny fun! Wah!"

With the Four Heavenly Knights;

"..." Granberia remained silent, as if she wasn't comfortable with drinking tea.

"Granberia, just chill!" Tamamo said. "You have all the time in the world to train or uphold your duties. Sheesh, are you still a kid?"

"... Just relax." Erubetie said before resuming her silent demeanor whilst drinking her tea.

"Yeah! Maybe after this, I'll show you a good time and ease your muscles~" Alma Elma giggled.

"N-no thanks!" Granberia turned away, but Tamamo and Alma Elma leaned in creepily close.

"Hee hee... Perhaps 'she' should join us~? For our 'second party'." Alma Elma said.

The Grand Inquisitors;

"From time to time, there's still disturbances to our lives." Ivan said. "Maria said a monster cult almost made off with the San Ilia King's life. I'm there now to keep that from happening again."

"The succubus in my hometown can't keep their hands off me." Kain said. "But I'm far too powerful for them. Perhaps I could reverse-rape, but nah. I'd rather focus my talents on besting Alma Elma."

"... It's... hard." Issac said. "Micaela said coming here would help but I don't know..."

"Oh boy, the last place you want to be is at Succubus Village." Kain said.

"... I do miss the old man, though." Issac said as he turned to an empty seat that was supposed to accompany Arthur.

"It's unfortunate the Holy Prophet is lost to us, but he still was a great man." Ivan said. "A toast to the Grandmeister!"

Eden's Archangels;

"I don't know who's scarier." Mariel said, sipping her tea. "The Great Third Seraph or the Eighth Monster Lord... But at least we're invited to this party."

"Mariel, you're too paranoid." Ranael said. "But you're still young, so I guess fear is still instilled on you easily. And on all of us, too."

"Ilias is back now, though." Nagael said. "Shall I stay in Heaven? Or resume living on the surface world?"

"I do hope Ilias is more merciful on the surface well." Ariel said as she turned to look at Ivan at the nearby table. "... Humans are surprisingly kind and full of chivalry."

"Ivan and Ariel sitting in a tre--" Kain said all the way from his table. Ariel heard this and fired an Arc Bolt before sitting back down and resuming the party.

Queen Elf and Iris;

"How do you feel, my daughter?" the Queen Elf asked. "After descending to darkness, along with the whole ordeal of becoming a puppet."

"Becoming a puppet was... unpleasant." Iris replied. "But I was a fool to think returning to purity would do me good. 'She' convinced me that it's okay to turn to the dark side."

"'She'? First she asks me to commit a grave sin... now she convinces my daughter to do the same?" Queen Elf silently chuckled to herself.

"Even though I'm a Dark Elf, I still have to enjoy life to the fullest, right?" Iris smirked. "Evelynn's better off as the pure sibling, anyway. I won't be going off anymore joining some silly cult, no perhaps I'm better off as a Dark Elf after all."

Luka's family;

"It really is ironic." Luka said. "Your grandmother here, literally hosting a tea party. Well, she's coexisting, so maybe that's good at least?"

"Well, whatever." Alice XVI fumed. "Couldn't she at least have hosted a banquet?"

"Again with the stomach, mother?" Nero rolled his eyes.

"Hee hee. Food is nice, but I think grandmother is sweet enough to throw a party like this." Alice XVII said with a smile.

"It really, really is strange..." Luka continued. "For Black Alice going from a negative to a positive influence on this family."

Shadow, accompanied by his mistresses Chrome and Maria, along with an assortment of dolls;

"More tea for you, 'lil sis'?" Chrome said, pouring tea into Maria's cup.

"Of course, 'big sis'!" Maria smiled. "I'm so happy my master found me a nice big sister~!"

"Your dolls are coming along nicely, too." Chrome said. "Keep loving and tending to them, and they'll be your greatest companions. There's a significant difference when playing with your dolls, as opposed to having them play for you."

"Yes, big sis! I'll keep that in mind. Wouldn't want to disappoint you or my master now, would I?" Maria giggled, hugging and nuzzling into Shadow's chest.

"Little Maria, you've grown quite a lot in a short little time." Shadow softly smiled, gently petting Maria's head and leaning in to kiss her forehead.

"Please be good to me, master~ I've been a good girl~" Maria giggled.

Chrome also leaned into Shadow's chest, hugging and nuzzling him. "Hee hee, you're so nice enough to introduce me to a little sister, Shadow~ Thank you so much."

Shadow nodded, petting the two young girl's heads and holding them dear to him.

The last table, occupied by the former villains along with Micaela;

"More tea, your Majesty?" Lilith and Lilim were present, pouring tea for Black Alice.

"And everyone said our mistress was harsh... Boy they were wrong." Lilim giggled.

"Thank you. Perfect as always." Black Alice giggled as she sipped her tea. "And this is why I have you both as my trusted advisers, next to Tamamo of course."

"It's finally nice to settle like this." Micaela smiled. "Being the caretaker of many creatures who've lost their way, it's all so tiring really."

"My my, someone's all popular." Promestein chuckled. "It's a shame Solomon can't join us, and Edward would rather do research than attending this tea party. By the way, thanks again for making that video and sending it to me. Hilarious and priceless to see poor Third picked on like that."

"You're very welcome." Black Alice said with glee. "It's unfortunate we're missing people. I would have loved Heinrich to be here." She and Promestein then stared at Ilias.

"... What? Uhm, thank you for throwing this tea party?" Ilias said.

"Oh my, so mean, Ilias trying to avoid guilt." Black Alice giggled.

"... I said I'm sorry!" Ilias raised her voice. "How many more times do you want me to say it?!"

"Sorry doesn't cut it!" Black Alice stood up and slammed the table. "You took my love away! You made me a monster! You ruined my life!" She then slumped back into her chair and began to sob. "Wah.... I miss Heinrich..."

"Ooh, Ilias you made her cry." Promestein chuckled.

"But Heinrich's gone!" Ilias said. "His soul completely shattered from the world!" I'm sorry but he can't be revived!"

"The Goddess can't bring him back? Impostor!" Black Alice said.

"......................" Ilias had no reply to what Black Alice said.

Black Alice sighed and wiped her tears before resuming drinking her tea cup. "... Oh well... At least I have Shadow, better than nothing I guess."

".... You... Are you going to keep doing this every time we have this party?" Ilias then shook her head and sighed. "This is why I'd rather stay in Heaven."

"Hah, who's in power now?" Promestein smirked.

"Must be hard on the oh so great Goddess that she's no longer in control, huh?" Black Alice giggled.

Adam stood up from his table. "Everyone! I'm glad we're all here celebrating. It's like in grandfather's dream, a world of coexistence with friends, and surprisingly our old enemies too. We've all come a long way, and I'm sure we're all proud of how we've gone so far to achieve our goals. The nightmares I had no longer coming true with Eden's fall, and emerged a another era of peace. A final toast to coexistence and new friends!"

A Thank You: From me to everyone who read it.

It's done....this massively long done.

Solomon here, no MrSolomon the author, and I wanna just give everyone who read War of the Seraphim through to the end the biggest thank you out there.

I also wanna thank Shadow for his help in the story.

I had a lot of fun, and a lot of ups and downs writing this one. And I hope you all had a great time reading it.

Now, for a preview of Solomon's Tale 5; Legacy of Destruction. The final act of Solomon's adventures.

Solomon's Tale 5; Legacy of Destruction preview: The Vengeful Eight.

Eight prisoners stood victorious outside their prison sectors. Each with a thirst for revenge against individuals who ruined their lives and were responsible for their imprisonment. As the eight stood, each of them proclaimed whom they were after.

"She tried to obtain her own vengeance, failed, and now she took my title, my village, and even the man I wanted to make mine." One had said. "Her and that village are history."

"She dares call herself of our clan? She was a failure, so she not only aided in the loss of her own, but also of my own sister." Another had said. "I shall find her and give her a proper banishment."

"She called it a 'Royal Executioning.' She took my mistress away. I shall avenge her." Another had then said. "I was forced to watch the whole thing, in a pathetic state."

"She was granted great power. She was defeated, and is now wasting the gift of our Goddess." One other then said. "I shall show her true punishment."

"I'll take that man who sealed me down. I know all his little tricks this time." Another then said. "I was born to do this anyways."

"She calls herself queen, I should've had her title. I was promised it!" One more then said. "I don't even care about the one who helped her I shall take over!"

"Freedom cut off by those two fools." One other had said. "I shall swallow them both."

"That girl thinks she can just make peace with those insects. I'll devour her and any who support her." One final individual had said.

As they announced their vengence, the one who broke them out approached them. "So, these are the winners of that little game..." She had said. "Yes, you each have a desire to kill those who have ruined your lives. Good, let that thirst for vengeance push you beyond your limits. Serve me, and you shall have those desires satisfied. There's just one thing I need before I can give you the power you need for your revenge, and my own." The figure then walked to the prison's entrance. The eight followed her out.