aka Solomon.

  • I live in My laboratory.
  • I was born on September 15
  • My occupation is Smash stuff with a hammer! Also Science and Technology.
  • I am Male....last I checked. *Checks inside my pants* Yep, male.
  • MrSolomon

    Solomon, a mercenary turned Seeker of Truth, had aided the Monster Lord and Heavenly Knights in stopping Akame Artiste from utilizing the former Enforcers of Truth, the mysterious dark powers of Shadow and the White Rabbit to conquer the world.

    It's been five years...since that day...

    "And to think, the absolute worse that happened to me," I began to say as I looked at my mechanical left arm and legs. "was losing some limbs."

    "Still not over it?" Lucia asked.

    "No, just looking back to this crazy life I've lived in the past 5 years." I said.

    Lucia stood from her bed and walked up to me as I was looking at my artificial limbs. I had lived in her mansion ever since I helped stop Akame. "I'm sure Promestein is also shocked you served her this long.…

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  • MrSolomon

    Two figures ran through the halls of the Monster Lords castle. Both injured, one with a shield and sword, one with a large blade. The two made it to the main gate. But a voice hits them as they run;

    "You two are dead!" The voice, female says. Soon, dozens of monster guards follow.

    The man with a blade pulls the door open. But shoves the other outside. "Go! Now!" He says.

    "I'm not leaving you! I've already lost everyone else!" The other had said.

    "Listen to me captain;" The man had said. "If someone doesn't hold them off, they'll kill us both. Now go! Better you than me! Get reinforcements, the Monster Lord is wounded and her forces are weakned. You have to escape!" The man then closed the doors and faced the guards.

    "Pursue the other! We'll tak…

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  • MrSolomon

    A young man stands watching in pure terror and shock. Witnessing two Heavenly Angels wielding immense light magic clash. Below them, thousands of angels fight, sword and magic. Burning towns evacuated, humans and monsters forced in the conflict.

    One angel was normal by appearance. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and wielded a majestic blade of Heavenly Light. The other, grotesque and horrifying, as a massive garden. A true sight of Heaven turned Hell.

    The two shouted as they performed one final clash. The entire vision of the young man goes white.

    "Gah!" The young man had yelled as he jumped awake nearly launching himself off his bed. "Man...what a nightmare." He said.

    "Adam? Are you alright?" An older woman said as she walked in.

    "Yea Mom, j…

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  • MrSolomon

    Hello everyone! Mr.Solomon here! Well I got some news concerning my fanfic;

    Wait what? Why rework something only a chapter or two long? Well here's the reasoning:

    The Protagonist(s): Originally, my idea was to shuffle between the perspectives of Micaela and Eden. Kind of show both sides building themselves up to duke it out. However a few issues rose with this idea:

    1.) Micaela's power: She's bound in a human body most of the time. So her power's decayed over that century. I had two ideas as to how she'd be equal to Eden; First was being gifted power by massive Holy Energy building up into a new realm of light (Heaven) and the plot centered around both of them trying to become the next Goddess of Light, which I was gonna go with more-so. Ano…

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  • MrSolomon

    Screw it, I guess I'll just try and work on two fics. One with help and the other solo.

    Solomon, a young mercanary had his life changed as he became a Seeker of Truth. After the fall of Promestein and the disbanding of the Seekers, Solomon agreed to fix the errors and aid in coexistance. However, he was captured and used to activate Tyrannea, a Next Doll chimera designed to kill the former eight Monster Lord Black Alice. After Tyrannea's defeat, Solomon is now living in a new, peaceful world aiding the Monster Lord when needed.

    I had walked into the dungeons of the Monster Lord's castle. Holding my gun-like staff, I approached a cell with a single prisoner. She was a succubus, blue skin and red hair. She wore a red labcoat and scrubs. The Su…

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