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    I recently started helping an aquaintence of mine with a MGQ fan fic.  Overall, it seemed as though he was interested in making a harem route, centered around Alice and the 4 heavenly knights.  And, as luck would have it, he was willing to handle the plot for 3 of the heavenly knights if I took Erubetie, due to his belief that getting her to fall in love with a human would take even longer than the other 3 combined.

    What he didn't expect, however, was that I had not 1, but 2 briliant plans:

    1. Go to MonsterGirlQuest Wiki, find her reason for hating humans, and create a situation where her first meeting with the main character instantly nullifies it.
    2. Get the opinions of other fans through the use of a blog post.

    Although I've pretty much found a way…

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  • Mnzombie

    To make a long story short; I was thinking of a responce for a blog when I suddenly got an idea.  That idea led me to another idea, which then led me to yet another, etc.

    Anyway, after 115 idea's I finally managed to get somewhere: if Chapter 3 were to possibly (and I mean POSSIBLY) not be the end of Monster Girl Quest, even if Luka and company defeat Black Alice, what would the do for Chapter 4?

    Thats when I realized something: whenever the main characters in an RPG run out of crap to deal with, how do the story writers, without starting over with a new story and main character, keep the story interesting?

    The answer to that is amazingly simple: "Make new crap fall from the sky!"

    I may just be obsessed with not letting the story end, but it's n…

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  • Mnzombie

    Scariest Ending

    April 27, 2013 by Mnzombie

    Out of all of the scenarios where Luka has lost so far, which one would you say is the scariest?

    Sure, a lot of them are similar (like getting digested), but between those monsters that do it, which one do you dread the most.

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