Good morning my fellow MGQ family!

I just wanted to apologize for my absence in posting Side Stories recently. I work in a gourmet Italian Marketplace/Restaurant and since the weather is getting colder and Christmas is coming, it's going to get insane busy within the next few weeks. How insane? The chef ordered...

1. 9000 eggs (That's 9000+ less Silkiels/Eggiels to worry about!)

2. About 2500+ pounds of Ricotta Cheese Filling

3. A Huge delivery truck with a refrigeration unit

4. 1500+ pounds of flour

5. I have to roll out millions of Strufoli balls (Italian Dessert; Little deep fried dough balls glazed with honey and rainbow sprinkles --> very similar to Ama Ama Dangos but much smaller in size.


And the best part is...

From December 18 - 24th, we're NOT going home. We will be eating, sleeping, living, and BREATHING at the store taking care of customer orders. But do not worry, in early January when everything starts to calm down and get less busy, I promise you all I will be working on Side Stories when I get the chance, and you will all get to see Arakon, Alma "Mama", Mina/Bianca, Wendy, and many other new waifus in all of their glory! Thanks for understanding!

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