Last night, I had a terrible nightmare. It's hard to explain but I will try my best.

My arms and legs were bound by some strange rope that couldn't force my body to move, or even wriggle, I just lied there on my side and it was pitch black. All of a sudden I try and fall asleep, but I hear this loud, demonic laughing with these great bright red demonic eyes flashing behind me. I try and try to escape and struggle; but I'm lying there like a brick, hopeless. I tried screaming for help, but when that happened I hear the sound of a rusty, sputtering chainsaw loudly grinding in the background.

All I had before I went to bed was a few slices of buffalo chicken pizza with blue cheese, some Ben n' Jerry's Vanilla (That's IT. Nothing else. No fancy chunks of brownies or cookie dough or anything like that, just regular ol' fashioned vanilla) and some Minotaur Milk. I guess the moral of the story is: Don't eat any dairy before bed; you'll get nightmares. ESPECIALLY chocolate.

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