Went out job hunting today, and found this cozy little corner Bistro that serves fine American cuisine. It looks very small inside, but I spoke with the head chef today and it is VERY popular and VERY busy. About 100-200 people almost every night. Not even sure how they can fit that many people in such a tiny, cozy little area. He said he'll give me a shot today at 4:30, so I don't have much time left, will update this blog post when I get off of work. He seemed very nice, but straight up: he said to me, if I can't handle the intensity or pressure from all these people, I need to be honest and tell him up front. But I've been serving over 100 people for two years; this will be a cake walk for me. I am not worried, as long as I have Undine and her [Serene Mind] in my heart, I should be A-OK!

Here is what the place looks like:

As well as a copy of the menus:

...I suppose I should be thanking a certain Goddess of all Creation for helping me get this job since I made her that cake, so thank you Ilias. I will not let you down!

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