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Temporary Leave

Hello, thanks for stopping by...

I'm not really sure if anyone actually watches what I do on this site or not, but just in case, I figured that I may as well leave a message now that I have a bit of a chance to do so...

Up until recently I've been fairly active on this site, and posting as frequently as possible, though really I only had a few minutes a day to do it, I maintained a fairly regular set of updates to the site... more in specific areas that I created, but still, updates none the less...

Anyway, as of late I've had some issues which have made it so that finding a few minutes a day is somewhat problematic. I will try to return as soon as possible and, though I may not make it on the site as often, I will try to continue writing the scripts for what I was working on here... Then, when I do finally get a bit of time to get back on the site I can do a fairly substantial update all at once... hopefully at that point I'll be able to return to more consistent activity, but can't really guaranty that at the moment.

If you are watching, or have been, and are now taking the time to read this... thanks :) I appreciate it... and I'll be back as soon as I can be... leave a note too :P

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