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February 11, 2014
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  • Kain McBride

    Back..? Possibly..?

    December 31, 2014 by Kain McBride

    Alright, so I've been gone for a while... if you've noticed, then thanks for noticing... Anyway, had some issues, got a new PC now; should be good... kind of still in process of setting it up the way I'd like it to be, but I put MGQ on it a few minutes ago so might be able to work on the whole Luka vs all thing and monsterpedia / blah blah - all the other stuff I was working on before.

    I'm not promising much because I don't really have any idea how much time I'll have to work on this, but... I have been back long enough to write this post; and that's at least saying something... lol...

    Hope everyone's doing well, talk to you soon...

    ... Leprichaun...

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  • Kain McBride

    Temporary Leave

    August 20, 2014 by Kain McBride

    Hello, thanks for stopping by...

    I'm not really sure if anyone actually watches what I do on this site or not, but just in case, I figured that I may as well leave a message now that I have a bit of a chance to do so...

    Up until recently I've been fairly active on this site, and posting as frequently as possible, though really I only had a few minutes a day to do it, I maintained a fairly regular set of updates to the site... more in specific areas that I created, but still, updates none the less...

    Anyway, as of late I've had some issues which have made it so that finding a few minutes a day is somewhat problematic. I will try to return as soon as possible and, though I may not make it on the site as often, I will try to continue writing th…

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  • Kain McBride
    So I've had a fair number of ideas about how to make this monsterpedia accessible for all users... and, well the best one I've come up with so far is making it into it's own side story... On that note, I've started to write one. So far I've got the background's section completed, though it's untested. It's hosted by page 65537 and should be interesting.
    Unlike the original monsterpedia, however, this already contains backgrounds... which the original was going to avoid since - really, it's a monsterpedia, not a background resource... Anyway, to further that I'm including the background music stuff and the sound effects as well... Everything should work out just fine...
    Will do testing on the background's later tonight probably or tomorrow, r…
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  • Kain McBride

    Alright, so I've been talking about a MonsterPedia and there's been some interest. I know it'd be a useful tool to be able to look up all the images by name throughout the game. The issue that I have is that some of the images are missing from mine apparently..? not sure if this is a problem other's have had or not, coming across the screen 'vore scene skipped' or 'whatever scene skipped' but, essentially that's fired when an image is missing (if it's coded to check to see if the image is there or not, otherwise it just crashes)

    That said, the Monsterpedia is almost finished. There are around 1000 images left to add to it before it's complete (sounds like a lot, not really that bad though... it's more figuring out what image is what that ta…

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  • Kain McBride

    Alright, as you may know I'm working on a side story editor for Monster Girl Quest... My current issue is the sprite count, it's really quite extensive... and, when looking for a specific image, it could take a LONG LONG time to find the one you're looking for...

    So my method of fixing this was to create a sort of monsterpedia... The monsterpedia references monsters by their monsterpedia index under extras -> monsterpedia in the game. It lists their images by type and allows the user to select from a much shorter list that way... Currently the issue I'm having is that monsters with multiple indexes (Alice, Granberia, etc) have different image sets for each index, some overlap, some don't... I'm not sure at the moment if I'm going to separat…

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