• Kaerdron

    Simply put, between the nicely developed settings, characters, and with Paradox developing fights going beyond "Sword VS Sex", I intended to write an adventure in the MGQ setting to play with a few friends.

    The aforementionned "test group" being as perverted (or even moreso) than your typical MGQ fan , I won't have to worry about that aspect for now.

    The thing is, the few book-and-papers I really played, aka more than one or two sessions with idiots (Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition, Shadowrun and Metal Adventure) don't exactly work fine for this.

    Do someone know a tabletop RPG that could fit the bill, or would it be better to create an hombrewn one ?

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  • Kaerdron

    First major try at fanfic. Constructive criticism welcome.

    This story is about a small group of friends who work as mercenaries, (caravan guards, messengers and the like) and their adventure through the MGQ world. It begins a few weeks before Luka starts his journey to defeat the Monster Lord.

    ==Prologue : The Steel Walkers ==


    The long convoy was progressing at walking pace on the road, as the trolleys could not go faster without letting the persons on foot behind. It was particularly important in this forest, since it marked the beginning of monster's territory. The last man following just didn't care, as he was too focused on his own thoughts.

    The responsible who hired them was insistent on it : they were going in a region where monsters whe…

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